10 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Not Re-Sign Once Their Contracts Are Up (And 5 Who Will)

There's such competitiveness in the WWE these days that even some extremely talented wrestlers who deserve to be in the main event scene are dangling in the mid-card, and this is because of the stacked roster which WWE currently has. While some of the wrestlers seem to be happy with their positions in the company, there are some others who are extremely frustrated and may want a way out.

As everyone knows, the wrestlers can't just "walk out" of the company as that can create a bad reputation, so they have to serve out the contract they've signed with WWE. There are quite a lot of talents who are being misused by the WWE right now, so we might see certain wrestlers leaving Vince McMahon land once their contracts expire.

At the same time, there are some talents who, despite not being treated well, are too attached to WWE and will eventually sign the contracts to extend their stay. While there is quite a bit of loyalty in the WWE, there are some wrestlers who will need to move on from WWE to become successful, as we look at some wrestlers who will not re-sign with WWE once their contracts are up and others who will.


15 Won't Re-sign: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been in a bit of a slump recently, with his feud with "Woken" Matt Hardy not really being that eventful and his recent feuds turning him into a mid-carder from the top star he was last year. Wyatt's personal troubles haven't helped his cause either, as WWE seems to have lost faith in his character and just making him put over other talents these days. Wyatt definitely wouldn't that to continue and must be frustrated with his position in WWE, which might make him leave the WWE once his contract expires. Bray respects WWE enough to see out his contract, but he knows that he can be a big star if he goes to another promotion like New Japan or even Ring of Honor. If things continue like this, he'll have a decision to make and might as well leave WWE for a boost in his career.

14 Won't Re-sign: Rusev & Lana

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Rusev & Lana have emerged as quite the beloved couple of wrestling fans recently, with their antics and charisma together being loved by everyone. While Rusev might have found himself to be an extremely over guy with the "Rusev Day" gimmick, he's still this mid-carder who often puts over other talent and isn't really getting much success after his controversial marriage to Lana. They have had heat stemming from when they publicly announced their marriage despite being apart in WWE, and even they must be frustrating at how WWE has been treating them since. Not only have they established themselves as well-known stars in wrestling, but Rusev and Lana have attained quite a bit of mainstream popularity and might want to leave WWE after their contracts are up. They'd want to go somewhere else where they can be treated royally, as many promotions will be scampering for their services.


13 Will Re-sign: Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy was struggling to adapt to WWE's conditions earlier on after he started his singles run, but it seems like Matt has got his spark back after starting to portray "Woken" Matt Hardy after getting the rights to his broken character. Hardy is putting on some great promos and is in a topsy-turvy feud with Bray Wyatt, but he seems to be happy with his position right now and even wants to introduce the "Broken Universe" in WWE Soon. While it was looking like Hardy might be regretting his WWE return earlier on, he looks satisfied these days and will definitely re-sign with WWE if he can keep his "Woken" gimmick going on for long. Hardy is content with being part of mid-card feuds and with the entertaining stuff he's doing, he'd want to remain in the WWE for the long run this time.

12 Won't Re-sign: Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is seemingly on top of the world right now as the Universal Champion in the WWE, having held the title for almost a full year after winning it at WrestleMania 33 last year. Lesnar is being displayed to be dominant as ever and with a part-time schedule, he's living in the riches right now. But Lesnar seems to be wanting a change in career once again as there are rumors flying everywhere about him contemplating a return to UFC, which would see him not re-sign with the WWE. Lesnar will apparently not sign with the WWE anymore and return to UFC after his current contract expires in a few months time. While the Beast Incarnate is being kept in luxury by WWE, he seems to want something different and we could see him return to UFC full-time after WrestleMania 34.


11 Won't Re-sign: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn has seen quite the change in personality recently when he sided with Kevin Owens and became this pesty, annoying little heel who is actually quite enjoyable to watch. Zayn finally seems to be getting the right opportunities and has been part of many WWE Title matches and main events, but it doesn't seem like WWE really trusts him to put their top title on him. Despite his immaculate performances, Zayn has been very underrated by the WWE who often use him to put some other people over. Sami definitely deserves better and must be getting frustrated at his lack of victories, as he might want to move on from the WWE once his contract expires. Zayn can definitely be held in high regard in the Independent scene and can become a top star anywhere else he goes, and he might leave WWE if they constantly keep undermining him.

10 Will Re-sign: Cesaro

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Cesaro has been doing quite the fantastic job with Sheamus in the tag team division these days, which probably indicates that the WWE is trusting him to be a top guy in the future to keep him as part of a top tag team in the WWE. While they don't really trust him as a singles star, that might change when he breaks up with Sheamus and might receive a big push if he can maintain his good work. Cesaro was going through a bit of a bad phase in WWE a few years ago which probably made him contemplate his future, but his great work will make him sign another contract with the WWE when his current one expires. The Swiss Superman might even get to become a solid mid-carder and win some singles titles in the future, as WWE seems to have finally seen his brilliance.


9 Won't Re-sign: Nia Jax

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Nia Jax has played the role of a monster heel perfectly in WWE's Women's Division ever since making her debut, but she hasn't really been treated that well and is often booked to look weak among the other ladies. Jax is yet to win a championship in WWE and looks to be frustrated with her position as she took an unexplained leave of absence from the WWE back in November for no reason. Apparently, she's frustrated with her position in WWE and is also a victim of bullying in the locker room. Jax might not want to re-sign with WWE if things continue like this as she still has a long career ahead of herself where she'd want to become a top star anywhere else. Even if she leaves wrestling, Nia can go back to modeling where she can be the center of attention and be treated better.

8 Won't Re-sign: Tye Dillinger

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Tye Dillinger might have become hugely popular on WWE NXT because of his "Perfect 10" gimmick, but he's struggled to establish himself as a fan-favorite with that gimmick on the main roster. Dillinger hasn't received many chances to shine on the main roster and hasn't even appeared on Smackdown Live! in many weeks now, amidst rumors that he's being kept out of Television because WWE wants the "10" chants to stop. This is something very ridiculous as Dillinger had to work really hard to get over with the fans and he's definitely frustrated with his position in the company right now. It won't be surprising at all if Dillinger decides to reject a new contract and leave WWE in the near future, as he has a better chance of becoming a popular top guy in another promotion than WWE who don't even regard him as a star.


7 Will Re-sign: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe hasn't had lady luck on his side recently in the WWE, with constant injuries plaguing his good run in the company and threatening him to miss out on WrestleMania this year. The WWE officials seem to be very high on the Samoan Submission Machine and have booked him strongly ever since his feud with Brock Lesnar, but his injuries have toppled any big plans for him. Despite his condition in the WWE, Joe must feel wanted in the company and will want to stay there and earn his status as a top star in the next few years as well. He'll definitely sign another contract with WWE after his current one expires, as WWE would want to keep him for long as well. Joe can become a top heel in WWE in the long run, so he'd definitely re-sign with them whenever they want him to.

6 Won't Re-sign: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan has been a great general manager for Smackdown Live! ever since being given the helm after the WWE draft, with the "Yes Man!" still being one of the most over guys in the WWE despite not wrestling anymore. The wrestling bit is something Bryan wants to do more often as he's been cleared by doctors all around, but the WWE doctors won't allow him to compete. Bryan has voiced his frustrations at WWE not letting him wrestle and will have to leave the company to wrestle elsewhere. So Bryan's contract will expire later this year and if WWE doesn't allow him to wrestle, he won't sign a contract extension and will leave the company. Knowing his cult status, Bryan will easily get an opportunity to shine in New Japan or Ring of Honor, as he'll definitely opt to go wrestle there rather than remain a non-wrestling character in WWE.


5 Won't Re-sign: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson haven't really been able to assert their dominance in the WWE like they did in Japan, with the two being moved to becoming a lower tag team who are often used to put over the other tag teams. Gallows and Anderson came into WWE in the prime shape of their career but have been booked very poorly, resulting in them seeming weak when they are really not so. Gallows and Anderson must be regretting ever coming into WWE in the first place, as they might not want to sign a contract extension after their current contract runs out. They could retain their position as big stars if they return to Japan and seeing at how they're being mistreated by WWE, that is one thing the two will seriously consider once their contracts run out.

4 Will Re-sign: Harper

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Harper has yet again been repackaged by the WWE, who have teamed him up with his "brother" Rowan once again to form the Bludgeon Brothers. Just when Harper was looking to be on the rise as a singles star last year, the WWE decided to pull the plug on his run and after a long hiatus bring him back to tag team wrestling. Harper must be getting frustrated at how WWE doesn't trust his potential as a singles star, but he's the ideal employee to have and will do whatever they tell him without complaining. Harper will definitely sign another contract with WWE in the near future as he's very loyal to the company and also has a family to look after with the money he earns. Despite his untapped potential, Harper seems satisfied at WWE and will continue doing whatever they order in the next few years.


3 Won't Re-sign: Hideo Itami

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Hideo Itami's career in the WWE has been a rather unfortunate one, with the Japanese sensation being held in high regard in his early days in the company before a string of injuries plagued his run in the company. A few bad injuries saw him being out for over a year of action and he was far behind in the race when he returned. Itami was recently introduced on 205 Live! where he hasn't really been able to make a big impact and was quickly eliminated from the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. It doesn't seem like Itami is entirely happy in WWE but he has to respect his contract for everything they've done for him during his injury period and it's quite possible that he won't re-sign with WWE once his contract's up. Itami will probably go back to Japan, something which can help kick-start his career again.

2 Won't Re-sign: The Big Show

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The Big Show has been a really faithful employee for the WWE for almost the past two decades, enacting the role of a monstrous giant who put over many superstars in the past. But The Big Show can't compete as he did years ago and has voiced his desire to leave wrestling after WrestleMania this year, which indicates that he won't be re-signing with the WWE anymore. While the company loves to give him big, lengthy contracts, they've seemingly found his replacement in Braun Strowman and can let him go now. It's almost for sure that the giant won't be signing another contract with the WWE as he looks for something new. He might become involved in backstage proceedings in WWE or decide on doing something new, but it seems like Show is ready to head towards a new career and move on from wrestling.


1 Will Re-sign: Titus O'Neil

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Titus O'Neil has had a topsy-turvy relationship with the WWE and nobody even expected him to be in WWE for long when he had that infamous "scuffle" with Vince McMahon in the episode of Daniel Bryan's retirement. Titus had apparently "shoved" McMahon who was enraged at it and gave him a suspension of a few months for his mistake. Many wondered how Titus would be treated upon his return and how he'd be gone from WWE soon, but he's stuck with them and even got his own "Titus Worldwide" brand. He's currently doing some entertaining work on Raw and does a lot of good PR for WWE with his outside work, which is why WWE would want to keep him and make him sign another contract. Titus will probably sign it considering how much fun he's having and his "heat" with McMahon now looks like water under the bridge.


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