10 Wrestlers Who Need To Stop Getting Married (And 5 Who Are Forever Single)

There is a lot of inter-breeding in the world of professional wrestling. That does not mean members of the same family engaging in relationships with one another. Instead it refers to those in the business marrying and dating each other. In an industry that requires so much of your time and focus, it's really hard not to. Either you meet someone before your career takes off, remain single forever, or date within the pro wrestling pool. There are wrestlers who meet and marry those from outside the business but as will quickly become evident, those relationships are hard to maintain.

Considering how much of a pro wrestler's life is taken up by their career, it's hard to figure out where some of them find the time to get married so often. There are a couple of entries on this list that have been married as many as four times. Wrestlers are constantly on the road and away from their family. This time on the road means there are many reasons as to why it will eventually come to an end. Drinking, substance abuse, adultery; they all rear their ugly heads during this list. Here are ten wrestlers who really need to stop getting married and five Superstars who may be forever single. Judging by how messy the divorces can get, we believe the single ones should count themselves lucky.

15 Needs To Stop: Paige

We would be remiss if we didn't discuss Paige on this list. Now we know that Paige has never been married (well unless her and Alberto Del Rio actually did tie the knot at some point in the last year or so). Nevertheless they were engaged, with Paige actually popping the question. This wasn't the best idea, and she maybe needs to learn a bit more about what marriage is like before diving in. A lot of her bad luck in the past 18 months has been directly linked to bad things happening in her relationships. Her relationship with Del Rio almost hindered her ever returning to WWE and of course the whole situation with Brad Maddox sadly continues to rear its ugly head from time to time. Take some time for yourself Paige and wait for a good guy to come to you!

14 Needs To Stop: Charlotte Flair

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Ric Flair naturally had a few children during his four marriages. He had two from his first and two from his second. Current WWE Superstar Charlotte was a product of The Nature Boy's second marriage and of all four of his children is arguably the one who has taken after her father the most. The current SmackDown Women's Champion continues to show that every single Tuesday night. Her personal life is also mirroring her Hall of Fame father's to a certain extent. Even though Charlotte has only just turned 31 she has already been married and divorced twice. The Queen of WWE revealed in her book "Second Nature" that the first of those marriages came to an end as she was the victim of domestic abuse. Her second marriage was to fellow pro wrestler, Bram.

13 Single: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore isn't exactly the most liked guy on the roster at the moment. There have been a litany of things that have happened (both on and off screen) that have led to the dislike of the current Cruiserweight Champion. One of those things is the messy ending of his relationship with one of SmackDown Live's newest recruits, Liv Morgan. It wasn't a relationship that WWE rubbed in our faces, but rather one that flew under the radar. Then Morgan posted a couple of tweets suggesting that her and Amore had broken up. The reason was because Muscles Marinara cheated on her. Needless to say there probably aren't many women in the business who will want anything to do with Enzo any time soon.

12 Needs To Stop: Batista

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Batista is actually a lot older than most fans likely realize. The Animal didn't get started in the business until later in life and was into his 30s by the time he signed with WWE in 2000. That meant that Batista had done a lot of living before the world even knew who he was. Not only was he married for the second time when his pro wrestling career began but he also had two children, both with his first wife. Batista and his second wife divorced in 2006. There are rumours that it came down to a relationship between the former WWE Champion and Diva Melina. Their relationship even played out as an angle on WWE television. Batista married for a third time in 2015 and let's hope that this one is his happily ever after.

11 Needs To Stop: Alberto Del Rio

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Very little of Alberto Del Rio's private life has been kept private over the last couple of years. The former WWE Champion was married with three children, but that relationship came to a very complicated end. Del Rio's ex-wife claimed that the split happened because the pro wrestler had cheated on her. Alberto is of the belief that their relationship had ended a full year earlier. It's no wonder he would want that to be the general consensus, whether it's true or not. Rumours were already surfacing that he was dating WWE Superstar, Paige. Those rumours turned out to be true of course and the two of them actually wound up getting engaged. There are even rumours that they secretly got married, but neither party confirmed whether that was true.

10 Single: Alicia Fox

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Despite there being more women on WWE's roster than ever before, there don't seem to be many of them that are single. What's more is most of them are with fellow wrestlers. Alexa Bliss is with NXT's Buddy Murphy. Bayley is dating Aaron Solow. Even Carmella and Big Cass have been together since their days together at the Performance Center. One woman who has tried to not mess with that complicated world is Alicia Fox. She did date Wade Barrett for a short while but even that was kept pretty quiet. Most only found out about it after the relationship had come to an end. What makes this particular entry funny is that earlier this year WWE ran an angle where Fox dated about half of the 205 Live locker room.

9 Needs To Stop: Bret Hart

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Bret Hart's many marriages aren't something that are publicly reported on in the present day. The issues Hart has had with women might explain why he's so grumpy nowadays. The WWE Hall Of Famer has been married three times to date. His first marriage was his longest (so far) and lasted 20 years. His fist wife Julie is also the mother of all four of his children. Bret actually suffered his stroke in 2002 just hours after the pair's divorce. Two years later Hart would remarry but after just three years together they divorced because they couldn't agree on a place to live. Hart married for a third (and hopefully final) time in 2010 to Stephanie Washington. Let's hope she makes the former WWE and WCW Champion a little happier.

8 Needs To Stop: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's first big rivalry in WWE was with previous entry Bret Hart. The two have battled back and forth over a lot of things. But there is currently one area where Austin has his old foe beat: number of wives. Austin's first marriage came all the way back in 1990 and was to his high school sweetheart. That pairing was short lived after Stone Cold pursued a relationship with his former wrestling trainer's ex wife, Jeanie Clarke. Austin has two daughters, both of which are from his relationship with Clarke. They divorced in 1999 and a little while later he married for a third time, this time to WWE Diva, Debra. Domestic abuse on behalf of Austin ultimately brought an end to their marriage. Now Stone Cold is long retired and married to his fourth wife. Let's hope this one lasts.

7 Single: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is a man with an awful lot going for him. Not only is the first ever Universal Champion one of the greatest wrestlers in the world with a killer gimmick, but he's also Irish and is not hard to look at. The man's abs look photoshopped! All of those boxes are ticked, yet Balor is inexplicably single. Well, maybe not quite inexplicably. What's abundantly clear to anybody who knows about Balor and his long career is that he is very much married to the business. Finn has basically sacrificed having that part of his life in order to become the wrestler that he is today. We can't imagine that he has any regrets when he looks back and reflects on everything he has achieved to date.

6 Needs To Stop: Ric Flair

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No one in the business of pro wrestling is more infamous when it comes to womanizing and having multiple wives than Ric Flair. The Nature Boy's character throughout his entire career was a man who loved to party, drink, and spend time with as many women as possible. The problem was it wasn't just a character. Flair very much lived the gimmick and that's the main reason why he has managed to work his way through so many marriages. Flair was first married in 1971. The marriage lasted 12 years but by that point the 16 time World Champion had fallen so in love with wrestling that he preferred being on the road to life at home. Ric's second marriage lasted an impressive 23 years. Naitch has been married a further two times since then and is actually engaged to be married for a fifth time at the time of typing this.

5 Needs To Stop: Scott Hall

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The Bad Guy has been married on multiple occasions. What makes Hall's place on this list so unique is that both times he has been married it has been to the same woman, Dana Lee Burgio. The pair were initially married in 1990 and together for eight years. During that time they had two children but wound up getting divorced because of Hall's substance abuse. Just a year later however the two of them decided to remarry, but sadly divorced once again in 2001. Chances are if it didn't work the first time around, it won't when you give it another go. Hall has not married again since but often boasts about his younger girlfriends on social media.

4 Single: Nia Jax

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When Nia Jax was an NXT Superstar she was used in a way that she should be. A female wrestler who is bigger than the rest of the competition. She was feared by those she shared a ring and a locker room with. On Raw that has happened to a certain extent but not nearly enough. It only looks like WWE are about to stray further away from that as we move forward with the current Enzo Amore story line. Jax has a "crush" on the Cruiserweight Champion and is thus seeing very little in the way of in ring action. In reality Jax isn't letting a relationship distract her from the task at hand at all. The model turned pro wrestler seems more focused on carving out a successful career for herself than flirting with men in the way that she does on screen with Enzo.

3 Needs To Stop: Edge

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One of pro wrestling's most beloved couples in the present day is Edge and Beth Phoenix. Both former WWE Superstars were popular and well-liked wrestlers at the heights of their respective careers and with Phoenix's induction in 2017 they became the first husband and wife duo to be in the WWE Hall of Fame together. What many fans don't realize is that The Rated R Superstar took a couple of attempts to find who we hope is his soulmate. Edge has actually been married two times before he met Beth. His first marriage was all the way back in 2001 and was to the sister of fellow wrestler Val Venis. They divorced in 2004 and later that year Edge married again. The following year Edge's relationship with Lita became public and hence led to a second divorce. Let's hope this it's third time lucky for the 11 time World Champion as him and Phoenix make such a great couple.

2 Needs To Stop: The Undertaker

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A large portion of The Undertaker's career was actually intertwined with previous entry's, Edge. In fact a strong argument could be made for The Deadman being Edge'a greatest ever opponent. The two pro wrestlers share a lot of things in common outside of the ring too. Not only are both men married to fellow former pro wrestlers - The Undertaker's current wife is former Divas' Champion Michelle McCool - but they also took two marriage attempts to arrive at their third and hopefully final couplings. Taker was first married all the way back in 1989 before he had ever portrayed the character that would make him legendary in WWE. His second marriage was to a woman named Sara which is why he used to have the name tattooed on his neck, a decision he undoubtedly regrets. Maybe a lighter schedule has meant for a happier marriage for The Phenom.

1 Single: Big E

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The three guys from The New Day certainly seem to be popular characters back stage as well as in front of the cameras. In fact judging by social media Big E in particular seems to garner a fair bit of female attention. There was even a story line on the reality show Total Divas where Natalya attempted to set Big E up with her sister. Things didn't work out and it may have all been an angle but even outside of that The New Day member doesn't seem to be very lucky in love. Who knows though it may be a case of him not wanting to be. The former Intercontinental Champion seems pretty content with his lot in life right now, and why wouldn't he be?

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