13 WWE Superstars You Didn't Know Did Adult Entertainment

It's well known that WWE has, in the past, allowed their Divas to pose for Playboy and at one point even pushed their female superstars towards the famous nude magazine. This makes it unsurprising that so many of the Divas have come through the ranks at WWE and, following their departures, have been approached by entertainment companies who are looking to cash in on the sex appeal that WWE created during their time in the ring.

But, it’s not only the women of WWE who have crossed over to this type of entertainment many of the male superstars have also cashed in on the opportunity to bare all on tape.

It became common place for superstars to be appearing in these kinds of home movies during the now infamous Attitude Era, but now it seems WWE isn’t looking for these kinds of superstars when they are signing them to NXT contracts.

The new PG/Reality era has seen WWE change the way they sign their superstars and the standards that they now set during the selection process. So the following may be the last crop of superstars who have been talking into making the switch, be warned, some of these names may shock you.

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13 Candice Michelle  

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Candice Michelle had a brief but somewhat successful stint with WWE, where she became the first Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women’s Champion when she defeated Melina at Vengeance in 2007.

During her time with WWE, Candice also followed in the footsteps of Sable and Torrie by posing for Playboy in 2006, a cover that led to a feud and a Playboy Pillow fight between Torrie and Candice at WrestleMania 22.

However, while we're sure you're already aware of her spread in Playboy, she has also starred in a number of soft core adult films since her departure from WWE.

12 Gangrel

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The first male superstar to make the list, Gangrel found success in WWE during a short stint as the Vampire leader of “The Brood.”

Along with Edge and Christian, The Brood was mildly successful, but Gangrel couldn’t maintain the appropriate weight that WWE had requested and ended up being released from the company.

Following this release, he decided to head over to the adult entertainment industry, where he has spent time behind the camera directing and producing adult films.

11 Lizzy Borden 

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Lizzy Borden, along with her husband Rob Black, currently run their own Adult Entertainment Company called Extreme Associates.

The former wrestler and valet was known for having feuded with the likes of Sunny and Major Gunns during her time as a wrestler as well as acting as a valet for Shane Douglas who was a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion, during her time in XPW.

Lizzy moved into the Adult Entertainment Industry not long after her brief wrestling career came to an end and even served time in prison in 2009 for her part in distributing adult films that contained scenes that were deemed to have crossed the line.

10 X-Pac

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X-Pac is mostly remembered by hardcore WWE Fans as a member of D Generation X and as a decently successful superstar who won championships in WCW, WWE and TNA, as well as being successful with many independent wrestling promotions.

While most recall that Chyna has been in adult entertainment, many often forget her first tape included X-Pac, when they made their own version of an adult tape entitled “One night in Chyna.” This went on to become a top selling release in 2006 and Chyna then released a sequel, “Another night in Chyna,” which also did quite well.

9 Amy Weber

via youtube.com

Weber had a short stint with WWE following the 2004 Raw Diva Search, as after failing to win, she was signed to WWE and headed to the SmackDown brand where she became JBL’s image consultant.

She only had one match in WWE, which she won via forfeit against Joy Giovanni. She resigned from WWE in 2005 stating that she was unhappy with her pay and the “frat-like” environment.

She appeared in a few softcore adult movies before her wrestling career, like Forbidden Games, where she had a steamy girl on girl scenes.

8 Bubba Ray Dudley 

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A many time Tag Team Champion along with D-Von Dudley, Bubba Ray has had a successful career with WWE as well as a highly successful career with rivals TNA as Bully Ray.

Ray revealed in an interview on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast that it had always been his dream to direct adult entertainment when he was younger and, thanks to some connections, he finally got his wish.

He said he helped film producer Rob Black to get into wrestling and in return Black helped Bubba Ray direct his first adult entertainment film and live his dream in the process.

7 Kaitlyn 

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

The former WWE Divas Champion lit up WWE’s Divas Division back in 2013 when she and AJ Lee had a stand out rivalry for the championship. Not long after she dropped her title to AJ, Kaitlyn asked to be released from the company because she didn’t feel they were using her appropriately.

She has since become a spokesperson for health and nutrition and recently even posed nude for BodyBuilding.com, as part of their Bodies for Work 4 photo shoot.

While this was an extremely tasteful photoshoot and shouldn't be completely considered adult entertainment, she did pose nude and we feel it deserves recognizing on a list like this one.

6 Maryse 

via fanpop.com

This French-Canadian stunner held the record as the longest reigning Divas Champion until AJ Lee broke it in 2014. Maryse posed for Playboy back in 2007, before she was hired by WWE, which meant that she wasn’t breaking any of their PG rules. On top of that, it was widely disputed that she left the company in 2011 because she wanted to work with the adult company once again.

She is currently married to WWE Superstar The Miz and rumors regarding a return to the ring have began to circulate once again.

5 Beulah McGillicutty

Via images6.fanpop.com/

The former ECW Diva was actually a victim of what seems to have been a leaked video during her time as part of the ECW Roster when it was at its most interesting and controversial.

She also made appearances for WWE during its ECW One Night Stand pay-per-views, but it seems she is mostly famous for an innocent act that went horribly wrong.

Beulah was dating ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer at the time and a video she made of herself was accidentally leaked into the public domain. She is still married to Tommy Dreamer and is currently a children’s book author.

4 Major Gunns 

via imageevent.com

Major Gunns was hired to be one of the nWo Girls in WCW as a form of eye candy for the successful faction. She was later used more productively when she was given the ring name Major Gunns and helped Lance Storm to win the United States Championship by turning heel.

Following the sale of WCW to WWE, Gunns left and joined Lizzy Bordens Pro Wrestling Promotion, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where she not only feuded with Lizzy, but also worked as The Sandman’s valet before leaving wrestling completely and working as an adult entertainment actress.

3 Mickie James 

via insidepulse.com

The former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion makes the list because she is one of the very few Divas who actually dabbled in adult entertainment before she was signed by WWE.

Mickie posed nude for many high end adult magazines including Naughty Neighbours and Leg Show before she made her WWE debut in 2005.

The country music singer was signed to WWE at a time before they were concerned about their superstar’s background, which is quite lucky for Mickie or she may not have been given the opportunity to compete for the Divas/Women’s Championships.

2 Christy Hemme

Via images4.fanpop.com

Another of WWE’s Diva Search contestants, Christy Hemme won the first ever Diva Search and went on to become a mildly successful superstar for WWE before making the switch to TNA.

Christy is famous for her guillotine leg drop where she landed in the split position and added the use of the turnbuckle into this following her switch to TNA, but she is also famous for appearing nude for a 2005 edition of Playboy magazine.

Hemme was considered to be the least successful edition of the magazine when compared to the other Divas before her, so it's entirely possible that some fans may have forget about her Playboy shoot.

1 Ashley 

via giantbomb.com

The 2005 Raw Diva Search winner, who was famous for having given her phone number out to the WWE Universe to help her win the competition, also posed for Playboy during her short stint with WWE.

She posed for the adult magazine in 2007 and, similar to Christy Hemme, didn't receive as much fanfare as the Divas who posed before her. For that reason, when discussing the Divas who have been in Playboy, Ashley Massaro frequently slips our mind.

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