10 Wrestlers On The Roster Vince Is Down On And 10 On His Good Side

No matter what a WWE Superstar does in the ring, or how popular they manage to get themselves with the WWE Universe, the only thing that really matters is how Vince McMahon feels about them. If the WWE Chairman is behind a gimmick and a Superstar then you can guarantee that they will be booked strongly and will appear on TV weekly, even being given a storyline on the roster, which is why everyone is always trying to make him happy. On the other hand, if Vince McMahon is down on a talent, on the other hand, you can expect them to not be featured in the slightest, with WWE having no problem simply dropping a talent from TV on a weekly basis.

There is no magic formula to impress Vince, with the Chairman often being known for enjoying different styles, personalities, and promos but if someone is able to get over and grab the imaginary brass ring and make him money, then you can expect him to be a fan. Following the TLC PPV, Vince and co. promised fans that they would start getting more of what they want, which may mean he'll come to embrace certain stars that he may have been low on before. He may also sour on some of his personal favorites if he sees the crowd isn't embracing him/her.

Within this article, we will be taking a look at 10 WWE Superstars on the current roster who Vince McMahon is currently down on, as well as 10 talents that are currently on Vince's good side.

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20 Down On: The Club

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Two wrestlers that Vince McMahon is certainly down on right now are Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The experienced tag team came to WWE with tons of fanfare and whilst they have had their moments, they haven't been able to keep that momentum going.

Whilst they were a major team in New Japan Pro Wrestling, it seems like Vince doesn't see the same thing that other people have done in the Good Brothers, with the duo now struggling to even get booked on SmackDown. The team makes very rare appearances on the show now which has sparked rumors that they will be heading to join AEW in the near future when they are able to because Vince is down on them and has no plans to push them anytime soon.

19 Good Side: Baron Corbin

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The WWE Universe hates Baron Corbin and that is one of the main reasons that Vince McMahon is so high on him as he is able to garner genuine heel heat, something that a large portion of the roster struggles with. Corbin has always been given plenty to work with since he was put on the main roster and the end of 2018 saw him gain the most responsibility he has ever had with his Acting General Manager gimmick on Monday Night Raw.

Corbin was on three or more segments every single week which was a clear sign that Vince was pleased with his work and even though he has lost that job on screen, Corbin has remained on his good side.

18 Down On: Tye Dillinger

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WWE might create some huge names in NXT that seem destined for big things, but the reality is when those talents make it to the main roster it is up to Vince McMahon whether or not they become big stars. In some cases such as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, they are immediately made big names, in others it takes time and for some, it's clear right from the start that they are not going to make it and that is the case with Tye Dillinger.

The Perfect 10 seemed like he was going to be a big star on the main roster as he has all of the tools to do that, but Vince clearly doesn't see anything other than a low mid-card talent in Dillinger, at best.

17 Good Side: The Miz

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Anytime a WWE Superstar is placed into a storyline with a member of the McMahon family you can be sure that they are on Vince McMahon's good side and that is the case with The Miz right now who is in a tag team with Shane McMahon. Miz has always been a favorite of Vince's because he is fantastic on the microphone and is a true company man, often being sent out to do press and meet and greets, always remaining loyal to the company.

Nowadays, with WWE pushing Miz even more outside of WWE with his own reality series and several movies under his belt, it's clear Vince sees him as one of his top stars and that is why he was rewarded with a major five-year deal recently.

16 Down On: Dolph Ziggler

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Vince McMahon has never really appeared to be a big fan of Dolph Ziggler throughout his entire career, which is why he has never been pushed as a strong main event talent, despite how good he actually is and how strong his fan base is. Ziggler has always had a few solid runs in the company, only for the rug to be pulled from underneath his feet every single time. Right now he is not even being put on television regularly and with Ziggler apparently turning down a producer role within the company, Vince isn't likely to push him again.

It seems as if Ziggler's time with WWE might be coming to an end when his contract expires and Vince isn't going to lose any sleep over it, as he doesn't have any immediate plans for him.

15 Good Side: Becky Lynch

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Right now Becky Lynch is on everyone's good side as she is the talk of the wrestling industry and is one of the biggest superstars in the entire company right now, regardless of gender, which is something that Vince is never going to complain about. The Man has positioned herself as the top star in the women's division and for the first time in wrestling history WWE has a genuine star that could main event WrestleMania which is something that Vince has been working towards.

Every time she appears, the fans go crazy and each week Lynch does something to ensure that the wrestling world is talking about her. WWE needs a brand new major star and Becky Lynch could be just that, which is why she is firmly on Vince's good side.

14 Down On: Shinsuke Nakamura

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When wrestlers aren't able to cut convincing promos it often becomes a major issue for Vince as he can't book them in the normal manner he would want to because the wrestlers struggle to connect with fans with simply promos. Even though Nakamura was booked strongly when he first arrived on the main roster, Vince quickly soured on him following his poorly received match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34 and a disappointing run with the United States Championship didn't help.

It now seems that Vince has totally given up on Nakamura and it's unlikely that the King Of Strong Style is going to receive any more pushes on the main roster, simply just being there to fill the numbers.

13 Good Side: Andrade "Cien" Almas

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Many people had thought that the former NXT Champion, Andrade "Cien" Almas was someone who Vince McMahon didn't like because he wasn't pushed immediately, but it has been reported that he is actually a big fan of his work. While it seems he has now changed his name to just Andrade, this is a clear sign that he is going to be getting a push soon as he has been given plenty of time on SmackDown to showcase his abilities against big names such as Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio.

There have even been reports that Andrade could be set to win the Royal Rumble and even though that may not happen, he does seem to set for a major push moving forwards as he continues to impress Vince with his work.

12 Down On: Braun Strowman

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Even though Braun Strowman has been given huge pushes during his time in WWE, he might not be in the WWE Chairman's good books right now which hasn't been helped by the fact he was pulled from the Royal Rumble title match due to injury. Strowman might have the perfect look that Vince considers to be a top star, but he has apparently been causing issues backstage by not following backstage unwritten rules such as sticking around until the main event and other things that have seen him lose the respect of his peers.

Vince might not get directly involved in those issues but he does keep his eye on them and he will certainly have noticed the issues, which is why Braun is no longer the top figure on Monday Night Raw right now.

11 Good Side: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is one of the very few men with legitimate power backstage to make things change. Bryan returned to WWE and only wanted to work limited dates and he was allowed, he refused to perform at Crown Jewel and was allowed, why? It could only be because Vince McMahon respects him. Vince pushed to make Bryan be the man that ended AJ Styles's incredible WWE Championship reign and he has since been pushed incredibly strongly with Bryan doing some of the best work of his career.

There are very few wrestlers that Vince will not allow to have merchandise, even when they're heels because there is money to be made. Chris Jericho was one of them and now Bryan is another, showing yet again how much trust and respect Vince has for him.

10 Down On: SAnitY

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Much like Tye Dillinger and several other former NXT Superstars, SAnitY is a group of talents who managed to have tons of success in WWE's developmental show but have failed to become stars on the main roster. It's quite surprising that Vince hasn't taken to SAnitY as the group is totally unique and has three different wrestlers with styles that offer plenty to the roster, but WWE hasn't even given them a chance to prove themselves on SmackDown.

WWE has insisted on pushing the same three teams on the blue brand with The Usos, The Bar, and The New Day all being given plenty of time, whilst SAnitY waits in the wings hoping that Vince will one day provide an opportunity to them.

9 Good Side: Drake Maverick

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While WWE has decided to keep Drake Maverick out of the ring, even though he is a talented wrestler, he has proven his loyalty to the company, doing everything that has been asked of him, including peeing his pants on PPV. Vince appreciates anyone who is willing to commit fully to a gimmick and give everything to the company and that's exactly what Maverick has done, performing on various shows each week and doing a fantastic job hyping up 205 Live on social media.

There is a reason that Vince hand picked Maverick to be the manager of AOP and give him more time on the main roster to develop his character further in the eyes on more fans, and it's because he's a fan of his work.

8 Down On: The Colons

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At this point, you have to wonder whether Vince McMahon has actually forgotten that he has The Colon's under a WWE contract as they appear so rarely that it certainly feels like they aren't.

It has been obvious since they first returned to the company that Vince doesn't see anything in either of them as he doesn't put them on SmackDown unless there is a need for multiple teams to be involved such as Survivor Series.

Bringing the team out once a year or when a battle royal takes place doesn't exactly show deep trust and faith from the boss, which is why the team are constantly brought up when releases are discussed.

7 Good Side: R-Truth & Carmella

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Even though their gimmick is ridiculous as it is entirely based on dance breaks, it is the exact type of humor that Vince McMahon loves which is why the dup have been pushed so strongly since they were put together. What started as just a fun Mixed Match Challenge idea has now quickly spilt into a weekly thing on SmackDown Live, especially once they actually won the second series even though there were much more impressive teams in the tournament.

Vince even put himself in a segment with the duo on SmackDown 1000 which shows how he thinks about them and as long as they are on Vince's good side you can guarantee there will be plenty of dance breaks in the future.

6 Down On: The Revival

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There is a reason it has been reported that The Revival have asked for their release from WWE and it is because Vince McMahon has been down on them from the first moment they arrived on the main roster. Despite the fact they are one of the most talented tag teams in the world and were booked so strongly during their time in NXT, Vince just clearly doesn't understand the duo and their old-school approach to wrestling.

Whilst they have been given title opportunities, the duo has spent most of their time in the shadows, or being squashed by Lucha House Party rules in ridiculous segments that the tag team clearly don't want to be part of anymore.

5 Good Side: The New Day

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Whilst The Revival might not be on Vince's good side, one team that certainly is on the WWE Chairman's good side is The New Day, with all three men being some of Vince McMahon's favorite talents. In the current era, WWE tends to heavily script the vast majority of promos that the talents cut, and very few people are given the creative freedom to improvise and do whatever they want. The New Day is in that select group.

There is a reason why New Day's promo segments are always so entertaining and it's because Kofi, Big E, and Xavier Woods are often improvising and doing whatever they think is best, which they are allowed to do because Vince has so much trust in them.

4 Down On: Nia Jax

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Vince McMahon has invested a lot of time and effort into Nia Jax since she joined the main roster, booking her as one of the most dominant talents on the show and enjoying a run as the Women's Champion. However, within this run, Jax has proven that she might not be totally ready to be in such a major position on the show right now as she has caused several major injuries in matches from giving Zelina Vega a concussion to the major incident with Becky Lynch.

The issues have been clear to see with many fans all calling her out on the problems on social media and the message has clearly filtered all the way to the boss, with Jax no longer being booked in quite the same manner.

3 Good Side: Mandy Rose

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Whilst she might not have the in-ring prowess of someone like Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks, Vince McMahon is certainly a fan of Mandy Rose and the huge improvements that she has been making in the past year. There is a reason Rose has been given even more opportunities on SmackDown as of late and that's because Vince is very high on her and the work that she has been doing, especially because she has the look of a throwback Diva and Vince is more than happy to push that.

With Mandy being very confident on the microphone, she is able to tell a story very convincingly and with her in-ring work getting even better, Rose is someone that is likely to receive a big push in the near future.

2 Down On: Zack Ryder

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It has been many years since Zack Ryder was considered a top star in WWE, but 2018 was particularly bad for Zack Ryder and showed that he might not just be on Vince's bad side, but that the WWE Chairman could have given up on him entirely. Ryder was used on Monday Night Raw just once in the entire year, and that was on the final episode of the year only after he had tweeted about not getting opportunities, showing that Vince simply doesn't see anything in him.

Ryder might have the talent and the charisma, but Vince clearly doesn't see any of that in him any more and he is simply one of those names that is now being kept around in order to keep him away from other places such as AEW.

1 Good Side: Drew McIntyre

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One man who is very clearly on Vince McMahon's good side is Drew McIntyre who has been booked like a complete beast ever since he made his return to the main roster, being pushed straight to the top of the card. Vince has always been a fan of McIntyre, once labelling him as the "chosen one," and even though he had to be released and re-hired to make that a reality, it is clear that in 2019 you can expect to see him as a World Champion.

McIntyre has everything that Vince looks for in a top talent from the looks, the promo, and the in-ring ability and with the WWE Chairman fully endorsing you, there is no doubt that big things are to follow.

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