10 Ugliest Men And Women In Wrestling History

Pro wrestling is not just for the aesthetically gifted. There is ample evidence to support this. In fact, arguably some of the most grotesque looking figures in the history of pop culture have come from the world of wrestling.

While it's less common place today, ugly wrestlers used to be a genre of sports entertainer. The "uggos", as Breezango would refer to them as, would always be the bad guys of course, getting booed in arenas the world over. Often these were the wrestlers portrayed to be human versions of monsters that the babyfaced heroes would have to overcome.

In many cases, the wrestlers who made this list are, or were, tremendously overweight. "Fat guy" wrestlers are definitely a genre of Superstars that has been phased out. WWE, and other organizations, seem much more hesitant nowadays to hire overweight wrestlers, partially because modern day matches require far more athleticism than in previous eras.

Out of all the hard-to-look at wrestlers that have ever stepped inside the squared circle, here are ten of the ugliest men, and ten of the ugliest women.

19 Trevor Murdoch

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When Trevor Murdoch showed up on WWE programming in 2005, his appearance stuck out like a sore thumb. This was during a period in WWE dominated by big muscled wrestlers like John Cena and Batista.

Murdoch walked into that era of WWE, and caused many fans to look at him and wonder "who let that guy in here?". He chewed tobacco, tucked his belly into his tights and always had a facial expression that seemed to imply he wasn't impressed with anything. While he wasn't exactly your typical wrestler for the time, he had a gritty and raw style to him that many fans enjoyed. While his run in WWE would only last three years, he would win the Tag Team Championships three-times, along with his partner, Lance Cade.

18 Luna Vachon

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Luna Vachon kind of looked like what would happen if a stripper had a baby with a gremlin. Her deep and terrifying voice didn't help things much either.

Vachon spent 22 years working in the wrestling business. She started in 1985 as a 23 year old. Luna began her career as a soft-spoken, reporter for Florida Championship Wrestling. During a segment, Kevin Sullivan slapped her, causing her to go mad. She joined Sullivan's Army of Darkness faction, and adopted the persona of Luna Vachon.

Luna she would wrestle all over the world. She spent time in the WWE, WCW and ECW. She would marry fellow wrestler, David Heath, who WWE fans will remember as Gangrel. The couple would divorce in 2006. Sadly, Luna died of a drug overdose in 2010. She was 48.

17 Gene Snitsky

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Eugene Alan Snitsky is better known to wrestling fans as Gene Snitsky. He didn't have much of a gimmick, he was just a big ugly man.

Snitsky would debut in WWE with a bang. In 2004 he made his debut on Raw in a single's match against Kane. He would hit Kane with a steel chair during the bout, causing Kane to fall onto Lita. In storyline, Lita was pregnant with Kane's child at the time. It was later revealed that the fall caused Lita to lose her baby. Snitsky would vehemently explain later that this "wasn't his fault!".

His WWE career would only last 4 years however. He got lost in the shuffle, eventually switched to the ECW brand, and finally released on December 11th, 2008. He briefly appeared for TNA in 2014, but has mainly kept to smaller shows on the independent level since leaving WWE.

16 Bull Nakano

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Bull Nakano wrestled the majority of her career for All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling. The promotion was a big hit in the 80s, and was an influence on a young Sasha Banks, who enjoyed watching the product as a child.

Nakano would then move to North America in the 90s, where she would make stops in both WWE and WCW. At first Nakano was brought into Vince McMahon's company to be the heel opposite Alundra Blayze. WWE hadn't really pushed female performers since Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper were big stars for the company, but Vince felt they had something in Blayze. The crowd didn't really react to her however. In 1996, WCW tried to market Alundra Blayze as well, this time under the her previous ring name of Madusa. WCW would also bring in Bull Nakano to be a heel opposite her and again it didn't work.

15 Giant Gonzalez

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Giant Gonzalez was a tall man, but a handsome man he was not. Real name Jorge Gonzalez, he was born on January 31st 1966, in El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina. He suffered from gigantism and was six feet four inches by the time he was 14 years old.

Naturally somebody decided that he should play for the Argentinian basketball team for several tournaments in the mid to late 80s. It was there that he caught the attention of some NBA scouts. His NBA career fizzled due to injuries, but WCW signed him up and renamed him El Gigante. He would feud with Sid Vicious, the One Man Gang and Ric Flair.

WWE signed him in 1993, where he would be defeated by The Undertaker at WrestleMania IX. Sadly, health issues would end his life prematurely. He died in 2010 at the age of 44.

14 Bertha Faye

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Don't tell Harvey Wippleman that Bertha Faye made this list, he'd be upset his one true love could ever be described in such a poor light.

In 1995, Rhonda Singh became known as Bertha Faye, something of an "anti-diva". She would be the second monster heel WWE would bring in to feud with Alundra Blayze, though her gimmick was significantly more comedic than Bull Nakano's was. Faye would be paired with Harvey Wippleman, her storyline boyfriend. Wippleman would later state that the two of them didn't particularly enjoy working with each other.

She grew (figuratively and literally) frustrated with WWE's payment system at the time, which was somewhat erratic, and didn't involve guaranteed contracts. She asked for her release in 1996. Faye died of a heart attack in 2001.

13 Necro Butcher

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43 year old Necro Butcher is now retired, but he certainly left an imprint on the world of hardcore wrestling. Butcher came around just after ECW folded, and sort of missed the boat on the hardcore craze of the late 90s. For those that stuck around in the genre however, Necro Butcher made himself a legend. His was a style of pro wrestling, where it paid to to be ugly.

He would compete for 14 years in Combat Zone Wrestling, and was also a mainstay for Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the rather bizarre promotion run by the Insane Clown Posse. He even won the promotion's World Heavyweight Championship once, and the Tag Titles, along with Mad Man Pondo, twice. Butcher won the fourth ever CZW Tournament of Death, the company's Ultraviolent Underground Championship once, and the Tag Titles along with Toby Klein on one occasion as well. To sum up, he did all of that while being ugly as hell.

12 Mt. Fuji

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Emily Dole wrestled as Mt. Fuji for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in the mid-80s. Her appearance wasn't quite the norm for the organization, but the gorgeous ladies needed someone to feud with.

Billed as a 350lbs monster from American Samoa, Mt. Fuji never lost a match in GLOW, and it was a big deal if anyone was able to get her off her feet even. She would run into one of her biggest nemesis during the show's forth season, an opponent who might just be named later on in this article.

The Dole family were involved in a bizarre and unfortunate incident in 1989. The LA Sheriff's department busted into the Dole's family home during a bridal shower, and proceeded to beat 34 members of the family while a neighbor filmed the incident. The Dole family successfully sued the department to the tune of $23 million.

11 George "The Animal" Steele

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Sadly, the world lost George "the Animal" Steele earlier this year. The 79 year old died of kidney failure in February.

Despite being a well-educated man, his ratio of back hair to head hair made him an interesting figure in the world of pro wrestling. Steele's early career in the WWWF, the precursor to the WWF (and eventually WWE), was as a heel. His wild man antics were taken more seriously at the time, as opposed to the babyface comedic wild man he would play in his later career. By the 1980s wrestling boom, George was a popular babyface. He'd tear apart the turnbuckles, stick out his green tongue, and generally cause havoc.

In 1988, George would retire due to diverticulitis. He'd retire from the business altogether in the late 1990s.

10 Jessicka Havok

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31 year old Jessica Cricks wrestles under the name Jessicka Havok. Billed at over 250lbs and six feet tall, Havok has played the role of the monster heel for most of her wrestling career. She has wrestled for Shine, Shimmer, and Women Superstars Uncensored, Havok has also put in some work for the infamous hardcore promotion, Combat Zone Wrestling. She spent a couple of years bouncing around TNA, even winning the promotion's Knockout Championship on one occasion.

She was involved in a bit of a scandal in 2015 while attending a WWE tryout. Fans discovered years old tweets by Havok that contained potentially racist and homophobic slurs. WWE opted not to sign her after her tryout, though it's unclear if this was due to the offensive social media posts.

9 The Missing Link

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Byron James John Robertson is the full birth name of the wrestler better known as "The Missing Link". With hair that looked as though it had been glued on in patches, and a green and blue painted face, The Missing Link was a unique character in the National Wrestling Alliance for decades. The character even popped into Vince McMahon Jr.'s WWF for a period.

The idea of course, was that the Missing Link character was the link between humans and our more primal relatives in the ape family. Much like George "The Animal" Steele, the Missing Link was a crazy wild man.

He released an autobiography in 2006, regarding his life in the pro wrestling business. Robertson admitted to taking steroids, and abusing alcohol and drugs. He died of lung cancer in 2007.

8 Jazz

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Jazz was, and is, a great wrestler. A supermodel she is not however.

She began her career in the late 90s, and almost immediately began getting booked in ECW. Jazz has said that watching Jacqueline Moore perform is what inspired her to go into wrestling. She wrestled men while in ECW, but left the promotion for WWE just before ECW shut down. Jazz would spent a few more months in developmental before being brought up to the main roster. Once there she became a two time WWE Women's Champion.

She currently wrestles with Women Superstars Uncensored, where she has been since 2007. The promotion inducted her into their Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2016, Jazz added another title to her resume. She defeated Amber O'Neal for the NWA Women's World Championship.

7 Abdullah the Butcher

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Somebody like Abdullah the Butcher wouldn't get a chance in today's wrestling business. He'd be considered too overweight, too immobile, and unable to have a wrestling match. Yet Abdullah the Butcher had a legendary career.

All he ever really did was pull a fork out of his tights and hit people with it. He also bled a lot. Abdullah was a brawler, and he didn't have to do any more than he did do. Fans came to see him, and they didn't care that didn't mean seeing him do a springboard moonsault or a super kick.

From Puerto Rico, Texas, Japan and Canada, Abdullah won titles wherever he went. Fans would always pay to see the bad man from the Sudan. Now 76, he makes his home in the Atlanta area.

6 Vickie Guerrero

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Vickie Guerrero is one of those characters wrestling fans sometimes don't appreciate while they're around. The widow of Eddie Guerrero, Vickie first appeared on WWE programming during a 2005 feud between Eddie and Rey Mysterio, which also involved Rey's son Dominic.

Eddie's death in 2005 hit many in the wrestling community hard. Vickie began making more frequent appearances with the company several months later as part of a storyline between Chavo and Mysterio. Eventually WWE noticed that Vickie had a real talent for performing. From there Vickie would become GM of SmackDown, enter a relationship with Edge, and be involved in several other storylines.

In 2014, she would leave WWE to spend more time with her family. On her last episode as a full-time character, she lost to Stephanie McMahon in a "Pudding Match" but ended up getting the last laugh by throwing Stephanie into the pool of mud.

5 The Great Khali

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The Great Khali is a giant, and he's a giant star in India. While he may have once gone by the name the "Punjabi Playboy", Khali isn't exactly someone with aesthetically pleasing looks.  Khali's size is most likely related to a tumor he had removed from his pituitary gland in 2012. This has been the case for many giant wrestlers over the years.

Khali is said to be a deeply religious Hindu, and meditates every day. The name "The Great Khali" is derived from the Hindu Goddess of eternal energy, Kali.

Real name Dalip Rana, he was discovered working as a security guard by the Punjab Police. They took one look at Khali and knew he would have something to offer their organization. While employed by the police, Khali began training as a wrestler. After spending some time in Japan, WWE signed him in 2006.

4 Kharma/Awesome Kong

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After wrestling in various Japanese promotions for the early part of her career, Kharma signed with TNA in 2007, where she immediately made an impact as Awesome Kong. She won the Knockouts Title and looked to be on her way to an unstoppable run. Unfortunately when Bubba The Love Sponge debuted for the company and promptly made some distasteful comments regarding international humanitarian efforts, Awesome Kong just couldn't let it go. After physically assaulting Bubba, she was suspended, and would later request her release from the company.

She would sign with WWE where she would perform until 2012, but she experienced some problems which would sidetrack her career there. In interviews she would give years later, she mentioned a miscarriage brought on depression and weight gain for her, leading to a mutual decision between her and the company to part ways. She currently wrestles on the independents and in Japan, along with a spot on the Netflix GLOW series. 

3 Big Bad Mama

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Lynn Braxton portrayed the character, Big Bad Mama, in seasons three and four of the popular Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion. She even parlayed her wrestling career into a fairly memorable cameo on the once-popular, Married with Children sitcom.

Her character was that of a large Louisiana voodoo woman. Unlike Papa Shango however, Big Bad Mama usually just gave her opponents a big splash as opposed to using black magic. As with many of the performers in the GLOW series, once the series ended after four seasons, there weren't many other places to apply their craft. Most of the women who had been chosen for the series had been actresses, stunt women or showroom dancers, and simply went back to their old trades.

For Braxton, she left wrestling and became an auto-mechanic. She died of cancer in 2013. Braxton was 61 years old.

2 Bastion Booger

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Mike Shaw was the name of the performer who wrestling fans will know as Bastion Booger. WCW fans will better remember him by the name of Norman the Lunatic however, while fans of Calgary's Stampede Wrestling best know Shaw as Makhan Singh.

No matter the name of the character he was playing, Mike Shaw was always made up to be at his ugliest best.

In Calgary, Shaw, as Makhan Singh, would be a main event star. He was a member of the Karachi Vice stable and feuded with the likes of Owen Hart. In WCW, he was a loveable comedic lunatic. In WWE, the Bastion Booger character was simply a grotesque eating machine. His most notable feud while with WWE was against Bam Bam Bigelow, after Booger fell in love with Bigelow's valet, Luna Vachon.

1 Nicole Bass

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The world lost Nicole Bass this year. She was found unconscious by her girlfriend, Kristen Marrone, in February and taken to hospital. She never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead on February 17th. Bass was only 52 years old.

Nicole competed as a bodybuilder for 12 years before Paul Heyman and ECW brought her to the company in 1998. She was originally a bodyguard for Justin Credible, but after only a year with the promotion WWE came calling.

Her tenure in WWE was short however, as she would leave the company and file a lawsuit against them alleging sexual harassment. Her suit would go to court in 2003, but was ultimately thrown out. After WWE, Bass would make appearances on the Howard Stern Show and for independent promotions up until her untimely death.

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