10 Wrestlers Who Must Be Amazing With Their Partners (And 10 Who Are Probably Awkward)

While wrestling's popularity has declined over the years, WWE Superstars still enjoy the limelight outside of the ring. From hotels to airports, fans always gather to meet them. They are also invested in their personal lives and want to learn everything there is to know about their favorite stars.

The drama and storylines are the biggest draws in wrestling, it's no surprise that fans also love to gossip about the relationships of WWE Superstars. We've heard all types of wild stories and urban legends, some of which create a different perception of said stars. WWE Superstars are some of the world's best athletes, but that means very little when it comes to their love life. Even the most athletic talents can't always deliver. On the other hand, there are names whom you wouldn't expect to deliver but groupie tales tell a different story.

It's usually easy to spot which wrestlers can deliver in their love life; they tend to have natural confidence and can easily attract women or men. But of course, one must remember these wrestlers are portraying a character on TV. While some may appear to be arrogant, their real life personality is completely different. Those who are awkward in the ring and on the mic, they have higher chances of being awkward in bed as well. Does anyone really expect James Ellsworth to know what he's doing?

Today, we list 10 wrestlers who must be amazing with their partner and 10 who are likely awkward. We should point out the list is all in good fun and just pure speculation and educated guesses. Hey, you never know who really has it, but let's have some fun.


20 Must Be Amazing: Lita


There must be a reason why Lita has been desired by so many wrestlers, from Matt Hardy, Edge to CM Punk, and many others. She's one of the most popular WWE Divas and has been involved in many not-so-PG segments throughout her career.

Urban legends say that Lita got around quite a bit in the locker room, not only in the WWE but in ECW and other promotions too. It probably means what we were all already thinking. Add in to the fact she's a redhead, and now you have your confirmation.

Lita has that look in her eyes that tells you she knows what to do. She knows that men desire her and she takes advantage of that. And if you still aren't convinced, remember that Matt Hardy and Edge fought over her.

19 Probably Awkward: Rey Mysterio


I don't think you will find many who disagree with Rey Mysterio's inclusion. We love him as a wrestler and he seems to be a great person too. But he doesn't exactly seem like a world class lover, from his stature to his voice. Not to mention the awkwardness in all his photos with his wife, who's taller than him.

When you look at their photos, he seems like an underdog in the bedroom who get dominated, just as he did in his WWE days. We could be wrong about him but it's unlikely.

In his WCW days, Mysterio recorded a rap music video that was full of models and he totally looked out of place. Even in WWE backstage segments that involve other Divas, he tended to suddenly appear awkward. As much of a great highflyer he was, he wasn't necessarily a great actor, so it's pretty telling that he gets uncomfortable around women.

18 Must Be Amazing: The Rock

If The Rock isn't as amazing in his love life as he has been claiming for 20 years, that would probably be the most disappointing lie ever told. The man has built a career off bragging about his powers outside of the ring. It would be as devastating as finding out that Santa Claus isn't real.

But we are inclined to believe him, which is why he falls on the "Must Be Amazing" side. The Rock has that confidence that assures you he doesn't just talk the talk. You can tell plenty about someone by their levels of confidence, and The Rock oozes charisma.

During the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, The Rock made headlines for his outfit of choice, which showed his business. And there was plenty of it to show. It left everyone speechless, from celebrities in attendance to people watching at home. But then again, he's a sports entertainer so you never really know what's real.

17 Probably Awkward: Big Show


While Rey Mysterio's stature has us thinking that he's awkward, Big Show is just taking it to another level. There must be a middle ground. You are just so limited to the things you can do with Big Show, and for that, he must be an awkward lover by default.

The only benefit we can think of is he could easily lift his partner, so that's a bonus but probably not enough. Big Show is probably just laying there the whole time while his poor wife has to try to make everything work with the 7-footer.

Big Show is pretty athletic for a big man but in-ring action is completely different than our topic. His wife is less than half his size as one would expect and we can't imagine that making for great action between the sheets.

16 Must Be Amazing: Shawn Michaels


Since coming into the wrestling scene, women have always been into Shawn Michaels. During the 90s, he was well-known for his lifestyle and all the fun he used to have in different cities while touring with the WWE. He hooked up with several Divas and countless groupies.

The man was confident enough to pose for Playgirl; it should tell you everything that you need to know about him. His character during his prime years made him one of the hottest names in wrestling, he displayed levels of arrogance that only few others could match.

Tales from groupies confirm that Shawn Michaels belongs here. Sunny complimented him for knowing what to do and even went as far to call him the best she has ever had. That's extremely high praise from someone who's known for having been around. It's good to know that we weren't deceived throughout the years, as Michaels wasn't just playing a character on screen.

15 Probably Awkward: Bayley


Bayley comes across as an innocent sweet girl who's a prude to an extent. Whether that's true or not, it's just the vibe that we get from her. She's too awkward in nearly every single thing she does, from her entrance to her wrestling. Not a bad wrestler by any means, but several of her moves are awkwardly performed.

And don't get us started on her promos. There isn't a single Bayley promo that doesn't at least feature some awkwardness, from dead silences to stumbling her lines. And she doesn't exactly sound convincing half the time, whether she's trying to be cheerful or serious on the mic.

For what it's worth, Bayley has admitted to being shy and somewhat awkward in several interviews, so she has already made a case on her own behalf. We just can't imagine her being that different in her love life; as the saying goes: What you see is what you get.

14 Must Be Amazing: Chris Jericho


It's humanly impossible for Chris Jericho to be awkward in his love life. Not a chance. You could go back to watch early footage of a younger Y2J in WCW, Mexican or Japan, and you will see that he's always been the confident man we've known him to be.

Of course, he developed his character over the years and learned how to work the crowd. But the confidence and charisma has always been there. So why would any expect him to be any different in the bedroom? Jericho is quite possibly the least awkward person there has ever been, although he sure knows how to get everyone else to look awkward in comparison.

Jericho has previously spoken about groupies and as one would expect, the man has no trouble impressing the ladies. He's also been linked with several ladies during his time in wrestling, most notably Kelly Kelly. There are several steamy photos of the former couple on the internet and Kelly looked awfully happy.


13 Probably Awkward: James Ellsworth


James Ellsworth is possibly the most awkward WWE Superstar in history. Everything about him is awkward; his face, body, movements, expressions, promos and wrestling moves. It was the very same reason the audience liked him in the first place, when he was being fed as a jobber to Braun Strowman.

As WWE always does, they overused Ellsworth to the point the crowd had grown sick of him. From bein cheered by the entire crowd to being booed out of the building. Thankfully for him, partnering with Carmella has somewhat saved his career, at least for the time being.

Seeing how awkward Ellsworth appears to be, we can't imagine him being remotely amazing in the boudoir. He's definitely as awkward as it gets, and it's clear he isn't simply playing a character on TV. Otherwise, he would deserve an Oscar for his performance.

12 Must Be Amazing: Carmella

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They say that opposites attract, which would explain the nature of James Ellsworth and Carmella's relationship on-screen. Although we doubt that Carmella sees her prince charming in him, they are still an on-screen couple. As awkward as Ellsworth may be, Carmella appears to be confident to the point she's full of herself.

Not a bad thing if you ask me; confidence is key in life. Carmella's attitude is that of a woman who knows her worth, while her actions have us convinced that she must be an amazing lover. From the look in her eyes, you can tell that she's quite the expert between the sheets, perhaps even a little experimental.

She's another name on the list whose charisma is natural without trying too hard; a very indicative sign if you ask me. And she's not afraid to flaunt her goodies, just check her Instagram and thank us later!

11 Probably Awkward: Brock Lesnar


Most would agree that Brock Lesnar is amazing in the ring, but we highly doubt that's the case when he's with Sable. He did fall in love quite fast and married Sable, who was previously married to Marc Mero. If you were a fan during the Attitude Era, you probably had a major crush on her. But let's be honest, not many would have wifed her.

When a man falls head over heels in love so fast, and at a young age, it usually means that he isn't exactly popular with the ladies. Looking at Brock Lesnar, his awkward promos and facial expressions tell us that he is only a beast in the ring.

There are no suplexes to be performed with a partner. Lesnar has had the same match for three years now, do you really think he's any adventurous with his partner? Highly unlikely if you ask me.

10 Must Be Amazing: Triple H


When women fight over you, it means one of two things; you're either rich or amazing in the boudoir. Seeing as Stephanie McMahon and Chyna already had the riches, it can't be Triple H's money that they were after for years. That makes the second option an obvious choice.

We're all familiar with the love triangle story by now. The hatred grew between the two ladies as they both fought to win Triple H's heart. It probably wasn't a difficult choice to make for Triple H, and regardless how they got together, one can't help but admire their strong relationship.

Triple H spent most of the 90s talking about his powers and junk, he seemed awfully confident about it too. Not to mention, he nicknamed himself "The Game" while his D-Generation X antics revolved around showing the world that he was God's gift to women and the world.

9 Probably Awkward: Hulk Hogan 



Well, one thing's for sure; we know Hogan knows how to kill a mood! Back when his tape with Heather Clem was released, after the deed was done, Hogan went on a racist tirade regarding over who his daughter Brooke was dating. Is the bedroom any place to start using racial slurs or talk about what your daughter's doing? Talk about a mood kill!

In addition to that, Hogan's body has broken down over the years and while he still has the large pythons, you have to wonder how all those back surgeries have caught up to him. Remember what he looked like in his final few matches? He probably isn't Hulking Up at a moment's notice anymore, brother... The leg drop doesn't work here.

8 Must Be Amazing: Dolph Ziggler


There is no need for speculation when it comes to Dolph Ziggler; there are testaments from different women to prove that he's amazing in bed. He has that arrogant look that speaks volumes but if you needed any further proof, it actually exists.

Like we always say, Ziggler is the modern day Shawn Michaels in everything except his accomplishments. Sunny praised his size and stamina, noting that Ziggler could go at it from 12 a.m. until 7 a.m. She even referred to him as a machine - little does she know that Viscera already had that copyrighted.

Sunny wasn't the only one full of praise for Ziggler; there was also comedian Amy Schumer who hooked up with him. According to the actress, Ziggler was too athletic for her and she couldn't handle him as he kept spinning and tossing her around. Poor Dolph, his talents always go unappreciated.

7 Probably Awkward: Enzo Amore


Since it's Enzo, we're just going to assume that he is a bad lover. Sure, he can talk plenty on the mic but not much to speak of when it comes to his in-ring talent. Enzo seems like the type of man who will brag and promise every woman the best time of her life until it's time to perform.

You know, similar to what he does in the WWE; he talks trash about his opponents only to embarrass himself. And let's be honest, looking at Enzo, he doesn't exactly strike you as a generous lover. He's probably annoying to the point that his partner just wants to get it over with and never come back. Or might even send her Bulgarian boyfriend to handle him.

Enzo's goofy behavior on-screen and social media makes us believe that charisma is all he has to offer, and not must else in the bedroom.

6 Must Be Amazing: Alexa Bliss


There is not a single doubt that Alexa Bliss is amazing in her love life; she might be even more talented than she is in the ring. Her attitude is a reflection of her high confidence, from Alexa Bliss the character to her real life personality.

Unlike Bayley, Alexa isn't awkward or even shy. There is a reason why she has achieved so much success, it was largely due to her strong presence. She's one of those wrestlers who can easily make their presence felt by the simplest things, such as face expressions.

Not to mention the rumors regarding Alexa Bliss, it's been said that she slept her way to the top. She's been accused of being a ring rat who hooked up with several names to make it to where she currently is. Alexa Bliss has denied those rumors, but who's to know the truth?

5 Probably Awkward: Charlotte


This goes to show that genetics don't always transition from a parent to their kid. Charlotte has always stood out for two reasons; being Ric Flair's daughter and her strength in the ring. Unfortunately, neither of those mean anything when it comes to her ability in between the sheets.

Although she has significantly improved since her early days, she still comes off as awkward from time to time. She's not always convincing with her delivery and the lack of confidence makes us think that it's an issue beyond the ring.

Charlotte is physically strong, not any man can handle her. She needs someone who is compatible with her or else things will likely take a turn for the worse. Her wrestling persona is quite different than her true self, she claims to be a queen but likely not in her love life.

4 Must Be Amazing: Paige


In case you were sleeping under a rock during the first half of 2017, we will remind you why she belongs on this list. When photos and videos exist to back up our claim, not much else needs to be said.

Paige is a confident girl and her tapes don't leave anything for imagination.

You also have to remember her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. He was willing to defend her following the scandal and even burned bridges with the WWE due to his relationship with Paige. There is only one factor as to why Del Rio would go out of his way to behave the way he has in recent times, and we'll let you take a wild guess. Paige has always had that confidence about her that sends the right message.

3 Probably Awkward: Sasha Banks


Possibly the most controversial entry out of all 20 names. We certainly understand why some would think otherwise but we beg to differ. Allow me to make a case before you make your mind up. A nice body is just that, it means very little in the big picture. While men salivate at Sasha's entrance and hot outfits, she really is just playing a character.

With some wrestlers, their on-screen personality shines due to their natural charisma. As for Sasha, you can tell that she's simply portraying a gimmick. In reality, she's much more awkward than she appears to be, and we have seen plenty of glimpses through her WWE promos.

She may be a boss when the bell rings, but not necessarily in her regular life. And if Sasha botches in the bedroom half as much as she does in the ring, well, we can't help but feel for her partner.

2 Must Be Amazing: Batista


For years, there's been a running joke about Batista's junk. It all began with a question from a troll, and has become one of those things that just won't die. Nobody has been able to confirm whether Batista is packing heat, but his history with WWE Divas should speak for itself.

He practically bedded half the roster during his prime years. If Batista wasn't performing well, there's no way so many women would've been swooning over a married man with a teen daughter.

Batista is also known for having fun on the road with several rumors about him hooking up with groupies. From the very first day he debuted, you could always tell that he had "it". Sure, he's not The Rock or John Cena when it comes to cutting a promo, but he oozes confidence. And for all those reasons, we believe Batista belongs on this side of the chart.

1 Probably Awkward: The Undertaker


The Undertaker appears so perfect that he must be lacking in some area. There aren't many things that you can criticize him for, but it's highly unlikely that he is as legendary with lovers as he is in the ring.

WWE found the perfect character for The Undertaker that suited his personality. While many reminisce on his biker days, it's mostly nostalgia that's affecting their point of view. His personality didn't exactly stand out at a time when plenty of wrestlers were shining.

How many memorable promos can you really list from The Undertaker? As The Deadman, he's more than comfortable to portray the gimmick. However, there have been times when he attempted to switch personas and the awkwardness of his true self was on display for all to see.


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