10 Wrestlers Who Had Private Footage Leaked In The Past Year And 5 Who Could Be Next

The Internet has changed lives in numerous ways. In certain ways, however, it made life on this planet difficult. Celebrities, in particular, now tread carefully as every step that they make is carefully recorded in one way or the other. While what they do in public only seldom causes them huge headaches, what they do behind the scenes or, more particularly, in the bedroom seems to give them nightmares lately.

Wrestlers are no different. Many WWE and non-WWE wrestling personalities have had their private pictures leaked on the internet in the recent years, and 2017 was, especially, a field year for the lustful wrestling fans as over a dozen wrestlers had their private content leaked online.

We elected not to include the leaks – or the alleged leaks of Alberto Del Rio, Fandango and Impact Wrestling alumni Jesse Sorensen, but you’re allowed to Google them anyway in the event that you want to see for yourself if those leaks are legitimate or fake.

This article in no way encourages the immoral activities of the hackers, for we strongly believe that the wrestlers should be allowed to do whatever they want, unless what they do is illegal. Without further ado, let's fall head first into our first entry, who has been so overlooked that no one really talks about their leaks.

15 Leaked: Nia Jax

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Given the number of wrestlers who have had their private content released in the past year, the fact that Nia Jax’s leaks have gone under the radar is fairly understandable; to think coming across leaks has become yet another day in the office for wrestling fans. Although her face can’t be seen in the two pictures that were leaked in mid-December, those who have seen them seem to believe that those are real. The 240-pound monster, who is ironically kayfabe flirting with 205 Live’s Enzo Amore as of late, has elected not to comment on the leaks. She doesn’t have to, in the first place, for only the most hardcore wrestling fans seem to be aware of the leaks. Given her being a close relation of wrestling’s golden boy The Rock, her career won’t be affected because of the leaks.

14 Leaked: JoJo

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2017 was a hell of a year for JoJo, real name Jojo Offerman. In mid-2017, Bray Wyatt’s wife Samantha Rotunda aired the former WWE Champion’s dirty laundry publicly, with the young WWE announcer said to be his mistress. Later in the year, her private pics – dozens of them – were leaked by hackers alongside a host of other current wrestlers. She commented neither on her relationship with the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities nor the leaks; however, given the fact that she continues to announce for WWE, it’s safe to say that she’s got her employer’s backing.

However, the former Total Divas star ought to ensure that the Rotunda family debacle was the last time she’d ever brought negative publicity for the company if she has aspirations to emulate WWE legend Lillian Garcia.

13 Next: Nikki Bella

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To be in front of the public eye for so long should have its flip side as well. Nikki Bella, who was prominently featured on WWE television much before her relationship with poster boy John Cena, has only become more prominent, so much so that she now has a reality television show surrounding her and her twin sister Brie Bella. It’s safe to say that no other female wrestler has been in front of camera for as long as she’s been, with the exclusion of Stephanie McMahon. Accordingly, she’s earned a huge fan following, and some of her fans can be downright creepy, as evidenced by the comments one finds on her Instagram profile. It won’t take a lot of time for a crazy Stan to hack her phone and release her private photos. Here’s hoping that never happens.

12 Leaked: Kenny Omega

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Of all the leaks we have discussed in this article, Kenny Omega’s don’t essentially seem to be leaks, for those seem released by the NJPW United States Champion, who has a twisted sense of humor, himself to promote a Being the Elite episode. The ‘leaked’ pictures strangely resembled those of Seth Rollins, who had his nudes leaked by his ex-girlfriend in 2015, and his response to those leaks was a carbon copy of the former WWE Heavyweight Champion to boot.

The leaks have had no effect whatsoever upon his career; his stock continues to rise, with his winning a major NJPW title, The Elite selling more shirts than ever before and his securing a match with former WWE Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

11 Leaked: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair had an amazing 2017 calendar year, starting the year as Raw Women’s Champion and ending it as SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. However, the year also saw her naked pictorials shared on the Internet for only the first time, against her wishes. The five-time Women’s Champion commented, in the wake of the leaks, “Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent. These images must be removed from the Internet immediately.”

The pictures looked as though those were clicked to track her fitness progress, and it’s a shame that those were leaked by hackers. Vince McMahon and co. don’t seem to care about the leaks, as The Queen continues to be in the main-event picture no matter which brand she’s wrestling in.

10 Next: Cathy Kelley

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Very few WWE employees are as cute as Cathy Kelley. Given the response her YouTube segments garner, it’s surprising how WWE haven’t made her an active part of their television programming. She recently made the headlines for going out on a date with the former Bullet Club leader and Universal Champion Finn Balor, and if the current trend continues, she may go on to become the next victim of these actions, with her colleague Jojo Offerman enduring a similar fate.

The Cathy Kelley marks will hope that something like that never happens, for most of them would want to see her be her cute self without all the negative attention a leak may attract. Let's hope she only makes the headlines when she is called upon to host a WWE Network show or interview Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT or 205 Live superstars.

9 Leaked: Summer Rae

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Summer Rae’s bathroom selfies surfaced online in March 2017 around the same time a ridiculous number of wrestling personalities had their private content online. Although she wore a bikini or something along those lines in most pictures, her bare twins could be seen in a couple of pictures. There have been conflicting claims about the genuineness of the leaks, with many Internet fans claiming that the hackers used images of an adult entertainer who took after her. The wrestler herself has stated that the images were photoshopped. Much like most other wrestlers on this list, it didn’t impact her career in any way. However, her case is slightly curious, as she was already in a mini-hiatus that preceded her WWE release earlier this year.

8 Leaked: Mickie James

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Mickie James had loads of her naked selfies leaked online toward the tail end of 2017, when two other wrestlers also had their private content leaked online. Yhe pictures varied from bathtub selfies to pregnant selfies. Those, however, aren’t recent, though, for those were clicked in mid-2014, when she was still carrying her first and only child. That wasn’t the first time hardcore wrestling fans saw the multitple-time WWE championship holder naked, though, for they’d already seen her in numerous compromising positions already; she’d had a career as a naked model before training to become a professional wrestler. She hasn’t commented on the leaks. The leaks haven’t impacted her career in any way, as she continues to feature regularly on Raw, alongside Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alexa Bliss.

7 Next: Allie

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Impact Wrestling stars haven’t been immune to the wrestling leaks, as we’ve seen a host of them, including Velvet Sky, Alberto El Patron and Jesse Sorensen have their private content leaked over the years. Allie could be the next non-WWE wrestler to have their private photos leaked online. Two precautions that wrestlers can take is to never upload their private content to iCloud or any other online storage that others can have access to just by knowing their user credentials and send their private photos to only those they can fully trust. We don’t want to ever see a wrestler have their private content leaked online, for they, just like every one of us, deserve to do the – legal – things most humans enjoy without having to face the repercussions non-celebrities never seem to go through.

6 Leaked: Maria Kanellis

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Much like Mickie James, every wrestling fan’s already seen Maria Kanellis’ naked body on Playboy’s centrefold. However, that didn’t stop the hackers from releasing her nudes online not once but many times throughout 2017, with the latest set of pictures circulated in November. The leaks included numerous selfies of the 35-year-old former Impact Wrestling and NJPW wrestler, with most of those being mirror selfies clicked in bathrooms. Much like most other wrestlers who have had their private content released in the recent times, she hasn’t commented on those, and WWE seems to back her fully, as she continues to be employed by the company while being on maternity leave. It’s also safe to say that no one will even remember that she had nudes leaked when she eventually returns with her recovering husband Mike Kanellis.

5 Leaked: Victoria

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Victoria has won seven WWE or Impact Wrestling titles in her 17-year wrestling career, but the two prominent reasons why she’s headlined dirtsheets in the 2010s remains her extra-marital relationship with John Cena and her ugly divorce in 2015. She hit the headlines again in May 2017, when a plethora of her private content became public. Unlike most other wrestlers who had their private content leaked in 2017, her images were highly graphic, as she could be seen doing the deed with an older-looking man in those pictures.

Of all the wrestlers who had their private content leaked last year, only Victoria, real name Lisa Marie Varon, seems to the only inactive one – the rare indie appearances don’t count and, accordingly, the leaks haven’t impacted her career in any way whatsoever.

4 Next: Tyler Bate

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Tyler Bate, who became the first-ever WWE UK Championship holder in January 2017, is a vicious striker when he’s in the ring. Outside of the ring, though, he’s a big-time troll, just like fellow European Finn Balor. However, unlike the Irish wrestler, who only makes child-like jokes such as not being over, he seems to find pleasure in teasing fans online with raunchy pictures. For a person who clicks such teasing pictures at the frequency in which he does, it’s safe to say that he’s sent a few NSFW pictures to ring rats, and he must hope that those don’t come back to bite him. With WWE only pushing Seth Rollins and Tom Philips on the back of their leaks, it’s safe to say that his constant teasing won’t impact his career in any way.

3 Leaked: Gail Kim

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Gail Kim has had an amazing year, returning to Impact Wrestling in August 2017 as the company’s only female Hall of Famer and embarking on her seventh Knockout Championship reign before announcing her Impact Wrestling departure in November 2017. The year also saw o naked pictures surface online – in October – many years after the Korean-Canadian model-cum-wrestler had stopped posing naked for magazines. Unlike our next entry, she, one of the greatest female wrestlers ever, didn’t garner widespread attention, as she no longer comes across as a relevant face in the business. Thankfully, though, the leaks haven’t had any impact on her personal life or career as she continues to be in a happy marriage with celebrity chef Robert Irvine and earn indie wrestling bookings every now and then.

2 Leaked: Paige

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Does anyone who’s read thus far doesn’t know what’s been happening to Paige? No professional wrestler had as erratic a year as the British wrestler had, as she dated another controversial figure Alberto Del Rio, stayed away from WWE for reasons only known to the wrestler and the company and had tonnes of her private content leaked online. The leaks started off with just a few selfies but, as time went by, videos featuring wrestlers Brad Maddox, Xavier Woods and other unnamed men surfaced online. Much to her dismay, the leaks haven’t stopped as a new set of images were leaked in December. WWE, who are derided for a lot of reasons, have done the right thing by not just keeping her on their payroll but also featuring her prominently on their flagship show.

1 Next: Noelle Foley

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No other non-wrestling personality seems to garner the attention of hardcore wrestling fans as much as Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle Foley does. Despite her lack of celebrity, she boasts about 800k followers on Instagram, who seem to have followed her for the steamy pictures she uploads at regular intervals. Unlike Tyler Bate, she doesn’t essentially tease her followers, as her pictures seem to have a professional mould. However, her sex appeal is certain to tempt the hackers, who’ve been mercilessly making the lives of some of the wrestlers significantly worse for a while now; thus, she needs to be more careful with how she handles her private pictures. Here’s hoping the Holey Foley! star doesn’t ever suffer as much as Paige, Jojo Offerman or Xavier Woods suffered in 2017.

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