10 WWE Women Who Are Cheating Father Time (And 5 He Caught Up To)

Being a female performer in WWE has changed drastically over the past few years. In actual fact much like other areas of the company it has been constantly changing for a lot longer than that. The Attitude Era really marked the start of women being hired and used for their looks rather than their in ring ability. Models and actresses were hired to simply accompany men to the ring and look pretty and if they did get the chance to wrestle they'd have to do it in their underwear or have a pillow fight. Then the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita came along and proved that you can be both beautiful and an asset to the wrestling side of things.

The sad truth that still exists in the wrestling business is that men's careers are often a bit longer than women's, and that is evidence that despite how much the industry has evolved there is still some way to go. A lot of WWE's former, and current, females have caught on to that fact though. They know that age is just a number and that if they look the part and can still go in the ring they still very much have a career in wrestling to go back to if they so choose (just take a look at Mickie James). Some former WWE stars have let father time catch up with them though. Here's a look at both sides of that coin.

15 Cheating Father Time: Lita

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Like a few of the other women in this list, Lita has come back to WWE recently to play her part in the Women's Revolution after spending some time away. As you'll know if you've seen her commentating on the Mae Young Classic or taking a place on some of WWE's kick off shows, the Hall of Famer looks better than ever. Back in the early 2000s Lita was a different looking woman before fans realized they wanted to watch a different looking woman. Dark red hair, covered in tattoos, could really go in the ring, yet she was still one of the most attractive women in the locker room. Present day Lita has changed her hair color, has even more tattoos, could likely still give the current women in WWE a run for their money, plus is still as gorgeous as she ever was.

14 Cheating Father Time: Mickie James

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Let's move swiftly on to the six time Women's Champion. Mickie returned to WWE for what at the time was a one off match against Asuka. Clearly her return sparked something in her own mind while demonstrating to WWE that she could still go in the ring. Right now on Raw, Mickie and Alexa Bliss are feuding over the fact that the Raw Women's Champion thinks James is too old. It's an odd stance to take and strange avenue to go down for WWE considering the phenomenal shape that Mickie is still in. Time has had almost no effect on her when it comes to wrestling ability and physical attractiveness. Less of the age jokes against James please WWE.

13 Caught Up: Jazz

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Former two time Women's Champion Jazz broke into the pro wrestling business around the same time as Victoria, who is mentioned later on. She even has two years on the woman she used to share a locker room with when it comes to age. However time has not treated Jazz quite as well as it has treated Victoria. If you were to put the two of them side by side then chances are not many people would think Jazz is the younger of the two. That hasn't affected her wrestling ability though, and while there haven't been rumours of a WWE Jazz return she still competes on the independent circuit. Strangely enough in 2016 Jazz actually wrestled alongside Victoria and Mickie James in Chikara as part of the King of Trios tournament.

12 Cheating Father Time: Gail Kim

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WWE is currently getting a lot of credit and great press for the large part they're playing in the Women's Revolution going on right now in professional wrestling. It's deserved credit as well. Long before WWE really got under way with the current women's movement however, TNA (as they were known then), had really put the wheels in motion via their Knockouts division. One of the key parts of its success was Gail Kim, the company's first ever Knockouts Champion. FYI: she also won the WWE Women's Championship in her first ever televised match, winning a battle royal to take the title from another entrant in this list (Jazz) who was injured at the time. Kim may be 40 now but you only need to look at the photo above and various others of her recently to know that time has been extremely kind to her.

11 Cheating Father Time: Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis was first brought to the attention of the WWE Universe back in 2004 via the company's Diva Search. An incredibly attractive woman who was just 22 at the time. A few years later she would even become one of the lucky few female Superstars in WWE who was asked to be the cover girl for Playboy magazine. Naturally it was an issue that a lot of fans wanted to get their hands on. In 2010 Maria sadly left WWE and worked for various other pro wrestling companies around the world. Then this year it was announced that Maria would be returning to WWE with her new husband, Mike Bennett. Some time had passed so fans who only watch WWE likely wouldn't have realized that she was just as attractive as she was the first day she stepped on to our screens.

10 Caught Up: Jacqueline

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WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline was an extremely attractive woman at the height of her career. During the late 1990s she played a key role in WWE's women's division and even enjoyed time as the company's Women's Champion. Her matches showcased that Jackie was just as tough as she was beautiful, if not more so. There was even an incident on WWE television where fans were shown a little more of Jacqueline than was perhaps intended when her top burst open. In 2016 Jackie was quite rightly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. At that point the former Women's Champion was well into her 50s and naturally looked different from how she did in her hey day.

9 Cheating Father Time: Beth Phoenix

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Sticking with the WWE Hall of Fame theme, on to an inductee that has seemingly not lost anything when it comes to looks and presumably in ring ability as well, Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon was a very different woman to most of the females she shared a locker room with during her time in WWE and was very much ahead of her time. No question that Phoenix would fit right in to the current women's landscape in WWE. Sadly though it doesn't look like that's going to happen, even though most would assume that she could definitely still go in the ring. Beth is still an extremely attractive woman also. Her husband, and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Edge is a very lucky man.

8 Cheating Father Time: Natalya

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One of Beth Phoenix's best friends, and the woman who inducted her into the WWE Hall of Fame, is current SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya. Nattie and Beth very much fell into the same category when it came to not fitting WWE's previous female mold and luckily their careers overlapped a little. In fact the talented pair even teamed together in WWE for a while as The Divas of Doom. Natalya has deserved to be at the top of the pro wrestling mountain for a while now and finally she's there. Not only is Nattie just as good in the ring as she has ever been, but she is also still very gorgeous. People often overlook Nattie in favor of some of WWE's other women but trust me, you shouldn't.

7 Caught Up: Terri Runnels

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During the Attitude Era Terri Runnels was basically exactly what the company wanted from a woman. It was almost as if they had made her in a factory. A petite, model-like, beautiful blonde woman with pretty enormous assets, if you catch my drift. While she did wrestle from time to time, Terri was mainly used as a valet or arm candy for certain wrestlers, first with her real life husband Goldust and later with The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. Now that Terri is in her fifties though it's only natural that she doesn't look as manufactured as she did 20 years ago. Runnels doesn't look like the sex symbol that she did during the Attitude Era and considering the time that has passed that's hardly a surprise.

6 Cheating Father Time: Stephanie McMahon

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Most of the women listed in this list are ones that have defied father time. However Stephanie McMahon seems to be turning back the clock altogether. The boss's daughter has been on our screen for a long time now, ever since she was extremely young. Throughout the early years of her on screen career Steph wasn't the most attractive woman on the roster, especially alongside some of the females who were baring all. Fast forward 15 years and Stephanie is incredibly good looking and has aged like a fine wine. Motherhood and power have obviously treated Stephanie very well and here's hoping she's back on our screens sooner rather than later.

5 Cheating Father Time: Victoria

Female Superstars who can actually wrestle - plus a couple who can't - have been trying to come back to WWE now that the Women's Revolution is in full swing. Mickie James has made a successful come back and there are rumours of Trish Stratus wanting to throw her hat back in the ring, Another name that has been banded about somewhat is Victoria. The former WWE Superstar spent nine years with the company all told, parting ways with them and heading to TNA in 2009. Despite now being 46 years of age, Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) still wrestles on the independent circuit. Her looks and in ring abilities continue to defy time and she would definitely still be a valuable asset if WWE decided to bring her in.

4 Caught Up: Missy Hyatt

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Throughout the 1980s and 1990s Missy Hyatt was an extremely attractive and very popular figure in professional wrestling. While she did enjoy a brief stay in WWE, most fans will likely remember Missy for her time in WCW and after that in ECW. She acted as a valet in all of those companies and despite being well into her fifties now actually continued to make appearances up until last year. That came at the 2016 WrestleCon when she accompanied Lance Storm to the ring for his match with Matt Hardy. Shockingly the above photo was actually taken before that, and considering Missy is now 54 it's unsurprising that she has seen better days. The above is a mug shot from when she was charged with grand theft but still, not a good look.

3 Cheating Father Time: Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson was unsurprisingly a big hit with a large chunk of the WWE Universe when she arrived on the pro wrestling scene. A fair few of WWE's most attractive women have been fortunate enough to pose for Playboy. Lucky for Torrie, and for the fans, she had the chance to do it twice. One of those times was alongside fellow WWE Superstar Sable in a spread that brought many fans' wildest fantasies to life. Some of you may have forgotten that Torrie was actually acquired by WWE when they bought out WCW and played a part in the Invasion angle that ran throughout 2001. 16 years on from that and Wilson is as beautiful as she ever was. The former wrestler is very invested in fitness and it shows.

2 Cheating Father Time: Trish Stratus

Someone else who clearly still takes their fitness very seriously despite being away from the ring is Trish Stratus. The seven time WWE Women's Champion - currently more reigns than anyone else in the company's history - revolutionized the business and proved that just because she was hired for being a model didn't mean she couldn't also be a fantastic wrestler. One of the high points of her career came when her and previous entry in this list Lita were the first women to main event an episode of Raw, something that wasn't repeated until very recently. Despite Trish being retired and in the WWE Hall of Fame there are rumors that she could one day make a come back. In fact apparently she was the first choice for an Asuka opponent before she discovered she was pregnant and replaced by Mickie James. Needless to say if Stratus does want to come back she definitely looks good enough to do so.

1 Caught Up: Sunny

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Sunny was pretty much the original WWE Diva. A female who started the whole trend in pro wrestling of females being treated as eye candy and window dressing as opposed to in ring competitors. Considering most of her tenure in WWE occurred during the Attitude Era that's unsurprising. There was likely not a male fan at the time who didn't have a crush on Sunny. 20 years on and those crushes will have all but faded away. Despite Sunny being younger than quite a few of the other females on this list, time hasn't treated her well. She has had a lot of legal issues also, spending time in jail and also in rehab, which definitely would not have helped matters. Sunny is also the first person who has had WWE publicly announce that they would not compensate for her rehab.

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