10 WWE Women Who Sabotaged Another's Career (And 5 Who Stayed Loyal)

With so much competition in WWE's Women's division it is no secret there is sabotage between wrestlers, although there are a few solid friendships!

The WWE locker room can be a difficult place to maneuver. With constant backstabbing and politics, hearing wrestlers reveal stories about sabotage is not uncommon. This is a symptom of being so close together on the road with so much on the line in terms of career advancement. I mean, if you are trying to be the main event every night, you probably have to do some uncomfortable things to make sure nobody gets ahead of you.

For the women, there are even fewer spots on the roster and the competition is just as fierce if not even more so. Throughout the years there have been some major cases of sabotage within the women's division, with stories of the talents causing problems in other's careers. Whether this be because of jealousy, chemistry problems or simply for protection is up for debate. Regardless of the reason, the practice has lead to serious animosity among superstars.

Yet for every female talent that has sabotaged a career, there are just as many stories of women who have been loyal to friends and partners and reaped the benefits. Whether that has served them better or worse will be determined later on, but we must say it definitely hasn't caused the same amount of drama that the sabotage has. This list will look at 10 women who have sabotaged another's career, and five who have been loyal.

15 Sabotaged: Chyna And Lita


Sabotaging one person is a big enough crime in wrestling, but when Chyna entered the women's division of WWE, she managed to sabotage the entire roster with her demands for joining the division being that she became champion immediately, which happened. Not thinking or caring about any of the roster's previous hard work, Chyna wanted the belt and it didn't matter who she sabotaged to get that. Then, when she was asked to drop the belt after WrestleMania X-Seven to Lita she refused to lose, sabotaging Lita's potential title run. This would prove to be her final match with the company, so in the end, this decision could have been Chyna's own undoing, bringing a great career to a sour end.

14 Sabotaged: Paige Tweets Her Thoughts


Paige might only be young but she has already made her mark in this industry, both in a positive and negative way. Not known for keeping quiet when something is on her mind, Paige took to Twitter to ruin Lana's reputation after the Ravishing Russian had outed her as a backstage bully.

Instead, the Anti-Diva proclaimed Lana to be nothing more than a liar, and the comments seemed to hurt Lana's push as she quickly began to slip down the card. Whether or not Paige has been a backstage bully isn't confirmed, and while the moment didn't ruin either of their careers fully, it certainly hampered both of them in the eyes of many.

13 Loyal: Sasha Banks And Bayley


Given the fierce rivalry that Sasha Banks and Bayley have had since their careers took off in NXT, it could be surprising to some to see just how close they are behind the scenes. But it is that closeness and friendship that has made their matches some of the greatest in wrestling history.

These two women constantly put each other over, whether it's in a jokey manner or seriously during interviews. It is good to see two friends being loyal and helping the other reach their full potential. Their matches together in NXT were absolute classics and they brought the absolute best out of each other, pushing one another to their limits, why? Because they're loyal to each other and are aiming to break boundaries for women, which they certainly have the potential to do.

12 Sabotaged: Stephanie Blocking Chyna


Chyna is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time and played a key role during the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars. While she sadly passed away in 2016, that does not mean that her legacy can't continue as her career is still missing one final accolade. However, the Hall of Fame entry that Chyna so rightfully deserves might potentially never happen as it is widely known that Stephanie McMahon did not get along with her. Due to Chyna's relationship with Triple H, it appears this may cost her a spot in the Hall of Fame despite the fact she is one of the most deserving people to be inducted. WWE can gloss over this fact by using Chyna's post-WWE life as an excuse for not inducting her, but the truth of the matter sees Stephanie ensuring Chyna's career will never get the final crowning moment it so rightfully deserves.

11 Sabotaged: Rusev And Lana's Happy Engagement


Not all sabotage's are intentional, but sometimes someone can say or do something that they might deem as harmless when in actual fact, it causes major problems and that is exactly what happened in the case of Lana. Her and real-life partner, Rusev, were on top of the world and rising to be one of the hottest acts in WWE, but were split up (in a ridiculous decision) and put into a love triangle storyline with Dolph Ziggler. Fans were supposed to believe that Lana and Rusev were no longer an item and Ziggler and Lana went as far as taking trips to Disney together, posting photos on social media to try to convince fans.

This was going well until Lana decided to reveal she had got engaged to Rusev in real life. Not only did this totally kill the storyline, but it also killed Rusev's push and the talented superstar hasn't been anywhere near that level ever since.

10 Loyal: Maryse's Marriage Pay's Off


Maryse is one of WWE's most underrated women's wrestlers of all time, working in an era prior to the women's revolution, she is often put in the category of women who couldn't work and were simply just a pretty face.

However that isn't the case, as she is a solid in-ring worker and an excellent character with bags of charisma and a brilliant personality. Maryse has the 'it' factor. Her loyalty to partner, The Miz, even after she didn't get re-signed to the company in 2012 eventually paid off when she was brought back to the company. Since her return she has totally transformed The Miz, taking him to new heights and adding plenty to that character and even managed to have a major WrestleMania moment at this year's show when she teamed with Miz to take on John Cena and Nikki Bella.

9 Sabotaged: Eva Marie And Summer Rae


Eva Marie had a difficult time making an impact during her WWE run, with her best days coming towards the end of her career. She jumped on and off the main roster with WWE wanting to use her but clearly seeing that she didn't quite have the ability yet.

During Total Divas, Eva paired up with Summer Rae and the pair began to make a name for themselves as 'Red & Gold' and even managed to drum up some television time. During one famous moment on the reality show, Summer Rae refused to tag Eva in during a six-woman tag team match, causing a major scene backstage after the bell. This wasn't a good showing for Eva and she quickly suffered because of it, with her T.V. time being taken away and she quickly found herself being taken off the main roster and put down to NXT.

8 Sabotaged: Diva Search Contest Heats Up


The Diva Search contest was an interesting situation that many fans have looked back upon with a frown, questioning WWE's decision making. Many of the ladies clearly had no interest in wrestling and that was the case during the 2004 Divas Search with Carmella Decesare.

She wasn't popular with the women in the competition, with her exit being crowned with a middle finger from Maria Kanellis, who was also taking part in the competition. But it was during a 'Diss the Diva' segment where her career was sabotaged and ended before it could even begin (perhaps for the best). Carmella was torn about by her fellow Divas and it was made very clear none of them wanted her to be there, bringing an end to her 'wrestling' career.

7 Loyal: The Power Of Love


Maria Kanellis has had an incredibly successful career, from her original run in WWE to the success she had all across the world with Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, but it's her return to WWE that showcased her loyalty.

After marrying Mike Bennett, the pair made a major name for themselves on the indie scene, to the point where WWE brought them in and put them straight on the main roster. Whilst they might not have made a major mark so far in WWE, Maria's loyalty to Mike, has added plenty to his overall package, boosting his career to the highest level. After the revelation of Mike's addiction troubles, Maria's loyalty is even more impressive and hopefully they will begin to be more featured on SmackDown Live.

6 Sabotaged: Sable Refusing To Drop The Title


Sable was one of the biggest stars in the history of women's wrestling, but as is often the case in this industry, that stardom can quickly go to people's heads. That appeared to be the case with Sable, who flat out refused to drop the Women's Championship to Luna.

Originally, Sable was set to drop the belt at the Royal Rumble but refused, with the pair getting into a real-life fight that led to a suspension for Luna, adding more problems to her already growing list. Sable purposefully sabotaged Luna's career, and instead of being the Women's Champion she ended up sitting at home suspended from work.

5 Sabotaged: The Fabulous Moolah


Fabulous Moolah may very well be one of the greatest women's wrestlers in history, but one of the reasons she dominated her era could potentially be the way she sabotaged so many other females careers, ensuring she stayed at the top of the game. Moolah has many stories of sabotage against her name and it started with wrestlers who weren't even ready to make a career as she was training them. Moolah would ensure that they signed contracts, ensuring part of any money they ever earned would land in her pocket, but she did a lot more than that to Mad Maxine.

Maxine was a trainee of Moolah's and had the prospect to become a big star as she was expected to be a major character in Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling, instead Moolah demanded she would be taken off television, claiming she wasn't ready and took her spot. Maxine would end up leaving wrestling shortly after, not only sabotaging her career but ending it.

4 Loyal: Bella's Bond Is Like No Other


Both Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the biggest female superstars that WWE has ever created, now breaking out of the WWE bubble to simply become iconic figures. Whether it's in the ring, in business or as a family, these sisters have always had each other's backs and looked out for each other before anyone else.

At times they have come under fire for their own backstage antics as well as their in-ring work, but together they rode it out and are now hugely respected by most wrestling fans. The work they put in to improve led to a length Divas Championship run for Nikki and Brie was able to work a major feud with Stephanie McMahon. There is a reason why everything they do turns into a success, from reality shows to selling wine to launching their own clothing line, they work closely together on every task and it is a recipe for success.

3 Sabotaged: Lita Betrays Matt Hardy


With hindsight, people are able to look at the Lita/Edge/Matt Hardy love triangle situation and see the positives, a complete mess that in the end created one of the best storylines in history. Both Hardy and Edge actually came out of the situation better in terms of their WWE careers, but what a lot of people do forget when remembering this moment is that Matt Hardy actually lost his job over this. The backlash from Lita cheating on Matt with real-life friend Edge resulted in Hardy being fired due to the way he handled the situation. It was only because of the fans and the support for Hardy that he was brought back and WWE decided to make this real-life situation into a storyline.

2 Sabotaged: The Bella's Costs Maryse A Job


When it comes to sabotaging, costing somebody their job is surely the worst that somebody can do and it is heavily reported that Brie and Nikki Bella did exactly that to Maryse. The situation came about when the twins were re-signed in 2012, and according to Maryse, the pair told her to hold out on an offer from WWE and actually reject it for more money, which she did. Yet after that the Bella's ensured WWE didn't actually offer her a deal, meaning she never got the job.

Of course now Maryse is back with the company and the situation was actually brought up on Total Divas when Maryse joined the cast, making it seem very clear that this situation did happen.

1 Loyal: Natalya's 'Hart' Of Gold


There is a reason that Natalya is considered a locker room leader for the women's division and it isn't just because she has been around for longer than others on the roster. Natalya has been incredibly loyal to everyone on the roster, as well as her partner Tyson Kidd.

Now, Natalya is finally enjoying the success she has worked so hard for as the SmackDown Live Women's Champion and it is something she fully deserves. Her role on Total Divas has highlighted just how helpful and kind Nattie really is, looking to train younger talent. The perfect example of her loyalty comes from her work with Charlotte, with Natalya playing a crucial role in her incredible development. Nattie moved down to NXT before it was considered the juggernaut it is today and the matches they have had together have been standouts.

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