10 Wrestlers Who Cheated On Their Spouse With Another Wrestler (And 5 Who Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling)

The life of a Professional Wrestler isn't really the most ideal as these people have to perform almost every day of the week because of the hectic schedule the top wrestling promotion in the world commands. On top of that, they have to train to keep themselves fit and constantly travel to make the shows on time which leaves them with little to no time to socialize with their friends or loved ones outside the wrestling circuit.

Many of the wrestlers tend to get frustrated because of their hectic schedule and inability to mingle with their friends or loved ones and end up making close friendships with those who are around them in wrestling. Some of these wrestlers get a bit too intimate with their counterparts and despite being married in their real life, they end up having affairs with their colleagues as this has been happening in a company like WWE for many years now. There are also other wrestlers who cheat on their spouses with someone outside wrestling, who they may have met on the road or somewhere else.

There have been quite a lot of cases of cheaters in WWE, be it with other wrestlers or somebody who isn't related to wrestling.

15 Cheated With Another Wrestler: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker was an admirably loyal wrestler for the WWE in his 25+ year reign in the company where he created many legendary memories along the way, but his personal life wasn't as sweet as his professional one. While he put others to sleep in the WWE, his first marriage wasn't the most stable before he seemingly found his soul mate in Sara Frank. He even had her name inked on his neck region and they seemed to be a happy family, but then their marriage was rocked when it was discovered that The Undertaker was cheating. The Deadman had become romantically involved with WWE diva Michelle McCool and cheated on his wife with his co-worker, which caused Sara to divorce him after she found out. His cheating was quite obvious when he quickly married McCool after splitting with Sara and he doesn't seem to regret it either.

14 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels was quite the sensual character during the Attitude Era when she debuted with Goldust as Marlena, who was also the real-life partner of the Bizarre One. Their WWE alliance worked really well for some time before Runnels and Goldust went their searate ways on-screen. She then went on to doing some raunchy stuff in the WWE and as part of the Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock, she got involved with their "slave" Meat aka Shawn Stasiak. But what started off as a storyline romance quickly turned quite real as Runnels had been cheating on Goldust with Stasiak. Goldust eventually found out about this and split with his wife; Runnels and Stasiak didn't last that long, either.

13 Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling: Sting

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"The Icon" Sting is arguably one of the most memorable characters in wrestling history, as his unique face-paint and intimidating character are things which have been cherished by fans for a long time. But while Sting used to entertain fans with his amazing work inside the squared circle, things didn't go so well for him outside it. He was heavily addicted to the wrong kind of drugs which influenced him to do some regretful things. Sting has himself admitted to having cheated on his first wife Sue when he was into drugs as he had affairs with women outside wrestling for a long time. He eventually realized his problems and cleaned himself up and was surprisingly supported by his wife, who knew about him cheating. Their marriage lasted for a long time but eventually, karma came to bite him as he got divorced in 2010.

12 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has been quite the controversial figure in wrestling ever since leaving the WWE last year, as he's been extremely bitter towards the WWE because of how badly they supposedly treated him in his second stint. Del Rio has also taken Paige with him wherever he goes, as the two have been extremely close for quite some time now. But it seems like Del Rio had cheated on his wife with Paige, as he was accused of it by his ex-wife, Velkei. She filed an allegation of adultery on Del Rio's part when they were still married and accused him of cheating on her with Paige, which apparently led to their divorce. Del Rio and Paige really didn't make it easier for themselves as they got engaged while Del Rio was still married as the Mexican Sensation seems to be quite the questionable character in real life.

11 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has been an amazing wrestler for the WWE for the past few years now, as The Architect has the personality and technical ability, reaching the pinnacle of success when he was the golden boy of The Authority a few years back. Rollins was on the cusp of success, but then his life was rocked when it was revealed that Rollins had cheated on his fiancé Leighla Schultz. Rollins had apparently been having an affair with WWE developmental wrestler Zahra Schreiber and when his fiancé found out, she decided to expose him in the most brutal of ways. She posted private photos of Zahra and Seth on Rollins' social media accounts to expose him to the whole world. The two obviously broke up after that point. He had a short fling with Schreiber, but Rollins learned a hard lesson after that nightmare.

10 Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling: Ted DiBiase

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"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase lived quite the lavish life in the WWE during his peak in the 80s and early 90s, as he had a lot of cash and as he himself said, "Everything has a price". DiBiase was a charismatic wrestler who was quite like his character in real life as well as he loved to live the high life and often found himself committing adultery with other women as well. His wife Melanie was somebody who stood alongside him despite knowing about his extra-marital affairs which happened on the road because of his stature as DiBiase himself admitted to having cheated on his wife with other women in the past. But The Million Dollar Man realized his mistakes and went to wash away his sins by becoming a Christian Minister and is a lucky man to have his wife stand alongside him all the way.

9 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been quite the eerie character in the WWE for the past few years now, as the "Eater of World's" is trying to solidify himself as the successor to the Undertaker and is doing a great job portraying his mystical character. Wyatt may be such a terrifying character in the WWE, but he always came forwards as a family person in real life who was devoted to his family. But that perception changed when it was discovered earlier this year that Wyatt had been having an affair with WWE ring announcer, Jojo. His wife Samantha blasted him for cheating on her and filed for divorce after getting to know about it, as Bray seemed nonchalant about it and determined to keep a relationship with Jojo. He's now in a relationship with Jojo and this shocking case of someone like Bray cheating makes one wonder about the price of loyalty these days.

8 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Triple H

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Triple H has been the most reliable guy for the WWE ever since he started to get famous during the Attitude Era as the Cerebral Assassin enjoyed a highly successful in-ring career in WWE before he moved onto the role of a booker. He's since being doing a great job with WWE NXT and while many fans may love him for what he's done for the company, his dark side is often covered up by it. Triple H made some very controversial moves before he gained Vince's confidence, as he was in a relationship with WWE Diva Chyna before falling for Stephanie McMahon. What started as a story-line soon turned real as Triple H had an affair with Stephanie and cheated on Chyna. He then dumped Chyna and went into a relationship with Steph, as poor Chyna was fired for complaining and the two formed WWE's greatest "Power Couple".

7 Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling: Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart was definitely the best wrestler in the industry when he rose in the WWE in the 90s, as the Hitman had it all needed to be a main-event attraction. Hart was on top of the world as he was an extremely popular wrestler and was at the top of the industry in the 90s as well, but he had some bad obsessions he just could not get rid of. Bret has himself admitted of cheating on his wife Julie in his book released a few years back, as he spoke about how he could not live without the company of women and ended up sleeping with a lot of women outside wrestling in his prime years. The Hitman's marriage with Julie did survive till 2002, but he earned quite the bad reputation after revelations of him cheating was discovered by many fans.

6 Cheated With Another Wrestler: CM Punk

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CM Punk needed a few years in order to prove that he was the "Best in the World", but once he started rolling, he created something revolutionary in the WWE because of his character. Punk may have been this outspoken, rather loner kind of a character in WWE but he was a definite ladies man in his real life. Punk was actually in a relationship with WWE Diva Lita for a few years, but then he decided to cheat on her with AJ Lee. Punk was having an affair with AJ behind Lita's back and quite cruelly dumped her to move on to AJ, even going ahead and marrying her. Punk may have been a fan favorite in the WWE, but what he did in his personal life was rather questionable.

5 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Edge

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"The Rated R Superstar" Edge may have been an exciting wrestler and an excellent heel, but many will remember how he rose to the main event level in the WWE: his controversial relationship with Lita which resulted in a very "real" feud with Matt Hardy, who was the boyfriend of Lita in real life. So when Matt was injured in 2005, his girlfriend Lita started to fool around with Edge, who was married in real life. Edge ended up having an affair with his good friend's girlfriend, which became public knowledge soon as the WWE capitalized on this real-life feud between Edge and Hardy by thrusting them into a storyline. Edge was divorced by his wife Lisa after discovering about this affair and Hardy was left in the dust, with Edge and Lita ascending to another level of fame in the WWE.

4 Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling: Ric Flair

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"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in the history of wrestling as the wheelin' dealin' man has the charisma which cannot be matched by anyone. The Dirtiest Player in the Game won many championships in his career and created countless number of memories because of his amazing work in the ring, but outside it, he loved to live like his in-ring character. Flair is quite the ladies man and has had four marriages in his career and each one of them ended because he cheated on his wives with the women who'd later become his spouse. Flair has had quite the tendency of committing adultery and each time he got divorced because of his wives discovering him cheating on them. "The Nature Boy" may be a beloved person in the wrestling industry, but his personal vices have definitely effected his reputation.

3 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Batista

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Batista deserved his name of "The Animal" in the WWE because of how he was such a hard-hitting wrestler in the company, dethroning the reign of Triple H and going onto assert himself as a top guy in the WWE. Batista may have been a kind of a loner who didn't need anyone else's help in the ring, but he wasn't like that in real life. He had already gone through two marriages before attaining fame in the WWE, but he couldn't help it when he was surrounded by hot women and ended up cheating on his second wife with WWE Diva Melina. Batista's affair with Melina was discovered by his wife Angie in 2006 and he got divorced to her later that year, as Batista opted to get into a relationship with Melina and ruined his good name by cheating on his poor wife.

2 Cheated With Another Wrestler: Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon is the mastermind who made the WWE into the multi-billion dollar company it is right now, as the boss of the WWE has been doing some impeccable work for the past few decades. McMahon may be the boss who vows to treat his talent equally, but he doesn't really stick to his word in some cases. Vince has played a big hand in recruiting all the hot divas for his product and at times, even he couldn't resist from getting down and dirty with some of the women. Vince has cheated on his wife Linda with multiple women in the WWE, who apparently had affairs with McMahon in the past. The most shocking part about this is that Linda knew about this and accepted it, as it shows how weird and unique their marriage really is.

1 Cheated With Someone Outside Wrestling: Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan may have been the man who helped to put wrestling on the map with his amazing work in the 80s, but as a person, he's had his share of problems over the years. Hogan has been plagued with controversies in the past few years as it all started when he got divorced to his now ex-wife Linda after almost 25 years of marriage, when he was caught cheating with his best friend's wife. Linda spoke about how she knew that Hogan was cheating on her with some other women outside wrestling and it was quite evident when he officially got in a relationship with Jennifer McDaniel after splitting with Linda. Linda thrashed into Hogan stating how he doesn't deserve any respect after what he did, and the Hulkster's reputation has taken quite the dip after it was discovered that even the great American hero cheated on his wife.

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