10 Wrestling Women Who Are Real B's And 10 Who Are Beautiful Souls

The following list looks at the ten biggest problem women in WWE history as well as the women with reputations as beautiful souls.

The women of professional wrestling have tried very hard over the past few years to try and change the opinion that many wrestling fans have of them. The Four Horsewomen have changed a lot of perception of the women when watching WWE but there is still a long way to go.

Many women have reports online about how hard they are to deal with backstage, arguments they have with other members of the roster or even problems that they have when it comes to their WWE career.

Some females have been labelled as hard to deal with while others on this following list only have nice things both written and said about them. There are a lot of differences between the women in WWE. Some are seen as problems while others are seen as some of the easiest people to deal with.

The following list looks at the ten biggest problem women in WWE history as well as the women who have gained a reputation as being some of the most beautiful souls.

21 Real B: Eva Marie


Eva Marie can be looked at many different ways. She walked into WWE and tried to get her own way. She fell out with a number of WWE Divas and then posted an insulting update on Instagram. Eva has used WWE to get her foot in the door and is now happy to be away from the ring making movies.

WWE thought that they were putting work into a lengthy career for the women known as The Red Queen but when she was finally at a point where it looked like her career could be kick started, she failed the Wellness Policy and hasn't been seen since. The WWE Universe never liked Eva because of how fickle she seemed to be when it came to her wrestling career, something that she walked into when many other women work for years for the opportunity.

20 Beautiful Soul: Paige


There has been a lot of negative things written about Paige over the past few months and she herself has been the victim of a hacking scandal. Paige and Alberto Del Rio's personal life has become a huge talking point ever since the duo revealed that they were together back in the spring of 2016.

Despite everything that has been written about Paige in recent months, the former Divas Champion is actually a great person. She is a role model to her huge fan base and on an episode of Total Divas, she was even able to help one of her fans come out to his parents for the very first time. Paige has always been a supportive person and she continues to be this person despite not being on WWE TV right now.

19 Real B: Reby Sky


The wife of Matt Hardy isn't even signed to WWE, but she has definitely made a lot of enemies over the past few months as she battles to win the rights for WWE to use the Broken gimmick that is currently owned by Impact Wrestling.

Over the past few weeks, Reby Sky has published personal information about Jeff Jarrett on Twitter and even had choice things to say about Lita recently when she was tagged in a photo of Team Extreme back when they were a trio. Reby has no filter when it comes to her comments online and she really needs to get herself under control before she ends up costing her husband the job that he has only just returned to in WWE.


17 Beautiful Soul: Natalya


Natalya is like a mother figure when it comes to the other women of WWE. On Total Divas she always seems to be on hand to support and help anyone who needs her and is even helping to train the next generation of female wrestlers. Even though she knows that there will be a time in the future when these women will replace her.

Natalya has been raised as an incredible person. She will help anyone who needs it and always puts others before herself. She doesn't get the attention she deserves when it comes to some of the things she puts up with and the fact that she is always overlooked, but Nattie has a heart of gold and she always finds the positives in every situation. These obviously get her through when she's having a bad day.

16 Real B: Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion in her own right and came through WWE when ECW was reborn under the WWE banner back in 2006. Kelly was one of the most beautiful women on the roster that that point and she was well aware of how good she looked.

Kelly was known for her backstage antics and the fact that she was in relationships with the likes of CM Punk and Randy Orton, but she was also linked to Chris Jericho while he was married to his wife Jessica. Jericho and his wife have managed to stay together despite this, but Kelly should have known better and not approached a married man and then shared pictures of herself online. Randy Orton has nothing nice to say about Kelly Kelly, which says everything the WWE Universe needs to know about the former star.

15 Beautiful Soul: Alexa Bliss


It is often stated that you have to go through hell you learn to appreciate it. Alexa Bliss is the walking example when it comes to this. Alexa had an eating disorder that almost took her life when she was younger and since she managed to survive she has found a new lease on life.

She has nothing but positive things to say about the other women of WWE when she isn't in character and seems to be a very supportive person when it comes to any new women coming through WWE. Alexa is the perfect women to be leading the women of Raw right now and hopefully, she continues to set a great example as the reigning Raw Women's Champion over the next few months.

14 Real B: Sunny


There isn't a lot more that can be said about Sunny to make her seem any worse in the eyes of the WWE Universe. The former valet and the woman that many fans name as the first ever WWE Diva has had a lot to say about the company in recent months as well as sharing personal information about Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler that many fans didn't really need to know.

Sunny has caused a lot of problems for her own family in recent years as well with her mother even taking out a restraining order. The former "girl next door" has been in freefall now for a while and there is no way for her to save her dignity and what's left of her reputation now.

13 Beautiful Soul: Carmella


Carmella may play a moon-walking, trash-talking star on WWE TV, but when it comes to her personal life and her friends outside of the company, Carmella  is thought to be quite a lovely person. In fact, Carmella and Alexa are actually quite close

Carmella and Big Cass are dating in real life and they are said to be one of the cutest couples in WWE. Carmella has climbed her way through the ranks in WWE since she was promoted to the main roster last summer and she thoroughly deserves the position she is in with the Money in the Bank briefcase because of the hard work she has put in to get where she is. She has never moaned about getting what she wants, she has  put her head down and worked hard to get it.

12 Real B: JoJo


JoJo walked into the limelight of WWE when she was just 19-years-old. Over the past few years, she has done a great job of hiding away from any attention from the WWE Universe until it was recently revealed that she was having an affair with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.

An affair does take two people. Bray Wyatt has a wife and two children, so JoJo should really have thought about this before she stepped into an affair with the leader of The Wyatt Family. She could have been the sensible one in the whole situation. There are a lot of rumours about JoJo and her relations with different superstars in WWE, but maybe it's true what they say, it is always the quiet ones you have to watch.

11 Beautiful Soul: Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon comes across as a confident and dominant female when it comes to her character on WWE TV. But in reality she is a role model and a fantastic mother to her three daughters. Stephanie has been the main spokesperson behind many of WWE's charity bids and was a driving force behind setting up Conor's Cure after the passing of WWE fan Conor Michalek a few years ago.

Stephanie often uses her power to help others and is seen as a selfless person as well as someone for the women of WWE to aspire to be throughout their career. It just goes to show, all these women are not really as bad as they are painted on TV after all. Stephanie and Triple H could make a difference when they finally take over WWE in the years to come.

10 Real B: The Fabulous Moolah


The Fabulous Moolah will always be a huge part of WWE history considering how long she held the Women's Championship. It is also thought that she played a huge role in pushing women to the top of the sport when she first started out.

This is the story that WWE wants the WWE Universe to read when it comes to the history of The Fabulous Moolah but the reality is the fact that Moolah had a strangle hold on women's wrestling for a long time. She was part of a sex trafficking circuit for many years and held a lot of women back in their career because of the power that she had at the time. Moolah made a lot of mistakes and cut a lot of women's careers short, which is probably why WWE is honoring Mae Young with the upcoming tournament instead.

9 Beautiful Soul: AJ Lee


AJ Lee has had her own fair share of problems over the past few years when it comes to the other women on WWE TV. Namely her real life feud with The Bella Twins. AJ was a popular woman with the WWE Universe but it wasn't until she released her autobiography and revealed that she had been suffering with Bipolar Disorder her entire life, that many of her actions made sense.

AJ struggled a lot during her time in WWE and she was put under a lot of pressure when she was forced to take sides when her husband CM Punk left WWE in 2014. AJ tried to juggle both Punk and WWE for a while, but she made the choice that was best for her when she walked away from WWE. She remains a role model for many of the females in WWE's demographic.

8 Real B: Lana


Lana may have become one of the biggest female heels on SmackDown in recent weeks, but she is also disliked by many female wrestlers in WWE backstage as well. Lana comes across as quite an entitled person when she's seen on Total Divas and even once tried to get into a personal Twitter argument with Paige over something that was ancient history when they were both down in NXT.

Lana's push on SmackDown has come from out of nowhere. She is well liked by creative backstage, but the more opportunities she is given that she hasn't worked for or she doesn't deserve, like her third shot at the Women's Championship. The more the WWE Universe and current women's roster are going to continue to dislike her.

7 Beautiful Soul: Charlotte


Charlotte is The Queen of WWE. She got into wrestling because of her brother Reid and it was supposed to be something they were going to do together. Charlotte loved her brother and has since fought her way to the top in honour of him. She is talented and she is strong willed and sometimes that comes across as her being big headed when she is really just aware of how good she is.

Charlotte has worked for everything she has been given during her time in WWE. And even through her personal life and run-ins with the likes of Alberto Del Rio and Paige in recent months, Charlotte has remained part of WWE TV and played an integral part in the Women's Revolution over the past few years.

6 Real B: Mickie James


Mickie James comes across as a lovely person. She's a mother and she is now a veteran in WWE and has definitely proved that she deserves the position she is currently in. But it's things that Mickie did when she was first under contract with WWE that still come back to bite her.

John Cena was married and Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra when she decided to have an affair with the WWE Champion. An affair that led to Cena being divorced and Kenny then being released from the company because Cena was the much bigger star. It was a sad state of affairs, mind the pun but Mickie has returned to WWE and worked on the same roster as Cena since. Meanwhile, Kenny refuses to ever forgive Cena for ruining his career.

5 Beautiful Soul: Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch had a hard start in life. She got in with the wrong crowd and in the end it was wrestling that put her back on the right path. Becky is a free spirit and she owes a lot to the wrestling business, which is probably why she works so hard for everything she is given in WWE.

Becky is friends with everyone backstage and doesn't have a bad word to say about any of the other women on the roster. She is such a nice person that it would be hard for her to ever play a heel Superstar. Instead many female wrestlers have turned heel on her because of how well liked she is. Becky deserves everything she is getting in WWE, but she does need to be given another shot at the Women's Championship at some point.

4 Real B: Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella is a popular star when it comes to the WWE Universe and her role on Total Divas. As well as promoting The Bellas, Total Divas has also revealed the kind of person Nikki Bella is when she isn't in the ring.

Nikki fights with her sister all the time. And it was even revealed that it was Nikki who stopped the likes of Maryse and Maria from returning to WWE back in 2012 because they considered them to be competition. Maryse and Maria still have problems with Nikki because of this. Dspite how hard Nikki works and how many championships she holds, she is still going to be insecure and lash out at other women that she considers to be competition to her.

3 Beautiful Soul: Bayley


Bayley is a role model to the children in the WWE Universe. This is mostly because of how she is with her fans. There is a reason that Bayley and Izzy seem to have such a fantastic relationship and that is because Bayley is always seen as an approachable and likeable star by both fans and colleagues.

The character that Bayley plays on WWE TV is very similar to her in real life. She is the nicest person in the world, which is shocking considering she is a wrestler. There isn't a single star in WWE that has anything bad to say about Bayley, who has recently been seen hanging out with the likes of Cesaro and Seth Rollins, which can only be a good thing for her moving forward.

2 Real B: Melina


What can be said about former Women's and Divas Champion Melina that hasn't been said before? There are reports that state that Melina was hard to work with backstage. She caused a lot of problems with other female wrestlers and even caused John Morrison to be released from WWE because she kept following him back to WWE after she herself had been released from the company.

Melina was said to have looked down on all the women in WWE who posed for Playboy magazine thinking that she was so much better than all of them. She caused WWE a lot of headaches amongst backstage officials and it is highly unlikely that the company will ever make that mistake and resign her again. Melina really set the bar when it comes to what is acceptable in WWE.

1 Beautiful Soul: Brie Bella


Even though Nikki Bella and John Cena steal all the headlines on Total Bellas over Brie and Daniel Bryan, it appears that Brie is still The Bella Twin that is most liked by the WWE Universe. Brie married Daniel Bryan back in 2014 and the couple have since welcomed their first daughter called Birdie Jo.

The WWE Universe has become so happy for Brie after years of living in her sister's shadow, and are happy that she has the family that she has always wanted, since she talked about being a mother for years on Total Divas. Brie is deserving of everything she has and it is great that her life has finally come together. Brie has also said that she wants to return to WWE at some point in the bear future, which will be interesting.

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10 Wrestling Women Who Are Real B's And 10 Who Are Beautiful Souls