10 WWE Women Who Are Not As Nice As They Seem And 10 Who Are Total Sweethearts

The women of WWE have worked for years to get to where they are and some of them have had to develop a thick skin to be able to retain their position in the business. It can't be easy being a focal point of public attention on a daily basis when many of the comments aimed their way are negative ones.

Many of the women start out by being nice people but gimmick changes, jealousy of others and the obvious mood changes that life on the road can cause have made many of these women turn out to be a lot meaner than the WWE Universe expected. Experience often replaces innocence when dealing in the WWE. With so many people competing for top spot, it's only understandable.

Some of these women have only been able to reveal their true colours on Total Divas, while others have been able to show what they are really like when it comes to meeting fans in airports and following shows.

Even though there are a number of women who are not considered to be very nice, there are also some who are considered to be complete sweethearts. This list looks at 10 women who are not as nice as they seem, as well as 10 women who are actually sweethearts, sometimes it's nice to know the difference.

20 Not Nice: Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis came to WWE through the Diva Search more than a decade ago and was signed to WWE despite not making the cut. Maria was then used as a backstage interviewer and occasional wrestler before she was released from the company and went on to make a name for herself in TNA and Ring of Honor alongside her husband Mike Bennett.

Incredibly, the fame has apparently gone to Maria's head with a number of stories stating that the current WWE star is something of a snob now. Whether this is her continuing her character off screen or not, it likely that this is the real Maria, judging by the way she talks to people online, it seems that Maria really does think highly of herself. Hopefully becoming a mother will change her attitude a little.

19 Nice: Emma

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Emma was one of the women who was brought into WWE through their NXT set up and was able to climb the ranks through the company. She was a woman who was never given the chances that other women had, but never moaned and complained about it, she just got on with it hoping that one day her time would come.

Emma's start in NXT helped her with her career, so much so that she felt much more connected to the fans. This is why there are so many stories about Emma and her fanbase but none about her being disrespectful to them. Thanks to this, it seems that Emma will definitely be able to make a career for herself on the independent circuit following her WWE release earlier this year.

18 Not Nice: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is someone who the WWE Universe has been able to warm up to over the past few years since her in-ring ability has improved, but it seems that her attitude is something that will never change. Nikki isn't a very likeable person as it is because of the way she presents herself. However some of the things that she has done over the past few years have also made fans turn against her.

Nikki asked for John Cena's help so that she could become the longest reigning Women's Champion. She and her sister Brie also ensured that Maria, Maryse and Kelly Kelly couldn't return to WWE back in 2012 because they wanted the Women's Division to revolve around them. Nikki is willing to backstab everyone she knows to get ahead in her career.

17 Nice: Carmella

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Carmella came through NXT and has only been on the main roster for just over a year, but she was recently added to Total Divas alongside Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. There is a lot going on in Total Divas but it is easy to see that throughout her first few episodes on the show, Carmella has proved that she isn't like the other women.

Carmella was worried about hurting Maryse's feelings a few episodes ago, even though she wanted to have some time with her boyfriend and recently she was one of the only women on the show who wasn't dragged into Natalya and Lana's on-going war. Carmella seems to know how to stay out of the controversy and could have a lengthy career if she continues to do so.

16 Not Nice: Brie Bella

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Brie Bella is the member of the Bella Twins that is most liked. Recently the WWE Universe has warmed to Brie since she became a mother earlier this year. That being said, this doesn't change the things that Brie has done over the past few years. How Nikki and Brie basically victimized Eva Marie throughout her time on the show as well as the aforementioned issue back in 2012 make her pretty mean.

Nikki and Brie didn't even want to become wrestlers when they were offered contracts back in 2006 but once they were part of the company it became their mission to be the focal point of the division by any means necessary. It's a shock that any of the women are their friends at this point.

15 Nice: Naomi

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Naomi has been part of WWE for a number of years now and was forced to wait seven years to win her first Championship. Naomi has never been someone to go backstage and harass management to get what she wants. She instead continues to work hard and hopes that the company will see this.

Even on Total Divas, Naomi shows that she is a lovely person when she is looking after her stepchildren along with her husband Jey Uso. She also doesn't like to be brought into any issues between the other women. Even when Natalya was taking credit for everything Naomi was doing whilst babysitting Birdie a few weeks ago, Naomi allowed her to because she isn't a confrontational person. Many of the women on the roster could learn from Naomi.

14 Not Nice: Summer Rae

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Summer Rae is a former NXT star who will perhaps be remembered for her brief stint with Fandango before she was part of Total Divas for two seasons. Summer Rae didn't make any friends while she was part of the show. At one point she even went to Natalya's house just to slap her!

It was a strange season of the show and one where even Eva Marie turned against Summer. This could be why WWE stopped using her as part of the show and then released her a few months ago. Summer has always come across as something of a snob to fans, so many of the WWE Universe were really not that bothered when WWE terminated her contract. She hadn't been seen for more than 600 days anyway.

13 Nice: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon may play the role of a heel on WWE TV, but outside of the company, she is a role model to daughters and to many aspiring wrestlers among the WWE Universe. Many of the women in the locker room look up to Stephanie because she always makes time for her fans. She is part of charity events and makes time to be a mother as well.

Stephanie has a hectic life and would be well within her rights to be angry at the fact that fans hold her up when he's trying to get to places. Instead she seems happy to always communicate with her fans and sets a good reputation for the company. If fans could see past her bad girl character on-screen they would understand just how much Stephanie does for the women of WWE behind the scenes.

12 Not Nice: Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan was part of the NXT roster for a number of years before she was recently promoted to the SmackDown Live brand along with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The trio has been attempting to take over the division, but the WWE Universe have noticed that two of the women involved were not fully prepared for the microscope they would be on when they were promoted.

Liv has stood out as the least prepared person in her group over the past few weeks and recently decided to call out Becky Lynch on Twitter because of her gimmick. Becky was savage with her response and made Liv look foolish. That is exactly what she gets for trying to insult someone who has helped her to get to where she is today.

11 Nice: Charlotte

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Charlotte is a SmackDown Women's Champion and has been at the forefront of the Women's Revolution over the past few years. She also knows who the most important people in wrestling are: her fans.

Charlotte has attended a number of meet and greets with fans over the past few years. She is always happy to meet the youngest of her fans and pledge her support to America's troops. She has learned to follow in her father's footsteps in more ways than one. It's incredible that she's able to play such an arrogant person on WWE TV when she's a heel since there isn't a single member of the WWE Universe who has a bad word to say about The Queen after they've met her.

10 Not Nice: Renee Young

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Renee Young revealed that she has secretly married Dean Ambrose earlier this year. The couple kept this a secret because the WWE Universe didn't react positively when it was announced that the couple were dating.

While the duo were part of Total Divas, it showed that when Renee was with Nikki and Brie she turned into a different person. There were already rumours about Renee Young acting like she was a much bigger deal that she actually is backstage and the company wanted to cut her down to size. This is why they cancelled her network show called Unfiltered earlier this year. Renee often shows this side of her, which is a real shame.

9 Nice: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is the only member of the Four Horsewomen who wasn't able to lift the NXT Women's Championship, but she was able to become the Inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion last year. Becky is someone who has been through a lot throughout her life and has used wrestling as her escape.

Her struggles in her younger life have allowed her to remain grounded. Unlike many other women in the company, she is always able to reach out to her fans and attend meet and greets when needed. Becky also loves stopping to take pictures with her fans, which is something that not many stars do. The Irish LassKicker is well aware that her fans are just as important as her wrestling ability when it comes to the successes in her career.

8 Not Nice: Lana

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Lana was aligned with Rusev back in 2013 when she failed to win the Diva Search that year. Over the past few years, Lana has learned how to wrestle and made her debut, as well as being added to the cast of Total Divas along with her husband.

The worst thing Lana ever did was agree to appear on the show. The WWE Universe has begun to dislike her now that her real personality has started to shine through. Lana is rude to the other women in the locker room who have been there longer than her. She even told them that they need to learn to cut a promo when she is still incapable of wrestling a decent match. She also comes across as another female wrestler who thinks she is so much better than she is, which will probably be her downfall in the coming years.

7 Nice: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion and one of the wrestlers who was promoted to the main roster during the WWE draft. Alexa didn't have any prior wrestling experience before she joined WWE but is a fast learner.

She is also someone who doesn't involve herself in other people's arguments, which was shown when she was part of Nia Jax and Maryse's issues a few weeks ago on Total Divas. Alexa has been shown on Total Divas as someone who just wants to have some fun with her friends. Unlike Lana she doesn't need to tear people down and tell them that they aren't good enough. She's confident in her own ability and doesn't need to stoop to anyone else's level.

6 Not Nice: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now. However her name is always linked to a negative report when it comes to her interactions with fans. Not only that, but Sasha has a number of issues with other women's wrestlers. Sasha doesn't like the fact that some of these women made it to where they are without paying their dues on the Independent Circuit.

Alexa and Sasha have had a well documented real-life feud over the past few years with Sasha usually being the one to speak out of turn or assault Alexa as part of a match, even though Alexa herself has never needed to resort to these tactics. Sasha has been labelled as arrogant and self-righteous in real-life by many fans, who now openly avoid her because of her reputation for being rude to her followers.

5 Nice: Paige

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Paige has been part of the wrestling business ever since she was born. She has seen a lot of things over the past few years but that hasn't stopped her from using her own real-life trauma to help other people. Paige is quite a caring person and the last year has been hard on her. This could be why she has a reputation right now that claims something different.

Paige has been shown helping members of the WWE Universe overcome adversity as well as also helping one fan to come out to his family. This is the kind of person that she really is. She recently talked about Nia Jax and the body shaming that she went through and stated that she makes it her mission to tell Nia just how beautiful she is every day, which is why Paige is so popular in the women's locker room.

4 Not Nice: Maryse

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Maryse is a former Divas Champion and someone who came through the Diva Search more than a decade ago. She then quit WWE and told them that she would never return. The company eventually brought her back to align her with her husband. They even allowed her to wrestle her first match in more than six years at WrestleMania back in April.

Add this to the fact that Maryse is now part of Total Divas and it would seem that the French-Canadian star has very little to complain about. Actually, that's not true. Maryse gets mad about people not respecting her all the time and even started a fight with Nia Jax a few weeks ago because she asked her if she has ever been in a gauntlet match. She probably wouldn't be able to hold her own against many of these current women so she needs to take back the attitude and try and learn from them instead of being bitter.

3 Nice: Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is related to The Rock, which means that she has always been someone who has gained a lot of negative attention. Many of the WWE Universe claim that she is only where she is right now because of her family connections.

This isn't the case with Nia. She is a quick learner and has worked her way through WWE over the past few years. The former NXT star has been the victim of a number of fans who have pointed out her size. Instead of seeing it as a positive for her career, they see it as a negative because many people overlook the changes that have happened in the women's division over the past few years. Nia is a role model for many women who have had to overcome this level of body-shaming and regularly sends out motivational messages to support others in a similar situation.

2 Not Nice: Natalya

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Over the past few years, it has been claimed that Natalya could well be one of the best technical wrestlers that WWE has over all three of their rosters. Nattie hasn't been used effectively throughout her career, but she has been able to help many of the women who are coming through the ranks right now as one of the veterans of the company.

Nattie was thought to be one of the nicest women in the company but it seems that she harbours some anger when it comes to Lana. The duo has been seen having screaming matches over the past few weeks. Nattie finally took it too far this past week when she threw Lana's luggage and phone into the ocean. Nattie is a veteran and a mother figure to this women, she should be setting an example. It's sad that she was forced to show her true colours in this way.

1 Nice: Bayley

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Bayley has always been a fan favourite throughout her WWE career and one of the main reasons for this is because of the connection she once had with the WWE Universe. Bayley was always fantastic with Izzy when she was down in NXT and the youngster would sit in the front row admiring her hero, but it seems hard for Bayley to continue that on the main roster.

Instead, Bayley has remained just as close to the WWE Universe, giving out hugs whenever she can and attending as many meet and greets as she is able to because she knows just how important the WWE Universe are. It's sad that Bayley has been booked so badly on the main roster because she will always be popular with the WWE Universe and perhaps deserves another chance.

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