10 WWE Wrestler Returns That Will Happen Before WrestleMania 34 (And 5 Debuts)

With WrestleMania season fast approaching, the WWE will look to have its best possible talent for the Biggest Event of the Year and make sure that all their top wrestlers are ready to create a spectacular show in the Superdome next year. While the WWE is already stacked with a terrific roster right now, the company goes all out for WrestleMania and will hope to bring back some of its biggest talents to attract more audience.

They will be hoping that some of their big stars who are out with long-term injuries can make a return before the event, which can help create some more intriguing matchups on the card. But we all know that WWE can never be happy with its current crop of wrestlers, and we can be sure that they will look to bring back some other stars to help add more star power to WrestleMania! They always look to add something new to the event, so one can expect some unexpected debuts to happen on the main roster prior to the event as well.

One can expect the WWE to bring back some big stars and also give some well-known stars their debut to make for a stacked card at WrestleMania 34.


15 Return: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho had quite the brilliant 2016 in the WWE, where he found an amazing gimmick for himself when he'd start calling people "stupid idiots" and later introduced the "List of Jericho". He was one of the most entertaining wrestlers during the time, even winning the US Championship during that period. Jericho left the WWE after WrestleMania to be with his band, but he did promise to return soon. We all know he's facing Kenny Omega at New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom in January, but there's no bitterness from WWE for that. Jericho is still expected to return in time for WrestleMania and he has himself hinted as such in his podcast and some interviews. He'll probably have the luxury of performing in both NJPW's and WWE's grand events, and we don't mind that as one can't get enough of the "Gift of Jericho".

14 Return: Rob Van Dam

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The Royal Rumble is fast approaching and it's still pretty unclear who will be the surprise entrants in the Rumble match this year, which is guaranteed to be a stellar one knowing the talent on the main roster right now. WWE loves to bring in some popular former stars to help elevate the Rumble, and we may see the return of "The Whole F'ing Show" Rob Van Dam this time. Van Dam still has it in him to wrestle against the best, and he has recently teased a return to the company. The relationship between him and WWE seems to be great right now, and with WWE needing some star power ahead of WrestleMania, it won't be surprising if RVD returns and stays through Mania season. There are many fantasy match-ups which can become a reality if he returns, and RVD still has the ability to attract and entertain fans.


13 Debut: Aleister Black

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Aleister Black has turned out to be quite the terrific wrestler in NXT so far, where he portrays a gimmick that has shades of The Undertaker and CM Punk in him right now. He's been really impressive with his in-ring work, which is absolutely terrific and versatile. His character is a really intriguing one as well, and he's been impressing many WWE officials with his work. The company is always looking to push the more unique characters on the main roster, so it won't really be surprising if Black debuts on the main roster before WrestleMania. He isn't really entangled in any long feud in NXT, and the company can cash in on this amazing character immediately. They could put him over at WrestleMania and then push him to be a big thing, and his captivating character will catch on with the casual fans very quickly.

12 Return: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella has been missing from the WWE ever since she got engaged to John Cena at WrestleMania 33, which asserted them as the power couple of WWE. She has since taken a hiatus from WWE, as she's recovering from her long-term neck injury and decided to join Dancing With The Stars to help increase her reputation. While she did decently in it, she did eventually get eliminated and isn't really doing anything right now. With WrestleMania season approaching, the WWE would want their top female stars to be present in it and will probably turn to Nikki to perform at WrestleMania. Nikki brings a lot of mainstream attention with her thanks to her recent work, and her ability to attract more viewers to the product will make sure that the WWE books the former Divas Champion in the card for the grand event.


11 Return: Big Cass

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Big Cass seemed to be in contention for a big push after he "betrayed" Enzo Amore and turned heel on him on the main roster. He defeated The Big Show and obliterated Enzo on many occasions, and was looking like a proper monster heel before unfortunately getting injured in a match against Enzo. He had suffered a torn ACL, which ruled him out for at least nine months because of how bad the injury is. But Cass is recovering pretty well and has indicated that in interviews, stating that he's going to return around the time when WrestleMania takes place. He could actually make it in time for the Grandest Stage of them All, and the WWE would continue his big push afterward. Cass is on a tough road to recovery right now, but knowing his athleticism, it won't be surprising to see him return near about WrestleMania season.

10 Debut: The Authors Of Pain

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The Authors of Pain have been a really dominant force in the WWE in the past year or so, with Rezar and Akam wrecking havoc in NXT as one of the top tag teams in it. They have crushed almost every competition in their way, and won the NXT Tag Team Championship as well as the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament! It seemed that a main-roster call was inevitable for them when they dropped their titles, but that wasn't to be. But they are too good for Vince McMahon to keep on NXT, and with Smackdown Live! being really short of top tag teams, the main roster debut looks to be coming soon for them. They will probably debut on the main roster before WrestleMania, where they can wreck havoc and be established as the dominant monsters of WWE's Tag Team Division.


9 Return: Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy made quite the amazing return to the WWE along with brother Matt at WrestleMania 33, when the Hardy bros were inserted into the Raw Tag Team Titles ladder match and went to win it! Jeff had been looking great in the ring and after they lost the titles, he tried to achieve some singles success and even challenged The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Things were looking good for him when he suddenly suffered a shoulder injury. Jeff has been out for a few months, and while a Royal Rumble return looks rather bleak at this point, he himself stated that he should make it for WrestleMania. He'll probably return a few weeks prior to the event, and knowing his amazing in-ring ability, WWE should be able to find a suitable opponent for him at WrestleMania for him to put on another classic at the grand event.

8 Return: Neville

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Neville shocked many when he abruptly walked out of the WWE after being told to job to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in a match on Raw a few months ago. He has since been missing from the wrestling circuit, as he just packed his bags and went home after being frustrated at his position in the WWE. While many thought that WWE would release him, they haven't done so and because he's under contract with them, he can't leave either. But their relationship seems to have become better in the past few weeks, as negotiations have gone well and Neville is apparently ready to return to a WWE ring. They probably won't put him in the Cruiserweight Division anymore and can have him return at the Royal Rumble and then compete for the Intercontinental Championship, as they'd definitely want a star like Neville to feature at WrestleMania.


7 Debut: Rockstar Spud

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Rockstar Spud may not actually be known by many WWE fans, but he had been on their radar for quite some-time when he was a decent mid-carder for TNA. Spud has won the X-Division Championship twice in TNA and despite his size and weight, he's actually a really good wrestler. He left the company earlier this year due to some issues with management, but many outlets reported that he was quickly signed by the WWE after that. Spud hasn't debuted on WWE TV yet apparently due to some Visa issues he's facing, but he is set to debut very soon and be part of 205 Live! in WWE. The company will be getting a really experienced and talented wrestler in Spud, who is not only an exciting in-ring worker, but can also be really entertaining with the right gimmick, and can elevate Cruiserweight Division ahead of WrestleMania.

6 Return: The Revival

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The Revival made quite the dominating debut on the main roster when they defeated The New Day in their first feud into the main roster. The two-time NXT Tag Team Champions were the best on NXT for a long time before being given the main roster push, but the two have been plagued with injuries ever since being drafted to Monday Night Raw. Scott Dawson is currently injured with a ruptured bicep, but he is expected to return in around WrestleMania season. With the tag team division getting a bit stale on Raw, the return of the Revival will definitely turn eyes onto the division and the team should get the push they've long deserved after they return. The WWE could have them win the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 34, after which the "top guys" can go onto establish themselves as among the best tag teams in WWE.


5 Return: Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan has been out of professional wrestling for the past few years now, as he was in hot water when he was fired by the WWE in 2015 after his racial slurs against a man were exposed to everyone. He was also entangled in a scandal which saw him having intimate relations with a friend's wife, but Hogan did go onto sue the website which leaked that video and won a lot of money through that lawsuit. The Hall of Famer is now out of controversy and has somewhat regained his reputation among the fans, which means the WWE can now bring him back. They've been planning his return for quite sometime and it seems like Hogan may return at WrestleMania 34! The WWE needs as much star-power as possible to put on a spectacular event, and Hogan is the perfect star to help make WrestleMania feel special.

4 Debut: Gunner

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Gunner will probably be remembered by TNA fans because of how he was a rather strong mid-carder for them in the past few years. He was there for around five years and won the TNA Television Championship and TNA World Tag Team Championship with James Storm, and was quite the hard-hitting wrestler during those years as well. He left the company in 2015 after falling out with management and signed with the WWE earlier this year. He has only performed a few live event matches for NXT but has been kept out of TV so that he could train and prepare himself. Gunner is quite an experienced customer and knowing his intimidating looks and wrestling style, he could debut as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. He can be a solid mid-carder on the main-roster, which is something WWE really needs going into WrestleMania season.


3 Return: Adam Rose

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Adam Rose may already be forgotten by a portion of WWE fans despite leaving the company just over a year ago, but he had the entertaining skills in him to impress the WWE enough to keep him on TV. His "party guy" gimmick was pretty over for some-time, before he kind of started making a come-back as part of the Social Outcasts. But he was released by WWE for domestic violence towards his wife, and things didn't look at all for him then. Rose slowly recovered from that and has been wrestling in the Independent circuit, with his domestic violence case being dropped as well. Rose has been pretty active on Instagram recently and made posts teasing a return to WWE. While this may not be the "ideal" return for a WWE fan, Rose can get another chance at showing his ability if he's brought back by the company.

2 Return: Batista

Batista has transitioned from a WWE wrestler to a successful actor in Hollywood really well over the past few years, where he's made quite the name for himself after playing roles in hit movies like Guardians of the Galaxy & Spectre. The former World Heavyweight Champion is now enjoying life in Hollywood, but it seems that he's still a big fan of wrestling. He spoke to Jim Ross about returning to WWE recently, saying how he'd love to return as a full-timer. Batista even said that he spoke to Vince McMahon about it, as it seems that a return looks very likely for him. He can easily return at Royal Rumble and will add a lot of star-power to WrestleMania if he does return, something which WWE will want, because "The Animal" is capable of attracting plenty of fans and have a great match with an able opponent.


1 Debut: Ricochet

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Ricochet has been a terrific wrestler in the Independent circuit for the past few years, where he has put on some spectacles for many wrestling promotion. He became famous as "Prince Puma" at Lucha Underground, with some of his Indy matches helping him get really famous. Ricochet is technically a free agent in the wrestling industry right now, and it would be foolish for WWE to let a talent like him go. There's been heavy rumors of him joining the WWE recently, and the two parties will probably strike a deal very soon. WWE can have him debut at the Royal Rumble and use a phenomenal talent like him to put on amazing matches. Although he'll mostly be put in 205 Live!, a star like him can instantly elevate its reputation and turn many eyes into the Cruiserweight Division heading into WrestleMania, where he can show everyone his incredible talent.


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