10 Strange Facts About Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is equally powerful and strange when learning about the man that made WWE a powerhouse. The goals and vision of McMahon helped get WWE to a higher level than any other wrestling promotion in mainstream entertainment. McMahon took huge risks that took WWE to the place it is today as a global brand. However, the decades of stories to come from many people working with him helped reveal just how bizarre of an experience it is to have Vince as a boss.

We will look at some of the stranger things to come out about McMahon throughout the years from wrestlers, producers and general employees that witnessed him in person. The genius and success of McMahon already provide a strong chapter of his legacy, but the unique nature of his mind deserves another. Find out just how off the wall Vince is with ten strange facts about him.

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10 He Loves Pranks

The wrestling business has a reputation for pranks going a bit too far. It should come as no surprise that Vince McMahon also found joy in these pranks given how accepted it became in the industry. Many of McMahon’s pranks crossed the line from funny to bizarre.

One memorable prank featured Vince hiring police officers to arrest Jonathan Coachman as a prank for his backstage gambling pools on college football games. Coachman revealed he broke down crying as the prank was revealed. Another strange one took place when McMahon threw away an NBC executive’s shoes when bowling, so he had to wear bowling shoes home.

9 Says no to ideas when hungry

Chris Jericho has been a huge source for great Vince McMahon stories thanks to the Talk is Jericho podcast along with his various autobiographies. One story that personally impacted Jericho came when Vince turned down his idea.

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Jericho wanted to pitch the idea of Shawn Michaels returning to help Jericho as a manager during his feud with Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. McMahon was hungry listening to the idea and seemed visibly annoyed. The storyline pitch was shut down as Vince received his dinner in time to say no to Jericho.

8 Hates when people nod at him

The writers to join WWE expecting to enter a traditional workplace environment of putting a show together get greeted with a rude awakening. One writer was taken out of a meeting by Stephanie McMahon due to a weird Vince McMahon quirk.

Stephanie asked the writer out of the room to discuss that Vince hated when people nodded while he spoke. The writer nodded enough to upset Vince which led to Stephanie having to explain the situation. WWE employees have a tough task working with a boss like McMahon.

7 Likes to break down talent from other promotions

Many wrestlers to join WWE after making names in other promotions often have a tough time struggling to break out. WCW wrestlers specifically had this problem from the 90s to 2000s. Recent years have seen a few talents from ROH and TNA feel the same.

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Chris Jericho revealed talents like him, and Big Show were broken down by Vince McMahon verbally with the intent of building them up in his own image. The podcast from Jericho went into detail claiming he felt Vince berated Kevin Owens after their WrestleMania 33 match to do the same to him.

6 Loves snow cones

Vince McMahon is clearly a healthy eater given how much he’s stayed in shape for decades. The regimen of McMahon is still going strong as he appears healthy as ever in his 70s. McMahon however does have a sweet tooth for one unhealthy snack.

A former WWE employee revealed that McMahon had a snow cone party in the parking lot of WWE headquarters. Everyone at the office would get treated to snow cones as McMahon expressed his love of the treat in front of his employees.

5 Dinosaur skull in office

Triple H has a tough task buying gifts for Vince McMahon given his father-in-law’s wealth, power and strange personality. One memorable item that fans take notice of whenever seeing it in pictures is the replica of a dinosaur skull in McMahon’s office.

WWE did a feature on the item with the explanation of Triple H finding it as the perfect gift for Vince naming it Stan T. Rex. McMahon even posted a picture of it on social media with the explanation of it summarizing his “voracious appetite for life.”

4 Bans sneezing in meetings

Vince McMahon’s strange quirks range from funny to interesting to ridiculous. This ridiculous one features McMahon’s dislike of seeing employees sneeze in front of him. Many former employees have stated that McMahon believes everyone should be strong enough to control their sneezes.

The ideology of sneezing being a weakness says a lot of how McMahon views others. Working for WWE can be a minefield at times with any little thing angering Vince. The sneezing stands out as a fact about McMahon that’s almost too good to be true.

3 Used to take wrestling moves at bars

Bret Hart’s autobiography revealed many of the most entertaining stories shared about working for Vince McMahon. A fun story went into detail about how McMahon used to hang out with the wrestlers in the 80s at bars following the shows.

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McMahon reached the point of debauchery to request Hart and his Hart Foundation tag team partner Jim Neidhart deliver their finishing move on him. The Hart Attack finisher in public was a hurtful yet fun moment for Vince at a time before WWE reached a higher level.

2 Wanted to warn AEW about Labor Day weekend shows

Many wrestling fans are curious about how Vince McMahon really feels about a new promotion like AEW getting a television deal on TNT and signing away a big name like Chris Jericho. McMahon didn’t have a problem with the All In in 2018 when it was viewed as an independent event.

Jericho revealed on his podcast that he talked to McMahon about doing the show. Vince’s instant reaction wasn’t anger and he stated he wished Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks reached out to him for advice. The thought process of McMahon was that Labor Day Weekend was a bad time to have a show, but it did sell out to prove him wrong.

1 Yelled in anger when losing in pool to Stephanie and Triple H

The relationship between Vince McMahon and his daughter Stephanie McMahon and son-in-law Triple H is another strange dynamic many fans have wanted to learn about for many years. Triple H shared the story in a WWE documentary about Vince’s competitive spirit.

The team of Triple H and Stephanie defeated Vince and Linda in a game pool. Stephanie enjoyed showboating to appreciate the rare victory over her dad and his unhappy nature when losing a game. Triple H admitted he and Stephanie could hear him screaming in anger after she used the intercom to brag about it one more time.

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