10 Shocking Wrestling Cheaters And 5 Sad Victims Of Cheating

WWE Superstars have a job unlike any other. They are away from their families for long periods of time and rarely have the chance to travel home when needed. This means that they miss out on big things like anniversaries and first days of school for their children.

Obviously, the life of a WWE Superstar can be a lonely one on a personal level, thanks to advances in technology, Skype, and many other mobile app tools have helped the to keep in touch with their families and loved ones, but sometimes even that isn't enough.

WWE Superstars have become well-known cheats. Some of them were dating fellow WWE Superstars at the time and still decided to seek solace in the arms of another. Whether it is the strains of the job or just the fact that Superstars are working so closely together on a day to day basis, is unknown but what is known is that the following list of people decided to leave loyalty at the door when they hooked up with someone else.

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15 Shocking Cheater: Mickie James 

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Mickie James is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion. She was engaged to former Tag Team Champion Kenny Dykstra and at the top of her game when she decided to throw it all away for a fling with former World Champion John Cena.

Cena at the time was also married but still ended up being wrapped up in the whole thing as well. Sadly for Mickie, Kenny found out about it and the duo then split. This also then caused the break down of John Cena's marriage after his wife read about the affair online. Luckily both parties have managed to move forward with Mickie now happily married and only recently welcoming her first child. Meanwhile John Cena and Nikki Bella have been happily dating for the past four years.

14 Shocking Cheater: CM Punk

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CM Punk was well known to the majority of the Women's locker room throughout the course of his WWE career, having embarked on relationships with the likes of Kelly Kelly, Maria, Lita, and eventually AJ Lee to whom he is now married.

The sad part about this story though is that even though CM Punk and AJ Lee worked together for many years in WWE, Punk was dating Lita, who was AJ's idol growing up. It seems that Punk and AJ began their relationship while Lita and Punk were still together and only decided to tell the former Women's Champion when things began getting serious. Luckily for them, they have gone on to both leave the company and find happiness together, while Lita has made her return and now plays a role in hosting the kick-off panel shows.

13 Sad Victim: Kenny Dykstra

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Yes, we just mention Kenny Dykstra but we do feel bad for him.

The former Tag Team Champion found out about the affair between Mickie James and John Cena while he was engaged to the former Women's Champion and decided to tell Cena's wife about it as well. It seems that Dykstra blames John Cena for not only ending his relationship by also for ending his career in WWE, and has shared the details of this affair with anyone who will listen.

Dykstra didn't last in WWE long after he decided to share things about Cena, but he has since made his return to the company conveniently just as Cena has taken time off. With Mickie James also making her return to the company at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, it will be interesting to see how these two former lovers will co-exist if they are forced to work together again.

12 Shocking Cheater: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has been married three times and has been a part of WWE now for more than 25 years (what  damn career). But it was back in 2007 when The Undertaker and Michelle McCool's relationship began heating up. All while The Undertaker was still married to second wife Sara.

The couple had reached a point where they could no longer continue with their relationship so they were ready to file for divorce, but The Undertaker had already begun looking elsewhere when their divorce was finalized. Michelle and Undertaker married in 2010 and have since welcomed their first child, so at least this story has a happy ending. Of course, as with the case with much Undertaker/real life news, this is still considered rather shocking.

11 Shocking Cheater: Batista

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The Animal was one of the biggest stars in WWE at one time and has since gone on to become a recognizable film star as well. But there is a part of his history in WWE that many fans will never forget (and if you don't this story, then you may have started watching WWE a little too late).

This isn't to do with the cheating itself, but more the way in which his wife found out. Batista and Melina had a storyline affair back in 2006 when Melina's MNM were set to face Batista and Rey Mysterio in a tag team match. Melina offered herself as a substitute and it seems that this storyline led to a real affair which Batista's poor wife had to read about in his biography.

10 Sad Victim: Charlotte

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The daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair has been through a lot over the past few years. Her divorce was finalized back in October 2015, having already been married twice. But when she began dating Alberto Del Rio when he made his return to WWE, she thought it was just the rebound she was looking for.

Del Rio and Paige then went public with their relationship and the former United States Champion stated that his relationship with Charlotte was purely physical. This then led to a lot of awkward interactions between Paige and Charlotte before the British Superstar went on hiatus due to a neck injury. Paige and Del Rio are currently engaged, but because he's still married, it is unclear how official this is.

9 Shocking Cheater: Edge

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Edge has been married three times now, but it was during his marriage to his second wife Lisa when it was revealed that he had been part of a fling with former WWE Women's Champion Lita (this would become perhaps the most infamous cheating scandal in WWE history).

Edge and Lita's affair became worldwide public knowledge and a headline feud between Matt Hardy and Edge on WWE TV. This then led to Edge and Lisa's divorce in November 2005, but Edge has since gone on to remarry former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, with whom he has two daughters (Edge seems to enjoy the company of former Women's Champions). Lita has since dated CM Punk but has not yet decided to marry and settle down.

8 Shocking Cheater: Chris Jericho

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This is a rumored affair, but according to various reputable sources, Chris Jericho and former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly were caught in many photos together and these were then shared on Social Media. These images sparked some massive rumors and indicated that an affair had bene taking place.

Kelly's former friend and colleague Maria Kanellis even stated in an interview that she thought that Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly were having an affair. Luckily it seems that the whole thing was forgotten about. Kelly has gone on to marry the former NHL superstar Sheldon Souray while Jericho and Jessica Lockhart remain as strong as ever. It looks as though Jericho was placing Kelly Kelly on a different kind of list: list of love affairs between co-workers.

7 Sad Victim: Victoria

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Victoria is perhaps one of the only women who has not spoken about when John Cena's exploits were made public knowledge. While Cena and Mickie were both cheating on their respective other halves at the time, it seems Cena had more than one mistress (this should obviously come as no surprise).

Victoria and John Cena had been secretly dating for a while, and even though Cena had a wife at the time, it seems he was rather unhappy with her and then moved on to Mickie James as well. Victoria was also married at the time so it seems that both she and Cena were cheating during this period and that's why they kept it quiet. The former TNA star has denied all allegations, but many stars have come forward to state that there was definitely something between Victoria and Cena and that she was his 'Diva Road Girlfriend.'

6 Shocking Cheater: Triple H

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Triple H and Chyna's story is perhaps one of the best-known cheating angles in WWE history. It seems that WWE's power couple actually came together under controversial circumstances. Triple H and Chyna were dating in real life while the future COO and Stephanie McMahon were scripted into an on-screen romance.

This then led to real life feelings and to Triple H cheating on Chyna with the boss' daughter. Chyna didn't react well to the news when she was told and this then led to her being fired from the company as well (talk about a hard exit from WWE). Triple H and Stephanie have gone on to marry and have three daughters since though, which means that they were perhaps meant for each other all along.

5 Shocking Cheater: Lita

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As already mentioned, the Lita, Matt Hardy, and Edge love triangle is another one of the best-known cheating angles in the company's history. It is reported that Matt Hardy was injured and on the shelf for a few months when Lita was then partnered with Edge on the road.

This then led to a real life relationship between Edge and Lita and when Matt Hardy found out he reacted so badly that he was released from the company. WWE decided to rehire Matt when they thought that the problem as a storyline would make them money (always looking to make that money). The problems between all three Superstars were resolved and Matt Hardy and Edge have since gone on to remarry while Lita herself has also moved forward as well.

4 Sad Victim: Matt Hardy

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Matt wasn't the only victim in the Edge and Lita scenario, but he was the one who was released from the company (and Matt was faced with a more public approach of the situation). He was the one who was then re-hired and forced to embark on a feud with Edge while the entire WWE Universe knew all about their personal problems.

It seems that the problems between the three stars involved were solved and Matt has since moved to TNA and married Rebecca Sky. The duo has since welcomed their first son Maxel and look like the picture perfect couple on TNA TV. As already mentioned Edge himself has also recently married former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and the couple have already welcomed two daughters.

3 Shocking Cheater: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE back in 2015 and it seems that he and his wife had been having troubles for a while leading up to this. Del Rio went on to date Charlotte in private who herself had just gone through a divorce, before he and former WWE Divas Champion Paige made their relationship public (the most discussed wrestling relationship of 2016).

Del Rio's divorce is still not final and his wife has accused him of adultery because he has had other relationships and is now engaged to Paige while still married to her. It's a messed up state of affairs, and one that will hopefully be resolved before Paige returns to action following her recent neck surgery. As despite all the drama, Paige remains one of the most gifted female wrestlers in the world.

2 Shocking Cheater: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins met fiance Leighla Schultz when he was an independent wrestler and she was a waitress. They had become a cohesive unit throughout his rise to fame through WWE, but it seems that life on the road managed to break that (which is often the case).

Back in 2015, photos were distributed on Seth Rollins' Twitter page that were of another woman who wasn't his Leighla, and it was then that his fiance found out that he was having an affair with an NXT wrestler, Zahra Schreiber. Leighla leaked pictures of her own following this and the couple subsequently broke up. Seth and Zahra dated for a while afterward but it was reported that they broke up back in February after Zahra was released from WWE.

1 Sad Victim: Lita

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Yes, we know she was a cheater herself but how could we not feel sorry for Lita?

While it is definitely hard to feel sorry for Lita given that her exploits have already been mentioned twice in this article, but it seems that Lita has felt the other side of cheating herself as well. She was in a relationship with CM Punk for a while before he then met AJ Lee. (Punk and Lita seemed lite the perfect tattooed couple.)

Lita was AJ's hero and there's even a video of them meeting when AJ was really young, but it seems that didn't stop AJ moving in on Lita's man. Punk chose to pursue his relationship with AJ and the duo eventually married. While Lita has made her return to WWE and is a great ambassador for the women coming through the company at the moment.

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