10 Wrestlers Who Deflated Without The Juice (And 5 Who Are Still Ripped Without It)

Whether or not wrestlers openly admit to steroid use, there's no denying that it goes hand in hand with professional wrestling. At least that was the case a number of years ago. Steroid use in wrestling has definitely decreased over the years, and many of the WWE Superstars who took steroids in the past to achieve their chiseled physiques have chosen to become natural. The WWE had a pretty huge steroid scandal back in 2007 (following Chris Benoit's unfortunate and controversial passing), and multiple Superstars were suspended for illegal steroid usage. However, times have since changed, and fewer and fewer wrestlers are relying on steroids to achieve their desired "Superstar" size. Instead, with our advancing technology and scientific research, we have discovered that there are healthier ways to become shredded than steroids.

With that being said, today's article focuses in on 15 wrestlers who at one point used steroids, and 10 of those said wrestlers who deflated without the juice (lost their impressive muscle masses), and 5 who have remained ripped without "the gear". Though some of these wrestlers have denied using steroids, we all have eyes, and with a critical eye, it's fairly easy to tell which wrestler has juiced, and which wrestler has attained their body with hard work and a good diet. On the flip side of the same coin, some wrestlers who juiced remained in great shape even after they stopped, and shockingly, some of those said WWE Superstars look even better today.

15 Deflated: Ahmed Johnson

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For whatever reason, Ahmed Johnson's name seems to fit under many of our lists despite the fact that he was never a real "star" in professional wrestling. Long regarded as a talent Vince McMahon solely pushed because of his impressive physique and size, Ahmed Johnson failed to make it in WWE.

In Johnson's case, multiple horribly timed injuries held him back in WWE, because at one point, rumours suggested Vince was actually considering making Ahmed the WWE Champion shockingly enough. Regardless, once Ahmed Johnson's wrestling career started to slow down, he came off the juice (the stuff that helped make him so incredibly buff to begin with), and he unfortunately deflated without the help of steroids. Also, Ahmed definitely started exercising a lot less (and eating a lot more) as you can see above in the recent photo of Johnson posing with a fan.

14 Deflated: Hulk Hogan

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Probably the most iconic WWE Superstar of all time, Hulk Hogan was the shredded top babyface of the 80s and early 90s who sported his infamous "24 inch pythons". However, as we have all come to realize, Hulk Hogan didn't achieve his ripped body by simply saying his prayers and eating his vitamins. Instead, "The Hulkster" has attested to juicing during the trial of Vince McMahon in 1994 who was charged with illegally providing steroids to his performers.

Hulk Hogan was absolutely ripped during his stint in WCW, and he truly looked like a wrestling superhero. However, once his time in the spotlight started to fade away in the early 2000's , Hulk Hogan clearly got off the juice in order to stay healthy, and in Hogan's case, he deflated to a great extent as seen above.

13 Still Ripped: Randy Orton

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Now focusing in on some wrestlers who are still ripped without "the juice", we bring you SmackDown Live's Randy Orton. "The Viper" has been busted for steroid usage multiple times throughout his WWE career (it was especially noticeable early on his career). During Randy's first few years in the WWE, he was much puffier and bloated compared to what he is today - a much higher water retention resulting from steroid use.

However, as his career has progressed, Randy has decided to go the healthier route and be steroid-free which is a smart move. The last time Orton was busted for steroids was 2012, and since then, he's been clean as far as we're aware. Instead of having the puffier look that he had in his early years, Randy's instead much more lean, toned and ripped now a days.

12 Deflated: Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle, the former Olympic Gold Medalist has admitted to steroid usage in the past during his stint in WWE (after breaking his neck), but he has since stated that he's clean, and if he were to be tested right now, he'd come up clean. He has had a heck of a bumpy up/down career, and he has overcome many obstacles to get where he is today.

Kurt will always be remembered as being a complete freak of nature due to his incredible strength and power for a guy his size. Kurt Angle has since lost most of his size/strength in recent years - partly due to getting older and coming off the juice. In his recent WWE matches, fans could clearly see that Kurt's arms/legs had gotten quite significantly smaller, he was slower, and that he was totally worn out.

11 Deflated: The Ultimate Warrior

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If wrestling fans were asked which Superstar comes to their mind first as a a guy who took steroids, I'm sure many of those said fans would answer confidently with "The Ultimate Warrior". Known by the wrestling community as one of the most polarizing and shredded Superstars of all time, there is no arguing that one of the WWE's biggest stars of the 80s and 90s was on "the juice".

However, following his stints in WWE and WCW, The Ultimate Warrior obviously came off the juice that had made him the monster he was, and he slowly started to deflate. It's truly sad that we lost this legend, as it can almost be guaranteed that his excessive steroid usage contributed to his far too early passing.

10 Still Ripped: Rey Mysterio

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Though it may come as a shock to some, the high flying Rey Mysterio was busted for allegedly juicing during the 2007 WWE steroid scandal which saw a number of the company's performers suspended for using illegal substances. At 5 foot 6 inches and weighing just 175 pounds, it's somewhat hard to believe that Rey was on the juice, but for his size, I guess it isn't too farfetched.

Rey was also later linked to Chris Benoit's shady doctor who was sentenced to hard prison time (1o years) for illegally dispensing prescription drugs to numerous patients between 2002-2007. However, since then Rey Mysterio has been clean and denies using any steroids. As you can clearly see in the photo showcased above, Rey Mysterio is looking absolutely shredded, and if his word is true, he has achieved his recent impressive gains naturally.

9 Deflated: Sting

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Although Sting was never quite as jacked as say The Ultimate Warrior was even in his prime, Sting has admitted in the past that he took steroids back in his early wrestling days (his first few years following a career in body building) - though he claims to have "gotten smart" in 1990 and quit cold turkey. Sting gradually deflated and lost most of his muscle mass.

Towards the end of the 90s up until his retirement, Sting was much leaner and less defined as a result. That being said, despite not looking totally "shredded" during a good portion of his career unlike other talent of his day, Sting doesn't suffer from the same kind of health problems those said wrestlers do today which is great. Sting has been wrestling for what seems like an eternity, though his in-ring days are now well behind him.

8 Deflated: Scott Steiner

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For much of his career in WCW and WWE, it seemed as though Scott Steiner was constantly suffering from what we fans like to call "roid rage". Loud, obnoxious, and constantly filled with rage, Scott Steiner cemented his legacy in Sports Entertainment as one of the most entertaining Superstars of the 90's and early 2000's.

Scott was the literal definition of "shredded to the bone" during his peak years, and his biceps literally had their own biceps. However, once "Big Poppa Pump" stopped juicing to such an extreme degree the past decade or so, he has started to deflate like a balloon. Though he's still pretty huge, he's lost most of his muscle definition and size as you can see above in the recent picture of Scott Steiner at an Indy show.

7 Still Ripped: Triple H

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Although Triple H likes denying most steroid usage (except for one occasion to help heal his injury faster), it's become pretty clear to the wrestling community that he likely used it at one point in his career (to help him recover from injuries quicker, and to help him attain an impressive physique). A couple months ago, Triple H's nutritionist stated that some of the WWE's performers are permitted to take HGH, HCG or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (recently banned by the UFC).

All that aside, he is currently off the juice (apparently), and he's still ripped without it which showcases HHH's fantastic work ethic despite having such a busy schedule. It's even more impressive considering Triple H is 48.

6 Deflated: The Dynamite Kid

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The Dynamite Kid is yet another wrestler who abused steroids during his tenure in the WWE back in the 1980's. Dynamite Kid has went on record to state that he blames his current poor health on a number of things including steroid abuse, and he claims he took steroids from doctors, from friends, and even steroids that were allegedly meant for horses which is absolutely insane.

Like his former tag team partner (and another steroid abuser) Davey Boy Smith, he has suffered immensely once his time in the squared circle ended. Though he hasn't passed away like Davey, he suffers from all types of health problems now which is truly saddening. Since coming off the juice, The Dynamite Kid has lost all muscle mass and definition, and he's certainly a Superstar who can attest to steroids being a negative part of the wrestling business.

5 Deflated: Chris Masters

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Chris Masters was quite the physical specimen back during his initial WWE run in 2005-2007, hence why he sported the nickname "The Masterpiece". Masters was the kind of wrestler Vince McMahon had a special appreciation for, as he was absolutely shredded, and he did have some charisma. However, things were not meant to be for Chris in the WWE unfortunately, as multiple Wellness Policy violations hindered any possibility of Masters becoming a "main player".

Following his final WWE release in 2011, Chris Masters (now Chris Adonis) performs on the Indies and in Impact Wrestling. Judging by the recent photo above of Chris, it's clear that he has come off the juice, and he's lost a bulk majority of his impressive size and physique (if you've forgotten, just search up a picture of Masters from 2005/2006 - huge difference).

4 Still Ripped: John Morrison

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John Morrison was supposed to be a huge star in WWE. His case could be blamed on bad timing. While many readers may find it hard to believe given Morrison's relatively smaller size, he was reported to be using PEDs during a stretch between 2006-2007.

But this substance isn't the only substance that created headaches for the former rising star and indie darling. In fact, when he was with former WWE Diva Melina, she shared intimate details of his personal life online. How intimate? Morrison apparently had a prescription for medication to fix his E.D. We can confirm he is apparently no longer taking PEDs, but that last one might still be in his medicine cabinet.

3 Deflated: William Regal

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Although William Regal was never a very "shredded" wrestler to begin with, the fact remains Regal used steroids at one point in his career. Apparently William was on the gear in his 20s (according to the man himself), but he was suspended in 2008 so it's possible that he was using steroids later in his career as well.

Regardless, William Regal is clearly not on the juice anymore, and he has since lost most of his muscle mass (and put on extra weight as observed above). I'd say Regal has definitely deflated without the juice. That said, though William never reached his full potential in WWE due to his '08 Wellness Policy violation, at least he still has a solid position in the company as the NXT General Manager, as well as a behind the scenes coach for the up and coming future WWE Superstars.

2 Deflated: Lex Luger

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Coming in at the final entry under the "deflated without the juice" category, we have "The Total Package" Lex Luger. During the peak years of his wrestling career, Lex Luger was the epitome of a big sweaty man - Vince McMahon's dream Superstar. I think Luger is a good representation of an 80s wrestler who abused anabolic steroids, as they undoubtedly affected his health later in life.

Since coming off the juice, Lex Luger has unfortunately lost all of his impressive muscle mass he sported in the 80s and 90s, and he quite honestly looks nothing like he used to - almost unrecognizable. When Luger was interviewed a while back, he made an interesting statement. To sum it up, Lex made it known that Vince McMahon likes bigger than life individuals. Though times have since changed in WWE to some degree, that was definitely the case up until say 2008.

1 Ripped Without It: The Rock

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Despite being one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time and one of the current highest earning actors in Hollywood, that doesn't hide the fact that "The Brahma Bull"Dwayne Johnson was on the juice at one point in his career (Johnson claims he tried them when he was in his late teenage years along with his football friends). However, being a smart person, The Rock opted out of using "the gear" to achieve muscle mass, and he instead gained (and kept) his size with hard work, and a ton of healthy food.

Despite being off the juice, The Rock's still ripped without it, and he actually looks better now than he did during his peak wrestling years in the mid 90's to the early 2000's. The Rock is an example of a guy who has an incredibly great work ethic, and he has been able to succeed wherever he goes - and now, that's in Hollywood blockbuster films. Dwayne's big smile in the photo above showcases his passion for looking his absolute best.

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