10 WWE Stars Notorious For Being Mean Backstage (And 5 Who Are Too Nice)

WWE superstars have two different personas, the one that the WWE Universe is able to see on WWE TV every week and the one that they really are backstage when the cameras stop rolling. Some stars find it hard to distinguish between their character and who they really are, which is why there are a number of stories about backstage antics where some superstars are seen as bullies to others because they feel like they are much further up WWE's food chain than their less famous colleagues.

This has been a problem in WWE for a number of years. Some superstars are downright mean to others, while others are too nice which means they are sometimes taken advantage of. Total Divas is a prime example of this. Even though much of it is scripted, it does show just how much the women in the company can be seen bickering in the backstage area over the smallest of things. While it can lead to some entertaining moments, sometimes these arguments can lead to serious animosity and hurt the locker room atmosphere as well as other wrestlers morale.

The women of the WWE are not the only ones who are prone to these kinds of actions, which is why the following list looks at 10 WWE superstars both male and female who were known to be mean backstage as well as five who were way too nice to climb the ladder in the wrestling business.

15 Mean: Hardcore Holly

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Hardcore Holly was seen as a leader in the WWE locker room for a number of years, but a significant number of WWE stars have also told stories about Holly and his hazing of newcomers. Holly apparently attempted to bully Brock Lesnar when he first arrived in WWE, something which he later learned wasn't a wise idea. He was also known to have beaten up a number of Tough Enough contestants as well as Rene Dupree when he borrowed his car and accidentally wrecked it. He was said to have legitimately beat him up then and there. Not really the kind of role model WWE would want their wrestlers looking up to. There are some good stories about Holly and his time in the WWE locker room but the bad are quickly outweighing the good.

14 Mean: Goldberg

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Goldberg was once an undefeated beast in WCW and recently made his return to the ring for the first time in more than a decade when he main-evented Survivor Series back in 2016 before he was part of WrestleMania 33.

Because Goldberg was a big star in his prime, he was another wrestler who got caught up in his own hype which made many other stars dislike him. Goldberg refused to take bumps from other stars and then thought that working with up and coming wrestlers in the business was beneath him. He didn't have a very good name in the locker room in the 90s and it has been speculated that he hadn't changed very much when he returned.

13 Nice: AJ Styles

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AJ Styles has been in enough locker rooms in different wrestling promotions to know how to set a good example. Styles is also a father of four so he has a way to connect with younger wrestlers because he has much more patience than many of the stars who don't have young children.

AJ is said to be one of the nicest superstars in the backstage area despite the fact that he could well be one of the greatest wrestlers in the world right now, AJ hasn't let any of this go to his head. AJ is happy to be in WWE at any level and it seems that having him in the locker room is setting a good kind of example to many talents about being level-headed regardless of how talented you believe you are.

12 Mean: Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the locker room who is able to pick and choose when he shows up for work, despite the fact that he is the Universal Champion. Brock isn't well-liked in the locker room and he doesn't like many of the stars in there either, but the fans always go crazy for him.

There have been many hints at this when superstars cut promos about the Champion and the fact that he is rarely ever there to defend his Championship. Brock has also got into a number of altercations backstage, most recently with Chris Jericho when Y2J didn't accept what he had done to Randy Orton at SummerSlam back in 2016 and decided to teach Brock a lesson. Maybe Brock never wants to come to work in WWE because of the atmosphere in the locker room; it can't be healthy for him to be around.

11 Mean: Melina

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The stories about the former WWE Women's Champion have become quite well-known over the past few years as it seems that Melina was a woman that was gifted in the ring, but she also loved herself way too much.

Melina was said to be arrogant and self-centred when she was in the locker room, so much so that she is the only female star to ever be thrown out of the locker room by Lita because she couldn't listen to her talk about herself anymore. Lita is usually pretty laid back, so Melina must have done something very serious to get under Lita's skin and was later released from the company for the same inceident. Incredibly, Melina didn't even leave the company when she was released, since she continued to hang around backstage with her boyfriend until he was also released.

10 Nice: The Undertaker

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The Phenom ran the WWE locker room for a number of decades and was also said to have been one of the main voices when it came to wrestlers court. Undertaker wasn't a man who involved himself in the usual nonsense that went on backstage and would always try to be fair to other people when he was asked to make judgements.

It takes a long time to gain the respect that Undertaker has in the WWE locker room before he became a part-time superstar. It will be hard for the company to find someone who has remained as grounded as him throughout his career, and who can set a good example for the up and coming stars moving forward. It seems that the WWE locker room is currently too populated with egos for many of the stars to be able to step up.

9 Mean: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is perhaps one of the worst people in the WWE locker room when it comes to pranks and basically just acting like a complete snake. Orton was once said to have actually thought it was OK to defecate in the bag of one of WWE's Diva Search contestants, something that later forced the poor girl to quit the business altogether.

He was said to have targeted a number of the women who came in through the Diva Search and into WWE as well as being the reason that Mr Kennedy was fired from WWE. Orton was said to have been in a match with Kennedy when Orton took a bad bump and he blamed the latter for almost ending his career. He went to WWE executives and gave them an ultimatum, one which they obviously sided with Orton on.

8 Mean: Shawn Michaels

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When it comes to people who wreaked havoc in the WWE locker room throughout their time with the company, Shawn Michaels could easily be number one on this list. Before Michaels found God and returned to WWE as a different man in the early 2000s, he was one of the worst people to have to work with.

Michaels would often refuse to work with people, change match outcomes, refuse to job out to stars who he didn't think were good enough and in one instance he actually reduced Vader to tears when he called him out for making contact with him in a match. Michaels assured Vader that he would make sure he never worked again (since Michaels basically ran the locker room at that point) and the much larger man knew that if Michaels wanted to, he easily could.

7 Nice: Natalya

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Natalya is the only female graduate of the Hart family dungeon and is a former SmackDown Women's Champion. Nattie is easily one of the best technical wrestlers in the women's locker room and one of the only people who could be justified for having an ego, but it seems that she is one of the only women who actually doesn't have one.

Natalya is now a veteran in WWE and she uses her experience to be like a mother to many of the women in the WWE locker room as well as regularly heading down to the Performance Centre and helping to teach some of the new women who are coming through the ranks. Natalya knew that she was in the position once herself and she wants to help make sure the new generation are just as humble as she is.

6 Mean: Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is set to become the next face of WWE (despite much protest) when John Cena finally decides to part ways with the company in the coming years, and so far Reigns seems to be gaining the same reputation backstage as the 16-time Champion.

In recent months, Roman Reigns' name has come up in various reports when it comes to the reasons why Enzo Amore was both kicked off the WWE tour bus and out of the WWE locker room. It seems that Reigns has a problem with Enzo and because he has a lot more power backstage than the former NXT star, he is making sure he uses it. This could be why Enzo was transferred to 205 Live so that he would be in a different locker room away from Roman and his ego.

5 Mean: John Cena

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John Cena may be the face of WWE, but that doesn't mean that he is always setting a good example backstage. There are a number of stories about Cena intentionally burying wrestlers, switching storylines and changing match outcomes to benefit himself over the past few years, not to mention the fact that he got Kenny Dykstra fired when it was Cena who has having an affair with his fiance.

Cena's worst incident was when he decided to put a target on Alex Riley after he messed up a spot in one of his first WWE matches. From that moment on Riley became Cena's personal punching bag, with the former World Champion loudly picking apart every match that he was part of because he had taken an instant dislike to him. Not very sportsmanlike, John.

4 Nice: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho is a superstar who has only had good things written about him when it comes to his backstage antics. Even though there was a fight with Sin Cara a few years ago that apparently got out of hand, other than that incident it appears that Jericho is your standard wrestling role model in the locker room.

Jericho is a veteran and someone who WWE will be looking at to guide many of the stars who will be coming up from NXT in the coming months, it seems that so far Jericho has done a great job of this. While Jericho's character on-screen is always adapting, it seems that Y2J has always got time to help newcomers to the business, something that Goldberg was never open to doing when Jericho was working his way up.

3 Mean: Chris Benoit

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Before those actions on that horrific night back in 2007, Chris Benoit was seen as a leader in the WWE locker room but also one that often took advantage of the power that he was given. Benoit was a great wrestler and he had worked his way up to where he was in WWE, but it seems that he had something of a temper backstage.

Benoit was the one who originally threw The Miz out of the locker room for eating chicken over referee Scott Armstrong's bags. The sad part is the fact that this incident happened just a few days before Benoit's unspeakable crimes, which meant that The Miz was stuck dressing in the hallway for a number of months without any way of being brought back in. Luckily, The Undertaker stepped forward and allowed Miz back in when he spotted him in the hallway at an event.

2 Mean: JBL

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JBL is a former WWE Champion and knows the wrestling business much better than many of the people who are currently in charge in WWE. JBL has lived and breathed wrestling for most of his life, and it seems that a huge part of this included putting a number of wrestlers through unsanctioned backstage initiations that were both physically and emotionally scarring for some up and coming talents.

JBL was known to have done a lot of nasty things to some young wrestlers who were starting out in WWE in the late 90s and early 2000s including Matt and Jeff Hardy. Many of JBL's worst actions were revealed recently as he was caught up in another bullying scandal when it was believed to have been his fault that Mauro Ranallo originally quit WWE.

1 Nice: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the only women to ever be able to walk into WWE with no prior wrestling experience and go on to change the landscape of her division. Trish paved her own path and was always seen as a leader in the WWE Locker room.

The former seven-time Women's Champion was never caught up in any backstage scandals throughout her time in the company and was always there to help the new stars who were coming through WWE to find their feet, something that she still does right now. Trish was able to be a leader and a role model while also becoming one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, JBL should take note of how this is done.

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