10 Things Charlotte Flair Hasn’t Done In Her Career… Yet

Although the crowds have unequivocally been behind Becky Lynch over the past few months, there is no denying that Charlotte Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation. It’s hard for her to get that classic babyface to pop because she struggles to be relatable, but most will give her respect for all that she’s done.

Flair was the last to hold the Divas Championship and the first to hold the modern WWE Women’s Championship. She has held every single title available to her over the past five years. Flair is a legend in the making, and she’s got a long way to go. Today we’re taking a look at 10 things she hasn’t done in her career yet, but will soon enough.

10. Hold Women’s Tag Team Championships

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before WWE introduces Women’s Tag Team Championships. They often split the women up into teams of two or three for the purposes of weekly programming. If there’s a championship that Flair hasn’t won, she’ll make it her mission to hold it. It’s just in her blood. The question is, who would she team up with? Just a few months ago, Becky Lynch was the obvious choice — her PCB teammate and IRL best friend. The tea spillers may not make an appearance on the same side for a long time, though after their feud-of-the-year quality matchups. Sasha Banks might be another candidate, as sometimes rivals make the best teammates.

9. Win The Royal Rumble

We could see this as early as this coming January. As a champion last year, Flair wasn’t eligible for the Royal Rumble and watched from the sidelines. She’s got to be dying to participate and win it. WWE would be wise to put her in the rumble to get her to WrestleMania. Flair is often criticized for getting opportunities too easily because of her status as The Woman. It goes back to making her feel too unrelatable; things feeling too easy for her. Ideally, Flair would go in at the beginning—if not one or two—so that she has to fight from behind. Beyond her legacy, a great Royal Rumble win could cement her character.

8. Win Money In The Bank

Arguably, Flair is best as a heel. Again, she’s not relatable, but she knows that. She was born into greatness, and when she brags about having all the advantages in life, it's really effective. Without a doubt, she has enough of a career ahead of her for another heel turn. One way to do it is to have her win Money in the Bank as a face, but cash it in like a heel, capitalizing on a beaten-up champion. It would be a huge moment, especially if the champ is beloved. Flair would perform well in a Money in the Bank match, her height giving her a distinct advantage. A Moonsault off a ladder is just the icing on the super-dangerous cake.

7. Hold A Men’s Title

How many times can you win the Women’s Championship before it all gets a bit boring? Flair is in a unique position because of her build. She’s tall and muscular, which makes her more believable against male opponents than say, teeny tiny Alexa Bliss. Although WWE is squeamish about intergender wrestling, it seems likely they will eventually come around to the idea of it — and Flair is the perfect way to do it. Against the likes of the Miz, Shawn Michaels, or Chris Jericho, she will be able to hold her own and a mid-card championship. As the survivor of domestic abuse, Flair is also in the position to show that intergender wrestling does not promote violence against women.

6. Grace The Cover Of A WWE 2K Game

The WWE 2K games are a significant revenue stream for the company, and they put a lot of stock into it. Getting the cover of the game is a huge honor. It’s a sign that you are #1 in the company. Past cover stars have included AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Brock Lesnar, but never a woman. Flair may very well be the one to change that, and if she’s not the first woman, she’ll get it eventually. She’s money, and they know it. Plus, she’d look incredible on the cover in particularly flashy gear, the peacock robe, and that slight smile that’s just a little bit intimidating.

5. Eclipse Ric Flair’s Record

As of this writing, Ric Flair is tied as the most championship reigns in history at 16. Charlotte Flair, as of this writing, is already a seven-time champion. Flair holds an important role in the women’s division, too. If they are ever unsure of what to do or feel they need a jolt of credibility, they can always put the belt on her. Flair is always a believable champion. With at least a few years left in her, it wouldn't be surprising in the slightest to see her rack up title reigns. She’s only one away from having the most title runs out of any woman in history. So just 10 more to pass her father's own record? That's kids stuff.

4. Main Event WrestleMania

If you talk to Flair, or really any of the women in WWE, they all have one major goal: the Main event WrestleMania. It would be the ultimate equalizer, the biggest spot on the largest stage. With the exception of Ronda Rousey, history-making Flair is in the best position to make this dream come true for all the reasons I’ve already covered. WWE knows they can hang their hat on her. Again, she'll likely be the first one to do it because no one else feels more equipped to carry the spot. The accomplishment will mean something incredible to Flair, who once didn’t even indulge the idea of being a wrestler. We’ll see that on display as she points up to the sky in honor of her late brother Reid and the dream he passed on to her.

Are you crying yet?

3. Retiring After WrestleMania

Because winning WrestleMania will mean so much to Flair, it will most likely be her last in the ring. Flair is goal-oriented, so once she’s done that, she’ll most likely move onto something else. One can assume she will always be involved in WWE as an ambassador and it’s easy to see her representing them in domestic abuse organizations. As a wrestler, though, her time will be done once she’s accomplished that big goal. I can bet that the following Raw or SmackDown, she’ll come out, announce her retirement, and be sent off with “thank you Charlotte” chants. It’s important because so many wrestlers don’t get to go out on their own terms. Flair will make sure she does.

2. Headline Her Hall of Fame Class

One year after *hopefully* winning WrestleMainia and retiring, she’ll most likely be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. There’s no denying that she’s already had a Hall of Fame-worthy career. They will place the mantle of the women’s revolution squarely on her shoulders, as they have for five years now. One way they’ll do that is by putting her as a headliner. Unless they choose to induct Paige in early or try to make nice with AJ Lee, Flair will almost certainly be the first. Her induction as the first woman to headline a Hall of Fame class will be yet another pivotal point that we will reference for years to come. She will break that glass ceiling and open the door for many more women to headline the Hall of Fame.

1. Come Back For One More Match Against A Four Horsewoman

In wrestling, no one stays retired forever. Flair will be no exception, but it will have to be for the right opponent. She is a little bit older than most of her peers, particularly the Four Horsewomen. Assuming they all stay healthy, she will likely retire several years before them. At some point, there will be “one more match” chants coming Flair’s way anytime she steps into a WWE ring. First she’ll dismiss them, but one of her fellow Four Horsewomen will push just the right button. She’s had such incredible feuds with each and every one of them — fans will remember and clamor for her to lace up her boots one more time. They’ll get their wish, she won’t be able to resist, and we’ll be in for a treat.

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