10 Wrestlers We Want To See In WWE2K18 And 10 We Don't

For as long as as consoles have existed, wrestling games have been on the market for them. There have been classics like the SmackDown series for PlayStation One and WWE No Mercy for the Nintendo 64. Nowadays though WWE's games are more sports like in that a new and up to date edition of the game is released every single year. The games are even made by sports games franchise 2K. You may think that the games are more or less the same every single year, but believe it or not a lot of work goes into producing a game and making it unique with only twelve months to do so before an updated version is due. When it comes to WWE 2K one of the toughest and most arduous tasks must be hand selecting which Superstars make it on to their roster and which ones do not, although that being said it's a job that I would personally love.

Every year 2K's roster size seems to get bigger and bigger, yet every year they still don't seem to get it quite right. The rosters nowadays include over 100 wrestlers from the past and the present, yet there are always some glaring omissions. What makes it worse is there are always Superstars included in the game that leave you wondering who on earth is using these guys and girls in their matches when playing the game? Could 2K not drop a few of those to make room for Superstars that we actually want to see? Well if you're listening 2K, here are ten wrestlers we don't want in the upcoming edition of the game, WWE 2K18, and the ten that you might want to think about replacing them with.

20 Want: Pete Dunne

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Since the release of WWE 2K's last installment, WWE 2K17, the landscape of the company has changed a fair bit. One of the biggest changes is that Vince McMahon now has a whole crop of British wrestlers under his employ. While I don't think that all the Brits WWE managed to keep hold of following the tournament to crown the inaugural United Kingdom Champion will be included in the game, and nor would I particularly want them to be, there is one man I'm dying to be able to utilize on the game, Pete Dunne. Dunne is far and away been the stand out figure since the WWE British invasion and I'd like nothing more than to pit him against WWE's finest in video game form to see how The Bruiserweight would fair on the main roster.

19 Don't: Michael Hayes

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Do you remember in years gone by where those of us who would play WWE's annual video games were all universally clamoring for Michael Hayes to be made a playable character? No, neither do I. Nevertheless 2K made it so for last year's edition of the game. There was good news and bad news about the inclusion of Hayes however. The good news? Michael is only available as downloadable content, so it's not as if 2K forced him upon us and he only became a part of our unique rosters if we wished it to be so. The bad news? 2K's downloadable content is, for the most part, not free. That means on WWE 2K17 to be able to play as Hayes you would have to pay extra money on top of what you already paid for the game itself. I wonder how many people have actually downloaded Hayes to date.

18 Want: The 205 Live Roster

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While I'm not expecting all of the UK guys to be making their video game debuts on 2K18, there is one new roster that I do think and hope will be included on the game in its entirety, 205 Live. The Cruiserweight Classic took place in the summer of last year and the finalization for who would and wouldn't make it on to the 2K17 edition of the game would have been made before most of the stars who now grace Tuesday nights on the WWE Network will have still been being signed to contracts. Now the high fliers have their own show and if WWE and 2K want the new game's Universe Mode to be as authentic as possible, they'll need to include all of these guys so that we the players can stage our very own 205 Live shows.

17 Don't: The Velveteen Dream

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One man who appears to be on the cusp of something of a push in NXT right now is The Velveteen Dream. I don't know about the rest of you, but as it stands I have almost zero interest in this new character. If he was brand new I would maybe give him a chance, but anyone who has been watching NXT for more than six months knows that it's just Patrick Clark. They've not even changed his gimmick, they've simply given him a new name and tried to do the exact same thing again. Hopefully this push he's currently receiving will not reach any great heights until after the cut off point for being added to the WWE 2K18 roster.

16 Want: Sanity

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One act from NXT that I would like to see on the next WWE game is Sanity. The foursome are doing some great work down in Orlando right now, and all four of them deserve it in their own unique way. Eric Young did his time in TNA, Alexander Wolfe has put in the time in developmental, and both Nikki Cross and Killian Dain made names for themselves in the UK. They're a very unique quartet and I feel like short of getting involved in the NXT Championship scene they've got their fingers in pretty much all the pies at the moment. Add them to the roster please 2K so that we can pit them against the Wyatt Family, because at the moment even a call up to the main roster won't enable that to happen in reality.

15 Don't: Vince McMahon

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Ever since the days of THQ being behind the creation of WWE games I've wondered how much of an input the company actually has in the games. Not because they can't but simply because they don't particularly care that much. Then I discover each and every year that Vince McMahon is on the game again and I realize that yes the higher ups at WWE are probably very involved in piecing together the annual games. It's not modern day Vince McMahon either, it's late 1990s Vince who looks like he spends around 22 hours a day in the gym. You don't need to worry Vince, we love you and we will forever remember how impressive you looked back in the Attitude Era, you don't need to remind us via video games.

14 Want: The Hardy Boyz

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What was the stand out moment for you from WrestleMania 33 this year? Maybe The Undertaker possibly retiring, but if it wasn't that it was almost definitely the unexpected return of The Hardy Boyz. Just as New Day appeared to be the mundane fourth team in the Tag Team Championship ladder match Matt and Jeff's music hit and fans around the world hit the roof. The excitement may have died down a little now that they've been back a while and they have since lost the championships they won that night, but it's still great to see them back. The next step? Putting the veteran brothers on WWE 2K18. If you're like me, you'll be getting pretty fed up of them battling Sheamus and Cesaro every week, at least on the game you can pit them against whoever you like. Plus maybe the more creative among you will be able to make Matt Broken again within the realms of 2K.

13 Don't: Curt Hawkins

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Whenever Curt Hawkins emerges on Raw I'm sadly reminded that he is still a part of the roster, or probably more accurately that he is being used in the way that he is during his current run in WWE. According to many of his peers Hawkins is actually a very talented individual and deserves to be more than just a permanent enhancement talent. Despite what they say though I'm still not a fan of the man, and I like not being reminded of him too often. I feel like if Curt is included on the next manifestation of WWE 2K I won't be able to escape his presence as often as I'd like, and that he's the kind of guy that will be automatically booked into matches in Universe Mode every single week. No thank you 2K.

12 Want: Kurt Angle

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Now swiftly on to a Kurt that none of us can get enough of, Kurt Angle. This time last year there were three things I wanted to see from Kurt Angle. I wanted to see him return to the WWE fold, then get back in the ring, and finally be included on a WWE 2K game. One down, two to go. It's still very hard to tell whether WWE will actually be able to come to an agreement on Angle competing in the ring again due to his health, but I think it's almost nailed on that he will make a return to WWE's gaming series. There are plenty of alumni and legends included and even though he's not yet competing, Kurt is under contract with WWE so you'd have to think they'll take advantage of being able to use him in games again.

11 Don't: Summer Rae

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WWE games, particularly since 2K took the reigns, have an odd habit of including wrestlers who have been inactive for a long while. Wrestlers who are just barely under contract but are still technically a part of the WWE roster. It also seems to happen more regularly with women, especially on WWE 2K16 when for some reason they couldn't get the rights to the Four Horsewomen so needed to fill out the female side of things. That's why I fear that despite her not being on WWE television for longer than I can remember, Summer Rae will be a part of 2K18. Summer if you're reading this no offence, but I wasn't particularly bothered about you being on the games when you were a regular fixture in WWE, let alone now.

10 Want: Authors Of Pain

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The breakout stars of the year in NXT right now may very well be the current Tag Team Champions, The Authors Of Pain. Paul Ellering's men appeared in 2016 at a time when The Revivial and DIY were setting NXT's tag division on fire again following the loss of American Alpha and Enzo and Cass. To begin with it really didn't look like they were going to add much or fit in at all. They've proven their critics wrong though and their recent ladder match with DIY was fantastic. It has now forced me to be fully on board with them becoming a part of the WWE 2K18 roster. Also advocates and managers automatically being a part of wrestlers' entrances when appropriate should be added to the game, so make sure Paul Ellering is in there along with them.

9 Don't: Goldberg

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Last year's edition of the WWE game series, WWE 2K17, mainly revolved around one thing. Well, at least the advertising campaign did. The inclusion of Goldberg. His inclusion even sparked a real life return to the ring as WWE sold the fact that you could stage fantasy warfare between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar before the pair of them met in the ring in real life. Goldberg has now been and gone, the hype has well and truly died down, and we're over it. It was cool to have him on the game, it was even cooler to see him return for his short run, but now he has gone and we as fans are looking forward to the next big return rather than back at the last one. Revolve WWE 2K18 around another aspect or star as we have had our fill of Goldberg.

8 Want: Jinder Mahal

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The current WWE Champion is maybe the most unexpected man to win the title in it's long and illustrious history. At Backlash this year Jinder Mahal defied the odds and became the company's 50th champion. While I've come to terms with Mahal being WWE Champion, and trust me it took some time, there is still something that's bothering me. I can't have the Modern Day Maharajah competing for the championship in my universe on WWE 2K17 because he isn't in the game. Now I can't really blame 2K for this one as it has been an incredibly fast rise from Jinder returning to WWE to becoming champion but that being said, make sure he's included on the upcoming version of the game please 2K.

7 Don't: Eva Marie

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By my calculations it has been about a year now, maybe more, since we last saw Eva Marie on WWE television. I'm not including Total Divas in those calculations obviously. This entry is very much in the same vain as Summer Rae's in that just because a Superstar is under contract with WWE doesn't mean that they should be granted automatic entry into the games each and every year. Eva has been absent for an awfully long time and it's not as if there were masses of fans demanding to see her included in the games anyway. It may be unlikely that Eva is included in WWE 2K18 anyway due to the reasons behind her prolonged absence. Marie was suspended from WWE following a wellness policy violation so I can't imagine the company wanting to remind people of her too much anyway.

6 Want: The Iconic Duo

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It's all well and good me sitting here stripping WWE 2K of their women's roster and of all the female Superstars they probably plan on including, so I should probably give them a few ideas on who they can replace them with. Well what better a duo than NXT's most iconic, their words not mine, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. The two Australian talents have been in NXT for a while now and this current gimmick that they've formed together as opposed to trying to go it alone is really working. It's working so well in fact that I wouldn't be adverse to the two of them making the move to Raw or SmackDown Live sometime soon. That seems a while away at the moment though, so for now I'd be content with the pair being available on WWE 2K18 so that I can make that happen if and when I so choose.

5 Don't: Elias Samson

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Up until very recently Peyton and Billie shared that NXT locker room with The Drifter, Elias Samson. Right before NXT Takevoer: Orlando this year Kassius Ohno challenged Samson to a Loser Leaves NXT match, and luckily Kassius won. That was it, a gimmick and a guy that hadn't really worked gotten rid of. Then it happened. The Drifter drifted right on to Raw, and now he's winning matches! I don't really understand the thinking behind it, and I can't imagine it lasting very long on Monday nights. Unfortunately the timing of it all is seemingly going to lead to Samson booking a place on the 2K18 roster but if any of you who play the game are like me, I'm really not phased about him being included.

4 Want: CM Punk

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A lot of you may roll your eyes at this one, but come on, who doesn't still love CM Punk despite how he left and his vows never to return? The man was the hottest thing in WWE for a long while there and when he walked out of the company it really felt like he left so much money on the table and so many potential story lines that we would never get to see. Since Punk left the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and so many more have joined WWE's ranks, all of whom are opponents we would love to see take on the Second City Saint. Unfortunately as of right now that looks as far away as it has ever been, and the closest we'll get to those dream matches is WWE 2K including Punk on a game so we can set them up ourselves.

3 Don't: James Ellsworth

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James Ellsworth is a classic example of WWE thinking they're giving the fans what they want, and then absolutely beating the idea to death. Ellsworth began his WWE life as a one and done enhancement talent losing to Braun Strowman. For some reason the fans took to him, myself not included, so WWE hired him and had James defeat AJ Styles over and over again. A whole twelve months later and Ellsworth is still a part of the WWE family, and honestly I cringe whenever I see him each week on SmackDown Live. What's even worse is that not only is he seemingly not going anywhere, he has most definitely been here long enough to be included in WWE 2K18. Please don't do it 2K, we see enough of him already!

2 Want: Bobby Roode

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There is one WWE Superstar whose absence from WWE 2K17 is absolutely killing me right now, NXT Champion Bobby Roode. What could possibly make the next edition of WWE's game series more glorious than adding Roode to their already extensive roster? Bobby must have only just missed the cut off to make it into last year's game, but I thought at the very least 2K would have made The Glorious One an additional downloadable character. Alas they did not, and now all of us who play the games are patiently sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting to be able to use him in our seasons. What I worry about is that when Roode finally is added to the games I won't actually use him and will just watch and listen to his entrance over and over again.

1 Don't: Hulk Hogan

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I'm sure I'm not the only who has noticed, but WWE are gradually and rather under handedly sneaking Hulk Hogan back into their product and back into our lives. When the recording of The Hulkster being incredibly racist first arose, WWE cut all ties with the man who once led the company for years and years, and rightly so. Personally after what Hogan said I'd be more than happy to never see him involved with WWE ever again. Nevertheless The Immortal One is beginning to appear in adverts and video packages once again, and sadly it stinks of a WWE return that is really not needed. Not only can I imagine Hogan being re-included on WWE 2K's upcoming rosters, but it wouldn't surprise me to see one edition of the game revolve around Hulk with the story mode based around his career. We don't want it and we don't need it.

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