10 Sweetheart Wrestling Boyfriends And 10 Scumbags

Loyalty can be best defined as the quality of being loyal to someone, or something, regardless of external factors such as traveling almost 300 days a year, or having gorgeous women constantly throwing themselves at you on a daily basis. In other words, it is not easy for a professional wrestler to remain loyal to their significant other.

That does not mean we are agreeing with cheating on your spouse, we just understand why a marriage in the professional wrestling industry can be tougher than any other. Even sports like football, basketball, and baseball only last a certain number of months before shutting down for an extended amount of time. The players also get to play half of their games at home, leaving them with plenty of time to spend with their families.

But that is simply not the case when it comes to pro wrestlers. They could spend nearly 300 days on the road each year, traveling between cities and events while making appearances and doing interviews or whatever else is asked of them in their free time. All the while, having to deal with the thousands of fans throwing themselves at the wrestlers on a daily basis, putting temptation in their faces nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But not all professional wrestlers wind up involved in a Lita/Edge style cheating scandal. There are still several Superstars that know how to stay faithful to their wives. On the other end, there are plenty of wrestlers that have stayed away from marriage because they just cannot help themselves but play the field and enjoy the single life.

23 Sweetheart: Jack Swagger (Married to Catalina Swagger)

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Earlier this year, the WWE officially released Jack Swagger after spending many years being used incorrectly and turning him into another talented wrestler completely misused by the promotion, bascially wasting his talents and watching him exit the company sooner rather than later (Alberto Del Rio, Dusty Rhodes, or Diamond Dallas Page). He is now working for the House of the Hardcore during their 2017 Australian Tour.

Regardless of his stance within the WWE, Jack Swagger has had quite the personal life and has been married to Catalina Swagger, formerly known as Catalina White or Saylor James, since 2010. The happy couple have a six-year old son and a two-year old daughter.

If you have no idea who Catalina White is, try using that wonderful Google machine and checking out her Instagram account. It will introduce you to the beautiful Catalina, who works as a pilates instructor, claims to be a badass ninja, designer, and model. Yeah, that is correct, she is a ninja that looks incredible in tights.

22 Scumbag: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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It is no surprise to see Jake "The Snake" Roberts make this list for being one of the industries biggest scumbags. Although he looks terrible in recent years after spending the majority of his pro wrestling career battling addictions to both alcohol and drugs, Jake Roberts was, at one time, one of the most underrated and popular wrestlers in the world.

He never won the WWE Heavyweight title belt 16 times like some of the other wrestling scumbags on this list, he was still much a ladies man even though he was married a few times. His first marriage with Karen Raushuber lasted from 1973 to 1982. He then married Cheryl Hagood and that one lasted from 1984 until 1997. According to his friends in various documentaries, he was very faithful to his wife when he was not traveling or wrestling. But when he was out on the road, he was anything but faithful. All of this information has come to light in recent years when he has talked about his life in the business, and how he would buy drugs, hook-up with strippers or anyone willing to come home with him that night.

Inside the ring, Jake Roberts will forever be one of the greatest professional wrestlers to roam the Earth. But on the outside, he might have too many indiscretions to help him bounce back an earn the respect of his fans.

21 Sweetheart: Charlie Haas (Married to Jackie Gayda)

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Unless you have spent the past 25 years completely enamored with professional wrestling, then you probably know very little, if not nothing, about Charlie Haas. He was one of those mid-carders that had the potential to become great but found himself on the losing end of some terrible gimmicks. Like the time he was Haas Hogan, a parody of Hulk Hogan, or Primo Colon, which was another parody he portrayed during his career. He might be best known for his time with The World's Greatest Tag Team alongside Shelton Benjamin with Kurt Angle as their leader and Paul Heyman as their manager.

Even if you cannot recall anything about Charlie Haas, you most definitely remember his wife Jackie Gayda, the stunningly beautiful former female wrestler from both the WWE and TNA. Her almost perfect physique turned her into an instant sensation among pro wrestling fans which led to a wonderful career in pro wrestling that has lasted since 2002. She is currently semi-retired and working the independent circuit.

20 Scumbag: Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler was one of the most popular wrestlers of his time that could not be stopped. He was working for multiple promotions, traveling constantly, and finding himself being introduced to boat loads of women on a weekly basis. Yet, somehow, he found himself constantly walking down the aisle, being married a total of three separate times.

His first marriage lasted from 1971 until 1978 to the lovely Kay Lawler. Shortly after his first marriage, Jerry found himself in love once again and married Paula Lawler in 1982. They stayed married until 1991. His final marriage was to Stacy "The Kat" Carter, a fellow wrestler, which only lasted a short while.

That last marriage is the one that caused Jerry the worst damage. She was so wild and crazy that her constant cheating and unpredictable behaviors led them to an eventual split. Since then he has enjoyed the life of being a single man with money and fame.

19 Sweetheart: The Miz (Married to Maryse)

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It takes a true toll on the human mind to be married to a woman that looks like Maryse. She is a tall, blonde hair, smokeshow that is easily one of the WWE's hottest female entertainers of the past decade. The Miz might be a wrestler himself, and have a giant fan base with thousands of women throwing themselves at him, but that does not slow down the number of men trying to get Maryse's number, or inside her pants.

That constant pressure, combined with the traveling, the photoshoots, and all of the media attention, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, makes for a tough relationship. Yet somehow, they have found a way to make it work. In fact, not only are they one of the best power couples in the industry today, they are a great on-screen pairing that has given The Miz a career in the business that he should be proud of.

They are not just popular with the fans, they have friends all over the business and at their wedding, all kinds of fellow wrestlers were in attendance.

18 Scumbag: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler is one of the greatest misused wrestlers in WWE history. He almost reached the throne but then it came crashing down due to multiple storylines involving the major stars in the business, which basically drowned him out of the spotlight, forcing him to fall back into line.

His fame inside the ropes might have hit a snag during his career, but it was the complete opposite on the outside. In fact, he was probably one of the most liked pro wrestlers in the industry, by men and women. He came across as a cocky selfish showoff but was simply playing a role and was a bit more than what he appeared.

He used his charisma and personality to land some of the biggest names in the industry and also in Hollywood. Not only did he date WWE Divas like Nikki Bella, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly, Shelly Martinez, and even, Amy Schumer. Almost all of these relationships lasted less than a year.

17 Sweetheart: Daniel Bryan (Married to Brie Bella)

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Daniel Bryan was never supposed to become a superstar in the WWE. He was never supposed to reach the Main Event of WrestleMania and win the WWE World Heavyweight title, but he did.

In defiance of the odds, and an executive front office that felt Daniel Bryan was too small and not going to become a superstar anyways, he still worked hard and became a huge underdog that became an instant fan favorite. His status with the fans was hard to control and the more they loved him, they higher he rose in the company.

It was more than just working hard, he is a genuinely good guy. He always works hard at, and does, the right thing. That was how Brie Bella fell for him. She saw the real man he was and the purity in his actions. He is one of the few famous guys you could chalk up as a good guy that will remain faithful to his wife, no matter what happens.

16 Scumbag: Batista

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Of all of the wrestlers that are being called Scumbags on this list, Dave Bautista just might have the longest list of female encounters.

At 31 years old, Batista started his professional wrestling career a little later than everyone else. But that did not stop him from becoming one of the WWE's biggest success stories. So while he was rising in the ranks and winning WWE World Heavyweight Championships, Batista was also winning over the hearts of several beautiful young ladies.

He was married to Glenda Bautista from 1990 until 1998 before finding his second wife, Angie Bautista in 1998, whom he was married to until 2006. That's when he became a single man and started enjoying his life. He was spotted with, and dated, Layla El, Melina Perez, Taryn Terrell, Rosa Mendes, Shelly Martinez, Kelly Kelly, and Rebecca DiPietro before marrying Sarah Jade in 2015.

15 Sweetheart: Rusev (Married to Lana)

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When you look like Rusev, and you get married to a woman that looks like Lana, you already know that you have won at life. No offence to Rusev but he knows he is married to a woman that is not even in the same galaxy as himself when it comes to beauty.

He is not going to be cheating on Lana anytime soon. For a man to marry outside of his rank, the one real present you can give your wife is loyalty and treating her like an absolute princess. He will never get a woman as beautiful as Lana again and he should count his blessings he even landed her to begin with.

Lana, whose real name is C.J. Perry, got married to Rusev, whose real name is Miroslav Barnyashev, in July of 2016 and the two have been as happy as they were from the moment she said yes ever since.

14 Scumbag: Edge

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If you are a fan of wrestling, than you already know about the infamous cheating scandal that involved Matt Hardy, Lita, and Edge.

Lita was the chick from The Hardy Boyz that could do just about anything in the ring and would eventually change the way we perceived female wrestlers. She eventually started to date her teammate, Matt Hardy, and the two became a power couple within the WWE. But then, something happened. She began a relationship with Edge and it spilled over into the wrestling world, even turning into a storyline in the WWE. That made it very hard to work together, knowing you had to watch the two people you thought were your friends each and every night.

That story exposed Lita and Edge as being two people you cannot trust.

13 Sweetheart: The Undertaker (Married to Michelle McCool)

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Mark Calaway, who is better known by wrestling fans as the one and only The Undertaker, has been married three times. Each of his first two marriages lasted 10 and seven years long. He never had issues with infidelity or was ever involved in any kind of cheating scandals during those years either. In fact, he had three children with his first two wives. Then he met, Michelle McCool, and his world changed completely.

They married in 2010 and have a daughter, who is now four years old. The couple started dating and by the time they got married, were hits in the world of social media thanks to Michelle. She started posting images of the two doing things and being humans, not just a diva and a deadman, as portrayed in the WWE. She helped show his personal life and it only made him an even better person for it.

His retirement could mean that the end is finally here for one of the true legends of the industry giving him more time to spend at home with one of the hottest divas pro wrestling has ever seen, Michelle McCool.

12 Scumbag: CM Punk

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CM Punk should go down as one of the most natural talents the sport has ever seen. He worked hard to get to the WWE but part of his charm was how easy he made it look. He was always on top of his game but the one thing he did better than wrestling was talking to women. He was a leader when it came to convincing women to date him. Just take a look at his dating record.

He has dated more woman than Dolph Ziggler, and he has done it in the past few years. His dating history includes Daffney, Traci Brooks, Alison Danger, Kelly Kelly, Felice Herrig, Beth Phoenix, Becky Bayless, Mickie James, Maria Kanellis, Lita, and, finally, the woman he is now married to, A.J. Lee.

That list is impressive if you cut it down to three (AJ Lee, Lita, Maria Kanellis) but he found himself constantly striving for perfection in the bedroom, resulting in a life of hooking up with beautiful female wrestling stars.

11 Sweetheart: Tommy Dreamer (Married to Beulah McGillicutty)

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For the eight wrestler on our list, we had to dig deep and go back to the days of the, wait for it... "ECW! ECW! ECW!"

Tommy Dreamer is probably the greatest wrestler to ever work for the Philadelphia based ECW. He spent a career keeping that promotion alive and was the glue that made the ECW what it became. He was not only one of the most popular wrestlers in the promotion, he was one of the most respected. All of that and he only held the ECW Heavyweight title belt for less than an hour, making him one incredible talent if there ever was one.

Since 2002, he has been married to another true legend of ECW, Beulah McGillicutty. She was one of the first ECW valets that knew how to use her sex appeal for better ratings. Francine and Beulah became known as the sexiest 1-2 punch in the business at that time. Don't believe us? Go back and watch them.

10 Scumbag: Raven

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One of professional wrestlings best minds was also one of their nuttiest. Raven, also known by his real name of Scott Levy, was the brains behind the ECW's multiple storylines and rise to the top of the business. His biggest downfall was, and always will be, his ability to get over with the crowd. Sure, they hated him when he showed up in the WCW but they abused his talents and made him more of a joke than a legitimate star. His move to the WCW was the moment he began to falter in the business.

In his personal life, he continued to hookup with women, never holding back in interviews about his many sexual conquests. The only issue is, he hates naming names and gives explicit details about certain encounters without ever giving up the name. But the rumor mills love speculating about them. There is one about him and Sunny, and another about an underage Becky Bayless that he would rather no one talk about anymore.


8 Sweetheart: Triple H (Married to Stephanie McMahon)

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Even if you spend the majority of your career as one of the biggest stars in the pro wrestling business, and you have countless ladies throwing themselves at you, it can all stop the moment you decide to hook up with the bosses daughter.

Triple H went from superstar to the future of the business when he married into the McMahon family back in 2003. It started in 2000 as just another storyline in the WWE universe but turned into a real thing that remains one of the longest marriages in the business today. They now have three daughters and if there is anyone that needs to be loyal, it is Triple H.

What does he think will happen if he ever steps out on Stephanie McMahon? The ending to his pro wrestling career, for starters.

7 Scumbag: John Cena

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Does Nikki Bella actually believe that John Cena is going to be able to stay true to his word and remain loyal to her? He might be for a little while but eventually, he will get tired of her and move on to someone else. He has a reputation for being a ladies man and that started long before he got divorced from his high school sweetheart, and first wife, Elizabeth.

Since John Cena became the biggest star in the pro wrestling business a few years ago, his list of female hookups includes Kendra Lust, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Lisa Marie Varon, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Carlson, AJ Lee, and, of course, Nikki Bella.

With an impressive list such as his, there is a reason to believe he is not finished adding more women to it. As he gets to the end of his career, chances are, he is going to start claiming more ladies as often as possible, so if Nikki is reading this, be warned.

6 Sweetheart: Brock Lesnar (Married to Sable)

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Most pro wrestling fans hate Brock Lesnar, and that is by design. He is one of the biggest heels in the history of the sport and it is because of the way he sold himself and the WWE placed him to the fans. At one time, Brock Lesnar was a machine that fans were going nuts over but then he quit unexpectedly and went back to mixed martial arts, leaving fans with a bad taste in their mouth, and helping him become a true real-life heel.

So when he returned, the WWE set him up to feed off of it and play that character. Usually, when this happens, it is assumed he is the same person in real life. He is a big douche bag that treats people like dirt and never passes up a chance to smack someone if they make him angry. That could not be any further from the truth. The real Brock Lesnar is actually a quiet man that loves living his life secluded from the rest of the world, in his mansion, with his beautiful wife Sable.

If anyone was considered loyal, Brock Lesnar, shockingly, would be among the most loyal of them all.

5 Scumbag: Seth Rollins

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Not long ago, there was a story that broke involving Seth Rollins' private johnson getting the special social media treatment when his ex-fiancee posted the picture online after she found out he had been cheating on her with smokeshow Zahra Schreiber. His ex-fiancee, Leighla Schultz, showcased how ruthless a woman scorned could be, and she turned him into one of the most hated men in the business, at least in the real world, because of it.

That right there is enough to prove that the man cannot be trusted. He was engaged to a gorgeous woman and still managed to feed into the temptation that was all around him, leading to an embarrassing moment that will forever be on the internet.

Now, he has been dating a woman that is hotter than just about all of his other ladies combined in Sarah Alesandrelli. She is right on top of the list of hottest WAGs you never heard of and if anyone could change a man from being a playboy to a loyal husband, it could be her.


3 Sweetheart: Vince McMahon (Married to Linda McMahon)

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On August 26, 1966, Vince McMahon married Linda Edwards in New Bern, North Carolina. 51 years later, the couple remains happily married as Vince has become one of the richest men in the world while Linda has become the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, working on as a member of the Trump administration.

It is not easy staying married, let alone for 51 years. But somehow, they have found happiness that has stood the test of time and has battled multiple enemies along the way.

Vince met Linda when he was 16 years old and knew right away he was in love. That love has continued for all of this time, making them one of the longest, and most powerful, celebrity couples of all time.

2 Scumbag: Ric Flair

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Everyone knows about Ric Flair's personal life after having spent the past 46 years being married to four different women, and dating a ton of celebrities, models, fans, announcers, or just about any woman that could walk. His first marriage, to Leslie Goodman, began during the height of his NWA days and lasted from 1971 until 1983. He then married Elizabeth Harrell and that one was the longest, having been married to her from 1983 until 2006. But he was not finished and married Tiffany VanDemark, from 2006 to 2009, and finally, Jackie Beems, from 2009 until 2014.

But being married multiple times does not make someone a ladies man. His ranking is based on the multiple stories that fellow wrestlers, and even himself, have told over the years that clearly tell the story of a man that has trouble keeping it in his pants. But he can't help it, he apparently has a larger than life member.


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