10 Times Triple H Was A Jerk And 10 Times He Was A Sweetheart

Triple H is one of the biggest names in the WWE right now, in fact one of the biggest in the company's history. When a wrestler claims to have done it all, Triple H will almost always be able to say that he's done more, simply for what he has done for the business since he dialed back on his in ring performances. While in the ring he has done an awful lot and can easily be considered as one of the greatest of all time, he is now seemingly first in line to the throne to run WWE once Vince McMahon steps aside. A fourteen time World Champion, COO of WWE, head of NXT, husband to Stephanie McMahon with whom he has three children, it's a pretty impressive career truth be told that has so far spanned around 25 years.

It has been a quarter of a century filled with ups and downs for The Cerebral Assassin however. To get to the lofty heights he has found himself in for so many years he has had to bury a few bodies. Triple H has, sometimes needlessly, trodden on fellow Superstars to get ahead, and as you'll soon read even thrown roadblocks up in front of friends to reserve his place on top. It seems that for as many good things as you can think of about Triple H, there are as many bad, and that's what this list is all about. Here are 10 reasons why Triple H is an absolute sweetheart, and 10 reasons why he's a real jerk to go along with them.

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30 Jerk: Halting Billy Gunn's Rise

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It's long been discussed, but never really confirmed, that Triple H and Shawn Michaels didn't originally like the idea of The New Age Outlaws becoming a part of D-Generation X. Well supposedly that isn't the only time The Game threw up a roadblock in Billy Gunn's career. According the the former Outlaw once the tag team had split, the future looked bright for him. There was even a potential rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cards, a feud that would have almost certainly propelled him to the next level. However Billy claims that Triple H didn't like the trajectory his career was about to take, citing that The Game feared Gunn would get a little too high, so made sure said rivalry with Austin never saw the light of day.

29 Sweetheart: His Phone Call To DDP

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Triple H seems to be one of the driving forces behind putting together WWE's Hall of Fame classes nowadays. So often we hear wrestlers talk about that moment when they receive a call from The Game and he tells them that they have been selected to be inducted and receive one of pro wrestling's greatest honors. Well for one 2017 inductee we were able to witness that unique and emotional moment, Diamond Dallas Page. WWE were filming with DDP at the time and Triple H decided that it would be a good idea to catch the emotional moment on film, and how right he was. DDP legitimately had no idea what was going on, until what was happening hit him and as you know if you've seen the footage he began to get choked up. A truly touching moment that we all got to witness thanks to Triple H.

28 Jerk: Insulting Lilian Garcia

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Long time ring announcer WWE Lilian Garcia recently departed the company. When Lilian left all of a sudden rumors circulated as to what had caused her to just up and go. It turns out that it was her father's poor health that led to her relatively sudden departure who sadly passed away only a few weeks after Garcia left. It's surprising Lilian stuck around for as long as she did though considering what had happened years prior. There were apparently snide comments going back and forth back stage that Garcia had a horsey face, horrible enough as it was but Triple H, for seemingly no reason whatsoever, took it a step further by saying Lilian had been 'horsing around' while he was on television.


26 Sweetheart: Got Road Dogg A Job

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Back to the subject of The New Age Outlaws, Triple H hasn't been all bad to the former Tag Team Champions. The other half of the legendary pairing is currently still under WWE's employ as one of the head writers for SmackDown Live. It wasn't a position merely handed to him due to his history with the company though, in fact it was far from it. While Brian James, the man behind the Road Dogg persona, was an in-ring talent for WWE he suffered some pretty bad problems that stemmed from his substance abuse. Thanks to that when the opportunity did arise for a potential career on the creative side of things, Vince McMahon was understandably not too interested. Triple H lobbied for his friend though and convinced McMahon to hire him as a producer. Clearly Vince has been impressed considering Brian's position with the company now.

25 Jerk: Burying Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho made one of the most unforgettable WWE debuts in the company's history, using his countdown clock to interrupt The Rock after making the move from WCW. Following that though Jericho's career stalled a little, and there are different schools of thought on exactly why that happened. One of those schools is that Triple H did not like Y2J because he had come from the enemy, ironic really considering The Game had once performed there himself. Apparently The Cerebral Assassin would talk down Jericho back stage to whoever would listen, and by that point Triple H had a fair bit of sway in the company. The real life animosity between the two is something that allegedly went on for years, and has only recently been completely swept under the rug.


23 Sweetheart: Post Match With The Undertaker

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At two consecutive WrestleManias Triple H did battle with The Undertaker. For the second of those matches the two stepped inside Hell in a Cell and Shawn Michaels joined in the festivities as the special guest referee. The match was pretty special, and despite getting more than a helping hand from his friend HBK The Game still couldn't topple The Deadman's streak. It's what happened directly after the match that lands this particular moment on the list. All three of the men involved in the match were and still are veterans of the business and legends in their own right, and for just a few minutes on the grandest stage of them all they set their differences aside and got real with the millions of fans around the world. The three of them put their arms around one another's shoulders and helped each other back stage, with Triple H right in the middle of it all.

22 Jerk: Blocking A Ken Shamrock Return

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Although he never made it to the very top of the company, Ken Shamrock was a key player in WWE during the Attitude Era. He feuded with many of the top stars at the time, and one of those stars was Triple H, albeit a Triple H who wasn't the WWE juggernaut he would later become. His rivalry with The Game was actually one of the first Shamrock had when he arrived in WWE and the former MMA guy notched up a few wins over the center piece of this article. Shamrock actually blames this as being the reason he has never been able to make it back to WWE since that run years ago. According to Ken he has reached out to WWE on a number of occasions only to be completely blown off, and he believes it's a lingering resentment from The Game for those defeats back in the '90s.


20 Sweetheart: The Kliq's Chauffeur

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The Kliq was a group of wrestlers, and more importantly friends, that formed during the 1990s. Although the original quartet of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels already existed, the four of them wanted to add Triple H to their ranks when he arrived in WWE. The main reason was because they had seen The Game performing in WCW and saw potential in him, but there was another more selfish reason too. The four men mentioned all had a bit of a reputation for liking to have a good time during the '90s, and they quickly discovered that Triple H didn't like to drink or take drugs. That meant he could drive them around while they all continued to live their preferred lifestyle, and that's exactly what happened as the now COO of WWE effectively became The Kliq's personal chauffeur.

19 Jerk: The Katie Vick Angle

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I can imagine some of you reading right now may want to throw a flag on this one because it happened in the realms of WWE and was a story line. I'm standing by it though, as even though Triple H may have been playing his on air persona at the time, the nature of the whole thing was still in incredibly poor taste and it was The Game who was at the center of it all. In the early 2000s, while feuding with Kane, Triple H accused The Big Red Machine of having a hand in a young lady's death. That alone is pretty dark, but it gets worse. Triple H would then don a signature Kane mask and proceed to climb into a coffin and simulate having sex with what he made out to be the deceased young lady mentioned before. Again, it may have all been scripted but it takes someone pretty twisted to agree and go along with it.


17 Sweetheart: Celebrations With Bate

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This photo and overall entry is more a representation of a bigger picture than the specific moment itself. In early 2017 WWE staged a tournament for the inaugural UK Championship featuring some of the top talent from the British Isles. A 19 year old Tyler Bate won the tournament, and subsequently the belt, and one of the first men in the ring congratulating him was Triple H. While that in itself is a pretty nice gesture, it's symbolic of what The Game is doing for WWE and for a lot of talent that would otherwise never make it to the company. With help from a select few he scoured the world for the UK tournament, the Cruiserwight Classic, and now this summer's Mae Young Classic.

16 Jerk: Relationship With Chyna

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When most people think of Triple H in the modern day, they will probably also think of his wife Stephanie McMahon. The two have been together for an awfully long time now, both on and off screen. What many people may not know, or perhaps have even forgotten about by now, is that before he met and married the boss's daughter, he was in a relationship with Chyna. In fact many would argue, including Chyna herself before she sadly passed away in 2016, that The Game's two relationships overlapped. That it was a case of an on screen relationship between himself and Stephanie that turned into something more. Rumor even has it that Chyna's understandable and vociferous protests to what was allegedly going on is what led to her parting ways with the company the first time she left.


14 Sweetheart: Got Scott Hall Into The Hall Of Fame

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While Triple H's Hall of Fame phone call to DDP from earlier in this list was most definitely touching, it doesn't show the soft side of The Game nearly as much as what he did for one of his closet friends, Scott Hall. Getting Road Dogg a job following his problems would have been tough enough, but convincing Vince McMahon that Scott Hall should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame considering his long string of substance abuse issues must have been an extremely difficult task. He did it though. The Cerebral Assassin lobbied tirelessly for a man who really does deserve to be in pro wrestling's elite to be inducted and he finally was in 2014. Hall was inducted under his Razor Ramon persona though, and I wonder if that was a compromise Hunter and Vince eventually came to.

13 Jerk: Holding Down CM Punk

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One of the most infamous departures from WWE in recent history is that of CM Punk. The Second City Saint famously walked out on the company back in 2014 when he finally had enough of the business and how he was being treated within it. Once Punk's contract officially came to an end, he aired his grievances. While Vince McMahon was very much to blame according to Punk, Triple H more than played his part. Punk claimed that The Game just didn't understand what a draw he was, and continually buried him via various talent, as well as himself in a rivalry that followed Punk and Cena's famous Money in the Bank feud. While Triple H is mostly known for nurturing popular Superstars, in Punk's case it appears to have been very much the opposite.


11 Sweetheart: Flowers For Bayley

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This entry is much in the same vain as the one about the UK talent and the cruiserweights, but on a grander scale. Triple H is the father of NXT, and a key part of NXT is the brand's female talent. Triple H actually deserves a lot of credit for the leaps and bounds that women's wrestling has taken over the last few years in WWE. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and so many more who are currently changing the game on Raw and SmackDown Live. It would seem that Banks and Bayley were two that The Game took a special interest in, even bringing them flowers after some of their incredible matches, including the unforgettable 30 minute iron man match. Bring on the Mae Young Classic this summer.

10 Jerk: One Question For The Writers

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It's no secret that Triple H has a lot of power behind the scenes at WWE and has done for quite a while now. In fact once Vince McMahon either dies or finally decides that he's had enough, it'll probably be The Game that takes the helm. Well according to certain circles, writing for Triple H might not be the cushy job it may sound like. According to some former writers, when Triple H first had the power to start looking over the Raw script before it went to air he would have one question for whichever writer handed it to him, am I going over? If he wasn't he would apparently tear out the page and throw the rest of the script on the floor before walking away.


8 Sweetheart: Broke Character To Comfort A Child

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If this entry doesn't leave you thinking that Triple H is a sweetheart then nothing will. Back in January 2015, The Game was sat ringside for a Raw main event featuring John Cena up against Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show. It was at the height of The Authority's reign and The King of Kings was making sure that his three men got the job done. Well at one point WWE's COO got a little too animated, and a young boy sat in the front row began to cry. Triple H immediately broke character and leaned in to give the child a hug while whispering something in his ear. Breaking character is not something you'll see from wrestlers often, especially in such a blatant fashion, but it certainly painted Triple H as a genuine good guy in this situation.

7 Jerk: Poking Fun At RVD's Drug Use

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There were a lot of things WWE didn't like about Rob Van Dam during the mid 2000s. Despite all those things however Vince McMahon had no other choice than to make the former ECW star one of his top guys due to how popular he had become with the crowd. Like so many others on this list, Triple H didn't take too kindly to the company's attempts to boost RVD to the same level as himself, so decided to use under handed tactics to change that. The Cerebral Assassin would once again take aspects of a Superstar's private life in an attempt to sully their name on screen and halt their progress. In RVD's instance it was his use of marijuana, citing that Rob probably had the munchies during a promo. Rob would respond to Hunter by asking him if they were friends, because he didn't think so and thus wasn't in a position to be making jokes like that.


5 Sweetheart: Took The Heat For The Kliq

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Driving his friends in The Kliq around, as was mentioned in an earlier entry, is not all Triple H did for his buddies back in the '90s. He also made a much bigger sacrifice. The night before fellow Kliq members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left WWE for WCW, all the members of The Kliq, minus Waltman who was in rehab at the time, joined each other in the ring to say good bye to each other which would became known as the infamous curtain call. The Superstars were not friends on screen so by fans, wrestlers, and most importantly the office it was seen as a big no no. With Nash and Hall leaving and Shawn Michaels being the number one guy in the company, WWE had limited options on who they could punish. In fact Triple H was the only one they could punish, so for months afterwards The Game took all the heat for an act committed by him and his three closest friends.

4 Jerk: Body Shaming Chris Masters

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Of all the needless digs Triple H has made towards other Superstars over the years, this one may very well be the worst. Ex WWE Superstar Chris Masters admitted to having an addiction to painkillers while working with the company, so checked himself into rehab to recover, pretty admirable. When he did recover and returned, Chris had understandably lost a fair bit of weight. Backstage Triple H apparently over heard Masters talking to someone about releasing a nutrition book, to which The Game allegedly chipped in 'what will it be called, how to lose 50 pounds in 60 days?'. A pretty heartless thing to say considering the circumstances, and probably a comment that will have really affected Masters at the time despite Triple H probably thinking it was merely a throw away line.


2 Sweetheart: When He's With His Children

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I can't imagine that the instance involving the young boy at ring side would have happened under the watchful gaze of a Triple H of old. There's no question that something has softened up The King of Kings in recent years, and that's the birth of his three children. He and Stephanie McMahon have three girls together and it's hard to imagine that Hunter is as much of a jerk around them as he has been in some of the other entries on this list. In fact during an interview, Triple H's father in law Vince McMahon commented on how different a person The Game is during his home life, saying that his three daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers.


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