10 Wrestlers Who Looked Great Before Joining WWE (And 10 Who Didn't)

In order to be successful in the WWE, a professional wrestler needs to have the looks of a "superstar" along with able wrestling skills inside the squared circle. While the WWE always brings in the best talents from around the globe, they don't always get wrestlers who look "good enough" for their product and have to transform their physique as well. They push their talents to work on their appearance as the looks of a wrestler is vital for them creating "stars" out of them.

But as we all know, the WWE is quite persistent on "creating their own superstars" as they have only recently started recruited wrestlers who are already stars in the Independent circuit or in other promotions. The WWE has created many stars with great looks in the past, but there have also been many wrestlers who already looked like stars when they came to the company. While these wrestlers didn't need any "improvement" physically, some other wrestlers didn't look so good when they entered the WWE.

These wrestlers needed to improve their looks to go over with the fans, with WWE training them to their limits in order to attain the "perfect" figure. So let's have a look at these 10 wrestlers who didn't look so good while joining WWE and 10 others who already had the looks of a star.

20 Did: Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura has definitely spiced up things in the WWE ever since arriving last year, with the "King of Strong Style" asserting himself as quite the rockstar in the company. Nakamura has found himself being loved by the fans because of his wicked style of wrestling and charisma, but those have seen him before he arrived at WWE will remember being this amazing wrestler for a long time now. Nakamura was also the rockstar of New Japan Pro Wrestling for many years, where he looked terrific and carried off himself with much swagger. The WWE retained the character which got him over in Japan for their product, which has proved to be quite fruitful for them so far. Nakamura started dazzling WWE fans right from the get-go and knowing how much of a Rockstar he was in Japan, he didn't have any problems portraying it amazingly in WWE.

19 Didn't: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch may now be starring in movies produced by WWE studious, but she didn't always have the looks of someone who can star in any movie. Lynch has come a long way since her debut in WWE and has asserted herself as one of the top women on Smackdown Live! in the past year or so, but she didn't always look this "fiery" when she initially joined the WWE. Prior to signing with WWE, Becky traveled around the world wrestling and didn't really pay much attention to how she looked back then. This picture shows how unrecognizable she looked back then, as she looks almost shocking in this picture. She didn't have the looks of a "WWE superstar" at all and definitely worked hard to attain that after joining WWE, as she never would've been a star if she retained her Indy looks in WWE.

18 Did: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has been on a roll ever since she was drafted into the main roster by the WWE, after which she has won both the Smackdown Live! and Raw Women's Championship. The "Goddess Of WWE" is currently one of the top stars of the division and looks absolutely amazing as well, with much of her popularity being due to her sexy looks. While Bliss had definitely upped her looks since coming to WWE, she has always been a stunning woman. Before WWE, she was a professional body-builder for a while and posed in a few competitions, with this picture proving how sexy she has been even before she joined WWE. Bliss' terrific look and character portrayal have impressed management enough to push her ever since she joined the main roster and the fans have been loving that so far.

17 Didn't: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore is flying quite high at WWE at the moment as the reigning Cruiserweight Champion and is one of the best things about 205 Live! at the moment. Amore didn't really look so good as a competitor prior to joining the division but has portrayed his heel role perfectly ever since winning the title. While Enzo doesn't have the most "flashy" looks, he looks pretty good for a Cruiserweight and has his own style which is working wonders. But prior to joining WWE, Enzo didn't really have the best of appearances and looked like a low-key punk who needed a complete make-over. This picture shows just how weird Amore looked back then, as he was completely changed up by the WWE who made a star out of him by giving him a gimmick which suited with his wacky looks.

16 Did: Asuka

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Asuka has left quite the amount of destruction in her path in the WWE so far, with the undefeated wrestler leaving everyone terrified of facing her. She was made into a big star in NXT where she surpassed the undefeated streak of Goldberg in WCW and is yet to be pinned or submitted on the main roster. It doesn't seem like anyone can stop the "Empress of Tomorrow" in WWE, but there's a reason why Asuka's being held in high regard by them. She was already a big star in Japan before joining WWE, where she also had a stunning figure but managed to look terrifying with her face-paints at times. She had the looks of a star right from her days in Japan, and has adapted to the WWE really well and looks set to rule over the Women's Division in the years to come.

15 Didn't: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has turned himself into quite the fan-favorite over the past few years, with "The Man" proving himself to be one of the best athletes in the company and gaining a lot of popularity because of his charisma and in-ring ability. The cover star of WWE 2k18 is beloved by most of the fans, with many female fans drooling over his amazing looks as well. While Rollins may have this terrific figure right now, he wasn't always this charismatic and was actually turned into looking so good by WWE. Before joining WWE, Rollins was pretty successful in the Independent scene, as he won the ROH Championship as well. But he looked pretty skinny and childish back then, with this picture proving so. The WWE helped him establish himself as a worldwide star and they definitely helped him turn from a rookie to "The Man".

14 Did: Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman has to be one of the most terrorizing wrestlers in professional wrestling nowadays, with the "Monster Among Men" wreaking havoc in the past year or so. Strowman has been built as this indestructible monster by WWE, who saw the opportunity to make a big star of him and went with it. Strowman has the looks of a proper monster with his huge, muscular figure and that isn't something which he got after joining WWE. Strowman was a power-lifter prior to joining the WWE and it was his success as one which attracted the WWE to sign him up. He looked pretty terrifying back then as well and had the similar figure he has nowadays, so the WWE got a ready-made giant in Strowman and gave him the proper gimmick which has enabled Braun to prove how much of a "monster" he can be.

13 Didn't: Paige

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Paige may not have had the most memorable of years because of how her career was almost ruined because of her leaks earlier this year, but she is now back in the WWE and looking to re-assert herself as a top star. The youngest Divas Champion is still only 25 years old and has a long future ahead of her, as she's looking in great shape these days as well. Paige looks quite sexy these days, but the same cannot be said of her before she joined WWE. She was wrestling for quite a few years before joining WWE but looked like a goth girl who really didn't take good care of her looks. This picture shows just how she didn't look like a star at all and Paige had to get a make-over after joining WWE, which proved to be great for her career.

12 Did: Kassius Ohno

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Kassius Ohno has had quite the topsy-turvy journey in the WWE, as he was initially signed by them many years ago and even appeared in NXT in its primitive years. He didn't really have the most successful of times back then, which made WWE release him and Ohno went back to the Independent circuit to prove himself. While he hasn't been looking the best in recent years, Ohno looked great before he was initially signed by WWE and was a star in the Indy circuit. He had the looks of a star with his muscular figure, which was the reason why WWE were so eager on signing him. His transformation in the past few years has been quite shocking and fans who have been following him for a long time will definitely remember how great he looked before his first WWE stint.

11 Didn't: Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin has been quite the intimidating wrestler in the WWE over the past few years, with the "Lone Wolf" portraying his heel character really well on the main roster. Corbin has been booked pretty well by the WWE which makes his heel character so dislikable and even though he has had some ups and downs in WWE, he looks set to be a strong wrestler for the years to come. While he may look to be pretty intimidating in WWE, that wasn't the case before he joined them as he was a football player prior to wrestling. This picture shows him as a football player and Corbin used to look pretty bad back then, as he was too heavy and looked weird because of his broad figure back then. He's definitely slimmed down and become this hard-hitting bully in WWE, which proved a better career for him than football.

10 Did: Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode has had quite the "glorious" time so far in the WWE, where he's won the NXT Championship and looks like quite the popular wrestler on Smackdown Live! as well. Roode is being treated pretty well and is portraying a face character pretty well too and knowing his experience, it's no surprise how well he's blend into WWE. Roode will obviously be known as the "Triple H" of TNA, where he came up as a tag team guy but then became a top star. Roode was one of the better-looking guys in TNA and had a great figure, so it's no surprise really that the WWE were quite eager to sign him after he left TNA. Roode arrived at the WWE as a ready-made superstar and adapted to the new company brilliantly, which is why he's involved in the main roster pretty quickly after signing with WWE.

9 Didn't: John Cena

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John Cena has now moved on from being the "Face of the WWE" and looks set to be a part-timer for the rest of his WWE career, with the 16 time World Champion looking to move into the movie business. Regardless of that, Cena will always be valued at WWE because of how hard he worked to become their face and carry the company for almost a decade. While he did have the looks of a legitimate top star in WWE, the same cannot be said of him before WWE. Cena was a professional body-builder and looked pretty weird prior to joining WWE, with his picture proving so. He had blonde hair and was didn't look like a "star" at all, as the WWE needs to be credited for changing up his look and making him the mega-star he is today.

8 Did: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe has asserted himself as the baddest wrestler on Monday Night Raw recently, with the Samoan Submission Machine taking out many big stars in his conquest to become the top guy in the brand. Joe has now been part of WWE for over two years, with his debut at NXT: Takeover Unstoppable surprising many. He looked really good and dangerous upon his debut, which is because he has been looking great for a few years now. Joe has maintained his intimidating looks for quite a while now and became the top guy in TNA because of it. He trimmed his weight and maintained a strong figure before arriving in WWE, which enabled Triple H to introduce him quickly after signing him for the company because he already looked like a star upon his arrival to WWE.

7 Didn't: Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns has been quite the polarizing figure in the WWE over the past few years, with the "Big Dog" currently being the considered as the "Face of the WWE". Reigns has come under extreme criticism in the past for being "pushed over the moon" by WWE, who see something in him the fans clearly don't. One thing which stands out in Reigns is his looks, which is definitely the one for a top star. He's muscular and just the right figure for a heavyweight and is loved by many female fans because of it. Reigns however didn't really look like a star before joining WWE, but started to work on his figure and managed to attain a look which convinced WWE to make him the poster boy of the company.

6 Did: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows haven't really gotten the success they would've wanted after joining the WWE, with the company not really utilizing them to the fullest. Anderson & Gallows had a terrific record in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where they often held the Tag Titles as part of the Bullet Club. The success of the duo was a prime reason for WWE signing them along with AJ Styles, and they were dropped into the fray quickly after becoming a part of WWE. They had the looks of a ruthless, impressive tag teams with this picture showing just how intimidating they used to look back in New Japan. They looked like top guys on New Japan, but the WWE somehow managed to bring them down to becoming a mid-card tag team who don't look like the dominating force they were in Japan anymore.

5 Didn't: The Miz

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The Miz had quite the amazing 2017 in WWE, where he established himself as one of the best heels in the company and upped the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship on his own. The "Awesome One" has been pretty great for the past few years now and has maintained a great look at himself which perfectly represents the cocky heel he is. While The Miz might look pretty good these days, that wasn't the case before he joined the WWE. The Miz actually looked pretty awful and nerdy, with this picture proving just how much he has changed himself since those days. His earlier looks would've never made him popular in WWE, so it's quite amazing how The Miz has changed himself over the years and has been looking superb for the past few years.

4 Did: Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens has probably been the most successful NXT call-up on the main roster, where he's won three titles in a span of around two years in the company. Owens has been pushed quite heavily by the WWE and despite not being the best-looking wrestlers in the company, they've pushed him because of his amazing character and terrific in-ring skills. While Owens doesn't look so good these days, that wasn't the case when he was in the Independent scene many years ago. Before joined WWE as Kevin Owens, he was Kevin Steen in the Indy scene and was actually much slimmer and much fitter than he is nowadays. This picture shows just how great he looked prior to joining WWE and even though his wrestling skills and personality are still amazing which have resulted in success in WWE, Owens will probably never retain his previous looks again.

3 Didn't: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been one of the most fascinating characters of WWE for the past few years, with the "Eater of Worlds" bringing that mystical element to WWE after the Undertaker left the company. Wyatt has always been part of interesting feuds and even though he doesn't have the "perfect figure" of a wrestler, his personality and eerie looks are enough to make on terrified of him. While Wyatt may be a great gimmick in WWE, he wasn't always this scary-looking and was actually a football player prior to pro wrestling. Wyatt played a few years of college football and this picture shows him as a football player and how different and heavier he looked. Wyatt didn't have the looks of a star as a football player or even as "Husky Harris", so the way he's transformed himself over the years is quite staggering.

2 Did: AJ Styles

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AJ Styles is in some phenomenal form right now in the WWE, where he's the current WWE Champion and has been a top guy in the company ever since being drafted to Smackdown Live! Styles signed with the WWE quite late into his career and even though he is currently reaping the boons of his hard-work over the years, the way he has kept himself as the best and even transformed his looks is amazing. While Styles has the looks of a big star these days, he looked great, way before joining the company. Styles looked especially dangerous and amazing in his New Japan Pro Wrestling days, where he looked like an actually bully and leader. It's no surprise that WWE didn't take much time to start pushing him as a top star because he was already at the peak of his game when he became a part of WWE.

1 Didn't: Neville

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Neville may have disappeared from the WWE for quite some-time now, but he did a great job in WWE's Cruiserweight Division this year and helped it gain some prestige with his work as the Cruiserweight Champion. Neville has worked really hard to become a star in WWE and recently got absolutely buffed up, looking amazing with his muscular, toned figure. But the "Man That Gravity Forgot" wasn't always this buffed up and looked pretty shocking when he was in the Independent scene. This picture proves just how weak and skinny he used to look when he was in the Indy scene and Neville has definitely had to work really hard on his looks since then. It's amazing how well he's transformed himself from the skinny rookie to an intimidating WWE star and it's because of his terrific dedication and work that many want him back quickly in WWE.

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