10 Wrestling Women Who Aren’t As Hot As People Claim & 10 Who Are Hotter Than You Realize

In wrestling, and in life, you are either hot, or you are not. OK, that’s not entirely fair – I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? There are always going to be some people who look at others and see beauty and are attracted to what no one else finds attractive. But at the same time, there are some women who are just unanimously gorgeous. Like, no doubt about it, no one would argue with you if you said so and so was stunningly beautiful. But there’s also another side of the coin. There are women who people think are actually beautiful, but upon closer inspection, for whatever reason, you realize they just aren’t.

Perhaps you catch them on a bad day. Maybe you’ve managed to catch a glimpse of them without their layers of makeup on. Perhaps you are someone who thinks that, no matter how physically beautiful a woman might be, her personality and her actions and behavior can still make her ugly or unattractive. These are all in play for this one.

Conversely, we are going to be ranking the top 10 women in wrestling who are often deemed to be less attractive or unattractive, but upon closer inspection, the smart people realize they are actually pretty attractive in their own right. And for what it’s worth, I don’t want anyone to think we are trying to fat shame – we aren’t. Whether someone makes either list will not have anything to do with their size. And ultimately, if they’ve made it onto this list, by and large these women have achieved something so few ever do-success and a measure of fame and fortune provided by professional wrestling. That is something most reading or writing this could only wish for, and it’s something we can’t take away (nor would we try to). So, with that said, let’s see who measures up, and who doesn’t.

20 Layla (Not As Hot)

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As one half of LayCool, she was one of the standout Divas. There is no discounting her in ring accomplishments. And while I know plenty of men would give a princely sum for time with Layla, don’t count me among them-first, because I have no princely sum, and second, because we can reasonably assume that Layla isn’t for sale. I fully recognize that by now some of you are starting to either question my sanity or my taste in women. And that’s fine…but she’s just not for me. In my mind, she is the epitome of a woman who many think are hot, but upon closer examination, you come to realize that she really is not all that hot. So, yes, perhaps I am a bit crazy.

19 Naomi (Hotter)

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen (hey, who am I to judge…hopefully I have female readers, and female readers like to read some of these things too), I think your current (as of this writing) SmackDown Live Women's Champion often gets overlooked, or even avoided. Some people just don’t find her hot. And, maybe she’s not flat out hot…but she’s received enough of a push, enough exposure, that the reality is she does grow on you. Call her an acquired taste, or better still, a fine wine. At the end of it all, you just have to recognize that though she might be flawed (everyone is), she is actually a lot more attractive then people may think. Athletic and talented too. Not to even mention that big gold belt…and what woman doesn’t look better with gold?

18 Miss Elizabeth (Not As Hot)

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Don’t shoot the messenger here, folks. When I grew up a pre-teen in the '80s, I saw Miss Elizabeth and she was, arguably, my first real notion of a sex symbol (that, or Jessica Rabbit. Don’t judge!). But over time, I’ve realized two things. First, Miss Elizabeth did not age well. She had a rather dark and depressing last few years of life, and a sad and tragic end. It has to factor in now. And second, when I thought she was so hot, the WWE options were limited. Now? There’s a bevy of beauties, and there have been for a long time now. Not to say that in her prime, she wasn’t turning heads…but she had less competition, too. I totally understand if people hold her in a place of reverence, but for me, time has shown me she had many cracks in that beautiful façade.

17 Natalya (Hotter)

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While she has been a mainstay on Total Divas basically for forever, she's almost like that best female friend you have in school. She's always around, she's almost one of the guys, and then one day, you realize: "holy cow, my friend is a total babe!". OK, if you aren't buying that example, then here's another spin on it. Some guys will dismiss her beauty because she can get down and dirty. Some guys will be dismissive because she's "thick", or "curvy". I say, bring it on. Natalya has long been one of my favorites, and I've always considered her to be extremely easy on the eyes. Do I like my women more natural? Or healthy? Or curvy? Sure, if that makes you feel better, call it what you will. I say a hot woman is hot, a sexy woman is sexy, and Natalya is both, hands down. And, if you choose to disagree, just keep in mind: like a lot of the women on this list, she's more than capable of kicking your butt. So, there's that.

16 Stephanie McMahon (Not As Hot)

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OK, now I know I am getting yelled at. But hear me out… I promise I have my reasons. First and foremost, I think we can all find a time in her WWE career where she was not that hot. It probably pre-dates a plastic surgery effort of some type, but there are those moments. She’s a strong and powerful woman, successful in what she does, and those can be attractive qualities. But sometimes I think she’s pushed her workouts too far (not like Chyna, but still). But even worse than that (and trust me, this one is the worst) is her voice. Is it her physical appearance? No. But why don’t you try to be excited when hearing her talk? I don’t know about you, but I can’t do it.

15 Chyna (Hotter)

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From Triple H's present missus, we now move on to his ex.

Seriously, Chyna? The late Wonder of the World? Yes, we're talking about Chyna. First and foremost, some fans were actually kind of cruel when you think about it. She had cosmetic surgeries done to make herself look more feminine, to diminish a look she had developed at least in part due to her working out, lifting weights and getting buff. And, when she was done having these elective procedures, she was gorgeous enough that she was selected to do spreads for Playboy. And you know what? I looked at those spreads. I never wanted to not look at them. She was a beautiful woman in her own way. And, while she has passed on, keep in mind…if while she was alive, you would have denied her a spot on this list, odds are she would have been easily capable of destroying you.

14 Alicia Fox (Not As Hot)

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Alicia Fox strikes me as someone who feels she is way hotter than she is. I mean, look at that way she walks and how she carries herself. In the ring, I get it, it’s her gimmick and persona and that is all well and good. But I just have this feeling she’s not all that different in real life, and I just can’t stomach her. Again, it’s at least partly a personal decision or opinion really, but if it were me, I’d be passing on her, early and often. And, of late, her time aligned with Noam Dar has done her no favors, honestly. It just makes her even less attractive to me in the grand scheme of things.

13 Molly Holly (Hotter)

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Why do I have Miss Molly Holly here? A few reasons, actually. First, I think she had some funky programs during her career, which for whatever reason didn’t necessarily push her image. That is not always a bad thing, because it let her shine as an underrated female performer. But she always seemed to me to be that girl next door. The best friend you had in high school who was super into you, but you always just saw her as a friend…until one day, she put on a dress and wowed everyone. To me, Molly Holly is that woman. Awesome, down to earth, and when you finally get around to noticing, she’s actually extremely attractive. I realize this one might be a hard sell, but I am sticking with this choice.

12 Carmella (Not As Hot)

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Now, I know full well that if I got one or two sideways glances, that this inclusion is going to get a lot more. Look, I totally get it, to a lot of people, this young female Superstar is as sexy as can be. Good for you… she’s all yours. So why don’t I get into her? A few reasons, and no, one of them is not James Ellsworth (though maybe it should be). As someone who lives on Staten Island and has for a number of years, the notion that she’s from here gets under my skin (she’s not, and I’ve yet to meet a girl on this island who is anything like her gimmick). Plus, I can’t help but see her as like a female Enzo. No thanks. Color me crazy, but she’s all yours.

11 Tamina (Hotter)

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Some might think I am crazy for this one. I actually thought I was crazy. I debated this for a while, and I finally did come to an agreement. I do think Tamina is much hotter than people give her credit for. She’s tall, dark and sexy, and we don’t get to see her play up a lot of that, honestly. I blame her booking for people seeing her as less attractive. She has been booked as like a bodyguard, or just an extra. She’s been dressed in more unflattering clothes. And while she may need them, the knee braces do not now, nor will they ever, scream sex appeal. I think if WWE wanted to, they could show her off. And maybe she doesn’t want that, and that’s fine. But I absolutely think Tamina is someone who, if she wanted to, could totally stun everyone with her hotness.

10 Sunny/Tammy Lynn Sytch (Not As Hot)

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On one hand, some of you probably think I am crazy with this one too. But, on the other hand, I think a lot of you have seen her more recent pictures, and should unanimously agree with the decision. Tammy Lynn Sytch is someone who has had a rather rough life, all things considered. Drugs are bad, and spending your life-or at least, years of it-doing God knows what just to get your next high? It’s not a healthy living, and it will age you. Badly. And with Sytch, it shows. She was once a woman who dominated Internet searches, back before we ever knew what a Kardashian was. And now? Now she’s doing all the trashy things that are too trashy for a Kardashian, just to make a living. She might have been pretty, but time has not been kind to her at all.

9 Jacqueline Moore (Hotter)

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Maybe you are going to argue that Jackie is a bit rough around the edges, and I couldn’t really disagree with that. She is a tough and strong woman, and a Hall of Famer too. So how am I justifying her inclusion here? Because I feel that for much of her career, she was always overlooked when people thought of sexy Divas. And while she’s certainly not your prototypical gorgeous Diva, she strikes me more as like, a girl-next-door kind of stunner. She cleans up very nice (as we noticed at her Hall of Fame induction), and she strikes me as down to earth-a quality that can’t be overlooked. I mean, to me, being that kind of real and honest person is incredibly sexy.

8 Woman (Not As Hot)

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I think for the former Woman, I look at her differently now than when she was alive and active. I always considered her to be an acquired taste - one that I admittedly never really acquired. I could see the appeal, but she was not my cup of tea. I know she had a bit of a pedigree, coming to wrestling by way of modeling, so here I may just be talking silly. But for me, I consider her to be a shining example of someone thought of as hot, but upon further examination, she really wasn’t all that attractive. Again, if you were a massive fan of Nancy, or if you hold her on a pedestal because of her tragic demise, I will not begrudge you that position. But for me, and for this effort, she’s lost some luster.

7 Vickie Guerrero (Hotter)

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Vickie. former General Manager, who made so many of us hate “excuse me.” Widow to the gone-too-soon Eddie. And their daughter was even getting in on the act for a while there. When she was in a starring role, however, people were used to booing her. No one was eager to say wow, there’s a sharp dressed woman who is confident and strong, and that is so sexy. Nope, it was too easy to crack jokes about her look and appearance, how she acted and all that went in to her being her. She was not a 20-something Diva, but when you clean her up, man oh man, Vickie looks amazing. Go ahead, call me insane all you want, but I implore you to take a closer look at the Widow Guerrerro and acknowledge that she’s finer than you ever thought possible.

6 Alundra Blayze (Not As Hot)

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Some of you might scream at me because of this one. I expect some are nodding in whole-hearted agreement. Much like Miss Elizabeth, Alundra Blayze (or Madusa, dealer’s choice) I think was partly the beneficiary of a lack of options in her time. Just take a look at some of her contemporaries. Bull Nakano (then). Bertha Faye. Luna Vachon. All of those, at that time, were nowhere close to Alundra. But just because you are the hottest of a bunch of so-so people, that doesn’t actually make you hot. And, looking at how things have gone for the monster truck driving Madusa since she retired from the ring? I mean, I’d not be turning her away (if I was single and she had really low standards) but she’s not a stunning beauty.

5 Mae Young (Hotter)

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I know exactly what you are thinking. This John guy has gone completely mental. First he says Miss Elizabeth isn’t as hot as thought, and now he’s on record saying Mae Young…MAE YOUNG…is hotter than we think? Sure, but this one comes with a huge caveat. It is not that octogenarian Mae Young is hot-no thanks, I am not into that, but hey if you are go for it. So why then have her on the list? Because Mae is one of the true pioneers, and the majority of fans (I’d bet everyone reading this) never got to see a 20-something Mae Young. And, for Young, that is an unfortunate thing, because when she was in her own prime, she was a rather attractive woman. I think she deserves this nod. It makes up for that awkward prosthetic hand incident.

4 Charlotte (Not As Hot)

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Now, this one I fully am prepared to get flamed for, but I stand by it. Why? What could possibly make me call the daughter of the Nature Boy not nearly as hot as people probably think? Well, let me say this. That unfortunate picture leak that showed Charlotte sans her wrestling gear? It did not do her any favors, in my humble opinion. That, and I can't stop picturing her as merely a female Ric Flair, and it just crushes most of the chances she had to pull off attractive. Now, am I saying I would turn her down? Yes and no. Yes, I would now, because I am married. No, I wouldn’t if I wasn’t. But regardless of which way I would swipe, the bottom line is Charlotte Flair may be the Queen, but not every Queen is the prettiest in all the land.

3 Bull Nakano (Hotter)

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Here’s quite the fun one. If you were a fan of '80s and '90s Superstars, you would no doubt recognize the name. Billed from Japan, she was the nefarious heel during Alundra Blayze’s days. Or, at least, one of them. (Trust me, no one wanted me to talk about Bertha Faye.) With funky hair and face paint, she was a scary looking wrestler, male or female. No way anyone would have thought Bull Nakano, in character, was sexy, right? But now? Time has helped her out tremendously. That, and not needing the funky hair that stands up, and who knows, maybe she’s got something else going on. But whatever the trick might be, one thing is for certain. Bull, without being in character, is a stunningly beautiful woman.

2 Sherri (Not As Hot)

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The late Sister Sherri might have, at one point, been Sensational. But all the same, Father Time is undefeated over the long haul. The last few years for her in and around WWE, you could see the wear and tear and it was not pretty. If you’d prefer to focus on the good, I don’t blame you for it. Go right ahead, because I admit that, in her heyday, she was a very decent looking woman. But even when she was serving as Shawn Michaels' valet, I was thinking she looked a little bit rough. She was never someone I was especially enamored with. I would categorize her as a woman who had decent looks, but an amazing talent in the ring (as a wrestler before becoming a valet). It got her plenty far, and I think there are plenty of women in wrestling who would love to have Sherri’s career.

1 Nia Jax (Hotter)

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Ah, Nia Jax. The number one woman on my list, of women who I think are hotter than we give them credit for. And you know what did this for me? What really sold me that she’s not allowed to play up her sex appeal on TV. Go watch Holy Foley, in one of the last episodes. Mick arranged for Noelle to meet with Nia Jax. And Nia was in street clothes, had makeup on, and came across as an entirely different and extremely attractive woman. Now, in all honesty, I am partial to the curvy women anyways, but seriously, I saw her, and I was floored. A completely different, very gorgeous, young woman, if you ask me. If WWE wanted, I am sure they could spruce up her image and present her in a far more appealing way.

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