10 Sets Of WCW Tag Team Champions: Where Are They Now?

Although the WCW World Tag Team Championship is not talked about very often today, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a storied history. The titles originated in 1975 as the NWA World Tag Team Championship of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. It wasn't until 1991 that the WCW withdrew from the NWA and belts became known as the WCW World Tag Team Championships. The titles remained active until they were unified with the WWE Tag Team Championships in November of 2001.

In all, there were 143 different WCW Tag Team title reigns. The longest reign was 282 days and shortest only lasted about ten minutes. So many legendary tag teams have held the belts like The Fabulous Freebirds, The Rock 'n' Roll Express,  and The Four Horsemen, just to name a few.

With so many different tag teams, it's hard to narrow it down to just a list of ten. So for the purpose of this article, we will just focus on the period of 1991 to 2001. It won't include any teams that won the belt when the promotion was a part of the NWA or when the belts were brought over to the WWE.

Here are ten sets of WCW Tag Team Champions and what they are up to today. While some of these tag teams are well known, some of them are teams you probably didn't even know were once tag team champs.

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30 Pretty Wonderful

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The team of Pretty Wonderful formed in 1993 and consisted of established veterans "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff and "Pretty" Paul Roma. Orndorff was just coming off his run as WCW Television Champion, while Roma had just left the newly formed Four Horsemen. Almost immediately after becoming a team, the heels were considered contenders for the tag titles.

At the 1994 Bash at the Beach, they would win their first tag team championships after defeating the team of Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan. They next entered a feud with Stars and Stripes. They would go on to flip flop the titles with Bagwell and the Patriot over the next few months. After losing the titles for the last time at Clash of the Champions XXIX, the two men went their separate ways.

29 Where is Paul Orndorff Now?

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After the team disbanded, Paul Orndorff would go back to competing as a singles competitor. However, by 1995 he was forced to retire due to the numerous injuries he suffered throughout his career. Of course in the world of wrestling, you are never really retired. He made a brief in-ring return for WCW in 2000, but it ended up terribly for Orndorff. During a match, he was delivering a piledriver which caused him to hurt his neck and the match was forced to be called off.

Orndorff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. His next and last appearance with the company wouldn't be until WrestleMania XXX. Don't get your hopes up for seeing "Mr.Wonderful" in the WWE anytime soon as he is a part of a class action lawsuit against WWE regarding long-term head injuries. In recent years, Orndorff has battled and beat cancer and he continues to make appearances at wrestling conventions.

28 Where is Paul Roma Now?

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Paul Roma would go on to be used as enhancement talent to get over newcomers like Alex Wright before being released by WCW in 1995. Roma wrestled a couple of dark matches for the WWE in the late 1990s, but he was never offered a contract. He continued to wrestle on the independents and also started a bodybuilding career.

Today, Paul Roma's body is beaten up from all the years of wrestling. Although he's had to have surgery on both of his knees, he is still in good enough shape to run his own wrestling school in Connecticut. He also runs independent wrestling shows, with all the profits going to charity.

27 The Mamalukes

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The Mamalukes were formed in late 1999 and the team consisted of Big Vito and Johnny the Bull. Vito was fresh off his run in ECW as a member of the Da Baldies, while Johnny Stamboli was fresh into the business. The team's gimmick was that they were Italian-Americans in the Mafia.

The team was managed by Tony Mamluke and later Disco Inferno. They would go on to become two-time tag team champions by defeating  David Flair and Crowbar, and the Harris Brothers. In another terrible WCW's 2000 storyline, the team was awarded the WCW Hardcore Championship by Eric Bischoff.  The team would eventually split after they feuded over who was the real Hardcore Champion.

26 Where is Big Vito Now?

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In 2005, Vito signed with the WWE. He was initially paired with Little Guido to reform the Full Blooded Italians. However,  it wasn't too long before Vito was turned into nothing but a comedic character. He was given the gimmick of a cross-dresser,  a gimmick which he was surprisingly able to drag out for some time.

Vito was released by the WWE in 2007, and has been wrestling on the independent scene ever since. He has also had small acting roles in low budget films. In 2015, Vito filed a part a class action lawsuit against the WWE. Vito claims that he suffers from deafness due to all the concussions he had while wrestling for the WWE.

25 Where is Johnny the Bull Now?

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Johnny Stamboli's contract was bought by the WWE when WCW shut its doors in 2001. He spent a good chunk of time in WWE's the developmental system. When he was on the main roster, he spent most of his time on B-Shows like Heat and Velocity.

In 2007, Stamboli tried to make a name for himself in TNA. He was given the demon-like character of Relik. Although he looked cool, the gimmick never took off and he left the company in 2008. Today, he still makes sporadic wrestling appearances. In 2016, he was also a part of a lawsuit against the WWE, stating that the concussions he suffered in the WWE have dramatically affected his livelihood.

24 The Perfect Event

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The Perfect Event consisted of two men in Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo whose wrestling skills were very green, to say the least. Both men trained at WCW's Power Plant and the team made their debut in May of 2000. The team was a part of Eric Bischoff's New Blood faction. Stasiak was supposed to be the "new" Curt Hennig, while Palumbo was supposed to be the "new" Lex Luger.

Within a month of debuting, the team defeated Kronik to win the WCW Tag Team Championships. The team would go on to win the tag titles another on another two occasions before going their separate ways in January of 2001.

23 Where is Shawn Stasiak Now?

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After WCW was bought out, Stasiak joined the WWE. Although he was briefly given Stacy Keibler as his valet, he was booked as being just a dumb buffoon. After being sent down to developmental, he returned to the main roster with a new gimmick of being from Planet Stasiak. The character never got over with the fans and Stasiak requested and was granted his release by the WWE in 2002.

After leaving wrestling Stasiak became a chiropractor. The former second generation wrestler now works for a medical company based out of Texas. In 2015, Stasiak resurfaced looking like he was in the best shape of his life. He posted a video on YouTube basically begging the WWE to give him another shot. Unfortunately for Stasiak, the WWE has seemed to show no interest in bringing him back.

22 Where is Chuck Palumbo Now?

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While Shawn Stasiak was a failure in the WWE, Chuck Palumbo was able to find a bit of success. He had two separate runs with company. During his first run, he notably teamed up with Billy Gunn and the two men were two-time WWE Tag Team Champions. During his second run, he was given a biker gimmick. Although he lasted another two years with the company, he didn't do much of note.

Palumbo wrestled the final match of his career in 2012. However, that doesn't mean his life post-wrestling hasn't been busy. Palumbo runs his own business where he builds and customizes cars and motorcycles. He also was the host of the Discovery Channel show Lords of the Car Hoards, which lasted two seasons.

21 The Filthy Animals

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The Filthy Animals was WCW's answer to the WWE's D-Generation X. While it was nowhere near as successful as DX, the faction still had some memorable moments. The group would play pranks on fellow WCW wrestlers, including stealing one of Ric Flair's robes.

The group went through a few different incarnations, but two of the group's constant members were Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman. The faction collectively won a total of four tag team championships, with the team of Mysterio Jr. and Kidman counting for half of those. The faction remained together until WCW went out of business in 2001.

20 Where is Rey Misterio Jr. Now?

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While Mysterio Jr. wrestled without a mask as a member of the Filthy Animals, he was back under the mask when he made his debut with the WWE in 2002. As most fans already know, Mysterio would become a decorated champion during his decade-plus tenure in the WWE.

After not doing a whole lot during his last couple of years in the WWE, Mysterio left the company in 2015. Since his release, Mysterio went back to where it all started from in AAA. He most recently was a part of the second season of Lucha Underground.

19 Where is Billy Kidman Now?

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Billy Kidman was one original wrestler's to come over to the WWE when WCW was sold. He immediately became one of the company's top cruiserweights. He continued to wrestle in the division up until his release from the company in 2005. After a couple of years on the independents, Kidman returned to the WWE to help train wrestlers in their developmental system.

Billy Kidman wrestled his last match of his career in 2008. He hung up his wrestling boots in order to take a job with the WWE as a backstage producer, a role he still has today. His job is to make sure everything runs smoothly on both RAW and SmackDown. Also if you pay close attention you may spot Kidman on WWE television breaking up the occasional backstage brawl.

18 Doom

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Doom made their WCW debut in 1989 as The Steiner Brothers opponents at Halloween Havoc. At first, they both wrestled under masks while being managed by Woman (Nancy Benoit). Although they initially got a big push, it wasn't too long before they often found themselves on the losing side.

When Doom lost a match to the Steiner Brothers they were forced to unmask. To nobody's surprise, the two men were revealed to be Ron Simmons and Butch Reed. The team picked up a new manager in Teddy Long and a new winning attitude. Doom defeated the Steiner Brothers for titles at Capital Combat in 1990. The team lost the tag team championships to the Fabulous Freebirds at the 1991 WrestleWar and they would disband shortly after.

17 Where is Ron Simmons Now?

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After Doom disbanded, Ron Simmon's career took off. Barely a year after the team split, Simmons won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. After holding the title for five months, Simmons was regulated to the mid-card. After a brief stint in ECW, he signed with the WWE in 1996. He would go on to be the leader of the Nation of Domination and was one-half of the A.P.A alongside Bradshaw.

Simmons retired from in-ring competition in 2006. However, since his retirement, he has made plenty of appearances with the WWE throughout the years. His catchphrase "Damn!" is always a hit with the fans. He recently inducted his former manager Teddy Long at the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

16 Where is Butch Reed Now?

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Unlike his former tag team partner, Ron Simmons, life hasn't been too kind to Butch Reed post-Doom. Reed would feud with his former partner but ended up losing to Simmons at in the feud's culminating match at SuperBrawl. By 1992, Reed was finished with WCW.

Reed would wrestle on the independent circuit until he retired in 2005. His last notable wrestling appearance was when he made a cameo on a 2007 episode of SmackDown in a segment involving Teddy Long. In 2012, Reed was arrested for violating his probation order involving driving while under the influence. Not much is know about his current whereabouts. Let's just hope he has got his life back together.

15 David Flair and Crowbar

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After fans found it hard taking David Flair's in-ring skills seriously, WCW thought it would be best to turn David into a hardcore wrestler. They then gave him an on-screen girlfriend named Daffney, and the two of them were booked as nutcases. They finally met the third member of the group and fellow maniac, Crowbar, while he was working as a gas station attendant.

Not long after they became a team, they won the tag titles in a tournament. They defeated Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in the finals, with the help of special guest referee Arn Anderson. The team would successfully defend the titles a few times, usually with the help of a weapon. The team lost the titles to The Mamalukes when Crowbar was, of course, hit... with a crowbar.

14 Where is David Flair Now?

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After the team disbanded, Flair hung around in WCW but was rarely used in matches. He signed a developmental deal with the WWE in 2002. However, the only time we saw David on television was when got attacked by The Undertaker in a feud involving his father Ric.

David Flair would go on to wrestle for TNA in the company's early years.  He finished off his career wrestling on the independents with his last match taking place in 2009. Today David is married with two children and lives in his home state of North Carolina. Along with his wife, he runs The Seal Wire Company, which produces copper and steel wires.

13 Where is Crowbar Now?

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 After breaking up with David Flair, Crowbar was used primarily in WCW's hardcore division. Crowbar, whose real name is Chris Ford, was released by WCW only a month before the company was bought out by the WWE.

Like his former partner Flair, Ford was also a part of the early days of TNA. He lasted a couple years with the company and was most notably a member of James Mitchell's stable, The New Church. Throughout his career, even while he was busy wrestling in WCW, Ford was always practicing in the physical therapy field. Today, Ford along with his wife runs his own health care facility in northern New Jersey.

12 The Misfits In Action

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The Misfits In Action are infamous for having the shortest reign as WCW Tag Team Champions. The stable was formed after a bunch of wrestlers were fired by Eric Bischoff after they saved Booker T from a beating. The "released" wrestlers would resign with the WCW, although they were now under new fake names. The members included G.I. Bro (Booker T),  Major Stash (Van Hammer), Major Gunns (Tylene), SGT. AWOL ( The Wall), Lt. Loco ( Chavo Guerrero, Jr.), and Cpl. Cajun (Lash LeRoux).

The two men that briefly held the tag titles in the stable was Chavo and Lash. They defeated the team of Mark Jindrak and Shawn O'Haire on an episode of Thunder. However, they lost the titles in a rematch on that very same night.

11 Where is Lash LeRoux Now?

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When WCW went out of business, LeRoux was signed to a three-year developmental contract with the WWE. He was sent down to Heartland Wrestling Association but after a year he asked for his release to pursue other options. Leroux headed to TNA where he made sporadic appearances with the company over a period of a few years.

LeRoux always loved to draw, his cartoons drawings were even featured in WCW Magazine. After hanging up his wrestling boots for good in 2008, he is now a cartoonist full-time. His work has been featured in many publications including Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

10 Where is Chavo Guerrero Jr. Now?

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 Chavo Guerrero signed with the WWE in 2001 and would go on to have a decade-long tenure with the company. He had multiple title reigns with the company, including twice winning the tag titles with his uncle Eddie Guerrero as well as being a multiple time WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Since leaving the WWE in 2011, Chavo has kept himself very busy. He wrestled for promotions like TNA, Chikara, and most recently Lucha Underground. Outside of wrestling, Chavo has also done some acting. He has had small roles on television shows like Grimm and the Netflix series GLOW.

9 Stars and Stripes

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The team of Stars and Stripes was formed in 1994 and consisted of Marcus Bagwell and The Patriot. Almost immediately upon their debut, they engaged in a feud with the then WCW Tag Team Champions, Pretty Wonderful. Stars and Stripes would eventually beat Pretty Wonderful for the belts on an episode of WCW Saturday Night. 

After their long feud with Paul Orndorff and Paul Roma was finished, the team would engage in feuds with the likes of Harlem Heat and the Blue Bloods. The team was still going strong when The Patriot decided to go back to Japan, leaving Bagwell without a partner.

8 Where is Marcus Bagwell Now?

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Following the collapse of Stars and Stripes, Bagwell joined forces with Scotty Riggs to form the team of the American Males. In 1996, Marcus took on the new moniker of Buff Bagwell and joined the nWo. He remained a big part of the promotion until it closed its doors in 2oo1.

Buff Bagwell was one of the first wrestlers to accept a contract with WWE after the buyout of WCW. However, Bagwell had a match with Booker T on Monday Night RAW that wasn't well received and he was shortly let go from the company. Bagwell is now living a strange life outside the squared circle. He now has a career as a successful gigolo. If want to spend a week with "Buff" it will cost you the hefty price of $25,000.

7 Where is The Patriot Now?

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The Patriot, whose real name is Del Wilkes, would go on to have a brief but noteworthy run with the WWE from 1997 to 1998. He famously had a feud with Bret Hart, even picking up a television victory over the "Hitman". At Ground Zero: In Your House, The Patriot came up short in a match against Hart for the WWE Title.

The rest of Del Wilkes run in the WWE was plagued by injuries. Shortly after leaving the WWE, Wilkes suffered a career ending triceps injury. It was at this point that his life started to fall apart. He developed a serious drug addiction, at one point he admitted he was popping 150 prescription pain pills a day. He was arrested almost twenty times, with his longest prison stay being 18 months. Fortunately for Wilkes, he was able to get his life back on track and is now a car salesman.

6 Harlem Heat

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Harlem Heat was one of the most devastating tag teams in WCW history. They came to the promotion in 1993 under the names of Kane and Kole, but were eventually changed to Booker T and Stevie Ray. The real life brothers would get Sherri Martel to be their manager, and she would help them win their first of ten WCW Tag Team Championships in January of 1995.

The team continued to wrestle together until the year 2000 with notable feuds against tag teams like The Nasty Boys, The Steiner Brothers, and The Outsiders. The brothers disbanded when Stevie Ray turned on Booker and went on to from Harlem Heat 2000 with Big T (Ahmed Johnson).

5 Where is Booker T Now?

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After the original Harlem Heat split, Booker T was elevated to main event status. He became a well-decorated champion and he was the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion when he accepted a contract with the WWE in 2001. Booker T continued to be a main event wrestler up until he asked for his release from WWE in 2007.

Booker T would go on to spend two years wrestling for TNA before returning to the WWE in 2011 in a non-wrestling role. In recent years, he has been a color commentator, a coach on Tough Enough, and is currently a panelist on WWE pre-shows.

4 Where is Stevie Ray Now?

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Besides being a part of Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray didn't do much of note in WCW. He was at one time the leader of the nWo, but the faction was a shell of its former self. After not doing much in the ring, Stevie became a color commentator on Thunder in 2000. He made his last wrestling appearance for WCW in a title vs career match against Scott Steiner, which he lost.

Stevie Ray is seven years older than his brother Booker. So when WCW shut its doors, he was already 42 years old. After wrestling a few independent matches in 2002, Stevie Ray called it a career. In 2005, Stevie and Booker opened the "Booker T and Stevie Ray Pro Wrestling Academy" in Houston, Texas. The school has trained current WWE Superstars like The Usos and Ember Moon.

3  3. The Steiner Brothers

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There were few tag teams that were as successful in the 1990s as the Steiner Brothers. Although the two men competed in promotions like ECW, NJPW, and the WWE, they are best known for their time in WCW. They won their first tag titles in WCW when they defeated The Freebirds in 1989.

After four years away from WCW, the brothers returned to the company in 1996. They feuded with the likes of The Road Warriors, and Sting and Lex Luger, before they were champions once again after defeating Harlem Heat. Scott Steiner was getting pushed more and more as a singles competitor and it was only a matter of time before both guys went their own way. In 1998, Scott turned on Rick and joined the nW0.

2 Where is Rick Steiner Now?

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The brothers would go on to feud against each other for months, with Rick picking up a few victories over his younger brother. Rick eventually would carry the tag belts one more time, this time with Kenny Kaos. He would also be one of last ever WCW United States Champions, only losing it to Booker T at the very last WCW pay-per-view.

When WCW was bought out, Rick was never offered a contract by the WWE. Instead, Rick would work on and off again with TNA, often teaming up with his brother Scott. Rick still wrestles occasionally today on the independent scene but has a full-time job as a real estate agent.

1 Where is Scott Steiner Now?

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By the time the Steiners had broken up, Scott was already sporting a new look. He had gained a significant amount of muscle and had cut off his signature mullet. The man who was now known as "Big Poppa Pump", went on to be a main event talent for the rest of his time in WCW.

Steiner signed with the WWE in 2002, but in his two years there he wasn't able to accomplish much. Steiner went on to have a couple separate stints in TNA, and still wrestles often today on the independent circuit. When Scott isn't wrestling he is busy running a Shoney's restaurant he opened up in 2015.

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