10 Wrestlers Vince And Triple H Want To Sign (And 10 They Won't Get)

Vince McMahon and Triple H are always on the look-out to sign quality individuals, and recent events must have forced them to speed up the process. After everything that transpired in the past few weeks, WWE needs to sign more wrestlers who are popular in the pro wrestling scene and can improve their programming. The untimely departure of Roman Reigns has caused big problems for WWE, who now need to fill the void left by him. However, WWE wants to sign ready-made stars who are already well-recognized among fans.

There is little space for inexperienced wrestlers who will take time to fit in with their programming. It’s a well-known fact about how lavish WWE’s pay-scale is and if some of the pro wrestling scene’s stars are offered hefty contracts, many of them will accept.

However, there are some elite-level wrestlers for other promotions who don’t want to join WWE because of their reputation of ruining Independent talent.. Vince McMahon and Triple H are looking for the cream of the crop right now and want to sign some top-level stars from other promotions.

While they could manage to sign a few world-class athletes by next year, some top Independent stars just won’t sign with WWE. So here we’ll look at 10 Wrestlers Vince and Triple H want to sign and 10 wrestlers they just won’t get.

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20 They Want To Sign: Jeff Cobb

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Jeff Cobb is coming up as a really promising wrestler on the Independent scene and despite his heavy demeanor, he can pull off some excellent moves. Cobb is the current ROH World Television Champion and is known to be a strong, technical wrestler who also has a sound Olympic background. His amateur wrestling background allows him to pull off some proper wrestling moves and amaze the fans. Cobb has been making waves on the Independent scene and WWE have definitely noticed his work. A powerful wrestler like Cobb could work really well in the company. He has a sound, technical move-set but can come across as dominant, which is why Triple H and Vince want to sign him.

19 They Won’t Get: Kota Ibushi

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In the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, many WWE stood behind Kota Ibushi, who was one of the standout performers. Ibushi’s in-ring prowess, likable character, and exciting matches made him tailor-made for success in WWE, but the wrestling sensation didn’t want to stay beyond the tournament. He probably felt that his talent would be undermined in WWE. Ibushi has moved back to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he's doing excellent work after aligning with the Bullet Club. WWE might be persistent at bringing him in, but Ibushi’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to join them.

18 They Want To Sign: Eli Drake

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Impact Wrestling might have struggled to come up with great characters in recent years, but the character of Eli Drake has worked wonders for improving their product. Drake has played the role of this obnoxious, narcissistic heel to perfection and created some really entertaining stuff for Impact’s programming. It’s his catchphrase of calling the fans “dummies” which got him over, as Drake’s superb work on the mic and in-ring prowess makes him a perfect fit for WWE. Triple H and Vince have been interested in him for a while now and with Drake himself stating his desire to join the company in the future, he could be signed up by them some-time next year.

17 They Won’t Get: Walter

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There’s been speculation recently about WWE being interested in signing Walter, one of the U.K.'s biggest stars. Walter is one the biggest names over there right now, and is quite a performer as well. He uses his heavy style to his advantage to go along with some hard-hitting, strong style wrestling. His terrific work in England has impressed WWE, who would be saddened to realize that Walter doesn’t want to join them. He’s stated in recent interviews about how he doesn’t like WWE's rigorous schedule and the travel included in joining them. Walter’s adamant at continuing to succeed on the Independent scene and won’t join WWE anytime soon.

16 They Want To Sign: Jay Lethal

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Jay Lethal has evolved into a world-class wrestler and is at the absolute prime of his career, dominating the ROH main-event scene. Lethal got over during his years at TNA, where he often portrayed “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s character and entertained the fans with his fantastic work. Since moving to Ring of Honor, Lethal has become a profound wrestler, who has been producing out incredible matches. Lethal has reached his peak right now, which is why WWE wants to sign him right now. Triple H and Vince McMahon both know Lethal’s ability as a top star but will have to shell out serious money in order to swoon him away from ROH.

15 They Won’t Get: Brandi Rhodes

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Despite working as a ring announcer for WWE, Brandi Rhodes has taken the Independent scene by storm thanks to help from her husband Cody Rhodes. She is done announcing matches and is now competing in them, as she’s slowly transitioning into a commendable wrestler. Brandi has played a big part in Cody’s success in the Independent scene and is trying to stitch together a wrestling career for herself. WWE must be impressed by Brandi’s work outside the company and probably want to resign her, but Brandi won’t go back to WWE. She’s done announcing shows and probably still bitter about how Cody was treated by the WWE. Brandi’s success in the Independent scene means that she doesn’t need WWE, as she’s already thriving elsewhere.

14 They Want To Sign: James Storm

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“The Cowboy” James Storm did give it a try with WWE a few years ago when he surprised many by stepping into an NXT ring. However, Storm opted against signing with WWE back then and joined Impact Wrestling, who were offering a better contract. The Cowboy did well in his recent stint at Impact, but is now again a free-agent after leaving the company. Storm has stated an interest in joining WWE for good, as Triple H and Vince are probably still interested in him. They will gladly take an experienced candidate like Storm, who can not only improve WWE’s product but also be part of some exciting bouts.

13 They Won’t Get: Zack Sabre Jr.

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While he was one of the favorites to win the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, Zack Sabre Jr. couldn’t manage to go all the way. The British sensation put on some fantastic matches but was eventually eliminated. After which, he opted not to sign with WWE. He rejected an offer to work in the Cruiserweight Division. He has since gone on to become a big star in New Japan Pro Wrestling and compete around the world. Despite WWE wanting to sign him, Zack just won’t budge. Sabre Jr. doesn’t want to work with WWE yet and is adamant about staying in Japan to prove his ability as one of the best technical wrestlers of his time.

12 They Want To Sign: Su Yang

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With WWE needing to expand their Women’s Division, they will be looking to sign even more talented female stars over the next year or so. Su Yang is someone they’re definitely interested in, especially after the kind of work she’s put in for Impact Wrestling. Yang has been portraying this strange character to perfection and has a unique vibe to her. Yang is also proficient in the ring and has put on some great matches, which must’ve impressed WWE. The company can do a lot with a character like hers. Yang can add something different to their Women’s Division and if WWE offer a strong contract, she might join them soon.

11 They Won’t Get: Adam “Hangman” Page

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Adam “Hangman” Page has worked as the muscle of the Bullet Club superbly in recent years. With his fascinating gimmick and hard-hitting wrestling style, Page has often been the one to give beat-downs to those who opposed the stable. He’s also shown impressive charisma in doing so and has become a popular singles competitor on his own in recent years. However, Page is extremely loyal to the Bullet Club and doesn’t want to leave them for WWE at all. Page recently stated in that interview that he had rejected an offer from WWE and doesn’t want to join the company. Page is Bullet Club through and through and he won’t be leaving them for the WWE limelight.

10 They Want To Sign: Pentagon Jr.

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After the kind of work he’s put in for Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, Pentagon Jr. has been turning WWE’s heads towards him for a while now. Both Vince McMahon and Triple H are very impressed by what they’ve seen, as WWE’s interest in signing him has been making the rounds for a while now. Pentagon is not only an amazing wrestler, but his never-say-die attitude and intriguing gimmick make him a fascinating luchador. Pentagon won’t be able to sign with WWE now due to contractual obligations with Lucha Underground. However, once his obligations are met, he can join the company, who want more luchadors in their programming.

9 They Won’t Get: Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard seemed destined for WWE once she was added to the first Mae Young Classic tournament. However, after she was eliminated from competition, Blanchard didn’t get a call from WWE and was forced to look for work elsewhere. She took her rejection as motivation and has been doing some amazing work in Impact Wrestling, where she’s currently the Impact Knockout’s Champion. Blanchard has transitioned into a powerful, hard-hitting individual who has been making the rounds as a terrific worker for Impact and the Independent scene. Triple H will definitely regret letting her go, as Blanchard won’t sign with WWE now that she’s attained so much fame elsewhere.

8 They Want To Sign: Jay White

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“The Switchblade,” Jay White has been making the rounds at New Japan Pro Wrestling and has been part of some major storylines. The former IWGP United States Champion has been doing great work ever since getting his “Switchblade” gimmick and is one of the more impressive stars of New Japan. White’s terrific work as a conniving heel must have caught WWE’s eye, as they would love a young, sinister heel like White. While it’ll take quite some doing to swoon him away from Japan, White could become a top-level heel in WWE. He has all the attributes to succeed in WWE and his prolific wrestling nature means that he’ll adapt to their environment in no time.

7 They Won’t Get: Will Ospreay

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Being one of the most sought-after wrestlers in the world, there’s no doubt every major promotion will want to sign Will Ospreay. Ospreay has been doing some fantastic work in New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past few years and has earned the reputation of putting on incredible matches. Ospreay’s high-flying technique, incredibly versatile move-set and exciting work has entertained fans in New Japan as well as sparked real interest from WWE. However, Ospreay has admitted that he doesn’t look forward to joining WWE because of their hectic travel schedule. He’s satisfied working for New Japan and sporadically other Independent promotions. Despite Triple H wanting to recreate Ricochet vs. Ospreay in WWE, the wrestling sensation isn’t willing to get wasted there.

6 They Want To Sign: Taya Valkyrie

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Taya Valkyrie has shown her ability to thrive wherever she goes with her fantastic work for Impact Wrestling after moving to the promotion following many years in Mexico. Valkyrie might not be a luchadora, but she’s definitely learned the art of wrestling from Mexico and built herself into a commendable in-ring performer. Valkyrie is capable of producing excellent matches and because of her vast move-set, she can adapt herself to thrive against any opponent. Valkyrie’s impressive work must have caught the eye of WWE, as Vince and Triple H probably both want to sign her. Valkyrie is a perfect fit for the Women’s Division with her glamor and in-ring prowess.

5 They Won’t Get: The Young Bucks

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It’s no big secret that The Young Bucks have been on WWE’s radar for some-time now, as Nick and Matt Jackson have proved themselves to be the top stars of tag team wrestling. The Bucks have become senior members of the Bullet Club and are dominating the tag team scene in New Japan and Ring of Honor. The two have been extremely successful in these two top promotions, which is why they’re so disinterested in WWE. Triple H and Vince McMahon both want to sign the tag team specialists, but even big money won’t convince the Bucks. The Young Bucks are devoted to the Bullet Club and the promotions where they work and don’t want to ruin their unbridled success by joining WWE.

4 They Want To Sign: Marty Scurll

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“The Villain” Mary Scurll has been one of the most fascinating characters of the Bullet Club, as his impressive heel demeanor has really brought a different shade to the stable. Scurll not only has a great gimmick, but he’s also a fantastic wrestler who knows the ins and outs of many wrestling techniques. Scurll might not be the biggest, but his conniving personality makes his work extremely entertaining. WWE must be interested in Scurll after watching his fantastic work elsewhere, as his character could be a hit in the company. Scurll recently had a rough patch with the Bullet Club and if Triple H and Vince McMahon put in a strong bid in to signing him, we could see The Villain end up at NXT soon.

3 They Won’t Get: Kenny Omega

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He might not be in WWE, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Kenny Omega is one of the most popular stars in the wrestling industry right now. Over the past few years, Omega has climbed the ladder to the top of New Japan Pro Wrestling and  has been part of some sensational matches. Not only is he an incredible in-ring performer, but Omega’s superb gimmick and charisma make him an asset for any promotion. Triple H and Vince McMahon have been trying their best to bring Omega to WWE, but The Cleaner isn’t interested in joining them. Omega knows how his reputation as the “Best in the World” could be hampered upon joining WWE, which is why he won’t.

2 They Want To Sign: Chris Jericho

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Ever since he started competing for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Chris Jericho has been on a role. He started portraying this heel character who loves to deal pain to his opponents. Jericho has a lot of creative freedom to do what he pleases and is coming up with the best results. Not only has he been producing great matches, but the way he’s acted like a heel has been perfect. Triple H and Vince must be regretting ever letting him go and Jericho doesn’t necessarily want to go back right now. They’ll have to offer Jericho a solid contract and creative control in order to convince him to start competing for WWE again.

1 They Won’t Get: Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes keeps on elevating to the top of the Independent Wrestling scene after leaving WWE. He is now among the most sought-after personalities outside the company. Rhodes has performed at the top of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and has won a barrage of championships. He was instrumental in organizing the “All In” show with The Young Bucks and making it a hit. Triple H and Vince must both be disappointed at how badly they misjudged him and will try to swoon him into coming back by making a big offer. However, Cody is enjoying life outside WWE, and because of how he was treated last time, they won’t be able to get him back.

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