10 Wrestlers Time Was NOT Kind To And 5 Who Aged Like Fine Wine

In order to make it in the wrestling world, more often than not you need to possess a chiseled physique and a look that separates you from your fellow wrestlers. However, the wrestling landscape is rapidly changing and the former (chiseled physique) of the prior statement arguably no longer holds merit. On Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universal Champion is Kevin Owens who is nowhere near a muscular behemoth; rather more, he posses a rather large belly which is unheard of for a WWE Champion in Vince McMahon's company. Things aren't much different on Smackdown as the WWE World Champion is the 6'3'' and 285 pound Bray Wyatt who has the same listed height and weight as Brock Lesnar, but has a vastly different physique.

While looks of champions are changing in today's wrestling landscape, looks of wrestlers both past and present are changing as well. Here, we take a look at ten wrestlers that have aged terribly and five wrestlers that have aged gracefully.

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15 NOT KIND: Lex Luger

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During his wrestling years you would be hard-pressed to find many, if any wrestlers that looked better than Lex Luger. Luger had the broad shoulders, defined abs, bulging biceps, the long blonde hair, a perfect tan. In short, Luger had it all. Moreover, if Vince McMahon had a laboratory and the capability to build his ideal superstar look you would have none other than Lex Luger. Today, Luger is fifty-eight years old and is a shell of his former self; his physique has deteriorated because of substance abuse and is now in a wheel chair. The Total Package is unfortunately not a moniker we can attach to poor Luger anymore.

14 NOT KIND: Jake Roberts

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First thing's first, it could be a hell of a lot worse for Jake Roberts if he never moved in with Diamond Dallas Page. Roberts is "on the pathway to more success" (h/t DJ Khaled) as he tries to permanently rid himself of drug and alcohol issues that plagued him throughout the years. Yet, continued years of the aforementioned alcohol and drug problems have clearly taken a toll on Roberts. Now sixty-one, Roberts is a mere one year older then DDP (more on him later), yet looks a number of years older than the former stalker of The Undertaker's wife. Roberts has lost his long locks and is balding and has put on pounds (but lost a good amount since moving in with Page). To reiterate, Roberts is headed in the right direction and fans can only hope the trend continues for "The Snake".

13 FINE WINE: Stephanie McMahon

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It's hard to believe that WWE's Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon (who "always does what's best for business") has now been a character on WWE programming for close to two decades now. Sure, she's had sporadic appearances, but she's been a mainstay for the past three years and counting. McMahon hasn't just been busy with her role as a WWE television character and in her WWE corporate role, but she's also got quite the busy home life as she is a mother of three daughters (ages ten, eight and six respectively). Yet, while many mothers begin to show noticeable aging after pregnancy, McMahon has managed to age like a fine wine not just after the birth of her first daughter, but after the birth of three daughters. Then again when you participate in her and her husband Triple H's "midnight workouts" her aging (or better put, lack of aging), shouldn't come as a shocker.

12 NOT KIND: Hulk Hogan

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When Hulk Hogan isn't busy sleeping with his so-called best friend Bubba the Love Sponge's wife, making racist comments pertaining to blacks and mistakingly referring to the Louisiana Superdome as the Pontiac Silverdome, he's busy aging terribly and excelling at it in any and every facet. First and foremost, Hogan has been adamant of not cutting off what remains of his hair despite the fact that he has been balding for about (if not longer) than half of his sixty-three year old life now. In addition, Hogan sports a considerable amount of wrinkles on his face and simply looks beat more often than not. Not to worry there Hulkster, that $115 million dollar settlement with Gawker should uplift you from looking beat to being upbeat.

11 NOT KIND: Dan Spivey

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Dan Spivey has been long retired from the wrestling ring as he last appeared in 1995 when he called it a career due to being hit by the endless injury bug. While Spivey's name is far from a household name, Spivey is one we can thank for the character we know today as Bray Wyatt. Spivey shortly portrayed the character of Waylon Mercy who he had created based on Robert de Niro's Max Cady character in the film Cape Fear. In 2014, Wyatt indeed confirmed that Spivey had given him the idea for his character and that the Mercy and Wyatt characters share a number of similarities. Fans of Wyatt are forever indebted to Spivey; but, we'd be remiss if we didn't touch on how Spivey looks today. At sixty-four and bald, Spivey looks to have lost much of his muscle mass and looks nowhere near the former wrestler that he once was.

10 FINE WINE: Booker T

via WWE.com

Ever hear the phrase, "black don't crack"? One look at Booker T and you'll see a man that embodies that phrase! The former G.I. Bro (safe to say Booker T would rather not remember those days), has traded in his wrasslin' boots and trunks for a suit, tie and loafers for half a decade now as he's filled a role on commentary as well as Smackdown General Manager in the past. Yet, Booker T looks like he could step foot in the wrestling ring at a moment's notice as he appears to still be in wrestling shape. Now, fifty-one I wouldn't be willing to bet against Booker T if I was asked if I think he could still execute a spinaroonie. Unfortunately, for myself and fans alike, Booker T announced on Twitter in July of 2016 that the spinaroonie had been retired as a result of him undergoing elbow surgery. A sad announcement indeed!

9 NOT KIND: Ric Flair

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In fairness to the "Nature Boy" the majority of folks begin to show noticeable aging once they hit their sixties; in fairness to the majority of folks, they don't begin to show a drastic amount of aging once they hit their sixties. Now sixty-seven, Ric Flair is still as strong as an ox as evidenced by him dead lifting 400 pounds in January of 2017. This is simply a remarkable feat to say the least! Nonetheless, while Flair may possess Herculean strength for a man of his age, he looks years older than sixty-seven. Then again, four marriages, four divorces, years and years of partying on the road (which still continues to this day), and none of this should come as a surprise. Never change, Naitch, never change.

8 NOT KIND: Bret Hart

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Today, Bret Hart is best known for being an elderly man who will bash Seth Rollins at any and every given opportunity. His biggest criticism of Rollins was in reference to when Rollins delivered a hard knee to John Cena's nose which broke the sixteen time champ's nose. Hart said of Rollins, "he could easily kill him [Cena] with a knee like that to the face. It's a testimony to Cena that [...] he did not get a shotgun and shoot Seth Rollins when he came through the curtain". Ouch! Hart's criticism of how he's aged should be just as stark as he no longer has his dark black locks; instead, they've been replaced with dark silver ones. Not to mention, Hart's battle with cancer, although he thankfully came out victorious, didn't do him any favors.

7 FINE WINE: Trish Stratus

via wrestlingnews.co

Before the Women's Revolution brought forward to us by the likes of the "Four Horsewomen" (Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch), Trish Stratus was proving to fans that she was more than just eye candy. The Toronto, Ontario, Canada native and seven time WWE Women's Champion retired from in ring competition over a decade ago in 2006. She's kept busy as she opened her own yoga studio titled Stratusphere (a clever play on words by inserting her WWE in ring surname) in 2008. In addition, Stratus recently welcomed a baby girl to her family as she gave birth to her second child in January of 2017. Now forty-one, Stratus has exchanged her blonde locks for brunette ones and looks as stunning as she did in her WWE days.

6 NOT KIND: Scott Hall

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Scott Hall's ongoing battle with drugs and alcoholism have been well publicized throughout the years. As a result, it shouldn't be much of a surprise, if a surprise at all to see that Hall hasn't aged gracefully. Rather more, it shouldn't be surprising whatsoever to see that Hall has aged in an absolutely abysmal fashion. Now fifty-eight, Hall no longer has his long, jet black hair; instead, he now has a head full of grey hair. Hall has also put up a good amount of weight in recent years, and had it not been for Diamond Dallas Page, it's likely that Hall would be sporting a larger jelly-belly. Hall, looks to be on the right path and hopefully he doesn't change course so we can once again "say hello to the bad guy" and not the fat guy.

5 NOT KIND: Jimmy Snuka

via mcall.com

The father of Tamina Snuka, Jimmy Snuka, recently passed away on January 15th, 2017 at the hands of stomach cancer at the age of seventy-three. Snuka's last couple years prior to his demise were incredibly difficult as that is when he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. In addition, Snuka was being investigated for the 1983 death of a woman by the name of Nancy Argentino during this time. Not to mention, Snuka wasn't even able to stand trial for the murder as he was deemed mentally unstable and he allegedly had dementia. Snuka looked much older than seventy-three when his health was failing him. He was now mostly wheelchair bound and looked nothing like a former wrestler, let alone the man we once knew as "Superfly".

4 FINE WINE: Al Snow

via impactwrestling.com

Renown for his "HEAD" gimmick which had a subliminal double meaning behind it that made children think he was absolutely insane and had adults thinking he was nothing short of hilarious, Al Snow was used as a comedic character for the majority of his wrestling career in WWE. Today, Al Snow is fifty-three years old and working for Nashville, Tennessee based promotion TNa. The Lima, Ohio born former superstar is much bigger and much bigger for all the right reasons as he looks to have been spending a good amount of time in the gym. Point blank, Snow is noticeably much more jacked than he was during his time in the ring. He also looks to have aged very minimally in the facial department. Snow's also the father of a daughter- prospective boyfriends, proceed with caution!

3 NOT KIND: Arn Anderson

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When feasting eyes on "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson today, he doesn't look much different than he did during the twilight of his wrestling years in the late nineties. So in essence, one could say Anderson looks good for his current age of fifty-eight, twenty years later. However, this isn't to say that Anderson has aged well as when he was at the end of his thirties he looked like he could easily pass for being his age today. Anderson has stepped away from in ring competition for twenty years now but he hasn't stepped away from the ring completely. On the contrary, Anderson has been and still to this day works as a road agent for WWE showcasing his worth to the company outside of the ring as well.

2 NOT KIND: The Undertaker

via Playbuzz.com

Current President Donald Trump had quite the fascination in obtaining former President Barack Obama's birth certificate to determine whether or not the former Illinois Senator was or was not born in the United States. WWE head honcho Vince McMahon should do some serious investigating of his own as The Undertaker is allegedly born on March 24th, 1965 which would mean he is fifty-one years old. Let's just say 'Taker hasn't "gotten better year by year like wine does" (hat tip to rapper Fabolous). On the contrary, 'Taker sported a noticeable gut that peered out of his singlet at the 2017 Royal Rumble while looking extremely immobile. In addition, 'Taker's face looked like he had aged and aged bad. 'Taker has nothing left to prove in WWE and his main focus should be on his health.

1 FINE WINE: Diamond Dallas Page

via YouTube.com

At first glance, what age would you guess Diamond Dallas Page is? I would honestly guess late forties or early fifties. The man behind the "Diamond Cutter" is actually sixty years old! He's nine years older than The Undertaker, two years older than Scott Hall and one year older than Bret Hart. Guess, DDP Yoga is the real deal considering Page frequently credits it for his ability to stay in shape (it doesn't hurt that he's making a solid amount of coin from it either) and his reason for ditching weight lifting. Genetics are also clearly on DDP's side as the Point Pleasant, New Jersey born superstar began wrestling when he was thirty-five years old, which puts him in a category all to himself.

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