13 WWE Superstars Who Fell From Grace: Where Are They Now?

Superstars come and go from WWE TV all the time, as they can become the biggest superstars in the world but then be dragged down by a sudden injury or an incident that costs them their place in the company.

The company has been going for decades, so there are many superstars who were given the opportunity to become the best but either the spotlight was too much, the schedule was too much or their bodies couldn’t handle the pressure and pain of performing every night for almost 300 days a year.

Some superstars turn to drugs, some turn to others substances and some stars turn to much worse things, but with WWE new Wellness Policy, it means that Superstars can no longer turn to any kind of medication to make themselves feel better, and it also means that many have been caught out because their addiction has been revealed during random drug testing.

Also, there are Superstars who have just made poor decisions and been penalized for it. The following is a list of 13 of these people and what they have become since their time in the spotlight.

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13 Virgil

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Virgil was only in WWE for a short period of time, as a security guard for The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, before he turned on his boss and the two embarked on a short feud.

Virgil then returned for another brief stint when he played the same character but for DiBiase’s son in 2010. Since then, Virgil has been down on his luck and has been seen selling autographed pictures in subway stations and showing up to Comic Cons but being left all alone with many people confused about who he actually is. It’s become a sad turn of events for the former WWE superstar.

12 Gregory Helms 

via ImpactWrestling.com

The Hurricane was one of the highlights of the WWE back in the early 2000s but following his release from WWE in 2010, he was a part of many reported personal incidents.

He was part of an accident where he broke his leg, ankle, jaw and nose while reportedly driving intoxicated. He was then arrested for driving while under the influence not long after as well.

From being one of the biggest stars in the Cruiserweight Division to this, Helms certainly fell far, but thankfully he managed to find his feel and join the ranks of TNA back in 2015.

11 Jeff Hardy 

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Where do you start with the story of Jeff Hardy? He was one of the most promising talents in WWE, but he had an addiction that was controlling his life. The substance abuse problems took their toll on the star and he realized that he needed to sober up. He was released on two separate occasions by WWE and many believed he'd never be able to clean up his act.

However, Hardy is still with TNA who signed him after his issues and seems to be doing well for himself despite having recently come off an injury.

10 Lex Luger 

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Lex Luger was one of the biggest stars in wrestling in the 80s and 90s, but after WCW’s collapse, Luger found it hard to find his footing. He never wrestled again for WWE and was only used by TNA once, but his problems really began in 2003 when he was arrested for attacking his girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth. Things got considerably worse when she died of an overdose inside his house not long after and he then served five years probation.

Luckily, he has began to turn his life around thanks to religion and has re-joined forces with the WWE to help them with their Wellness Program.

9 Sabu

Via sescoops.com 

Sabu is one of the biggest stars to have come out of ECW (whether it was the original or WWE version), where he was billed as “The homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, death defying Sabu.” There was a reason for this, as he was one of the biggest risk takers on the brand and was a part of some of the most dangerous matches.

That was until he was released from the WWE in 2007 and has since been bouncing around the British and European independent Circuit. He was released from WWE shortly after he and Rob Van Dam were caught with illegal substances in their car.

There have been other drug related problems with Sabu after many promoters stated that he had a drug problem and left many drug related substances behind after performances. Sabu has denied all of these accusations and continues to receive bookings from independent promotions.

8 Dynamite Kid

via wrestling-online.com

The Dynamite Kid was considered to be a talented wrestler during his time with WWE, but since his release it seems there have been many stories about the superstar that are considerably hard to hear or even write about.

He was accused of attacking his wife on several occasions and stiffing superstars in the ring in order to injure them on purpose (he dislocated Mick Foley’s jaw in his first ever match).

While a lot of the above is contested, he is still considered one of the worst superstars to have to work with. He's also had health issues from wrestling injuries that has left his left leg paralyzed and forced him to use a wheelchair.

In 2015, he filed a concussion lawsuit against WWE after suffering many health problems that included a stroke later the same year.

7 Jake Roberts

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

It was reported that Jake had many problems with alcohol throughout his career with WWE in the 90s, but it wasn’t until 1999 that a documentary shed light on his crack addiction and revealed all about his substance abuse problem.

This then got considerably worse for the former wrestler over the years, before moved in with Diamond Dallas Page in 2012, who tried his best to help Roberts to get clean.

Roberts then revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer in 2014, but subsequently overcame this and is currently thought to be in a much more healthy state than he was a few years ago. Good for him!

6 Ricardo Rodriguez

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Quite a talented superstar himself, Ricardo was brought up to WWE after a successful stint in NXT to become Alberto Del Rio’s official ring announcer. This was a gimmick that worked for Rodriguez while he occasionally returned to NXT to continue his training.

That was until he failed WWE’s drug test and was suspended. This meant that he and Del Rio parted ways, before he returned as Rob Van Dam’s announce. Sadly, that didn’t suit him and after RVD's feud with Del Rio ended, Rob and Ricardo parted ways and WWE subsequently released Rodriguez.

Since leaving WWE, Rodriguez has taken up a job as a trainer for The Great Khali's wrestling school in Punjab.

5 Matt Hardy 

via breakingwrestlingnews.com

Matt Hardy is a former Cruiserweight Champion and was one of the most popular Superstars during his stint with the WWE, but within a space of a year Hardy’s life changed dramatically.

Hardy was released from both WWE and TNA in the same calendar year. The latter happened after he drove his car into a tree while intoxicated and was arrested at the scene. A few years later, He and wife Reby Sky then both were arrested after a physical altercation between the two was made public knowledge.

Luckily, Hardy managed to get his life back on track and was rehired by TNA, where he was the World Heavyweight Champion for a time.

4 Scott Hall 

via youtube.com

Scott Hall was without a doubt one of the biggest stars of WWE’s Attitude Era, as Razor Ramon personified what that era of wrestling represented and changed the landscape of the company forever.

Sadly, that seemingly wasn’t enough for Scott because wrestling wasn’t his only addiction, as he also became addicted to a variety of drugs that were prohibited by WWE, and he then had many attempts at rehab before he was saved by Diamond Dallas Page.

Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 as Razor Ramon, after managing to clean up his act and make a return to WWE TV. Since then, he's been spotted looking healthier than ever, with his most recent WWE appearance taking place at WrestleMania 32 in the photo above. Looking good Razor!

3 Sunny 

via follownews.com

Sunny is often regarded as the first ever WWE Diva and is also a WWE Hall of Famer, but following her release from WWE, it seems she has been in free fall.

Recently she has began involving herself in Skype 'adult' shows for money before she then put her Hall of Fame ring on eBay before was offered a part in an Adult Entertainment movie. So, instead of selling the ring, she performed in an adult movie while wearing.

On top of that, Sunny has also had a back and forth relationship with the law, having spent some time in prison. Sadly, recent times haven't been great for Sunny, as she recently checking into a retreat center.

2 Chyna

via sportskeeda.com

Chyna had a stand out career with WWE and is still remembered as one of the most dominant female forces in WWE, but she was released from the company after she found out that he boyfriend Triple H was having an affair with Stephanie McMahon.

Chyna then toured the independent circuit for a while before she released an adult tape with X-Pac entitled One Night in Chyna. She later embarked on an Adult Entertainment career and it was made apparent that WWE were not going to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame because of this.

At the moment, she seems to have sobered up thankfully and is teaching English as a second language in Japan,

1 Hulk Hogan

Via hot969boston.com

Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the history of the company and could wrestle for any promotion if he so wanted to, until old tapes that contained racist comments from the former World Champion managed to surface online.

Hogan suddenly went from the Host and special guest of WrestleMania to a man whose name was not allowed to be used on WWE TV anymore. WWE distanced themselves from anything that he had said and from him as a person, and even removed anything related to him from their website.

Hogan has since given an interview with ABC, apologizing for these historic comments. He was recently rewarded $115 million in a lawsuit against Gawker and hopes to return to WWE in the future.

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