10 WWE Stars That Have No Chance In Hell Of Returning Once They Get Released (And 5 That Do)

No chance, that's what you got.. You up against a machine too strong Pretty politicians buy'in souls for our song PUPPETS! Will find their place in line But tie a string around your finger now boy Cause it's, it's just a matter of time

Cause you've got - NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE IN HELL!

We all love Mr. McMahon’s theme song because it's absolutely true that a wrestler has "no chance in hell" if Vince wants to fire them. Like many billion dollar corporations, sometimes a culling is in order and the WWE has been no stranger to releasing multiple Superstars on the same day. A year ago we sat watching Damien Sandow, King Barrett, Santino Marella, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito and Zeb Colter get their release papers.

Not every wrestler leaves because of a culling, sometimes they leave on their own accord and ask to be released so they can pursue other options and interest. These former WWE stars include Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and Ryback. This list is about certain stars on the roster now but won’t be in the foreseeable future. We’re not saying it's guaranteed they’ll be fired but we doubt anyone would disagree that they’re very close to being axed by Vince. And for some, when they do, a return seems highly unlikely, aside from five lucky souls. Enjoy the article and let us know who you think has, "no chance in hell" of returning once they recieve a pink slip.

15 No Chance - Titus O'Neil

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The Titus O’Neil brand isn’t a bad idea for a lower-to-mid card storyline but he’s not wrestling as much as he used to. At 40 years old, O’Neil’s prime is behind him and it seems the WWE is pushing him into a managerial role. His entire wrestling career has been with the WWE and he only has one Tag Team Champion reign to show for it.

O’Neil doesn’t have the fanbase nor the wrestling skills to remain on a roster stacked full of hungry young guys. If released, O’Neil can dip his toes in the indie circuit for the first time and maybe he could headline a card or two. Unless his wrestling skills improve and he gains a larger fan base, he'll likely be released in a future culling.

14 No Chance - T.J. Perkins

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Crowned the winner of WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic Tournament, Perkins became the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion in 2016. His stock was on the rise, however, Perkins has taken a back seat to stars such as Neville and Austin Aries recently. With more talents added to the division, it’s possible Perkins could lose his job to the competition. He hasn’t really connected with the WWE Universe and people either hate or don’t care about his old school gamer entrance.

Perkins being released wouldn’t be the end of the world. Many promotions including Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Pro Guerrilla Wrestling would hire him in a heartbeat. He would also likely be earning more money and a better position on the card if he was going to get picked up by another promotion, making him a prime candidate to never return to the WWE again.

13 Chance - Fandango

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Fandango and Tyler Breeze have finally found momentum as the "Fashion Police" in the WWE. Their comedic routine has received positive reviews, however, the longevity of such an act in the WWE is shorter than Hulk Hogan’s movie career.... Fandango has been wrestling since 1999 and at the age of 35, he may want to get released so he can pursue being a top bill on a card or the very least, refreshing up his persona.

Why would he be a wrestler that returns you may ask? Although he’s 35, that’s not that old in the wrestling world and he can still work a hard schedule for another decade. Because of the amount of time he spent in the industry and with the WWE, the company would bring him back due to his experience and familiarity with McMahon's empire.

12 No Chance - Sin Cara

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Sin Cara has been played by Luis Urive but the most recent wrestler to don the mask is Jorge Arias. Maybe there will always be a “Sin Cara” in the WWE, just like a Tiger Mask in Japan, however, when talking about Arias, his days could be numbered. The WWE hyped up Sin Cara for the simple fact that they wanted a luchador style similar to Rey Mysterio but if anyone has an eye, they can see that role is being given to Sin Cara’s former partner, Kalisto.

At 39 years old and after four years with the company, this Sin Cara gimmick has neither set records in merchandise sales nor created a large fan base. With the luchador style being a fit for the WWE’s 205 Live, Sin Cara’s role really isn’t needed as much as it once was. A permanent move back to Mexico would be in the works when released.

11 No Chance - Tamina

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Tamina is playing the heel monster role on WWE Smackdown Live pretty well but she’s 39 years old and historical evidence shows most female wrestlers don’t stay active into their forties. The daughter of Jimmy “The Superfly” Snuka guarantees a spot on the roster now, however, with a new generation of female wrestlers waiting down in NXT, her days could be numbered.

She’s been with the WWE since 2010 but hasn’t won a championship yet, so what does that really tell you about how WWE sees her in their universe? With a limited supply of accomplishments and fan base, Tamina could be released tomorrow and unfortunately, most people won’t care, unfortunately. We’re not saying she’s a bad wrestler or personality talent, we’re just saying that the sunset is setting.

10 Chance - Zack Ryder

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It took the Mikey Whipwreck student one year in the wrestling business to get noticed and signed by the WWE in 2005. After working the developmental territories he would move onto the main roster in 2007. Teaming with Curtis Hawkins, he would join Edge and they would become “La Familia.” Ryder’s momentum has been like a volleyball on a sandy beach during Fourth of July weekend, a back-and-forth saga.

Things looked better for the Long Island native when he won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32, however, he would lose the title the next night and his momentum would wander into oblivion. A knee injury in 2016 didn’t help his stature but since returning, the WWE could push him and his teammate, Mojo Rawley, up the rankings. At 32 years old, Ryder can be released but because of his experience and longevity with the company, a return could be likely.

9 No Chance - The Ascension

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The rise and fall of The Ascension is like a Shakespeare play, well maybe not, but it’s still real to me dammit! Once considered an unstoppable and ruthless force in the WWE, The Ascension has been regulated to puppies with no bite in the big leagues. Viktor and Konnor debuted as The Ascension in 2011 and witnessed the transformation of Florida Championship Wrestling into NXT.

They would be called up to the big roster in 2014 but as we said at the beginning, their momentum is worse than the New York Mets. Both in their late 30s, a release by the WWE is a better guess than Tag Team Champions at this point. We doubt they come back if they were going to be axed by the company in the near future.

8 No Chance - Erick Rowan

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Erick Rowan has been one of the biggest victims of the brand split. He had a comfy role as a goon for Bray Wyatt’s family but that came crashing down when the stable split. No longer involved in storylines involving Wyatt, Rowan looks as lost as British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett did when he went looking for the Lost City of Z. No offense to Rowan but he’s nothing more than cannon fodder for some of the big hitters on the roster.

A complete gimmick change and new move set would be welcomed but does anyone think that’s going to happen? Unless he improves both in the ring and connecting with the audience, his days are numbered with the WWE. The weakest link on a stable usually doesn’t get a call back to the company.

7 Chance - Bo Dallas

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We can debate about the usage of the former NXT Champion and whether he has the talent or not, however, one thing is for sure, Dallas is part of a legendary family bloodline. His family includes Mike Rotunda (father), Bray Wyatt (brother), Barry Windham (uncle), Kendall Windham (uncle), and the legend Blackjack Mulligan (grandfather). Dallas has been stuck to enhancement talent duties and the lower card ever since he debuted in the big leagues in 2014.

At just 27 years old, his entire wrestling career has been with the WWE so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company releases him so he can grow on his own and gain some life lessons he necessarily wouldn’t find while with the WWE. With his family heritage, we Bo-lieve he can always come back to the WWE after being released.

6 No Chance - Curt Hawkins

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Curt Hawkins recently told the crowd on an episode of Raw” that they all expected him to lose the match to Seth Rollins. Pretty much the crowd agreed and he did end up losing the match. The wrestling industry needs talents to act as jobbers so they can get their Superstars over, however, Hawkins has been treated better by other promotions.

He has already been through the journey of leaving the WWE and then coming back. This time around he has had zero momentum and being cut is only a matter of time. It’s rare for a wrestler to be released by the WWE a second time and come back for a third stint, especially when they haven’t had a strong fan base under their resume. Looking at how bad he's currently being booked, not even Hawkins himself will think about returning.

5 No Chance - The Colons

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As of the time of this writing, rumors have been buzzing on the internet about Epico and Primo Colon asking for their release. It stems from a tweet by the World Wrestling Council which dominates Puerto Rico and is owned by Victor Jovica and Carlos Colon. Carlos is the father of Primo and the uncle of Epico so a return to the WWC is inevitable. The Colons haven’t been treated too well by WWE creative with their lackluster gimmicks as tourist agents, so leaving is a possibility.

Although they have a more realistic approach to their gimmick to date, they’re still regulated to jobbing on the lower card. A move to WWC would change all that as they would be billed as top wrestlers in the company. With the wrestling industry booming, who needs WWE when your family already owns a legit company?

4 Chance - Curtis Axel

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Who else saw the great Larry Hennig at WWE’s “Money in the Bank” PPV in June? It would have been awesome to see him knock one of the Singh brothers out, better yet, how about seeing his grandson do it? Curtis Axel hasn’t been pushed at all in recent years and it’s a shame to his family. As the son of Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig and grandson of Larry, you would think the WWE would use the “Legacy” storyline with Axel.

While his family was pioneers of the industry, Axel remains stuck as a jobber on the lower card. A release wouldn’t be surprising at this point in his career. Although he may be released, his family legacy pretty much earns his chance to come back in the future.

3 No Chance - James Ellsworth

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A long time wrestler on the indie circuit, it took Ellsworth over a decade to get to the biggest promotion in the industry. After working several events as a “Rosebud” and being noticed in a squash match with Braun Strowman, the WWE would give him the chance of a lifetime. In 2016, he would be part of a top feud between A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose.

Although many fans quibbled about his spot on the card, Ellsworth has lived out his dream as a WWE Superstar. He currently manages Carmella but what’s next? We doubt he stays with the company for a long time because his stock is falling so a release could be in the near future. When the 32-year-old does leave, we doubt the WWE will ever bring him back.

2 No Chance - Paige

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Paige and Impact wrestling star Alberto Del Rio’s relationship was once again hitting the headlines recently because of a rumor about them breaking off their marriage. It turned out to be untrue and everyone can now relax. Most fans know the saga of Paige, Del Rio, and the WWE but if you didn’t, it’s a better storyline than most of what WWE's creative team writes. Del Rio asked to be released and although Paige is on hiatus, we believe once her contract runs out or the WWE gets tired of her, she’ll be leaving as well.

At just 24 years old, time is on her side to be released by the company and then be rehired by them down the road. There is one monkey wrench to this theory and that’s a marriage with Del Rio. If the couple stays loyal forever, then we doubt Del Rio and Paige would ever comeback to the WWE and that resentment might be mutual.

1 Chance - Daniel Bryan

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For those that think Daniel Bryan will never be released by the WWE, think again, he recently made headlines for suggesting he may come and take Cody Rhode’s ROH Championship in the future. Bryan asking to be released by the WWE is a real possibility, especially if he does believe he still has one or two more runs left in his career.

At 36 years old, his body is fit but the biggest concern is a number of concussions he sustained over his career. The WWE would never release him but he may ask because they won't let him compete. If his mind, body, and soul are all in the right place, who doesn’t want to see the “American Dragon” lace up the boots one more time?

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