10 Women WWE Should Use In This Summer's Tournament And 10 They Should Avoid

WWE are all about making history right now and following on from a successful Cruiserweight Classic that has now seen many Cruiserweights now become integrated into Monday Night Raw.

WWE then began 205 Live, which has become quite a popular Tuesday night show. WWE then decided to make more history at the beginning of this year when they announced the first ever WWE UK Championship Tournament which saw Tyler Bate become the first ever champion.

Those stars have since gone on to become integrated into NXT and made their 205 Live debuts this week too. WWE have recently announced that they will continue their history-making path in the summer when they will present the first ever 32-Woman Global Tournament live on the WWE Network.

Women from all over the world are expected to compete in the Tournament and it could well see the returns of some WWE female wrestlers from the past few years as well.

This will further continue what has been an incredible few years for Women's Wresting and bring more women into the spotlight moving forward. It could also see WWE sign more women to their NXT brand, which is currently fluctuating and could continue to do so when Asuka is moved up to the main roster very soon.

20 Shouldn't: Eva Marie

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Eva Marie has been a part of WWE programming now for the past four years. She is not well liked by the WWE Universe and she hasn't been seen on the SmackDown brand since she was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy back in the Summer of 2016.

There have been many reports that Eva and WWE have decided to part ways, but there has been no official confirmation from either party about a release. It seems highly likely that WWE will have Eva Marie training in the background again for the next few months and then have her as a surprise entrant. The tournament will focus on pure wrestling rather than gimmicks much like the Cruiserweight Classic did and Eva Marie will show just how sloppy she is in the ring. It would be a bad idea to include her and hopefully, WWE is aware of this.

19 Should: Summer Rae

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Summer Rae has been missing from WWE TV now for almost a year, she was out with an injury, to begin with before the draft and Mick Foley's comments about her not being good enough. With recent sensitive material being leaked concerning Summer, this could be the best way to bring her back to the company.

Summer is a talented wrestler, but when she was brought in as Fandango's dance partner, the gimmick overshadowed her ability. When she was in NXT she proved she was at the same level as many of the other females who have since been promoted and this could be WWE's chance to bring her back under a new gimmick with a new attitude to prove that she really is capable of being one of the top women in the company.

18 Shouldn't: Bayley

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Bayley is the Raw Women's Champion, even if she isn't Champion by the time the tournament comes around, she shouldn't be added to it. Bayley is one of the women who has climbed her way through the ranks in WWE and helped to create the Women's Revolution, adding her to the tournament would be a step backwards.

Given that Bayley has already won the biggest prize in WWE for a woman, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for her to be fighting other women for another championship, because if she loses, what does that mean for the person who manages to defeat a former champion? Would that ruin the credibility of the Women's Championship? It's a grey area, and definitely, not one worth exploiting for a Network based tournament.

17 Should: Kay Lee Ray

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The WWE Universe got a sneak peak at Kay Lee Ray a few months ago when she was on an episode of NXT facing Nia Jax. Kay Lee is one of the best female wrestlers to come out of the United Kingdom for a long time and a tournament like this that focus's more on wrestling that promo ability would be an incredible opportunity for her.

Kay Lee has accomplished it all, all over the world and WWE will be well aware of what she is capable of having already seen her compete first hand. She had previously competed as part of TNA British Bootcamp and had once of the matches of the entire tournament against Gail Kim. There are not many women in the world who can wrestle the way Kay Lee Ray can and WWE would be stupid to pass up the opportunity of using her.

16 Shouldn't: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks, much like Bayley was one of the women who began what has been an incredible year of Women's wrestling. There has been a genuine revolution and a power switch thanks to women like Sasha Banks and involving her in a tournament of this kind could well be a step back.

I feel Sasha would be better used as a commentator or another small part of the show where she can then scout out her competition. After all, Sasha is still considered to be one of the most popular female wrestlers at the moment and if her rumoured heel turn has happened by the time the show airs, then it would be fantastic to see Sasha out there scouting the women who could be joining the main roster after the event is over.

15 Should: Nixon Newell

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The Welsh Woman with the Shinest Wizard, Nixon Newell is already reported to have signed a contract with WWE and could now be preparing for her debut in this competition already. Nixon along with Kay Lee Ray are thought to be the two best female wrestlers to come out of the UK in a very long time.

Nixon has an incredible style of wrestling which shows off her risk-taking style. It will be interesting to see how much WWE waters down her wrestling to fit in more with the way their product should look. Nixon could be the dark horse of this entire tournament if WWE allows her to be part of it, and a showdown with Kay Lee Ray would definitely be a match that would steal the show.

14 Shouldn't: Asuka

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Asuka is currently the longest reigning Champion in NXT history after holding the Women's Championship for more than a year, and she is also undefeated during her run with the brand.

Asuka has nothing left to prove. There could well be some incredible women from Japan coming into the tournament, but that doesn't mean that Asuka should drop down to face them. She has already proved that she is the Empress of Tomorrow and much like many other women who were already mentioned, Asuka should stand her ground on the main roster. She has no need to go and scout her competition. By the time this show airs on the Network, Asuka will already be dominating on the main roster anyway, so there will be no need for her to take part.

13 Should: Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan is still finding her feet in NXT and many of the WWE Universe see her as a copy of Carmella. Liv really needs to find herself and put some in-ring experience behind her and competing in a tournament like this would be one of the best career moves for her.

Liv is actually a talented wrestler, but until she has gained a little more experience, the WWE Universe will never see her was that much of a threat in the ring. So WWE can't push her to where she needs to be. Liv could shock some people if she was part of a tournament with many other talented wrestlers. It could finally allow her to step out of her comfort zone and show the WWE crowd what she is really capable of.

12 Shouldn't: Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion. She left WWE back in 2011 after many injury concerns arose, but she has recently resigned with WWE and many of the WWE Universe were worried that she would be making her re-debut at WrestleMania as part of the SmackDown Women's Championship match.

Kelly Kelly represents the old era of female wrestlers. This is not what WWE should be looking at anymore. The Women's Revolution was there to spark the end of what was a horrible division of female wrestlers and Kelly was one of the these. It is hard to imagine that after five years of her not wrestling she will be any different. So hopefully, WWE don't take the gamble. This tournament should be all about looking to the future, not digging up the past.

11 Should: Ruby Riot

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Heidi Lovelace made quite a name for herself in Chikara and Shine before she was signed to WWE a few years ago. She was given the ring name Ruby Riot and even though she has only made two appearances, she has shown that she is not a woman to be messed with.

Ruby has opened up a rivalry with Sanity's Nikki Storm and even though the duo were part of the match at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, their parts of the match were the most underwhelming. Ruby isn't a bad wrestler, though. This could have bene due to the fact that this was her first NXT match. Or it could have been the level that she was at. Either way, if Ruby was part of a tournament like this, it would allow her to climb back up that ladder and show fans what she's really capable of.

10 10: Shouldn't: Eve Torres

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Eve Torres is another female wrestler that WWE has recently resigned as some kind of ambassador. Much like Kelly Kelly, Eve also represents a crop of Women's wrestlers and a period of Women's wrestling that the company would rather forget. Eve is also remembered as the final winner of the WWE Diva Search, a competition that hired women to be wrestlers based on looks alone.

Eve was never a stand out star in WWE and her departure didn't even leave that much of a gap, so there is no reason why WWE would want to bring her back and allow her to compete after years of inactivity. Eve should remain as an ambassador in WWE and not try to step back in the ring because WWE has moved forward over the past few years and she has been left behind.

9 Should: Thea Trinidad

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Thea Trinidad has made a name for herself in TNA over the past few year after debuting in the company as Rosita at just 20-years-old. Thea then went on to make appearances in Ring of Honor where she would manage her current fiance and WWE Superstar Austin Aries.

Thea was trained by former Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins and recently had a match on NXT with Women's Champion Asuka. And even though she didn't win the match, she put on a decent performance for the live crowd. Add that to the fact that WWE recently used Thea to play AJ Lee in the upcoming film about Paige's life, and it is almost a certainty that Thea will be back and that WWE will be using her for the tournament and perhaps other projects afterwards.

8 Shouldn't: Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross has been absolutely incredible in NXT since she made her debut with the other three members of Sanity and she plays the crazy role so well. She's another woman who is representing the UK in WWE, and she's doing a great job. When she has Sanity by her side she looks like she could defeat anyone.

If WWE took her out of NXT and put her into a Women's only tournament, it could well allow fans to see the woman behind the gimmick and that would hinder Nikki much more than help her. Right now she is in a great position on the NXT roster, she doesn't need to be added to the tournament. Her place could go to another woman who the competition would make a huge difference to.

7 Should: Rachael Ellering

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Rachael Ellering is a second generation wrestler and she has already had a brief spell in NXT, which means that WWE could well already have her on their radar when it comes to the tournament in a few months time, in the summer.

Rachael is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer and current mentor of The Authors of Pain Paul Ellering. She has already made a name for herself on the Independent Circuit and should definitely be someone that WWE will be looking at here. Especially considering the fact that her father is already part of the WWE roster and this could leave them with an incredible amount of creative ideas, much like Ric Flair and Charlotte, if they did decide to sign her to WWE following the tournament.

6 Shouldn't: Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky has been rumoured to have joined WWE for a long time now since her lengthy career with TNA ended. These rumours have now picked up pace. Velvet was a big star in TNA and one that WWE would think to bring in for a tournament like this.

It just feels as though Velvet is the wrong fit for WWE's Women's Division at this point. Everything from her ring attire to her ring entrance shows that she is a fan of the sexualization of the women in wrestling and that is a reputation the women in WWE are looking to get past now. It seems that bringing someone like Velvet into the company right now would definitely be a step backwards, regardless of how many people want to see her switch brands.

5 Should: Candice LeRae

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Candice LeRae is considered to be one of the best female wrestlers on the Independent Circuit right now. Alongside Joey Ryan she has been part of some of the most memorable wrestling matches of the past few years. She has been part of PWG for more than ten years and would bring something completely different to WWE.

Many of the WWE Universe are convinced that Candice would never go to WWE because the company are not fans of her risk-taking, fearless style that includes matches with men and weapons that most of the time are considered violent and quite hard to watch. Candice recently married current NXT star Johnny Gargano, which means that there has to be some kind of link to get her into the tournament that way.

4 4: Shouldn't: Kharma

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There have been rumours that WWE could want to bring in a powerhouse style woman to give the competition a little bit more variety. Nia Jax is doing some great things right now on the Raw roster and it is thought that WWE may want to try to recreate this in the tournament as a way to build another big female star.

Kharma has been one of the names that many of the WWE Universe think could make her WWE return as part of the show. But given the way she was treated by the company during her first run, it would be highly unlikely for Kharma to decide to return at all. Kharma went through a lot of personal problems after she left WWE for the first time and thanks to this it is thought that Kharma would decide against a return if asked.

3 Should: Io Shirai

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Io Shirai is considered by many wrestling fans to be the best female wrestler in Japan and given that recent reports have suggested that she has given her notice to World Wonder Ring Stardom in her native country, it seems that the rumour mill has already begun churning with the thought that Io could be heading to WWE.

Io has already got links with WWE. She is the former teammate of NXT Women's Champion Asuka. Io has made a name for herself in Mexico as well after wrestling for promotions like AAA and CMLL and given the fact that she has already stated that she is leaving her current promotion in order to join WWE, she is already a favourite amongst many fans to win the competition and then join WWE permanently.

2 Shouldn't: Leva Bates

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Leva Bates has already made a name for herself in NXT as Blue Pants. The NXT Universe loved Leva for a few months before she was released from her WWE contract. Leva was given a unique contract, to begin with because she was able to continue to sell merchandise and appear for other promotions despite being signed to WWE.

It is thought that Leva won't be given the same deal again, because of the issues it caused behind the scenes with many WWE stars. Leva was a talented star, but given the number of female wrestlers WWE could well be bringing in for a tournament of 32-women, Leva could well be one of the women that the company decides to overlook on this occasion since they have already seen her wrestle when she was in NXT.

1 Should: Paige

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Paige has been away from WWE TV for the past few months after she was suspended by the company twice for failing drug tests and has recently undergone neck surgery. Because of the recent problems in Paige's personal life, it is thought that WWE has decided to delay her return to the company by a few months.

This would be the perfect place for Paige to make her WWE return because it will be all about the wrestling. This way she can remind the WWE Universe why she was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion and why she was once considered to be the future of the WWE Women's Division. This would be the perfect place for Paige to start a clean slate and redefine her character for another lengthy run in the company.

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