#15 -  15. James Ellsworth Defeats A.J. Styles


Everybody's favorite jobber, James Ellsworth. Ellsworth was brought in for a match last year with Braun Strowman. He had one job, to be squashed by The Monster Among Men. Well he did that job, and he did it well. So well in fact that he struck an inexplicable chord with the fans and clearly Vince McMahon as well. WWE brought Ellsworth back time and time again, eventually making him a permanent fixture on SmackDown Live.

Not long into his tenure on Tuesday nights, Ellsworth managed to pick up not one, not two, but THREE wins over then WWE Champion A.J. Styles. Sure, he did have the help of Dean Ambrose, but nevertheless, let's not take anything away from the fact that The Chinless One won us over in the first place in order to get those opportunities against Styles.

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