10 Wrestlers Who Dated Way Out Of Their League… And 5 Who Could Have Done Better

The life of a professional wrestler can be an extremely exhausting one as they have to perform almost every day of the week along with the training and constant travel, but they do get their rewards after attaining some kind of fame in the industry. The Wrestlers who make it in a company like the WWE are almost set for life as they do not get some popularity among the fans and in the wrestling circuit, but their personal lives also become much more enjoyable.

The wrestlers who manage to become quite popular in the WWE end up not only getting a lot of fortune, but their social lives also become much better. They get to meet the right kind of people and often get into relationships with really hot counter-parts who are actually totally out of their league. Their fame helps to increase their chances of wooing hotter women and some of the most average looking wrestlers end up getting some really stunning counterparts.

But there are some good-looking wrestlers who believe in "true love" and end up being attached to people they loved way before attaining stardom and end up dating some average looking people. But most wrestlers manage to woo people way hotter than them, as we take a look at 10 Wrestlers Who Dated Way Out Of Their League And 5 Who Could've done better.

15 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose has been quite the lunatic in the WWE ever since he broke through as part of The Shield and then became popular among the fans as a singles competitor. Ambrose doesn't really have the "looks" which can propel someone into the top but is a very hard-working person who doesn't really even care about how he looks. Despite being quite the average looking wrestlers, Ambrose has managed to woo quite the hot counter-part in Renee Young, as the two have been together for years now. Young is the "backstage face" of WWE right now and is often featured for her stunning looks and many were baffled to discover that Ambrose was actually with Young for so long. He may not be that "good-looking", but Ambrose has managed to woo a hottie like Renee and is reaping his rewards now.

14 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Karl Anderson

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Karl Anderson has actually been quite impressive ever since arriving in the WWE and despite not being at the position he probably wants in the WWE as part of "The Club", he has shown a lot of potential in him. Something which probably holds back Anderson and Gallows is probably their looks which haven't allowed WWE to push them as the faces of their tag team division. Despite not being the most good-looking of wrestlers in WWE, Anderson is quite proud to have a "Hot Asian Wife" which he loves to remind us in his promos at times. He actually is quite lucky to have a beautiful wife who is definitely way sexier than he is and has been a devoted partner to him ever since his days in Japan. Anderson may be going through a rough patch, but at least he has a hot asian wife at home!

13 Could Have Done Better: Lana

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Lana has remained as one of the hottest divas in the WWE ever since stepping foot in the ring with Rusev, whom she managed when the two broke through at first in 2013. But what started off as work turned into something very intimate as the two fell for each other in real life and started to date while also reprising their heel roles in WWE. Lana was quite the hottie while Rusev was this muscular brute and many were shocked to discover that the two were actually together because of the difference in looks between the two. They even ended up getting married last year and seem to be a very happy couple, but it's still quite bewildering that a drop-dead sexy diva like Lana would be with quite the average looking guy in Rusev!

12 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Austin Aries

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Austin Aries didn't really have the best of times in the WWE, as he couldn't propel into a big star after being forced into the Cruiserweight Division from the get-go. He couldn't really romp past the dominant Neville in that division and decided on calling it a day in the WWE a few months back when he left the company. Despite not being with the WWE anymore, Aries still has quite the sexy partner back home in Thea Trinidad, who has herself broken through to WWE in the past few months. She's currently managing Andrade "Cien" Almas in NXT and is quite the smashing diva who is way better looking than Aries. He may have to revamp his career after bidding goodbye to a stage like WWE, but Austin Aries will always remain a happy man when he has a sexy diva like Trinidad to go home to.

11 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has been in quite the disarray ever since being betrayed by Big Cass as the trash-talker has not only been beaten up in WWE, but is also disliked by many backstage in WWE because of his mouth. Amore was recently kicked-off the WWE Tour Bus on their European Tour by Roman Reigns after annoying many wrestlers and has a lot of backstage heat on him right now because of his antics. Despite not being that attractive physically, Amore has actually managed to date NXT Diva Liv Morgan who is quite the sexy woman as well. She's someone who is way hotter than someone like Amore, who has enjoyed these rewards because of his position in WWE and popularity among the fans. But this relationship might not survive that long knowing Amore's reputation right now, which is deterring in the WWE.

10 Could Have Done Better: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has been one of the most talented wrestlers to have stepped into the WWE in many years, as "The Boss" has been a pivotal part of the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE in the past few years. Banks has already won many championships including the NXT Championship and Raw Women's Championship and is quite popular among the fans because of her talent and sexy looks as well. Despite being a terrific wrestler, Banks has also maintained her stunning looks and she actually surprised many when her boyfriend was revealed to all. It was a costume designer for WWE in Sarath Ton aka Kid Mikaze, who may be known by some who have seen videos of Xavier Woods' UpUpDownDown. Mikaze is quite the average looking guy who has managed to woo an absolutely amazing woman in Banks and is one of the luckiest guys in the company.

9 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens has been on a roll ever since arriving at WWE, as he shocked many by winning the NXT Championship from his former best friend Sami Zayn and only got better after getting the main roster call. He's since won the Intercontinental Championship, Universal Championship as well as the United States Championship and is one of the big players in WWE. But beyond his heinous kayfabe character, Owens is actually quite the family person (as he's mentioned before in the WWE) and he has every right to be one after having an amazing wife in Karina Steen. She's absolutely gorgeous and it's pretty surprising seeing them together because of how Owens is mocked for being "overweight" and not "good-looking" by some people. Owens' love story started way before he came to the WWE and is actually quite the lucky guy to have a sexy, caring wife at his side.

8 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin is at quite a comfortable position in the WWE right now as "Mr. Money in the Bank" and is on the verge of becoming WWE Champion soon as well. The Lone Wolf has come a long way since his NXT days and has portrayed quite the conniving heel on Smackdown Live ever since being drafted to it. Corbin may be a terrorizing figure in the ring, but he's taken much criticism from fans for not being good-looking and not having the "ideal" physique either. But it won't really matter to him much because he's got a stunning girl in Rochelle Roman at his side. Rochelle looks absolutely terrific and it's quite surprising to realize that somebody like Corbin can have such a sexy partner, as he's gotten a woman who is way out of his league and is a lucky man to be able to do that.

7 Could Have Done Better: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder is quite the unfortunate guy in the WWE as he was never pushed for some reason despite having a lot of charisma and popularity among the fans to be a big star. Ryder did get some momentum when he got his WrestleMania moment last year by winning the Intercontinental Championship, but even that was taken from him the next day. Ryder also has the looks of a star, as he's quite good-looking and popular with the ladies as well. He did date an amazing girl in Emma for some-time last year, but they broke up soon for some reason. He's since been dating Impact Wrestling's Lauren Van Ness, who seems like a major downgrade from the stunning Emma and not really that good for Ryder considering his own looks. Ryder made a mistake in letting Emma go for Lauren and probably deserves better than Lauren as well.

6 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been quite the mystical element of the WWE for many years now, as he's tried to fill the void of the Undertaker in the past few years and intrigue everyone with his chilling promos and "supernatural" ability. He's been one of WWE big stars in the past few years and was also known to be quite the caring family man when everyone was shocked when it was revealed that he cheated on his wife. Wyatt has left his wife for none other than Jojo, who may be popularly known as the ring announcer for WWE. Wyatt is now dating Jojo officially and while one can't support what he's done, he has definitely got himself a stunning woman who is way more good-looking than Bray. He's risked it all for the sex Jojo, even breaking off his marriage in the process to be with her!

5 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger's WWE career was one of a few highs and a lot of lows as the "All-American American" started off as a promising youngster in the WWE who held the ECW Title before being given the main event push. He won the Money in the Bank Briefcase and cashed it in to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but that was the end of his high. Swagger slowly turned into a jobber who would reprise his "American" role against the Anti-Americans and end up putting them over. He's now left WWE and despite having a torrid couple of years, at least his personal life is going great. Swagger has an absolutely smacking partner in Catalina White, who is a former model. It's bewildering to realize that someone as ordinary looking as Swagger ended up with someone as smoking hot as Catalina, but that shows the perks of being a WWE superstar!

4 Could Have Done Better: Batista

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"The Animal" Batista has successfully transformed himself into an actor from a professional wrestler in the past few years, starring in some hit movies which asserted him in Hollywood. But not many can actually forget how devastating he was back when he was at the top of the WWE and he was quite popular because of his hard-hitting, no-nonsense attitude as well. Batista also had an ace physique which had many women attracted to him, but before he was a star, Batista already had some partners. But he definitely could've done better than his first two wives Glenda and Angie. They weren't really that attractive and compared to the stunning Batista, it was actually quite shocking that he was with some average women like them. He probably learned his lesson after being with so many hot divas in WWE, as those relations ended quickly after he became famous in WWE.

3 Dated Way Out Of Their League: David Otunga

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David Otunga didn't really get the popularity he probably wanted in the WWE, as he initially shone as part of the Nexus but couldn't capitalize on that as a singles superstar. Otunga went onto become a commentator for WWE after failing to impress as a wrestler and he did do some good job as a commentator before he suddenly left the commentary desk. Now Otunga isn't really the most famous guy in WWE, so it's pretty shocking to discover that he actually managed to date and woo someone like Jennifer Hudson. They even have a child together and are officially a couple for many years now and Otunga may not have achieved much in WWE, but he did make quite the coup in his real life by dating someone as gorgeous as Jennifer Hudson, who is in a different league of her own.

2 Dated Way Out Of Their League: Jerry "The King" Lawler

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Jerry "The King" Lawler has been an iconic figure in the WWE for over a few decades because of his legendary commentary with Jim Ross which helped to voice the epic Attitude Era and beyond in an amazing manner. Lawler couldn't cope with pressure in the same way after he suffered a heart attack on air a few years back and has been replaced as a full-time commentator. Despite not having the best of times in the past years, Lawler managed to woo a younger woman in Lauryn McBride who was also quite sexy. Lawler may be quite old right now, but he's still in a relationship with a young, hot girl and despite their domestic assault incident a year ago, they still seem to be together. Regardless of whatever his relationship status is right now, Lawler managed to impress this stunning young girl who is way out of his league.

1 Could Have Done Better: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has had a spectacular year in the WWE as she's asserted herself as one of the biggest stars in the "Women's Division" and is ruling over Monday Night Raw as the "Goddess of WWE" right now. Bliss has had quite the spectacular transformation from the pretty, good-girl in NXT to the evil, sexy heel she is now on the main roster and has majorly upped her game since getting the promotion. The Raw Women's Champion's incredible looks is a prime reason to her success as the sexy woman has many fans because of it. But those fans were stunned to realize that she was dating Buddy Murphy, who was part of a tag team on NXT. Murphy is quite the scruffy, average looking guy for whom Alexa fell for and even though they seem to be in love, she could've definitely done more to choose a better partner!

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