20 Amazing WrestleMania 32 Statistics That Will Leave You Speechless

What were your thoughts on this past year's WrestleMania? There is no doubt that the show tried incredibly hard to create some iconic moments that will last in the memory of fans forever. After all, you don’t just forget something like a 46-year-old man jumping from the top of the Hell in the Cell (and thankfully, Shane is alive today to remember it as well!).

Not to mention that the WWE was happy to throw nostalgia at the fans, with some classic performers coming back to help keep the crowd entertained. Just how many Hall of Famers made appearances? You’re about to find out.

The event was significantly hampered by some of the most iconic names in the business being sidelined with injuries, but that hopefully allowed you to enjoy seeing some of the biggest names in WWE history come out to try and lay down the law.

All in all, when you look back at the event, you get some statistics and numbers that emerge from the show that help paint a picture on just what went down. How long were some of the matches? The entrances? What about some of the statistics and numbers that emerged that help give further context to some of the biggest moments (such as just how many stitches did Becky get after her match?). Have no fear, because we have those numbers for you too!

Here’s WrestleMania 32, broken down by the numbers. Whether you loved or hated it, there is no doubt that it has left fans talking and hopefully feeling optimistic towards the future of the WWE.

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20 Seven Stitches

That’s how many stitches it took to close up Becky’s eye after her gruelling match against Charlotte and Sasha Banks from Sunday. The match is going to be influential for helping push the Women’s Division forward and Becky gladly showed off her battle scars on Instagram the following day. Becky also states (perhaps not shockingly) that her eye also got swollen shut during the incident. There is no doubt that Becky thinks the incident was worth it and it will at least be a temporary reminder of what I am sure was the peak of her career thus far.

19 Forty-Five Minutes

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If you sat there wondering what match ended up consuming the most of your time, are you really shocked that it was Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker? Sure, they are two of the oldest competitors out there, but they were in Hell in a Cell. Of course they’re going to give that match some time. Combine that with Shane’s unbelievable jump from the top and you have the makings of a match that was going to get its time to shine. The main event, featuring Triple H vs Roman Reigns. ran for 40 minutes and four seconds. Granted when both matches had those elaborate entrances, are you really shocked they got the most attention?

18 72%

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You may find yourself wondering what percentage of time on the screen was actually spent watching wrestling? Well have no fear, because I have your back. The answer is roughly about 72%. This did not include in-ring segments, which made up another 10% of the allotted time. The event also had 9% of the time be allotted to different video packages. Unlike other events like the Super Bowl, which make the commercials one of the spectacles of the game, fans will be happy that WrestleMania continues to be primarily ad free; with only 1% being advertisements.

17 Six Seconds

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That’s how long it took The Rock to dismantle Erick Rowan in a singles match. I’ve had sneezing attacks that have lasted longer than that! It took longer than that to think of this sentence. I guess that just goes to show that if The Rock is going to wrestle, he doesn’t need to work up a sweat like he used to. He decided to surprise Rowan with the impromptu match , after ripping off his clothes to reveal tights, boots, and elbow pads. Once the bell rang, it was one Rock Bottom later and it was all over. The match was the shortest in WrestleMania history.

16 Three Months

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That’s how long John Cena has been out recovering from shoulder surgery. He may not have been able to be on the main card like he’s come to expect, but that didn’t stop him from making an appearance this year. After The Rock defeated Erick Rowan and was being cornered by The Wyatt family, it was Cena who came to the rescue of The People’s Champion. Love or hate Cena, there is no doubt that John Cena, along with The Rock, are two of the most charismatic individuals to ever grace the WWE.

15 Sixteen Minutes and Three Seconds

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One of the biggest impacts on Monday morning in the eyes of many WWE fans was the outstanding performance by Sasha Banks, Beckly Lynch, and Charlotte. The Triple Threat match went on for just over 16 minutes, but it could have gone on longer and I don’t think many would have complained.

The match determined the WWE Women’s Championship and was arguably the match of the night. Now not only the looks, but the talent from the WWE Women's division is well worth getting excited about. So much so, that WWE has gone ahead and removed the term "Diva" and is now adamant that they be referred to their women as Superstars. The new championship not only looks fantastic, but represents a continued growth in women’s wrestling. You can bet they’ll bring something outstanding to the table at WrestleMania 33.

14 Fifty-Five Wrestlers

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That’s how many wrestlers graced your screen during WrestleMania 32. This number includes non-in ring performers: Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, and Ric Flair. Also included are Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, I suppose even if you don’t get on the match card, them getting their ass kicked by Cena was one of the more memorable parts of the night. Stephanie McMahon also makes the list, but honestly with that outfit during Triple H's entrance, she clearly put in her own level of work.

13 101,763 People

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You may have heard them say it once or twice (or hear The Rock shout it out) but WrestleMania 32 was by far the biggest WrestleMania of all time. The WWE clearly wanted to go big, holding it at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. The attendance number of 101,763 people was the largest number of any WrestleMania. It’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to top that in the future, considering the home of the Cowboys is one of the biggest in the world. Nothing makes the WWE give you goosebumps quite like hearing the crowd go wild though, much less it happening all around you, so you can imagine that sitting in that stadium must have felt electrifying.

12 Twenty-Eight World Championships Missing

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When it comes to reasons for why the WWE matchcard looked like it did for WrestleMania, that was because the WWE had to work around some significant real-life injuries. Three of the most prominent injured stars, Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Randy Orton, have held the World Championship a combined 28 times (15 for Cena, 12 for Orton, and one for Rollins). Rollins has also had an encounter with Orton at WrestleMania, and love him or hate him, Cena is no stranger to the main event at WrestleMania. Perhaps this is why we were able to see the emergence of other stars or other areas of the show, such as women’s wrestling, but it definitely made for a different looking show.

11 Seven Years

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If you think that John Cena was out of the ring for a while, just imagine being Shane McMahon. Not only are you going to re-enter the ring for the first time in a long time, but you’re going to do it in a Hell in the Cell match. On top of that, you know that you’re going to fling yourself from the very top of that cage. Mick Foley was lucky to not die, so what could go wrong? It had been seven years since Shane had last been in a professional wrestling match. That just makes it all the more impressive that it was the longest on the card and filled with some unbelievable highlights.

10 Two-Hundred-Ninety-Three Minutes

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That’s how long you found yourself stuck to your couch watching WrestleMania this past year. At close to five hours of entertainment, fans had to be pleased at the very least, with how much wrestling they got to watch. It is interesting to note that during last year's WrestleMania, the segment involving The Rock and Ronda Rousey ended up going 24 minutes too long, causing an adjustment to be made to the overall timing of matches.

9 One Day

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Now to be fair, this isn’t related to WrestleMania itself, but it’s how long Zack Ryder got to look at his shiny Intercontinental Championship. Zack Ryder won the title after a body-breaking Ladder match at WrestleMania that involved Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Sin Cara, Stardust, and The Miz. Yet, the next day on RAW, after Ryder’s farther got into an argument with Miz’s wife, Maryse, during a match against The Miz; Ryder let his guard down and The Miz was able to rock him with a Skull-Crushing Finale and take over as champion. Just goes to show that you better enjoy your time as a champion, because you never know when it may end.

8 Four Hall of Famers Getting in on the Action

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That’s how many Hall of Famers were seen getting psychical WrestleMania 32. The list includes: Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair . The WWE may rely heavily on nostalgia at time, but how do you not mark out when the three of them all hit the ring at once?! Mick brought out Mr.Socko, HBK had a little Sweet Chin Music and there was even a couple of Stone Cold Stunners to go around. Ric Flair made his appearance in a less dramatic way, managing and supporting Charlotte as she captured the Women’s Championship in a match later that night and taking a bump along the way.

7 Twenty Times

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Triple H may not be in the Hall of Fame yet, but you better believe he’ll end up there. This past WrestleMania marked his 20th appearance on the biggest stage of them all. On top of this, he has headlined WrestleMania a total of seven times which tied a record set by Hulk Hogan. Clearly he’s used all of these experiences to perfect his ring entrance, which was as intense as ever, featuring Stephanie McMahon rocking some form of face skull mask. Triple He may be The King of Kings, but he clearly loves his Queen as well. It’s easy to see why when you consider her biting monologue about how the crowd needs to bow down and grovel at The King of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, The Game, Triple H.

6 Five Minutes and Nineteen Seconds

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That’s how long it took The Undertaker to make his dramatic entrance at this past year's WrestleMania. The entrance was fitting to past years that included the lights going out, some smoke, some fire, and an overall ambience of "you don’t want to mess around with this guy." It may feel like it takes him a while to get to the ring, but when you consider there is not a Superstar out there that sends more chills through the crowd then 'Taker, you hope he’ll gladly take his time.

5 Twenty Feet 

@shanemcmahonwwe off the top of the steel cage! #Wrestlemania

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That’s how high the Hell in a Cell cage is, but you can imagine from the top of it, it probably looked a hell of a lot higher. There is no telling how they convinced Shane McMahon to jump off, but are you going to blame The Undertaker for getting out of the way? Shane was trying to cement his family’s legacy, but he’s lucky to have been able to see his family after exploding through the announcer table.

Shane’s eye’s were fluttering as he hit the ground, but miraculously, he was able to finish the match despite y’know, breaking his body in half. The move was reminiscent of when Mick Foley was thrown from the top of the Cell back at King of the Ring 1998. That match also featured The Undertaker and was one of the defining moments of Foley’s legacy. Yet Foley was still building a legacy in the WWE at the time, so Shane being in his 40s made it all the more shocking that he was willing to take such a risk.

4 Fourteen Times

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If you have to put yourself in such a brutal match like Hell In A Cell, I can imagine you only want to do it once; maybe twice in your career and then you’re probably good. The match clearly breaks down your body, but it is also a huge spectacle; so should it really be shocking that WrestleMania 32 marked the fourteenth time that The Undertaker had entered "Hell?" This is even more impressive when you consider that there have only been 33 Hell in a Cell matches.

3 Twenty-Seven Minutes and Twenty-Nine Seconds

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If you want to learn more about why the Women’s division is growing, how about the fact that they took up nearly 28 minutes of screentime at this past years event? I mean granted that’s not a ton in comparison to everything (9% of total time) but there are only so many female Superstars to go around and this is still a fantastic trend to see developing. The majority of this time was the Triple Threat match, but in-ring segments, backstage interviews, and video packages are also included in the overall time. In the pre-show, Women’s wrestling made up 20:06 minutes of the 120 minute show.

2 Twenty Men

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That’s how many people Baron Corbin went through in order to secure the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy at WrestleMania. The Battle Royal has become a WrestleMania tradition and while it is not as prestigious as winning a title, it is still a big moment for Corbin who is trying to make a name for himself. To end up on top, he had to go through some of the largest Superstars in the WWE and even Shaq! But given that he’s 6’8", you can at least understand why he was a logical choice to come out on top. 

1 Thirteen Suplexes

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If you know one thing about Brock Lesner, it’s that he has no problem introducing people to a little place he likes to call Suplex City. In a No Holds Barred Street Fight against Dean Ambrose, Brock was able to connect on an astonishing 13 German Suplexes over the course of the match (including one from the top rope). On top of that, the match included more chairs that you can count. Perhaps you can at least understand why Dean tried to go after Brock with a chainsaw: can’t be suplexed if Brock doesn’t have any arms!

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