10 Storylines For The Women's Division We're Excited About (And 10 For The Men We Don't Care About)


Oh how the playing field has changed dramatically over the course of the recent episodes of RAW and SmackDown. The women’s division continues to dominate the headlines after Lynch lead a memorable SmackDown invasion during the recent episode of RAW. Covered in battle wounds, Lynch left an image wrestling fans won’t forget.

Sadly, despite the hype, Becky’s unable to compete with Charlotte now stepping in. Nonetheless, the women’s division continues to boom with so many storylines at the moment. The division clearly continues their momentum since the Evolution PPV, arguably one of the best events in the entire year. In this article, we’ll forecast other storylines we can’ wait to see to end 2018 and into 2019. Perhaps WWE revisits the Lynch and Rousey story at another time?

On the flip side, the men’s division isn’t as interesting. Granted, Daniel Bryan recently won the WWE Championship and turned the storylines upside-down, there’s a lot of bad outside of that storyline especially on the RAW side of things. We’ll forecast current and future storylines that are a lot less intriguing. As you’ll come to realize, a lot of that stems from RAW and the current champion, Brock Lesnar. A part-time title holder is never a winning formula.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 storylines we’re excited about for the Women’s Division and 10 we don’t care for in the men’s. Let’s get started!

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20 Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania

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We start off with the trending topic in the wrestling business at the moment. The highly anticipated bout between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey is now cancelled due to an injury sustained by Lynch during an episode of RAW.

McMahon is no fool and he knows there is serious money in this bout. For that reason, he'll revisit this storyline likely just in time for WrestleMania. Given Becky's current fame and Rousey's draw value, this encounter can easily close off the show. Maybe the timing of Becky's injury is a blessing in disguise.

19 Brock Lesnar's Multi-Contender Storyline

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Clearly, not even WWE has a clue what to do with Brock Lesnar at the moment. He’s the Universal Champion and he’s getting confronted by the likes of Jinder Mahal. That really isn’t a good sign.

At the moment, Lesnar isn’t set for any storyline following Survivor Series. However, speculation is starting to emerge that he’ll be involved in a multi-man storyline heading into 2019.

It is very possible that we see a Fatal-Four-Way of sorts heading into WrestleMania.

That would be intriguing had it been someone else aside from Brock; a performer who still works on a part-time basis.

18 Nia Jax Gains Massive Heat

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Since the Raw incident, Nia Jax has gained some massive heat for her stiff shot to Becky Lynch. Not only did she injure the most popular WWE star, but she also caused the cancellation of one of the most anticipated matches on the Survivor Series card.

Ultimately, this can be a positive for Jax as she gets even more heat from the fans for her stiff ways in the ring. It can also create a rivalry against the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley who try to get some revenge for their fellow Horsewoman's injury.

17 Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman

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The previous advertisement for TLC had Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre against one another. This was a positive sign, and a match many of us want to see. However, it seems as though these plans have been nixed. Now, the advertised match for TLC features Strowman and Baron Corbin.

Take nothing away from Corbin. He’s doing a great job in the interim GM position, and really improving his character work. Nonetheless, it isn’t a match fans are getting off their feet for. Expect this to be a quick bout at the TLC event with Strowman looking large on route to another Universal Title angle.

16 Four Horsewomen Of WWE vs. Four Horsewomen Of UFC

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The winning scenario for Rousey against Charlotte remains up in the air at the moment. As we stated earlier, this match can possibly end with the WWE’s Four Horsewomen aiding Flair. After all, team RAW turned their backs on Banks and Bayley in the main event match. So seeing these two turn on a fellow RAW teammate can make complete sense.

All of that can set up a marquee storyline featuring the WWE’s Horsewomen vs. Ronda’s Horsewomen crew.

This can be a top feud entering WrestleMania 35 and one fans would clearly eat up.

15 Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton

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It's great to see Rey Mysterio back in a WWE ring. There are many talents we want to see Rey work with in a long term storyline. Just a couple of names to throw out there; Andrade Cien Almas (not a match, an actual storyline), AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and Rusev.

Yet, with that said, WWE decided to recycle an old storyline between Randy Orton and Mysterio. Don’t get us wrong, both are great, it’s just that we’ve seen this rivalry multiple times before. Here’s to hoping it comes to an end sooner rather than later.

14 Nia Jax and  Tamina Partnership

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Finally, WWE has put Tamina to get use. Another rumor floating around at the moment is both Tamina and Nia Jax taking part in the marquee matchup between Charlotte and Rousey. Rumors suggest the dominant duo might cost Rousey the match. This would create a storyline between the two entering the TLC PPV and perhaps beyond.

With Tamina in her corner, it can create a new dynamic for Jax this time around as she battles Rousey. It can be the first time that Rousey’s championship run is in serious jeopardy.

13 The Rise Of Apollo

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Back in late August, a rumor emerged pertaining to Apollo Crews and a possible push. Now given his talent and the burial of his career since joining the main roster, this was great news. However in typical WWE fashion, the push soured real quick.

He’s back on winning terms these days, so it seems like the push is back on. He beat a former WWE Champion in Jinder Mahal just a couple of weeks ago.

You would think WWE might capitalize on that, but no. Instead he was in a Tag match alongside Tyler Breeze on Main Event the very next week.  Not a good way to get the fans invested in this winning streak.

12 The IIconics and  The Bellas

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Both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay aren’t doing all that much these days. They did pick up a big victory during the Super Show-Down over in Australia. However, they really haven’t done all that much since.

We’re forecasting this storyline to take place in 2019, especially with the Bellas wanting this match and saying as such in the past. This can be a great rivalry over on SmackDown Live and one that can also feature the Women’s Tag Titles. Given that these are among the only established teams in the division, it can be a great feud and one fans want to see.

11 Repeat Royal Rumble Winner

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WWE fans are simple folks. They like seeing things they’ve never seen before. Repetition clearly aggravates them. With that said, perhaps WWE choosing a repeat winner for the Rumble wouldn’t be the best way to go. A current story floating around is that Vince wants a repeat Rumble winner.

This leaves only a handful of possibilities, with mostly the old guard likely to win the match. We don’t think this would go over all that well as opposed to a new winner like McIntyre, Balor, Strowman or heck, even Daniel Bryan. Reverting back to an old face to win the Rumble might have mixed results.

10 Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Split

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Although they might be close friends behind the scenes, this partnership really doesn’t make the most sense as it pertains to storyline. Mandy Rose promotes herself as a Goddess type character similar to Eva Marie back in the day. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Sonya Deville, who has a fighting background. You see, the connection doesn’t make much sense.

WWE creative might have noticed as signs of the two splitting are starting to emerge. Deville continues to improve so this can be a big time positive. The storyline can also help to further develop Rose who has finally been given something prominent to work with. Expect this turn to take place in the final days of 2018. Both Superstars will benefit from this.

9 Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin Feud

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It seems as though WWE might have classified this feud as a “we don’t care” rivalry as well. Since the RAW versus SmackDown theme initiated, the Corbin against Kurt Angle plans have been completely nixed.

The original plan was for a Survivor Series match that would see the two set up teams with the winner gaining full control of RAW.

Not only we those plans scrapped but it seems as though the entire rivalry is done with. Corbin’s feuding with Strowman while Angle’s in a storyline with Drew McIntyre. This might be for the best given the way the storyline was losing steam in its last couple of weeks.

8 Asuka Turns On Naomi

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We really haven’t seen all that much of Asuka in the recent months. However, the times we have seen The Empress, she’s usually aligned with Naomi. This might signify a story brewing between the two.

Clearly, Asuka needs a change at the moment given her run over on SmackDown Live. The obvious here would be to turn Asuka heel. That can make things real interesting rather quickly. The turn would see Asuka betraying her good friend Naomi.

Not only can this be a feud to get excited about, but it can also result in a terrific match. Here’s to hoping it takes place in the late stages of 2018.

7 Brain Kendrick Against His Former Partners

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We head over to 205 Live for this one. In truth, the feud really isn’t all that bad, featuring Brian Kendrick and his former buddies, Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher. In fact, the entire 205 Live product is pretty darn good. It’s just that WWE continues to do a poor job in promoting it properly.

For that reason, this is a feud that fans not only don’t care about but likely don’t even know is even going on these days. The company needs to do a better job promoting the brand; fans are missing out on some quality storylines and matches, such a shame.

6 Sasha Banks and Bayley

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It was unfortunate to see Sasha Banks and Bayley main eventing RAW without a prominent storyline or real beef. Nonetheless, they deserved the spot and did not disappoint putting on a stellar bout. Somehow, despite their lengthy relationship and hints at a turn, the two remain together.

We’ve said this before, but things are bound to change between these two. In all likelihood, Sasha’s going to revert back to her NXT heel “Boss” persona and it will come with a dramatic heel turn on her former best friend. When this finally takes place, it will be the talk of the Women’s Division.

5 Bobby Roode and Chad Gable Alliance

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Named the captains for RAW’s Tag Division team, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable seem to be sustaining a push at the moment. In all likelihood, they’ll challenge the AOP for the titles following Survivor Series.

The end result of this duo is quite obvious. They aren’t meant for a lengthy tag team run; instead this is going to end with Roode turning on Gable.

Given the obviousness, fans really aren’t all that excited. Instead, they just really want to see Roode turn heel and be done with such tag team related storylines.

4 Asuka Steps Up To Becky Lynch

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The title picture over on SmackDown Live seems kind of sketchy, especially with WrestleMania looming. Given how over Lynch is at the moment, she just seems untouchable. That said, WWE needs a special opponent to rival her in the ring.

The obvious candidate has to be Asuka. This would be such a terrific rivalry and a possible show-stealing match. Just imagine how great it can be with Asuka turning into the arrogant heel while Lynch maintains her rebellious fan favorite role. This has the potential to be a top rivalry in 2019, and we hope WWE agree.

3 The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, One More Time

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Since their Tag bout at Crown Jewel, we haven’t heard all that much from either Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. However, the rumor mill discusses that the heat between these two might not be over. The current word is that a final encounter is set to take place at WrestleMania 35.

Given the way their last two WrestleMania matches went, it might be better to leave the memories alone.

With heir older age, a match of that magnitude won’t come close to their past work. If anything, it might be better if Undertaker and Michaels take on different opponents. Don’t harm the legacy of their tremendous matches and rivalry.

2 Braun Strowman Steps Up To Brock Lesnar... Again

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Yup, WWE might be headed back down this path. We’ve seen Lesnar and Strowman collide time and time again, yet the plan might be to keep this rivalry intact. A match between these two at the Royal Rumble seems like a big possibility. It might have been exciting a year ago, but not today.

Strowman has lost a lot of momentum since his glory days following a feud with Roman Reigns. His work with Brock isn’t the greatest either. Their matches have been marginal and simply to the point. They’re not putting on a wrestling clinic that’s for sure. It might be best if another challenger steps up to the plate, maybe someone like Drew McIntyre.

1 Charlotte Flair and Asuka Part Two

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Fans can expect WWE to revisit this storyline. Especially if Rousey is to feud with Lynch, SmackDown might need a compelling Women's Title storyline. With Asuka getting snubbed for the match against Rousey and Charlotte getting picked instead, it can easily launch a new feud between these two.

It can all shape into a WrestleMania rematch between these two, this time with Asuka using a heel persona.

It would be a great piece of storytelling to have the two lock up a year later. However, this time around, maybe Asuka gets her hand raised in victory celebrating her first championship run.

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