10 WWE Stars That Are Surprisingly Nice To Their Fans (And 5 That Aren’t As Nice)

It’s a part of the business wrestling fans normally don’t really think of. We enjoy the on-screen product and news from behind the scenes, however, rarely do we think, “hey, I wonder how their travelling went after the show”. This is regarded as the “not so glorious” aspect of the business. With three to four shows per week, the talent is lucky if they get two full days off from the road during the week.

With than in mind, being out in the public, one can assume candid fan interactions take place more times than not. In this article, we highlight ten current Superstars in particular that are surprisingly great with the fans, despite the gimmicks they play on-screen. As for the other five, these are Superstars that aren’t as great and for some, usually come across as straight up rude.

From Braun Strowman, to Sasha Banks, to Stephanie McMahon to even Paul Heyman, we highlight the very best and worst people pleasers from outside of the ring. Be sure to share the article with a friend and steer clear of the five mentioned on this list that aren’t as nice! Without further ado, here are ten WWE Superstars that are surprisingly nice to their fans and five that aren’t. We begin with the hottest WWE star nowadays!

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15 Nice: Braun Strowman

Entering the WWE pipeline in 2015, perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact the North Carolina native would have on the company. He had the size to succeed, however, perhaps nobody could have assumed he’d be one of the most over Superstars in terms of crowd reaction. Mixing in his persona and athleticism, Strowman has become the total package (sorry Lex Luger).

What makes his story that much greater is the fact that he’s the polar opposite in real life. Strowman is said to be extremely playful with his peers behind the scenes, and some even call him a “funny guy”. Along with his infectious personality, Braun is also over with the people, he’s even posted numerous fan interaction photos in the past. With all this in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why he’s so high on the card nowadays.

14 Nice: Aleister Black

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It really wouldn’t surprise us all that much if these two mentioned on the list lock horns one day in a high profile feud. Black is beginning to scratch the surface down in NXT. Judging by his current work with Hunter’s developmental brand, we’re in for something special once he joins the main roster.

Although he seems brand new to WWE fans, the North Holland native truly isn’t. He’s a veteran who’s been working his craft since 2002. Over the years, he’s developed that chilling dark side to his persona, which makes it hard to believe that outside of the ring, he’s actually really easy going and humble. We’ve seen Black take part in numerous “shoot” type of interviews recently and let’s just say he always comes across as one cool dude, and someone you’d want to take to for days. With such a humble attitude outside of the ring, it’s just another element that’ll help his overall work once he gets the call up to the main roster.

13 Not Nice: Paul Heyman

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We’re not sure this gets mentioned enough, but yes, the legendary Paul Heyman is in fact quite the, you know what, with the fans. Now some blame this on the fact that he plays his real life persona in everyday life, however, there comes a time where you need to turn that switch off and rarely has this been the case with Paul. Looking at his candid fan photos and shoot interviews with amateur hosts, let’s just say Paul appears to be a little too short with whoever he’s meeting.

The same can be said for his relationship with the McMahons as recent stories came out discussing Paul’s ruthlessness with the family such as taking their money that was intended for lunch and keeping it to himself (although he had a cheaper meal at Burger King). In any event, despite his erratic behavior, he’s still apart of the WWE family serving as Brock’s advocate (fancy word for manager).

12 Nice: Jinder Mahal

Say what you must about Jinder Mahal, but the truth is, his WWE Title victory against Randy Orton at Backlash was one of the biggest reactions of the year. His win was historical to say the least becoming the 50th (recognized) champion in WWE history along with having the honors of being the first title holder of Indian descent.

Many tend to clash when debating his current WWE Championship reign, however, there’s no denying his work ethic as Mahal looks to improve every day. Even with the fans, Jinder is looking more professional than ever before. WWE recently posted a video of his recent signings and many were shocked to see how nice and humble he came across with the people (who were not of Indian decent for the most part). Along with that, he’s also come across as one good genuine dude when speaking on wrestling podcasts such as The Talk Is Jericho. After all, let’s not forget he’s a Canadian boy born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, all Canadians are simply wonderful!

11 Nice: Bray Wyatt

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What makes the “creepy” kind of personas in the WWE that much more special is seeing how humbling and down to earth these people who portray the gimmicks really are outside of the ring. That trend started with The Undertaker, despite the fact that he was so mysterious and protective about his persona, he was still a person of the people rarely turning down a candid picture. Just take a look for yourselves and you’ll be dumbfounded to see his slew of fan interaction pics from the past.

We can compare someone to ‘Taker in that light, and that honor goes to Bray Wyatt. Like ‘Taker, Bray is very protective about his mystique, however, that hasn’t stopped him from being nice to fans. From 7-11 truck stops, to airports, to even a pharmacy store while on the road, Bray is always willing to take a bit of time and put a smile on the face of a fan. Now that’s one cool dude.

10 Not Nice: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has been in the headlines a lot in the last couple of weeks, one of her recent shoots saw her discuss the fact that she hates meeting fans in public settings, and that she’ll do her best to embarrass a person that approaches her. Now she does make a couple of good points, like the fact that she hates when she signs an autograph and sees it up for sale on eBay, but news flash for you Sasha, you aren’t the only one going through such dilemmas!

The likes of Bubba Ray Dudley have taken exception to Banks’ recent comments making the claim you should get worried when the fans stop approaching you, not when they do. He makes a good point, but it’s quite hilarious that it comes from his as Bubba was and still is regarded as one of the most hostile wrestlers to meet, but hey, maybe he changed his ways... Anyways point being, Banks isn’t the nicest, especially in airports.

9 Nice: Nia Jax

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Like Braun Strowman, both were late bloomers that had the looks to push them to the top very quickly. Jax was working as a plush-sized model before making the jump in 2014 with no prior experience. However, she has that “athleticism” factor the WWE looks for and for that reason, she’s thrived thus far early on in her career. It looks like she’s finally slated to feud with Alexa Bliss, the current champion, making this the biggest storyline of her career.

She’s a vicious scary heel in the ring but as they say, the biggest heels are the nicest people in real life. Whether it’s with her peers backstage or with the fans at meet-and-greets, Jax is said to be one of the most kind hearted and genuine WWE Superstars you’ll ever meet.

8 Nice: Alexa Bliss

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Speaking of “Little Miss Bliss”, we now turn our attention to the current Raw Women’s Champion. Her development has been remarkable as you can argue the fact that she might be the best promo worker in the entire company. What makes that all so surreal to digest is that fact that she’s the nicest chick outside of the ring and actually quite shy if you can believe.

She’s a gem with the fans, and her personality has shined even more during candid podcasts when the fans really get to see her true personality. Bliss is not only extremely humble, but very genuine and grateful for her position in the WWE nowadays. Although she’s enjoying the greatest run of her life at the moment, she’s still always willing to improve which is a huge positive. Many see this as the biggest difference between Banks and Bliss, one being humble and willing to improve, while the other, has an over the top ego when it comes to her work.

7 Not Nice: Chris Jericho

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To all our Jerichoholics out there and we know there’s a lot, we apologize for this one. We love Chris just as much as you do, but according to some of the past evidence we have to our disposal, we felt the need to unfortunately include him on this side of, THE LIST. For what’s its worth, we still love him, even if he cusses at us or almost runs us over with his car....

Of course, the two example we just listed stem from real life incidents with the fans. Years ago, footage of Jericho leaving a live event went viral as not only did he not stop for the fans, but sped off like a maniac. Making matters worse, he pulled over when a fan banged on the window of his rental car. What ensued was rather embarrassing as Jericho got into it verbally and physically with a couple of fans including a female... Even recently Y2J was at it again sharing some swear words outside of an NYC show with a fan. A man with such a legacy, we can all agree Chris needs to walk away from such altercations at his age.

6 Nice: Rusev

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Signing a developmental deal with the WWE in 2010, Rusev seemed like a replica of exactly what Vince looks for in a heel. He had the size and athleticism to work in the ring, while even sporting a foreigner’s gimmick. He was booked as a big deal early on but nowadays, it seems like his time with the company might be coming to an end sooner rather than later, what a darn shame!

His wife Lana doesn’t have the best reputation with the people, not only does she tear apart fans via social media but she’s also quite “stuck up” according to fans that have met the Ravishing Russian. Rusev on the other hand is said to be quite genuine and actually a dude with a great sense of humor during one-on-one meet-and-greets. In addition, he’s also very well like among his peers. Sad that such a good dude has seen limited success in the company during the last couple of years.

5 Nice: Charlotte Flair

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When it’s all said and done, May 17th, 2012 will go down in history as an important date for wrestling fans. It is on that very date when Charlotte put pen to paper inking her very first WWE deal. Perhaps nobody could have predicted what would come next as she’d grow into her character becoming one of the very best Women’s wrestlers in the world. Her 2017 run has been a little bumpy, but let’s not forget her 2016, TheRichest.com ranked her as the top performer of the year, now that really goes to show what a gem she’s turned into.

What makes it even better, is how genuine she comes across outside of the ring. Even at meet-and-greets, Charlotte appears to be shy, and quite humble. Flair loves her fan base posting various pics of them online via her Instagram account. Along with all of this, she’s just one cool chick to listen to as well, evidenced by her podcast appearances. Just entering her 30s at the age of 31, it’s truly only the beginning of her tremendous career. WOOOOOO.

4 Not Nice: Seth Rollins

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This one might be surprising for many to digest seeing as Rollins is one of the most over WWE Superstars nowadays. Now we must admit, he isn’t mean, but like a couple of others, the dude just likes his personal space.

Living out of Iowa, Rollins travels a bit further in order to get home. He likes living a private life surrounded by friends and family. Like Sasha, Seth has admitted he isn’t the biggest supporter of fan interaction while in the airport setting, Seth claims the last thing he wants to do is take a picture with a fan after a grueling travel schedule. However, unlike Sasha, we give Rollins credit for at least striking a half decent pose in the pics and rarely turning them down even if he isn’t the biggest fan of the candid interactions.

3 Nice: Kevin Owens

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When you work a persona so well and are regarded as villain, we’ve seen it happen time and time again where the WWE is forced into changing that Superstar into a babyface. We saw it with the dude we previously mentioned in Seth Rollins and it looks like the same is about to take place with the Quebec native Kevin Owens. His heel work both in the ring and on microphone has been superb to say the least since he was called up to the main roster, it now looks like he’ll be a permanent crowd pleaser with rumors starting to swirl that he’s set to make the change in the very near future.

Playing a “good guy” won’t be too difficult as he’s actually quite the lovable teddy bear outside of the ring, especially with his family. A proud father of two and being happily married, Owens is a perfect role model for his personal life outside of the ring. Along with that, he’s nice to his fans, usually using his infectious and comedic personality to his advantage when meeting others.

2 Nice: Stephanie McMahon

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Since 2000, it’s almost impossible to find a greater villain than Stephanie McMahon. Her words alone made her one of the most hated figures off all-time, something that still holds true today as she maintains her authority figure. What makes this all so baffling is the fact that she’s the polar opposite outside of the ring and regarded as one of the most genuine souls ever in the company. Like we said earlier in the piece, the nicest people make the greatest heels.

Time and time again, stories have come up pertaining to Steph’s kind heart. Even the ladies man Val Venis recalls Stephanie being the only one always willing to listen to talent when nobody else was willing to do the same. When Vince steps down from his throne, he’ll know the company is in good hands given the nature of his daughter’s personality.

1 Not Nice: Brock Lesnar

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When comprising such a list, Lesnar’s name was an absolute given. There’s just simply no way around it, the guy hates people to the point that he moved to a frozen farm , far, far away in Saskatchewan, Canada. Now that’s true hate people, the guy could live anywhere in the world but he chose Saskatchewan. Oh, and he fly’s on a private jet that he made an absolutely priority in his new contract clause. Why? Cause, he doesn’t have to see people and can fly away peacefully....

Now to his credit, he has taken several pics in the past usually looking a little interested, so for that, we praise The Beast. However, in terms of Superstars not giving a damn about others and that includes his peers, nobody simply put, comes close to Brock. Though, isn’t that what makes him so great?

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