10 Things The WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About John Cena & Nikki Bella's Relationship (And 5 They Do)

John Cena and Nikki Bella have some skeletons in the closet that WWE is not proud of being public knowledge.

John Cena and Nikki Bella remain the highest profile couple in the wrestling business today. Everyone knows about the star power of Cena considering he’s been the face of the WWE for the past decade and is branching out into Hollywood. Nikki is up there on the female side of wrestling with the popularity of Total Divas allowing her name value to rise. The two big names in WWE coming together to start dating has put a bigger spotlight on them both collectively and individually. WWE attempts to keep tabs on their big stars in hopes of presenting a couple like this for the best possible perception.

Cena and Nikki have some skeletons in the closet that WWE is not proud of being public knowledge. The company would rather have these stories hidden given the polarizing nature both Cena and Nikki have with the wrestling fans. On the other side, WWE definitely wants to portray both wrestlers in the best possible light. They love to focus on certain moments that deliver results to get Cena, Nikki and WWE all on the positive side of perception. We'll take a look at both sides with ten things WWE doesn’t want you to know about Nikki Bella and John Cena along with five things they do want you to know about.

15 Don’t: Both Dated Current WWE Stars In The Past


The active WWE roster currently features wrestlers that John Cena and Nikki Bella used to date in the past. This is definitely not either of their first romances with a co-worker. Nikki used to date fellow SmackDown Live star Dolph Ziggler early in her WWE career. The two wrestlers were together for a few years before splitting up.

Cena dated a few different women’s wrestlers before Nikki, but the one that stands out most is Mickie James. The relationship between Cena and Mickie started when Mickie allegedly cheated on wrestler Ken Doane with Cena. WWE even put Cena and James together on television for a short time period. The two would split and Mickie’s career went downhill forcing her to leave WWE for many years before returning recently. WWE would not be pleased with these prior relationships featuring current talent being a vocal point of discussion.

14 Don’t: Not The First Marriage For Either


The upcoming marriage between John Cena and Nikki Bella will not be the first time either party is getting married. Cena married high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau back in 2009 at the height of his popularity. The news of his divorce just three years later was one of the first negative headlines in the news for WWE’s golden boy. Cena apparently lost a lot of money in the divorce that made him hesitant to tie the knot again.

Nikki also had a regretful marriage at the young age of 20 when she married her boyfriend at the time. The logic of Nikki was that she thought it would prevent him from being drafted to war since he was a member of the army. Their marriage was to be annulled just three years later as well. Cena and Nikki hope their wedding will be the final one of their lives after their individual mistakes in the past.

13 Do: History Making WrestleMania 33 Proposal


WWE had to be ecstatic with John Cena choosing WrestleMania 33 to make the biggest decision of his personal life on a professional stage. Cena was adamant in recent years that he had zero intention to ever get married. The match at WrestleMania 33 featured Cena and Nikki Bella teaming together on a PPV for the first time as they defeated The Miz and Maryse.

Cena proposed to Nikki in front of 75,000+ fans giving WWE the big moment. It will always be available on the WWE Network for WWE to advertise no matter what happens with Cena and Nikki. The biggest wrestling star of the modern era proposing to his real life girl that happens to be a fellow wrestler is something WWE can’t even script to be that good. They will remind you of the history making moment of Cena’s proposal many times going forward.

12 Don’t: Cena Doesn't Want Children But Nikki Does


Nikki Bella getting one of her dreams of getting married puts her relationship with John Cena in a great light. The other big thing that Cena has been very much against is Nikki’s desire to start a family and have children together. One of the major stories on Total Divas that stems from their real life disagreement revolves around having children.

Much like her sister Brie, Nikki loves kids and becoming a mother is one of her strongest desires in life. Cena not wanting to have a family of his own is rather shocking given the love he holds for his young fan base all over the world. WWE can’t be content with Cena’s disdain for having children being associated with his reputation, especially since he is making Nikki give her dream up.

11 Don’t: Couples Therapy


The differences between Nikki Bella and John Cena regarding the future of their relationship led to the two having to undergo couples therapy. Cena not wanting to have children and being against marriage at the time put the relationship in a bad place. An interview of Cena’s revealed that they attended couples therapy for a few months to try to get over the issues.

Both people wanting completely different lives despite committing to being together forever would kill most relationships. WWE can’t be proud of the information being out there pertaining to Cena and Nikki close to breaking up and going to therapy. It appears the therapy sessions worked as the two seemed happy together even before Cena changed his stance on proposing.

10 Do: They Live An Extravagant Lifestyle


John Cena and Nikki Bella live a very expensive life together that WWE absolutely loves. The company wants the perception out there that the wrestlers all get paid huge money as larger than life stars. Cena and Nikki both love spending their money on frivolous things that give them a wealthy atmosphere. The mansion of Cena’s is massive as seen on Total Divas and Total Bellas.

Cena also owns numerous expensive cars for his high priced collection. Nikki has expensive cars as well along with extremely high end clothing and shoes. The couple of Cena and Nikki are a polar opposite to the smaller home lives of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. WWE clearly prefers their stars have a perception of being filthy rich with the finer things in life such as Cena and Nikki. Sadly, the majority of talents don’t make that much money.

9 Don’t: Cena Often Neglects Nikki


The busy schedule of John Cena makes it impossible for him to be home all the time. Cena however goes overboard with setting up work dates that prevent him from spending his free time with Nikki Bella. You hardly see Cena in many episodes of Total Divas and Nikki ends up hanging out at the home of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella most of the time.

Nikki has admitted that loneliness has led her to becoming a bigger part of the lives of her sister and brother-in-law. Cena not being around as much as other wrestling boyfriends is one of the surprising parts of the E! reality shows. WWE loves the fact that Cena is growing his name value and doing things for the company outside of the ring, but they aren’t fond of everyone knowing he neglects Nikki.

8 Don’t: Cena Restricts Reality TV Show Time


One of the other reasons we don’t see too much of John Cena on Total Divas and Total Bellas is due to his preference. Cena is by far the biggest name on the reality shows and uses his leverage to get out of being on it all the time. No one enjoys living their lives with cameras in front of their face at all times. Cena will only appear on a few episodes per season on Total Divas thanks to his restriction of being a full-time member of the show.

Nikki Bella spending all that time with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan leads to new stories on the show. Cena’s busy schedule and desire to be left off camera both play a role in this becoming a normal thing now. As much as he loves the WWE spotlight, Cena still wants his down time away from the camera.

7 Do: Both Love Their Families


Despite the differing opinions on starting a family together, both John Cena and Nikki Bella are known for their love of their families. Cena is very close to his parents as seen with his father John Cena Sr. being a part of various WWE storylines through the years. The wrestling legend also has a great relationship with his mother and she attended his first show ever at WrestleMania 33 to see him propose in person.

Nikki is a family woman as seen with her extremely close relationship with twin sister Brie. The Bella Twins do almost all of their business together as a brand and spend free days together. Total Divas and Total Bellas also revealed that Nikki has great relationships with both her mother Kathy and her brother JJ. Two of WWE’s biggest stars being so family oriented will always be something the company enjoys being out there.

6 Don’t: Nikki Blocked Others From Joining Total Divas


WWE was forced to reference this in storylines due to the rumors becoming so popular. The original Total Divas cast was meant to focus on The Bella Twins, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly and Maryse all returning to WWE with the reality show cameras following them around. Nikki Bella dating John Cena gave her a greater importance and allowed her to call her own shots.

All three women to get snubbed from contracts with WWE have stated or implied that they lost their deals due to Nikki’s political presence. Nikki and Brie were the only returning women to have the show focused on them with the other ladies on the roster being secondary players on the show. The fact that Nikki used her power to hurt the careers of other respected wrestling names is one of the sadder stories attached to her name.

5 Don’t: Cena Made Nikki Sign A Contract


The decision of John Cena to invite Nikki Bella into living with him at his mansion shocked many considering his feelings on commitment. It was made more understandable following the reveal that Cena made Nikki sign a contract before moving in with him. The contract enforced various rules to accommodate Cena’s desires of having another person sharing his life.

Nikki signed a 75 page contract that Cena required before she moved in. WWE had to be upset with this information becoming public knowledge. Love usually revolves around two people understanding each other and finding a common ground. Cena instead legally made Nikki adapt to his ways or she would not have been invited to live with him. No information has been revealed that anything has changed since the engagement implying she still has to live under his rules.

4 Do: Both Are Unbelievable Ambassadors


The greatest aspect of John Cena’s legacy is actually outside of the ring. Cena is a wrestling legend but the charity work that he has done in his life is what makes him so special. The loyalty to his fans and strong work ethic has seen Cena go out of his way to help various charitable efforts through his time as a top star. Cena broke the record for most Make A Wish wishes granted and WWE rightfully loves it.

Nikki is not too shabby either when it comes to philanthropic causes. The Bella Twins have dedicated a lot of their times to charity work. One of the biggest passions of Nikki is empowering other women and young girls. Both Cena and Nikki can never be accused of not giving back following their fame.

3 Don’t: Cena's Politics Helped Nikki's Career


Nikki Bella struggled to get consistent television during her first WWE run. It all changed in her second tenure when she was dating John Cena. Nikki received a massive push as the top female heel on the roster ending AJ Lee’s Divas Championship reign. The title run of Nikki was historical as she became the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history.

This accomplishment meant the world to Nikki and it was something she desperately wanted to make happen. Rumors caught fire online that Cena stepped in to ensure Nikki got the record when WWE planned for her to fall a week short to give Charlotte Flair the big win of blocking it. Cena’s political power is clearly big in WWE and he used it to give Nikki a record the company didn’t plan.

2 Don’t: Both Planning For Life After WWE


John Cena is still the biggest star in WWE and Nikki Bella is arguably the biggest female star. The merchandise numbers of Cena and the Bella brand provide massive success for WWE. Unfortunately for the company, both talents are already preparing for their life after wrestling. Nikki is working on various business ventures including the Birdee Bee clothing brand with her sister Brie.

The wrestling career of Cena will likely never be full-time again as he has recently started a part-time schedule wrestling for a few months at a time. Cena has stepped up his acting career by taking more roles in films. We have also seen Cena get the amazing gigs of hosting the ESPY Awards and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards to appeal to the mainstream audience. WWE is looking to build new stars but two top talents planning to leave is never good.

1 Do: Most Decorated Couple In WWE History


No couple in WWE has ever accomplished as much as wrestlers as John Cena and Nikki Bella. Both wrestlers are huge stars in their respective divisions racking up the title wins and memorable moments. WWE loves the fact that two of their future legends are together and appear to be in it for the long haul. There have been plenty other successful wrestling couples but nothing like this.

Cena could very well go down as the greatest star in WWE history and Nikki will enter the Hall of Fame for all her success in the women’s division. WWE will absolutely market this going forward and reap the benefits of the media coverage of their upcoming wedding. We'll also likely witness them try to achieve financial success off the historical impact of two legendary stars being together in DVDs and WWE Network playlists.

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