10 WWE Stars Who Live Large (And 5 Who Are Counting Their Pennies)

Wrestling can open a world of fame and fortune, especially if you reach the elite level and work for WWE. Celebrity status, adoring fans, and money are all but guaranteed if you can make the job a success and therefore it is no surprise to see some of the WWE's athletes living their lives to the fullest. Just like any other celebrity, whether it be a movie star or a singer, the WWE stars are the top guys in their chosen industry and that success can create opportunities or huge pitfalls.

While some wrestlers enjoy their lives relatively quietly, others will choose to spend their money on extravagant things, some like to brag about that fact, while others keep it on the down low. However, on the flip side to that, some struggle to spend their wages wisely, while others are smart and save their money to the extreme.

This list will look at both sides of the fame and fortune that WWE careers can bring, looking at 10 WWE stars who are living life large and five who are cheap and counting every penny.

15 Large: Xavier Woods

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Given New Day's tremendous success both in the ring and in terms of selling merchandise, it is fair to say all three members are living a good life right now. That much can be seen with a number of ring gear changes that the trio goes through. Whether it is a nod to a gaming franchise or just to freshen things up, they have gone through more than most of the roster. But it is Xavier Woods in particular who is currently living the life he has always dreamt of as a gamer and a wrestler with his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. Paying for all the equipment and unique/old school games is something that won't come cheap, but he does also profit from his channel as a side project. Whether he is cosplaying at a convention, attending games conferences or working in the ring, it looks like Woods is having the time of his life right now. Maybe the power of positivity works after all!

14 Large: Matt Hardy

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The WWE legend once worked under the name of 'Big Money Matt' which should tell you how Matt Hardy's life is going after so many years at the very top of the wrestling industry. Of course, that was just a gimmick to draw a reaction, but in reality, Hardy has been one of the most successful wrestlers of his generation and it is no surprise to see he is enjoying life at this stage in his career.

Currently enjoying one more run with WWE, Hardy showed the entire world the fruits of his labor when filming the Final Deletion which took place at his house. The match showcased the acres of space he has and it is clear to see that the business has treated him well. Now a proud father of two, Hardy constantly keeps fans updated about his life and what is happening via social media, something he has always been great with. After some dark times, it would appear Hardy is now living life to the maximum.

13 Pennies: Mick Foley

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The WWE Hall of Fame superstar has had one of the greatest careers in the history of the business, which has undoubtedly earned the hardcore legend a fair amount of money, you just need to watch Holy Foley and see his house to know that much. Yet, you just need to watch that WWE Network series to know exactly how tight Mick Foley is, with his car being a prime example. Notorious for being a cheapskate, Foley will tend not to live a flashy or expensive life, with his dress sense being further proof of that fact, and that isn't a decision he made just in retirement either. Throughout his career, Foley was known for finding the cheapest places to stay, opting to sleep on sofas or in a car to avoid paying large sums for a hotel room. Foley also took buckets of popcorn on the road in order to avoid having to pay for food in restaurants and just did everything possible in order to save as much money as he could.

12 Large: Ric Flair

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When it comes to living a wild life, nobody has done it better than the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who truly lived and breathed his gimmick in real life. Flair has lived the highlife throughout his entire career: jet flying, drinking, and sleeping with as many women (around 10,000 according to Flair himself) as he can get his hands on; all of which helped him become the star he is today.

Of course, this has taken its toll, with Flair plummeting into debt, with stories of Vince McMahon loaning him money being well known. Add on several costly divorces, and that is why the two time Hall of Fame star sits as low as he does here. However, the man truly personifies star power which is still imitated but never duplicated to this day with UFC's Conor McGregor being the latest example of a man trying to be like the Nature Boy.

11 Large: Shane McMahon

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If your theme song starts with the words 'Here comes the money' you can expect the person who comes out from behind the curtain will be someone who lives their life to the fullest and isn't worried about the cost of things. Shane McMahon is as afraid of looking at the bill as he is jumping off the roof of a Hell in a Cell (not very). When you are born into a family as rich, powerful, and successful as the McMahon's it can hardly come as a surprise. With his designer gear for every match he competes in, Shane O'Mac always looks the part, whether he is out for a fight or simply dressed in a suit it is clear he doesn't have an issue with spending some money to look the best. Shane's big spending habit comes in the form of shoes, in particular Air Jordan's. McMahon sports a new pair almost every episode of SmackDown Live and even gets custom-made, specially designed editions just for him; something that will certainly come at a cost.

10 Pennies: Daniel Bryan

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He might be one of the biggest superstars in the last 10 years, but that doesn't mean he is a big spender. It might come as a surprise to think that a man who main-evented WrestleMania 30 is just an ordinary guy who doesn't have a flashy car or a big mansion, but instead is someone who is more focused on recycling and saving the planet than owning expensive items.It's fair to say Daniel Bryan is not a material man, he prefers to be out in nature and his vegan lifestyle only encourages that. Bryan farms his own plants and vegetables and is one of the most laid-back people in the business. Just by watching Total Bellas you can get a strong feel for exactly how he and his wife Brie Bella live and it is refreshing to see. Ultimately, this only helped fans to connect with him even more as he is more relatable than everyone else on the roster.

9 Large: Nikki Bella

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The Dancing With The Stars participant lives one of the most extravagant lives of any wrestler on the current roster, something which she shares with the world on various reality shows and now her own dedicated YouTube channel. Whether it is sampling expensive wines, taking weekend trips with family or fellow coworkers, buying designer clothes, or going for expensive meals with her fiance John Cena, Nikki Bella certainly knows how to enjoy herself. Nikki has since set up her own wine and clothing company, which has to have cost a lot to do, but it also highlights the fact she isn't scared of working hard to get the money needed to enjoy her life.

8 Large: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton was known for a large part of his career as being someone with an attitude problem and anger issues. Yet as he develops into the veteran locker room leading stage of his career it appears things have changed for the Viper. Now a happily married man with a beautiful family, Orton's clear passion right now is being a loving husband and a devoted father and that is where he spends his time and money, taking them on vacations and trips. After being in the main event scene for such a long time, Orton has earned more than enough money to retire as a happy man, but with his desire to keep wrestling he is showing no signs of slowing down. Instead, Orton decided to purchase his very own bus, often used by full rock bands, to travel in style and comfort as he enjoys his life in the ultimate luxury.

7 Pennies: Perry Saturn

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This one is quite a sad story as Perry Saturn's life is in an incredibly bad way at the moment, proving that no matter how big of a star someone may seem, reality can hit and it can do so in a major way. While Saturn was never a huge star in WWE, he is still a recognizable name and not somebody you would expect to be struggling after so many years in the industry.

Unfortunately, Saturn has had a rough life since being released by WWE, being shot in the neck twice after attempting to rescue a woman who was being attacked. Saturn actually ended up homeless at one stage in his life when he hit absolute rock bottom. While things have improved slightly for him after getting married in 2009, Saturn posted a video to YouTube asking wrestling fans for help as previous injuries have begun to catch up with him, bringing expensive medical bills with them.

6 Large: The Miz

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The self-proclaimed 'A-Lister' is not just portraying someone who loves the glitz and glamour on television, but instead is really living that way on a daily basis. His appearance alongside his wife Maryse on Total Divas gave fans more of an insight into their home and the style of life they lead, and as expected it is rather extravagant.

Their house was incredible and left many fans in awe, and the fact that they spent a lot of the series searching for a new property showed they don't have a problem enjoying the rewards of their work, but with a newborn baby on the way, that glamorous life may be about to change.

5 Large: Brock Lesnar

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Any man who gets a reported $12 million a year for just a few days work is living life to the absolute fullest and the Beast Brock Lesnar certainly falls into that category. As WWE's highest paid athlete, the current Universal Champion is earning a great living for a part-time performer, whose matches and appearances are normally short and limited, with Lesnar dominating most encounters.

Lesnar is usually treated to private flights both back and forth to the arena and his pay has allowed him to live exactly the life that he wants. Unlike other people on this list, Lesnar is not interested in being a party animal or living his life in the public eye, instead preferring to live secluded from society, something he can afford to do as the Beast keeps to himself.

4 Pennies: Hulk Hogan

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It is strange to have arguably the biggest name in the history of professional wrestling rank as a man who is now counting his pennies, but sadly that has been the case for Hulk Hogan. Although he certainly got out of this predicament with his court case victory against Gawker that came at a heavy price.

Prior to that, Hogan was a man very much struggling after his divorce to ex-wife Linda Bollea saw her take 70% of his assets, dealing the Hulkster the biggest blow of his career, at least at that point. Hogan has admitted himself that he blew millions of dollars during his glory days on expensive mansions, cars, and vacations that cost him dearly later in life, and until his recent court case victory he was certainly counting every penny he had; a lesson that might serve him well a second time around.

3 Large: Enzo Amore

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The current Cruiserweight Champion (as of this writing) is relatively new to having major success in his life, but he certainly hasn't been shy about expressing the fact he is now making good money. This has seen him gain some serious heat backstage. Enzo can certainly talk the talk and if the conversation concerns his wealth and lifestyle then he will gladly participate in the conversation. Dave Meltzer reported that Enzo had backstage heat due to the amount of bragging Enzo has been doing about his L.A. lifestyle and the fact he hangs out with celebrities, something that hasn't sat well with people.

This was proven when he bragged about scoring a ticket to the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight, expressing the fact that his seat cost him $10,000 and posting about all the stars he met at ringside. Perhaps he hasn't quite got to grips with life as someone with fame and status and how to handle that publicly, but Enzo is certainly making the most of it.

2 Large: John Cena

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Cena's mansion alone is a testament to the fact that he is living his life to the fullest as you can easily see when watching Total Bellas or Total Divas. It is an enormous home that even features a large water slide in the swimming pool which is incredibly impressive. Cena gained his own mini-series on the Bella Twins' YouTube channel called 'Resident Auto-Geek' where each week the WWE's poster boy shows off one of his incredibly expensive, often custom made vehicles. Whether he is wining and dining in lavish restaurants or purchasing artwork, Cena has a taste for the finer things in life, but when you have had the career he has, you can hardly blame the man. The face that runs the place doesn't have to worry about running out of money.

1 Pennies: Dean Ambrose

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WWE's latest craze of reality shows has really opened up the door to wrestlers personal lives more than ever before, something that will be a theme later on in this list. One man whose life fans have been invited to see is Dean Ambrose who proved he is a relaxed, laid-back guy who isn't interested in spending tons of money on unnecessary things. Ambrose appeared on Total Divas, and looked more like a guy who would want to relax at home with a beer than head out for an expensive dinner and has just as much fun jogging around the Las Vegas mountains than he would spending lots of hard earned cash.

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