11 Current (And 4 Former) WWE Divas You Didn’t Realize Are Eating Their Booty O’s

Oh how the times have changed. If you lived through both the Attitude Era and the current era, you’ve seen various changes. One change that’s flown under the radar is the fan attraction when it comes to certain “assets”. Back in the Attitude Era, cleavage was a huge part of the WWE’s success. Thus, the chest was a desired area of interest for the fans. However, today, the company has been forced to clean up its image and cleavage is a thing of the past. Not to worry though, tight spandex has now taken the place of cleavage, making the backside a new focal point for the fans that love to ooze at the ladies' beauty.

In this article, we celebrate some of the lesser known glutes in the WWE. What do they all have in common, you ask? Well, simply put, to get such a booty, carbohydrates need to be consumed. A great carb happens to be cereal. And what’s the official cereal of the WWE? BOOTY OOOOO’S! You see folks, it all makes sense!

Sit back, relax and enjoy this article featuring the most underrated butts in the WWE. We also sprinkle some alums in the article. The number two entry seems to be head and shoulders above the rest. She’s likely eating several boxes per day! Okay, enough talk: let’s get to the booties, here are 11 current WWE Divas you didn’t realize are eating their “Booty O’s” and four former Divas you didn’t realize either!


15 Current: Peyton Royce


Some would even go as far as to argue that Peyton Royce has the most underrated booty in all of the WWE today. Its especially underrated due to the fact that she’s not on the main roster and working her craft down in NXT. To put things into perspective, Royce’s booty is so impressive that it has its own Twitter account. Don’t believe us? Go for a quick search and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

With an overhaul to the NXT’s Women’s Division, Royce has been a great asset. Both in the ring and persona wise, Peyton has it going on. What’s most impressive is the fact that the Australian is still only 24. Look for the heel trained by Lance Storm to become a big time player in the Women’s main roster in the future. Maybe then her glutes will get the recognition they deserve!

14 Current: Aliyah

Shoe game strong ⚡️😼

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We add some Canadian booty to the article with NXT Superstar Aliyah. She’s been with the company since 2015, however, the WWE has been reluctant in pushing her due to the Superstar’s age. The Toronto native is still only 22 and judging by the entire Paige fiasco, the WWE wants to take their time with this young gem, this time around.

Since entering the NXT developmental system, Aliyah has filled out quite noticeably, particularly in her derrière. Being relegated to live event NXT matches, one can imagine the youngster is putting in the work inside of the Performance Center growing her body and booty. With an overhaul in the NXT’s Women’s Division, look for Aliyah to get her fair shake sooner rather than later. Judging by her obvious talent and athleticism at such a young age, she’s bound to be something special.

13 Former: Candice Michelle

Pool party with the ladies! #hardrock

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Back in her WWE days, there’s simply no denying that Candice Michelle had some booty. Maybe she was eating the cereal before anybody else? Nonetheless, that was way back in 2009, when she was last seen with the WWE so one can imagine she’s undergone some physical changes.

Judging by some recent family vacation pictures, many would be surprised to find out that Michelle still has some lovely curves. Yes, she’s blessed in the chest but this picture also indicates she’s double trouble in both the T & A categories. Married to an LA chiropractor (which probably helps her flexibility, which leads to greater glute gains), the happy couple has three children, the most recent being born in 2015. Pretty impressive that with three kids and nearing her 40s, she’s still got it going on.

12 Current: Billie Kay


Since we touched base on Peyon, we felt the need to include her fellow Australian tag partner Billie Kay. She’s got the height of a Goddess and like Royce, a pretty underrated booty. Looking at her Instagram account, Kay has admitted she’s working really hard these days in growing her glutes. Kay has said that she’s eating lots and lots of carbohydrates which should add some serious size to her derrière. Still a work in progress, this booty has the potential to get even better folks.

As for her wrestling career, not many realize that she’s already been in the business for nearly a decade starting off in Pro Wrestling Alliance back in her native land of Australia. She’s come a long way and a main roster call up seems inevitable at some point.

11 Current: Charly Caruso

Moving day has me like... #nyc #movingday #exhausted

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Reviews have been mixed for the backstage interviewer Charly Caruso, however, there’s no denying her beauty and judging by her Instagram account, she’s been eating them Booty O’s on the regular. Caruso admits she loves to eat junk food which probably contributes to extra junk in the trunk.

She’s still very green to the business as the WWE continues to pave the way behind the scenes for young females, as opposed to the old mindset of “pro wrestling geeks” doing the interviews. Caruso comes from a background in the NFL and NBA. She debuted with the WWE down in NXT back in 2016 and is now officially a backstage interviewer for Raw. Some question her knowledge for the business but hey, like we said, it’s a different time in the world of sports and entertainment.

10 Current: Kayla Braxton

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Braxton is probably the most unknown WWE personality featured on the list. She’s current serving as an interviewer down in NXT. She’s got Instagram and judging by some of her steamy photos in tightly fitted dresses, this chick has got some serious curves folks. Boxes of Booty O’s definitely seem to be getting consumed.

A graduate out of Belmont University, Kayla is another name added to the WWE’s revolution of backstage interviewers. Like the new wave, her pro wrestling experience is very green coming from a background in television news and hosting her own segments on news channels. Since 2016, she’s been working her trade down in NXT and we hope to see that lovely smile and well, backside, up on the main roster at some point down the road.

9 Former: Michelle McCool

....."yes, love?" #hubshike #nature 💙

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Maybe it’s an Undertaker phobia, but many of us tend to forget about the ravishing Michelle McCool. Her impact in the business was certainly underrated as she served as a dominant heel for quite some time. It’s too bad her talents were featured at such a dark time in the Women’s Division because her heel work was truly top of the line. Michelle capped off her career with two Women’s Titles and two Divas Championships.

In 2011, Michelle decided to retire young taking the admirable decision to start a family instead. McCool and ‘Taker are the proud parents of Kaia, born a year after her retirement in 2012. Still in her late 30s, Instagram has showed us that the Texas resident still has some mighty fine booty! Sorry ‘Taker.


8 Current: Cathy Kelley


The Halloween themed picture above proves two things; one, Kelley is an absolute smoke bomb and two, that son of a gun Finn Balor is one lucky cat. Yes, it seems like Balor won the Cathy Kelley sweepstakes as the two have been spotted together. Once again, damn you Demon King, damn you.

Like a couple of the others on the list, Kelley is a WWE social media correspondent personality. She’s featured on the WWE Network and, updating some of us on shows coming to a town near you. Still very new to the business, Kelley’s stock continues to rise and that’s evidenced by her Instagram following of nearly 165K followers. Also, it helps that she was a fan from a young age, proving you don’t have to fake it to make it in the business.

7 Current: Renee Young


With close to two million followers via Instagram, we can clearly see that Young is no longer an underrated WWE personality. What’s so interesting is the fact that she oozes with persona, however, that persona is quite tame while she hosts many WWE shows like Talking Smack, or any PPV pre-show for the matter. We get a glimpse of who she really is through her own WWE Network talk show, Unfiltered with Renee Young.

Still only 31, her resume is very impressive seeing all the gigs she has with the company as a host. Another impressive factor which slides under the radar is her look. The Canadian has girl next door like features, along with an underrated booty. If this picture isn’t enough to sway you, go find some Total Divas footage of Renee shaking her junk and surely, you’ll be swayed.

6 Current: Stephanie McMahon


Given the fact that she’s been the greatest villain in the WWE during the 2000s, many fail to look at Stephanie as eye candy. However, McMahon is an underrated beauty and perhaps, one of the best in the entire company.

When looking at Steph’s “assets”, she’s truly got it all going on. McMahon has an impressive “chest area”, which was surgically enhanced. Her face is beautiful and well her booty might be her finest asset. Nowadays, McMahon rocks tight dresses and let’s just say that glute' sticks out quite nicely. Yes we’re being tame with our assessment!

A mother of three and entering her 40s, her work ethic outside of the ring is that much more impressive. Clearly, Steph’s been eating a box of Booty O’s following her midnight workouts!

5 Former: Victoria


Lisa Marie Varon has to be considered one of the most underrated women’s wrestlers of the 2000s. Her heel work was truly fantastic as she played a lunatic character that obsessed over the Women’s Championship. Who can forget her epic battles against the likes of Trish Stratus?

After leaving the WWE, Victoria would pursue her career with TNA. While with the company till 2013, it seemed like that booty just kept growing and growing with age. In some pictures, her glutes look so darn bit that you’d think it was photo-shopped for heaven’s sake!

Today, at the age of 46, Varon is still a mainstay on the indie scene, she’s even at various wrestling conventions. Judging by some recent pics, that booty hasn’t gone away which is pretty remarkable!

4 Current: Becky Lynch


When we think of the Four Horsewomen and the term booty, the face and butt we instantly think of is of the great Sasha Banks. Not only can she bring it in the ring, but man does she ever have the glutes of a goddess.

She certainly deserves the praise, however, her fellow Horsewomen also deserve a mention cause they also, have been consuming the cereal. We start with Becky Lynch who probably has the most underrated booty of them all. Given her feel good persona and loveable character, we don’t necessarily stare at her booty. However, as evidenced by some creepy IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) members, her booty is mighty fine. Some candid shots have revealed that Becky does in fact deserve some praise for her impressive glute’ gains!

3 Current: Charlotte Flair

Officially in my "30s" so far the best years of my life 🤗😎

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We still chuckle at times seeing Ric Flair’s daughter not only kick butt in the ring, but also being regarded as the very best in the company. Her in-ring instincts are surreal to be quite honest, predicting such success would have been absurd and unthinkable before she began wrestling.

Not only has the 31 year old thrived in the ring as a five-time Women’s Champion, but her look also continues to change. As the years move along, Charlotte seems to be filling out more and more, and looking like a greater star in the process. She started off tall and thin, but now, man has she ever filled out. Her glutes simply don’t get the recognition and that’s truly a pity, especially evidenced by the photo above. Is anybody else hungry for some cereal?

2 Former: Kaitlyn


You probably didn’t realize Kaitlyn’s been eating her Booty O’s due to the fact that she looks pretty unrecognizable today. Not only has she revamped her entire look, but she even goes by a different name, her actual name, Celeste Bonin.

Celeste made the bold decision to completely resurface her brand and image. Her WWE life is a thing of the past and she now promotes her new passion for fitness along with her own fitness clothing brand. With a following of over half a million fans and pictures that’ll make you drool for days, we can safely say her transition has been a success. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that she just entered her 30s.

Unlike the others on the list, it seems like Celeste is eating her Booty O’s by the boxes!

1 Current: Bayley


Hide your eyes children, cause we now shed a light on the loveable Bayley and her remarkable glutes which seem to be insanely underrated.

Similar to Becky, we refuse to see Bayley in such a light given her infectious persona as a true babyface. However, as time moves along, there’s imply no denying her posterior as it seems to keep growing as the years roll along. Like many other new school Superstars, Bayley has taken a liking for Crossfit type of training. Hitting some heavy squats has certainly paid off quite nicely, especially when it comes to her glute' gains! Now who said you can’t build muscle when doing Crossfit movements, it looks like Bayley didn’t get that memo. Her likely post workout meal, “all you can eat” boxes of Booty O’s!


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