Top 12 Tag Teams WWE NEEDS To Sign

Throughout the storied history of the WWE, the tag team division has been one of the most inconsistent factors on the program, often innovating and stealing the show, while being treated as an afterthought at other times. The division thrived in The Attitude Era, with the 3-team TLC rivalry, which got many, including myself hooked on wrestling, but has struggled in recent years, due to the 50/50 booking and lackluster story lines.

Despite this, the pure art of tag team wrestling remains one of the most exciting parts of professional wrestling, showcased most recently by American Alpha and The Revival in an almost show stealing match on a stellar card at NXT Takeover: Dallas. The heel ring psychology, the hot tag specialist Jason Jordan, and the fluent high spot double team maneuvers had the crowd gasping for air, proving that tag team wrestling can significantly improve a card and still remain a draw in modern wrestling. Elsewhere in WWE, The New Day have been dominating the main roster, with their comedic antics remaining as entertaining as ever, despite the poor booking of opponents, as no team feels like an actual threat to the fantastic trio.

Outside of WWE, tag team wrestling is hotter than ever, leading to somewhat of a new era in tag wrestling. With a wave of new teams appearing on RAW and SmackDown, the signing of any of these 12 tag teams would significantly bolster the NXT division or add much needed depth and fresh match ups to the talent pool being accumulated on the main roster.

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12 Roppongi Vice

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Competing primarily in Japan and Ring of Honor, the team of Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta, Roppongi Vice, are a relatively new team, forming only in 2015, yet still showing personality and promise as a unit. Put together by New Japan Pro Wrestling, the pair have already achieved success, as two time IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions in such a short period of time. The veteran pair would add much needed depth to the tag team division and would be able to put on exciting matches with any team on the roster.

11 The All-Night Express

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Kenny King and Rhett Titus, who recently reunited at a ROH show in 2015, are former one time ROH World Tag Team Champions and could rejoin their former manager Austin Aries on NXT or jump straight to the main roster straight away. While they have not received many championship accolades as a team, the chemistry and experience of the two would fit in well on NXT and would make great heel opponents against American Alpha, where the possibility remains that they rejoin Aries and takeover NXT as a dominant heel stable.

10 Beer Money Inc.

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The moments of Beer Money Inc., the most decorated tag team in TNA history, have been associated with NXT, with Bobby Roode rumoured to have signed his contract and James Storm making several in ring appearances, before making his way back to TNA. With all the personality in the world, these two would add a level of respect and aura to the tag team division in NXT, adding a veteran duo who can still be considered one of the top teams in the world, even if they never moved on to the main roster. With TNA struggling, and Roode now supposedly in NXT, this one makes all the sense in the world, as both men, veterans of over a decade, could add invaluable experience to NXT can still put on fantastic matches as a team.

9 The Addiction

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Though both men (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) have been around the world wrestling for 40 years between them, they still compete at a high level in Ring of Honor, now known collectively as The Addiction. Though a shot at stardom on the WWE main roster is unlikely due to the age of the team, much like Beer Money, these two could ply their craft with some of the best young talent in the world in NXT. They could showcase their talents, despite their advancing age, which would no doubt help all the talent in NXT learn from solid in-ring duo.

8 The Hardy Boyz

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Does any fan, young or old. of the WWE need any real introduction to the high flying, death defying exploits of The Hardy Boyz? The team who made a name for themselves risking their bodies, careers and lives in TLC matches against The Dudleyz and Edge & Christian still compete in TNA, and despite a rivalry between the two now, one last main roster run would help both the brothers and WWE. Despite breaking up as a team full time over a decade ago, fans still care about The Hardyz, wishing for a return for many years, as they are truly considered one of the most innovative and best tag teams to ever step foot in a WWE ring.

7 The Briscoe Brothers

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From one pair of innovative brothers to another, the team of Jay and Mark Briscoe have been competing in ROH since its very first show, remaining loyal to the brand while others have chosen to leave for greener pastures. The rather unique team have won every title to win in ROH and have had fantastic matches with every team to grace the ROH ring, Naturally, many feel WWE is the next logical step for the career of the brothers, as matches with American Alpha, The Revival and New Day are seen as dream matches in the tag team wrestling world.

6 War Machine

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Currently five months into their first reign as ROH World Tag Team Champions, War Machine, made up of Raymond Rowe and Hanson  offer a unique look, as well as incredible athleticism and in-ring prowess as a tag team, and have a great future in the professional wrestling business. Debuting only in 2015, the team consists of two giants who can compete with many smaller, athletic guys in any promotion and feature several devastating tag team maneuvers, which make them perfect for Vince McMahons company.

5 The Wolves

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The American Wolves, or The Wolves in TNA, consists of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, two of the finest wrestlers on the planet. They have competed in a squash match on NXT before and, if given the chance to showcase their talent, can be one of the very best tag teams in NXT history. The two have competed and won championships in both TNA and ROH, as singles competitors and as a team, and under the new era, where wrestlers are pushed mainly on their wrestling ability, a team of this caliber can thrive.

4 The Motor City Machine Guns

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Competing across the world for a decade, both Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley have stood out as incredible wrestlers, but it was their time, mainly in TNA, as The Motor City Machine Guns which they will be most fondly remembered for. Competing in the X-Division, the men hailing from Detroit, Michigan showcased some of the finest tag team wrestling TNA has ever seen, being quite possibly the smoothest tag team in recent memory, with a plethora of jaw dropping moves which left the audience wanting more. NXT is perfect for the home stretch of the careers of these two men, as they could captivate a wider audience with their astounding tag team chemistry and would no doubt put on amazing matches with current champs, American Alpha.

3 Matt Sydal & Ricochet

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As individuals, “Reborn” Matt Sydal and Ricochet are two of the most athletic wrestlers on the planet today, but as a team in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the two wow audiences members regularly, with matches against teams like Roppongi Vice, ReDrago and The Young Bucks, most recently at Wrestle Kingdom 10 in a four way match. The high flying antics of the two would be enough to live up to the reputation of NXT and its indy-like wrestling style, but as a team they combine this with fantastic chemistry and tag team moves, which has led them to the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championships. The double shooting star press that they finish opponents with is one of the most beautiful tag team moves in wrestling today and the two would no doubt find success in WWE.

2 ReDragon

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ReDragon, consisting of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, have been tearing it up with every tag team in the world imaginable, using their unique style of tag team moves and stiff technical wrestling to gain acclaim as one of the best teams outside of Vince’s company in the world. Competing primarily in Japan and Ring of Honor, they would enter WWE with vast experience, as singles wrestlers and as a team, but still be young enough to make a significant impact, in both NXT and on the main roster, where they would no doubt find success and have fantastic matches against the likes of American Alpha, The Vaudevillians and New Day.

1 The Young Bucks

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Who else could it have been, honestly? From Generation Me in TNA, to ROH, to the Elite of Bullet Club, no team in the wrestling world have consistently put on more incredible matches than the team of brothers Matt and Nick Jackson. From more bang for your buck, to the super kick party to the Meltzer Driver, the array of double team chemistry and moves are unmatched in wrestling. Although critics have sometimes referred to them as ‘spot-monkeys’, there is no doubt that if they were allowed to be themselves, they would be a gold mine for WWE. Although they have made a living not working for Vince, with their pals from Bullet Club now taking up space on the main roster, perhaps the time is soon where we see a super kick party in NXT, where the roof may actually blow off if they decided to make their long awaited debut. Perhaps the best team on earth, and in recent history, the brothers Jackson need to be signed by WWE if this tag team revolution truly is about to take place.

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