10 Wrestlers Known To Be Rude Backstage (And 5 So Nice It’s Nauseating)

I know we are calling certain WWE Superstars "rude" but once you read through some of the descriptions here, you will recognize why they received that label. Whether a wrestler has a reputation for having an "attitude problem" backstage, or if they have a tendency to play unorthodox (or downright cruel) pranks on other wrestlers, it can lead them to a one-way ticket to the naughty list this holiday season.

On the other hand, there are wrestlers backstage who are universally liked by fans and their peers - sometimes people are just innately good and get along with everyone that they come into contact with. Sometimes these people are friendly to others, and other times they are respected by everyone else backstage because of their attitude and work ethic.

There cannot be a ying without a yang, which means there also cannot be good with out evil - so without further ado, here are 10 Wrestlers Known To Be Rude Backstage (5 Of The Nice Ones). The names you see on this list will feature both past and present wrestlers, as there have been jerks and sweethearts backstage throughout wrestling history. Some may surprise you on both sides of the equation, while there are some you can pretty much guess, based on how they come across in interviews and interactions with fans.

15 Rude: John Bradshaw Layfield

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The backstage world of professional wrestling is often described as a “frat house” where all the men act as if they were in a fraternity, constantly playing pranks on one another (referred to as “ribs”). While this is mainly used as a device to pass the time during long events and road trips, there are times when it often goes too far and leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, and borders on harassment. One of the most often referenced wrestlers in regards to hazing is former WWE Champion JBL, who took pride in how he treated many newcomers to WWE, including a well-known “prank” where he would sneak up on unsuspecting rookies in the shower naked and suggestively rub their backs.

In a more recent and well-documented scandal that broke earlier in 2017, former WWE announcer Justin Roberts unveiled the vast amount of bullying that he was subjected to by JBL, including being told to “kill himself” on multiple occasions. Considering JBL’s long-time status in the company, you would think that he would take pride in being considered a veteran, but instead he used his position to belittle newcomers, which did not make him a very popular person backstage.

14 Rude: Kevin Nash

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A lot has been written about Kevin Nash during his time in WCW, particularly how him and a select other members of the roster took it upon themselves to reign supreme at the top of the card during their tenure due to their influence on booking decisions and creative control clauses in their contracts. While there was arguably a place and time where Nash was a good draw for the company, his status began to slip during WCW’s latter years and the right thing to do would have been to make room for new stars whom were beginning to carry favor with the crowd.

However, Nash was desperate to keep his spot at the top of the card, and publicly stated that he would not be seen jobbing to any “vanilla midgets” like Jericho or Guerrero, considering them to be too small to be considered as main-event level talent. While this may have received plenty of agreement from others in a similar position at the time he made the comment, the fact that WCW died a painful death while Nash was “on top” of the company and the aforementioned “vanilla midgets” became world champions and were extremely popular in WWE shows how wrong Nash was, and how much of a pariah he became backstage.

13 Nice: Daniel Bryan

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Everyone’s favorite vegan wrestler, Daniel Bryan is widely considered to be one of the nicest and genuine wrestlers that have ever worked for WWE before, according to many wrestlers backstage. This reputation has followed Bryan from his days on the independent circuit with promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor – while his wrestling style was very hard-hitting and no-nonsense, his demeanor backstage is very fun-loving and approachable. Bryan also prides himself in taking new wrestlers under his wing, which is evident with from any student that was taught under him at the ROH Wrestling Academy. Bryan has a deep love for professional wrestling, but is also a life-loving goofball who enjoys bringing fun backstage, and since the rigors of being a wrestler can be very demanding, it has made him a very popular figure backstage as a result.

12 Rude: Randy Orton

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I once has the “pleasure” of meeting Randy Orton before a WWE house-show in Hamilton, Ontario when I was a teenager – he passed by me in a mall hallway the morning before the show, and when I tried to respectfully approach him for an autograph, he smirked and walked away. I figured that this was because Randy was keeping up his bad-guy persona outside of the ring, but when you hear stories of his backstage demeanor, that's just his personality.

During Randy’s initial push into the main-event level, word is that he gained a large ego backstage which made him widely unpopular with many other wrestlers, particularly those that were new to the company. Randy would often take it upon himself to haze newcomers, including former Diva Search contestant Rochelle Loewen, whose personal belongings were vandalized by Orton by dumping lotion and sunscreen into her purse. Regardless of what exactly Orton left in the rookie’s baggage, it is evident that these actions have made him unpopular and untrustworthy backstage.

11 Rude: Brock Lesnar

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Following Lesnar’s return to WWE in 2012, he was labeled as a “part-timer” due to the limited dates he worked as a special attraction for WWE, routinely only turning up for short feuds on big events, and ultimately collecting a large pay-day for his work. While many are envious of Lesnar’s WWE schedule and wish that they had the same perks that he does, it has made him unpopular with other wrestlers backstage who consider Lesnar’s “eat, sleep, wrestle, leave” mentality to be disrespectful to other wrestlers on the roster.

Lesnar himself has been quoted on his lifestyle saying “It's very basic for me. When I go home, I don't buy into any of the B.S. Like I said, it's pretty basic: Train, sleep, family, fight. It's my life. I like it.”, making it clear that making friends with the other wrestlers is not a priority for him.

While this is surely efficient in nature for him, it has not made him many friends backstage, and many consider him to be very stand-offish when it comes to socializing with others. That being said – Mr. Lesnar, please do not eat me.

10 Nice: Seth Rollins

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One of my favorite picture segments that comes from WWE.com is their Most Popular Instagram Pictures that are posted on a weekly basis, as it gives some great insight in to how wrestlers interact with each other off camera. When reviewing these pictures week over week, do you know how is most often seen socializing and hanging out with other wrestlers either backstage or in the gym – Mr. Seth Rollins. Whether he is taking pictures with fellow cross-fit friends Finn Balor or Charlotte, or playing video games with Xavier Woods for Up, Up, Down, Down, Rollins is a regular Mr. Congeniality who enjoys hanging out with other wrestlers.

While his character on television has shown vile and disheartening tendencies, it seems that every other wrestler has nothing but good things to say about Rollins, which has ultimately served his career very well as everyone is willing to work with him.

9 Rude: Melina

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While there are many new wrestling fans who do not know who Melina is, there are long-time fans who know exactly why she is on this list. Despite being a multi-time Women’s and Diva’s Champion during her time in WWE, the only title that Melina currently holds is being difficult to work with. Claims from many former female wrestlers who worked with her, such as Maria Kanellis, Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly and Lita have been very candid about Melina’s attitude backstage during her time in WWE, which lead to her being ostracized from the locker room and forced to change in the hallway (something she has in common with others on this list), as well as facing “Wrestler’s Court” for her attitude and arrogance.

While Melina’s in-ring work made her very popular with fans during her tenure, we are hard-pressed to find many former colleagues who enjoyed working with her, which is why we have seen many other former female wrestlers make returns, but Melina has been absent from WWE since 2011 as she is considered to be a “heat magnet”.

8 Rude: Enzo Amore

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Did somebody say heat magnet? Look no further than the current reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion who made headlines with his backstage reputation, and not because everyone is lining up to buy him dinner. Enzo has not made many friends backstage during his time on the WWE main roster, as many refer to him as having an over-the-top personality, not unlike his character on television. Even JBL who has also made the rude list in this article is quoted as saying “No! No, I don’t like Enzo. He’s a fine guy, but… Again, the guy you see on Monday nights is that guy 24 hours a day. There’s no off switch. It rubs people the wrong way.”

Like we had mentioned earlier, the WWE locker room has a tendency to kick out members of the roster who are considered to be overstaying their welcome, which means that they are made to change outside instead of with the rest of the wrestlers, and Enzo received this treatment earlier in his career than others. Not only that, but Roman Reigns took the punishment a step further by kicking Enzo off a tour bus during a recent tour in Europe – if that doesn’t send a clear message about what everyone thinks of you, then I don’t know what will!

7 Nice: Bayley

Everyone’s favorite hugger is also a favorite of many other wrestlers backstage for one simple reason – Bayley is quite possibly the most genuine professional wrestler that has ever existed. Bayley’s character of a wide-eyed, doe-faced girl who lives and breathes wrestling is a true extension of herself, which she is not afraid of hiding. It is very evident how much of a fan of wrestling that Bayley is, which can be seen when she is in the ring or heard when she is a guest on a podcast, and she has taken the time to learn one of wrestling’s most cardinal lessons – respect is the most important thing.

Bayley has been respectful to veterans and other wrestlers alike since the day that she walked into the WWE Performance Center, which is why WWE legends Dusty Rhodes and Mick Foley have been so high on her from the beginning of her career, and why she received so much attention from Triple H during her time in NXT. Respect goes a long way in this business, and Bayley is a true representation of that.

6 Rude: Dynamite Kid

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Remember how I mentioned JBL’s proclivity for pulling pranks on new wrestlers during his time in WWE? Well, multiply his pranks by 1,000, and apply them to every wrestler backstage and you have what The Dynamite Kid was best known for during his time as an active professional wrestler. Pranks that range from being extra stiff while wrestling to some that could have proved life-threatening gave Dynamite a very unpopular reputation in all promotions he joined during his career. The most severe “prank” that Dynamite played during his time was his tendency to spike wrestlers' drinks with pills which caused them to become drowsy and fall asleep before driving on the road, which is not only stupid but extremely dangerous considering that wrestlers often go on long drives after shows.

While Dynamite is currently a paraplegic and no longer involved in the wrestling business, there are many that have little sympathy for him because of how he treated others backstage during his career.

5 Rude: The Miz

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The entry may be considering sacrilegious considering how far The Miz has come since his debut in WWE and how well his career has been going for the past couple of years, but his past is a cautionary tale that needs to be addressed considering the “record” that he holds as WWE’s biggest pariah in the locker room. During Miz’s debut on the main roster, he was unceremoniously kicked out of the locker room by other wrestlers because of his poor attitude (and for dirtying Chris Benoit’s bag by eating chicken over it by accident) and cocky demeanor coming from the reality television world. Miz’s reputation as a locker-room pariah was well documented, and is a cautionary tale for new wrestlers in the WWE to be on their best behavior, lest the get labeled like The Miz did.

Thankfully, The Miz has worked his way out of this reputation and has made a good name for himself in WWE and is well respected now, which has good prospects for his career. As long as he eats his chicken over a plate now, he will be fine!

4 Nice: Braun Strowman

Like I mentioned before, it is very interesting to view WWE.com’s posting on Instagram pictures because it gives a true picture of which wrestlers are popular among the group, and one of the most interesting relationships is between Braun Strowman and the rest of the roster. While it would be easy to paint Braun as an anti-social person because of how he is portrayed on WWE programming, it couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Strowman is often showing a completely different side of himself on social media by hanging out and having fun with many members of the roster, and he is especially happy to show off his goofy side, giving us a completely other side to himself than his character. Good for Strowman for ingratiating himself with the rest of the wrestlers, as his career may look very different if he had not taken the time to do so.

3 Rude: Sable

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Sable (or known now as Mrs. Brock Lesnar) was a former wrestler for WWE, and was one time considered one of their biggest and most popular draws, with her popularity even transcending professional wrestling and getting her multiple pictorial spreads in PlayBoy in the late 90s. While this was good for the wrestling business, it was not good for Sable’s ego as she reportedly became very difficult to work with and as a result was very unpopular amongst the rest of the wrestlers. Sable apparently considered herself to be fully responsible for the high ratings that RAW is WAR was receiving, and gave little credit to other performers.

Additionally, Sable also took the term “diva” to a whole new level, and had it written into her contract that she did not have to “bump” or get taken down to the mat during matches like other wrestlers. All of these qualities combined made Sable wildly (no pun intended) backstage, which is why we do not see many wrestlers or fans clamoring for her return to wrestling.

2 Rude: John Cena

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Here we go - Cena makes another negative list. What is this, 2010? Whether or not it is trendy, there is no denying that Cena’s presence backstage during WWE shows has been given a lot of attention, especially in regards to how it makes the other wrestlers feel. During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin Show, Dean Ambrose revealed that Cena spends most of his time on his private tour bus instead of backstage with the rest of the wrestlers, which has served to distance him from everyone else.

Cena has always been considered to be treated differently from the rest of the roster due to his poster-boy status, but if it is true that he does not spend time with other members of the roster then he deserves the animosity from the other wrestlers.

1 Nice: Finn Balor

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It appears that Balor is very OVER with the other wrestlers backstage - since entering NXT in 2015, Balor has consistently been at the top of the list for one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE due to his dedication to the craft. Not only this, but Balor is a very fun-loving person who enjoys hanging out and being silly with the rest of the roster. Need some proof? Have you ever seen Bayley and Balor dance to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack mid-ring before?

I have - check it out here! Balor's ability to not only turn-it-up in the ring, but also to have fun outside of it has made him very popular among all of the other wrestlers. If only he was as popular with backstage officials.

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