10 WWE Storylines We Want To See But Won’t Happen (And 5 That Just Might)

A variety of the storylines and scenarios conjured up in the minds of WWE fans will sadly not occur.

The World Wrestling Entertainment roster is filled with an abundance of depth as of the summer of 2017. Acts such as A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, John Cena and so many others could, theoretically, be involved in storylines that entertain diehard fans and, potentially, draw casual viewers into becoming individuals who watch shows such as Raw and SmackDown on a weekly basis. When you fully examine the company’s roster from top to bottom, it is easy to understand why fans participate in “fantasy booking” and dream up different storylines that haven’t yet played out on WWE television. A plethora of those fans likely feel as if the WWE is wasting more than a few talents who are currently being paid by the company.

Unfortunately, a variety of the storylines and scenarios conjured up in the minds of WWE fans will not occur because of how the company books and also because of how certain individuals running the organization view who they believe should and shouldn’t be the biggest stars in the promotion. All is not lost, however, as there are least five storylines we came up with that we believe fans want to see and could, possibly, occur over the next year or so. The calendar turning pages toward fall means WrestleMania season isn’t all that far away, so the hope is that at least a few of the WWE storylines we want to see will be considered before the promotion starts making strides toward the biggest show of 2018.

15 Won’t: Old Enzo and Cass


For whatever reasons, the WWE seemingly likes to remove storylines and acts fans adore and want to see, and that is exactly what the promotion did when it decided to split Enzo Amore up from Big Cass in the summer of 2017. Anybody hoping those responsible for that decision will recognize they goofed and actually give a push to the old Enzo and Cass should realize the company apparently has big plans for Cass as a solo act, largely because of his look and the fact he can cut a solid promo when needed.

The biggest shame of all here is that Enzo, who is one of the best talkers on the roster, is seemingly lost and in limbo on his own and without his former partner standing behind him.

14 Won’t: NXT Bayley


The Bayley character who was presented to fans during her stint in NXT was one of the greatest babyfaces created by the WWE during the current decade. She got over among fans of all ages playing a classic “good guy” persona, and she was probably the single biggest star who wrestled on the original NXT Takeover: Brooklyn show in 2015.

Bayley has unquestionably floundered since being called up to the main roster, though, largely because she has been booked to be an unlikeable character who probably shouldn’t even be a babyface anymore. It’s for that reason we believe it’s more likely her character will undergo a drastic change before we ever see the NXT Bayley on the main roster, if that character is actually ever allowed to again exist on WWE television.

13 Just Might: Bayley Heel Turn


As much as nobody should ever root for a wrestler to experience an injury, it’s possible Bayley missing the SummerSlam show because of a bad shoulder could prove to be a blessing in disguise. The Bayley character was actually booed by fans in Canada during an edition of Raw in August, and it’s obvious something needs to be done regarding her on-air persona.

Since the babyface Bayley is not over with fans at the moment, logic suggests the company could flip the figurative switch and turn her heel en route to having her feud with Sasha Banks. While Banks is more of a natural heel, she remains a fan-favorite all around North America. The same cannot be said about Bayley as she works on coming back from a shoulder injury.

12 Won’t: Real ROH Invasion


Wrestling fans who search for stories on Internet forums and who listen to multiple podcasts are probably familiar with rumors that the WWE could introduce a Ring of Honor stable or group on the NXT brand at some point in the near future. One thing we have seen since the death of World Championship Wrestling is that WWE will either not go all-in on any invasion storyline or will completely botch the idea after it is introduced on a show.

The harsh truth of the matter is that passionate WWE fans should probably hope the company never runs with this storyline, as it would probably do far more harm than good to the ROH talents who would be associated with that feud on NXT or the main roster.

11 Won’t: Roman Reigns Heel Turn


WWE fans around the world treat Roman Reigns as a heel in that they boo him whenever he emerges from behind the curtain to cut a promo or participate in a match. Despite that or maybe even because of the reactions he receives, the WWE continues to push Reigns as the next face of the promotion, and those of us who follow the product have no reason to believe that’s going to change before the end of 2017.

In fact, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Reigns be reunited with his two former teammates in yet another attempt to make him a babyface among fans who turned on him long ago. Maybe the company will consider turning him heel if he starts to generate positive responses from fans; probably not, though.

10 Just Might: Four Horsewomen


Hearts of WWE fans were filled with joy when the company teased during a taping for the Mae Young Classic that the Four Horsewomen, the group made up of Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, would be united, potentially for a feud versus the Four Horsewomen of mixed martial arts led by none other than Ronda Rousey, who is supposedly training to work a future WWE program.

The supposed women’s revolution of the WWE has had ups and downs, but that portion of the roster could use an injection of life before next WrestleMania. Having the Four Horsewomen come together as a unit could be a plus for women’s wrestling, in general, and it could lead to the most successful female stable in the history of the promotion.

9 Won’t: Samoa Joe As The New Brock Lesnar


Whether he has been working in NXT or on the WWE main roster, Samoa Joe has done well to get over as a heel capable of causing chaos whenever he enters the ring. While the WWE has given Joe opportunities to work in main events versus the likes of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, it is painfully apparent the company is going to treat acts such as Joe and Kevin Owens as stars but also as men who aren’t at the level of a Lesnar or a John Cena.

It’s possible Joe will get a run with one of the company’s top two belts between now and the end of 2018, but we don’t see the “Samoan Submission Machine” being cemented as the face of the company for any significant length of time. That spot, obviously, is reserved for Mr. Reigns.

8 Won’t: John Cena Versus Undertaker


John Cena and the Undertaker both have tremendous resumes, and both will deservedly enter the WWE Hall of Fame in the future. The one thing these two all-time greats never had, however, was a program leading up to a WrestleMania. While such a feud would have had more luster if Undertaker still had an undefeated WrestleMania record, it still could’ve made for a fun and entertaining match.

We’ve learned, over the years, to never say “never” as it pertains to pro wrestling, but all indications are that Undertaker is retired because of his age and also because his body is no longer capable of working even a portion of a WWE schedule. It’s a shame, because Cena versus Undertaker inside of a stadium at a WrestleMania could’ve been a classic.

7 Just Might: A.J. Styles Versus Shinsuke Nakamura


Once news became public A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were joining the WWE in 2016, fans almost immediately began dreaming up storylines that involved the two feuding ahead of a WrestleMania show. While these wrestlers are currently not linked with each other in a program, there have been subtle teases throughout the summer that WWE is going to give fans what they want and have Styles and Nakamura do battle at some point in the future.

Such a match would, in a perfect world, occur with either Styles or Nakamura serving as WWE Champion, but fans will take whatever they get at this point. Cross your fingers, WWE fans, and hope we’ll see Styles versus Nakamura at the next WrestleMania assuming that match doesn’t occur before 2017 ends.

6 Won’t: Shinsuke Nakamura Title Run


We admittedly have added this one to the list in the hope that doing so will serve as some sort of “reverse jinx” and lead to Shinsuke Nakamura being given a run with the WWE Championship this fall. Unfortunately, we don’t see that occurring. The WWE is seemingly obsessed with the idea of keeping the belt on Jinder Mahal and having Mahal serve as the top heel on the SmackDown roster, and that will probably involve Mahal securing a win over Shinsuke Nakamura during a match where the title is on the line.

We expect the promotion will only remove the belt from Mahal once the WWE is ready to give John Cena a latest run with that championship, which may be the last time Cena wears that crown until he retires as a full-time wrestler.

5 Won’t: Asuka Dominance


Asuka is the most unique woman the WWE has had in recent memory, and she has been protected by positive booking and presented as a performer who is, far and away, the best of her division and somebody who could carry that portion of the company on either part of the main roster. While keeping her undefeated until she is called up from NXT and then turning her into a monster heel or an unbeatable babyface on either Raw or SmackDown makes all kinds of sense, we’ve seen what happens to great wrestlers once they make the move from NXT.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and others are all now just guys on the roster, and that’s why we fear Asuka will become just another face in the Women’s Division once she joins either Raw or SmackDown.

4 Just Might: Shield Reunion


We can think of one final move the WWE can make in an attempt to get Roman Reigns over as a babyface who draws more cheers than boos from audiences, and that is reunite all three members of the Shield for even a brief period of time. Fans have clamored for this since the promotion broke apart that faction, and it is only a matter of time before Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose become a unified tag team that possibly wins the titles on the Raw brand.

Once Rollins and Ambrose are on the same page, in storyline, it seems logical Reigns will eventually be thrown into the mix for a couple of programs. Bringing The Shield back probably wouldn’t hurt any of the three wrestlers, but it may not make Reigns any more over than he is today.

3 Won’t: Bullet Club


We can’t really explain why the WWE hasn’t been keen on pushing the company’s version of the Bullet Club as a dominant faction on either Raw or SmackDown, but we see the writing on the wall as it pertains to that idea. Even the company acquiring Adam Cole in 2017 probably isn’t going to change the fact that any Bullet Club storyline will involve that group being a mid-card act at absolute best even though the promotion could probably make some cash off of the gimmick.

While trademark issues would prevent the company from directly using Bullet Club, a faction with a similar name could generate headlines and make money. The WWE doesn’t see things that way, and we don’t recommend you hold your breath hoping that will change.

2 Won’t: Daniel Bryan Versus Miz


We blame WWE for this one, because the company teased this feud during an edition of the Talking Smack show that used to air on the WWE Network. We’ll never see Daniel Bryan and Miz have a program leading up to a match because Bryan is not allowed to compete inside of a WWE ring. Concussions and issues relating to those brain traumas resulted in Bryan retiring from wrestling despite his wishes, and he will have to leave the promotion if he wants to have even one last match before being able to walk away from the ring on his own terms.

We’d love to see Bryan teach Miz multiple lessons at a show such as a WrestleMania, but we also realize that storyline is never going to occur in the WWE.

1 Just Might: Broken Hardys


The names may be different, there may be no “Lake of Reincarnation” and there may not be any drones, but the WWE continues to tease that Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy will play the “Broken” characters they used while working for Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling.

According to reports, the Hardy brothers continue to be battling with the owners of Impact Wrestling over the gimmick while, at the same time, hinting in promos and via they Internet they will play some form of those characters in the future. We hope cooler heads prevail and “Broken Matt” and “Brother Nero” are allowed to build upon what they made in Impact Wrestling, as a watered-down version of those personas would likely fall flat in the eyes of fans.

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