10 Wrestling Breakups That Made Us Happy And 10 That Made Us Sad

There are probably more couples in WWE today than there ever have been before. This could be because of the fact that Superstars spend 300 days a year on the road together and rarely have a chance to see family and friends outside of the company, so many relationships are formed based on circumstances.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many couples that come together thanks to WWE have stayed together and remained happy after their careers have ended. Brock Lesnar and Sable, Michelle McCool and The Undertaker, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, are all good examples.

Some couples are not supposed to be together, though, with the current internet community and their need to 'ship' couples when they find out they're dating, this can add more stress than usual to the relationship.

WWE has seen many break-ups, some emotional, and some that the WWE Universe were happy to see the end of, here are some examples.

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20 Happy: Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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Mickie James and Kenny Dykstra were together for much of Kenny's WWE career when he started out as a member of The Spirit Squad and eventually became engaged. It seems Mickie grew bored with her relationship with the former Tag Team Champion, since it was later reported that the former Women's Champion had cheated on her fiance with John Cena.

Mickie and Kenny then broke off their engagement and Kenny was released from WWE whilst Mickie was drafted to SmackDown away from Cena. Kenny was hit hard by the entire situation and still believes it was Cena's fault that he was released. Kenny definitely holds a grudge, so it's good that the duo broke up so that Mickie could move on and Kenny could get on with his own life.

19 Sad: The Undertaker And Sara

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The Undertaker has had a few relationships over the years, but when he was married to Sara he was allowed to involve her in one of his biggest storylines. Add this to the fact that The Undertaker had her name tattooed across his neck for the world to see, it was well-known that this was one of WWE's happiest couples.

It was sad when it was later announced that The Undertaker and Sara were getting a divorce, mostly because The Undertaker and Michelle McCool may or may not have already decided to move on before the ink on the divorce papers was even dry. 'Taker has since moved on to marry Michelle and the couple have a daughter together, so perhaps even though this was a sad breakup, it allowed both parties to move on to better things.

18 Happy: Debra And Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra were once a married couple. In fact, Debra would find herself involved in The Invasion storyline. The Stone Cold/Debra on-screen angle was the only time WWE allowed Steve Austin's personal life to appear on television; which was a complete change for Austin's character. Of course, in real life, things were not as comical.

Stone Cold Steve Austin often hit Debra and on one occasion the police were called and Austin was actually arrested. It wasn't long after this that Austin decided to file for divorce and the couple went their separate ways. Debra has since talked about the fact that Austin had hit her a few times and the couple has become known as one of the most mismatched and odd pairings that WWE have every thrown together. Austin has since returned to WWE whereas Debra has stayed out of the spotlight for the past few years.

17 Sad: Wade Barrett And Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett were one of those couples that come around every now and again and they seem absolutely perfect for each other. The couples were together for a few years and seemed to be getting along just fine until the news was leaked that they had decided to break up.

Alicia was a member of the Total Divas cast at the time and there was an episode where she was feeling really emotional about the breakup and actually went to find Wade to ask him why they had split up in the first place. Wade left the company not long after so it seems as though he was just looking for a fresh start away from WWE. Poor Alicia has been placed with other wrestlers on WWE TV but she is yet to move on from Wade in real-life.

16 Happy: Charlotte And Alberto Del Rio

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Charlotte has already been married twice and after her divorce was finalized back in October 2015 it seems that Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE and the duo decided to get into a 'friends with benefits' sort of relationship.

This went on for a while, before it was later announced that Paige and Alberto Del Rio were now a couple. This caused a lot of tension between Paige and Charlotte, especially since they were forced to work together on live TV after this. It seems as though Charlotte had a lucky break given how far Paige has fallen over the past few months. Charlotte is arguably seen as the future of WWE's Women's Division and she deserves much better than a man who decides to get into another relationship behind her back.

15 Sad: Sable And Marc Mero

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Sable had been married before she met Marc Mero and finally broke into the wrestling world, but she sadly lost her husband the year before. Sable came into WWE with Marc and they were known as a couple both on-screen and off when she was first experiencing her rise to fame and posing for Playboy.

Sable and Marc were married for ten years before they decided to divorce in 2004. Marc and Sable had both left WWE at this point and Sable then began dating Brock Lesnar, who she later married and the couple has since welcomed two children. Sable and Marc seemed as though they fitted together and they were together for so long that it was hard for the WWE Universe to no longer see them as a duo.

14 Happy: Justin Gabriel And Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is one of the Superstars from a few years ago that had a bad reputation when it came to her personal life. Randy Orton once stated in an interview that Kelly had been in relationships with more than ten WWE stars backstage and Justin Gabriel and Batista were the last two stars she dated while she was under contract.

Kelly was talented and is a former Divas Champion, but Gabriel had something more and he deserved much better than being seen as Kelly's other half. Kelly had relationships with many men and Gabriel should have known he was just another name on her list. Luckily, Gabriel left WWE and has been successful on the Indy Circuit while Kelly has gone on to marry and recently returned to WWE.

13 Sad: Miss Elizabeth And Randy Savage

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are always seen as one of the best-known power couples in WWE history. They were together both on and off screen and this then led to them marrying back in 1984.

The couple then divorced back in 1992 and Savage moved on to marry his high school sweetheart back in 2010. Elizabeth then began dating Lex Luger, a relationship that would be a turning point in Elizabeth's life. As a couple Savage and Elizabeth were perfect for each other and it was hard for the WWE Universe to accept that they were no longer a real life couple. They had been on-screen together for so long that they no longer looked the same if they weren't together. Both stars have since passed away, but they are fondly remembered as one of the cutest WWE couples in history.

12 Happy: AJ Lee And Jay Lethal

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Before AJ Lee came to WWE and became the on-screen star who dated almost every Superstar in the WWE locker room, she was dating Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal. The couple were together for a few years whilst Lethal trained AJ Lee to become a wrestler.

AJ was later signed by WWE and it seems that the couple decided to call it quits when they saw the schedule that AJ was forced to stick to. Jay stated that he was happy for AJ and proud of the success she had in WWE. AJ later went on to date and then marry former WWE Superstar CM Punk. So even though AJ was forced to leave Jay behind, it seems that it was all for the best so she could find the man she was supposed to be with.

11 Sad: Maria And CM Punk

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CM Punk made his WWE debut back in 2006, around the same time Maria was making the switch over to wrestling. And given that both stars were from Chicago, it seems as though they were a perfect fit for each other at one time, since they used to share out so many cute couple pictures.

CM Punk's lengthy dating resume wasn't as well known back then as it is now and many thought that this couple would go the distance. Obviously, it didn't as Punk went on to date many more female wrestlers before he finally settled down and married AJ Lee. Meanwhile, Maria left WWE and finally met her future husband Mike Bennett when she made the switch to Ring of Honor, so it seems it all worked out for the best in the end.

10 Happy: Dana Brooke And Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke's relationship was revealed back in 2016 and many stars were happy for Dolph. Since he had failed relationship with Nikki Bella and comedian Amy Schumer, who stated that she left Dolph because the sex was 'too athletic.'

Dana Brooke is a very athletic star so she wouldn't have had the same kind of problems. The couple has never appeared together on the same roster and it seems that they decided to go their separate ways later last year. Many of the WWE Universe don't rate Dana Brooke at all and thought that Dolph deserved much better, so they were quite happy when it was revealed that the couple had broken up. Dana is reported to have began dating a WWE writer now whilst Dolph is currently listed as single.

9 Sad: Triple H And Chyna

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Chyna and Triple H appeared on WWE TV together all the time. So it came as no surprise when tit was announced that the duo was now a couple. On-screen Triple H and Chyna seemed to fit together quite well, but that wasn't the story in real-life.

Chyna stated that Triple H had hit her a few times a few years after the couple broke up, but while they were still together. It seems that Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon and Steph then used her power in the company to have Chyna fired. This left Chyna in a distressing position and meant that her only means of support was X-Pac whom she later started to date. Triple H has since gone from strength to strength and is now one of the biggest stars in WWE.

8 Happy: Ashley And Matt Hardy

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Ashley is another star who didn't gain a very good reputation during her time in WWE. Ashley came in through the WWE Diva Search and was a former Playboy cover girl, which already meant that many fans saw her in a different light.

Ashley began dating Matt Hardy a few years after his break-up with Lita. After a short tome together it seems as though Ashley decided to start dating Paul London when she was moved over to manage the team which also included Brian Kendrick. This caused problems between Hardy and London. Problems that were aired online and many of the WWE Universe blamed Ashley for it, feeling that Matt would be better off without her. Matt has since gone on to marry Reby Sky and welcome his first child, Maxel.

7 Sad: CM Punk And Lita

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CM Punk and Lita made sense when it was announced that they were together because they liked the same music, they hung around in the same circles, and it finally seemed as though Lita had moved on from Edge.

Karma seemingly caught Lita out this time though since it was reported that AJ Lee and Punk began their relationship while Punk and Lita were still together. Lita and Punk broke up and AJ and Punk later left WWE and married. It was a harsh move on Lita who AJ had always seen as her idol. The WWE Universe regard Lita as one of WWE's legends and she is as a WWE Hall of Famer, so they still dislike what Punk and AJ did. It was sad to see the couple part ways, but it seems almost three years later AJ and Punk are still happily married.

6 Happy: Melina And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison dated from the time they were put together as MNM on WWE TV. Even though Melina later went on to cheat on Morrison with Batista a few years later, it seems as though the couple were on a break at the time so Morrison forgave Melina for the indiscretion.

Melina was later released from WWE and the fact that she kept showing up at WWE shows with Morrison was said to have been one of the reasons why WWE decided to release Morrison as well. The couple later reunited in Lucha Underground for a short time, before they once again broke up. Melina held Morrison back throughout his WWE career and fans were happy when they finally broke up so that Morrison could go on to fulfil his own potential and Melina could figure her own career out.

5 Sad: Velvet Sky And Chris Sabin

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Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin were another cute wrestling couple. They appeared on-screen together for a while, with them even having a scheduled match, which ended when Alpha Female interfered on Sabin's behalf, but it seems as though Velvet went on to break Sabin's heart.

Velvet and Sabin quietly broke up a few years later when it was revealed that she was dating Bubba Ray Dudley. Sabin took it well but the couple had a back and forth on Social Media which basically told the TNA Universe that whatever they had was over. The duo was one of the most popular couples in TNA and it was quite hard for the fans to take when the split was publicly announced. Velvet has more recently been linked with a debut in WWE.

4 Happy: Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins' personal life became public knowledge back in 2015 when he parted ways with his fiance Leighla Schultz after it was revealed that Rollins had been having an affair. Unsurprisingly Rollins made the decision to continue seeing the homewrecker, much to the dislike of the WWE Universe.

Rollins and NXT star Zahra dated for less than a year after she was released from NXT when fans had found some historic comments on her Instagram account that WWE didn't agree with. Rollins and Zahra parted ways back in February 2016 as Rollins was rehabbing ahead of his WWE return. Rollins has since moved on to a new girlfriend named Sarah. Little is known about her, but it is known that she isn't a female wrestler, so it seems he's switched up his type.

3 Sad: Matt Hardy And Lita

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Matt Hardy and Lita were two-thirds of Team Extreme together, they were one of the most popular WWE couples at that time and the backlash from their breakup after Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge shows that the WWE Universe really liked them as a couple.

Lita and Matt were together for a good few years before Matt was injured and forced to take time away from WWE, this is when Lita was aligned with Edge and it seems that they decided to embark on an affair that would cause Lita to be publically humiliated by the WWE Universe on numerous occasions since. Matt obviously went on to date other women and then finally marry Reby Sky after this, so it seems that Lita did him a favour when she decided to remove herself from his life.

2 Happy: Randy Orton And JoJo

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Randy Orton and JoJo were a couple that had a brief spell together but were never going to be anything special. Randy had just divorced his first wife Samantha and was obviously looking for a rebound. JoJo had just joined WWE at this point and was just 19-years-old and seemingly Orton type, or the type he was looking for at that point.

As soon as the relationship started it was over as Orton then moved on to begin dating and then marry Kim Marie Kessler. The couple has since welcomed their first child together and their fifth overall. JoJo remains single. It is thought that one of the biggest problems with this relationship was the age gap, with Orton being in his late 30s and JoJo being just 19 at the time.

1 Sad: Nikki Bella And Dolph Ziggler

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Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler were a perfect couple. They dated for a few years before essentially they broke up back in 2012 and Nikki then began dating John Cena.

It is thought that the breakup was Nikki's decision since Dolph obviously still carries a torch for Nikki. When John told Nikki that he wouldn't marry her or have children with her, Dolph went to find her to tell her that he would give her all the things that she wanted that Cena wouldn't. Dolph still cares about Nikki and it's sad to see that she has moved on and left him behind. Perhaps this is why Dolph has had so many short term relationships since. Niki needs to learn to spare Dolph's feelings before dragging him into her problems and Dolph needs to move on.

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