15 Awkward Photos Of Wrestlers With Fans You HAVE To See

When one reaches celebrity status they may reasonably assume that privacy has become a thing of the past. Having millions of adoring fans from all over the globe is great, but it may also come with its fair share of drawbacks. This is something that many famous wrestling stars have become all too aware of over the years.

When you reach superstar status in the world of professional wrestling you can expect to be stopped by fans in the airport, at a restaurant, or just about any other public place imaginable. That being said, it may seem like a very small price to pay for the fame and fortune awarded to these athletes.

While it may be difficult to empathize with our favorite wrestling stars in terms of the lack of privacy that they may (or may not) be afforded, we can still appreciate some the hilarious and totally awkward images that theses encounters produce.

In this article, you will see photos some of the most uncomfortable meetings that may have ever taken place between a fan and a celebrity. In most instances, the wrestlers weren't happy to be approached and it shows.

With that in mind, here are 15 awkward photos of wrestlers with fans you have to see.

15 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has become one of the most popular female wrestlers in her relatively short time as a member of the WWE main roster. One could certainly understand why a fan would want a photo with the lovely former Women's Champion. This loyal Jets fan attempted to get a picture with the wrestling starlet when he encountered her in the airport.

Banks appears fairly eager to catch her flight, taxi, or simply end her encounter with the gentleman in the photo. The look on her face might lead one to believe that "The Boss" was not thrilled to be a part of this particular photo op.  Moreover, the guy in the photo's facial expression combined with his lazy attempt at a fist pose suggests he may not be enjoying his encounter with Sasha Banks as much as he thought he would.

14 The Shield

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The Shield was one of the most dominant factions in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment during their time together. The three men also appear to travel together from time to time. In this image, one fan ran into all three Shield members at what looks to be an airport.

Judging by the looks on the three superstars' faces one might wonder if this particular fan asked permission prior to having his photo taken with them. The fan is standing a bit further away than most people do in shots like this, suggesting he may be a bit apprehensive about approaching the three men. Roman Reigns is looking at the cameraman with an expression that asks "what are you doing?!" Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose don't look particularly thrilled either. Honestly, the whole image is just awkward.

13 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly made quite a name her herself during her time in World Wrestling Entertainment. Fan's may also recognize Kelly from the E! reality television show known as WAGS. That being said, wherever this guy recognized her from, she probably wishes that he didn't.

It must have been an interesting sight to see this big fella charging at her ready to give the former WWE Diva a big squeeze. This also begs the question: does she have a bodyguard? If so, where was he when this photo was taken? On the other hand, this guy looks like this may have been the best moment of his life. Moreover, Kelly doesn't look nearly as unhappy as some of the other wrestlers would in a similar situation. Perhaps, she is just really nice to her fans.

12 CM Punk

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While CM Punk may have left the world of professional wrestling behind, his stints in the UFC and as a comic book writer have kept him in the public eye. However, it is rumored that Punk isn't always the friendliest guy when he's not at a meet and greet type event.

While he may not have been thrilled by the prospect, Punk apparently agreed to take a photo with this particular fan. Perhaps it was because the fan was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks shirt, a team the Punk is known to follow very closely. Whatever the reason was that he agreed to take the photo, he clearly doesn't look too happy about it. Perhaps, CM Punk should have just left the headphones on in this instance.

11 Shawn Michaels

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There is no shortage of wrestling fans who would love to meet 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels, Mr. WreslteMania himself. After all, he is one of the most accomplished performers in the history of sports entertainment. Running into Michaels had to have been a dream come true for these two wrestling fans.

However, "The Showstopper" looks a bit out of it in the particular photograph. Whatever book he is promoting or endorsing it doesn't seem to be generating a great deal of enthusiasm from the retired grappler. Perhaps the sunglasses and cowboy hat partially covering his face are indicators that Michaels didn't want to be approached at this particular time. On the bright side, at least he was kind enough to hold the book for them.

10 Randy Orton

Via: You Tube

Unfortunately, not every interaction between wrestlers and fans take place in a hotel lobby, airport, or other relatively tame venues. Randy Orton was one wrestler who learned this lesson first hand. It's fair to say that Orton's character has been able to get under the audience's skin at various points throughout his career. However, there has been at least one instance where a fan got a little too carried away.

During a show in South Africa, one audience member made his way into the ring and actually hit Orton with a groin shot. Fortunately, for the fan at least, security was able to remove the trespasser before the angry wrestler could get a hold of him. Security at the venue was likely significantly heightened after the incident.

9 The Miz

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Besides being an accomplished wrestler The Miz is also a former reality television star who WWE featured in their movie franchise, The Marine. Needless to say, there are plenty of folks who would instantly recognize the self-proclaimed A-lister in a public setting such as the airport.

Apparently, this gentleman asked to take a photo with the former world champ and his request was granted. However, judging by the expression on The Miz's face he probably wasn't in the mood for a photo op. The Miz has that "not again" kind of look on his face that leads one to believe that this may not have been the fist time he had been asked to be photographed that day. That being said, one thing is certainly clear, The Miz found this encounter to be anything but... "awesome."

8 Kane

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It feels like the 'Big Red Machine" Kane has been a part of the WWE roster forever. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume he has taken pictures with more than his fair share of fans at this point in his career. Moreover, it may also be reasonable to assume, based on his wardrobe choice, that Kane is also a Hulkamaniac. This fan encounters the incredibly tall grappler at what appears to be some sort of meet-and-greet event.

This poor guy practically needs a ladder in order to even fit into this shot. Kane, on the other hand, looks completely disinterested. The wrestler is currently running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, so hopefully, he will look a bit more engaged when being photographed with potential voters.

7 The New Day

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The New Day is one of the most popular factions currently on the WWE roster. Their good-natured humor and comedic timing have helped endear them to wrestling fan across the globe.

The fan in the is particular image was lucky enough to run into all three New Day members at the airport. It looks like both Big E and Xavier Woods were being pretty good sports, but Kofi Kingston doesn't seem to be sharing his stablemates' enthusiasm. It must have been a long flight for Kingston who certainly looks like he would really enjoy a nice long nap. On a positive note, the fan got a very interesting and unique photo out of the encounter with the three WWE stars and an experience we will no doubt remember for years to come.

6 Ric Flair

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The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is one of the most recognizable pro wrestlers on the planet. Having spent decades in the business, there are fans of all ages who would love to take a photo with the former 16-time Heavyweight Champion. In this particular shot, it appears that a fan encountered Flair just outside of his hotel.

In this instance, it almost looks like the fan just ran up and grabbed Flair by the arm, prompting the former champ to ask "do I know you?" Conversely, the fan seems to want to get the photo taken before 'The Nature Boy" can get away. Truthfully, it was probably just a rushed photo that didn't come out that well. At least Flair appears to have been a good sport about it and was even able to avoid spilling his coffee.

5 Big Show

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When you are over 7-feet-tall like The Big Show there aren't too many places to hide from adoring fans. The massive man would likely garner a great deal of attention based on his size even if he wasn't a celebrity. It's fair to assume that the giant grappler encounters fans nearly every time he goes out in public, sunglasses won't help you hide when you are The Big Show.

It isn't exactly clear where this image was taken but it features possibly the least enthusiastic thumbs up ever given in the history of humankind. However, it's impossible to look at this photo and not notice the sheer size of The Big Show's hands. He is clearly not a man whose punch you would want to be on the receiving end of.

4 Scott Steiner

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The muscle-bound Scott Steiner played a significant role in the Monday Night Wars and has competed for both World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling. His chiseled physique earned him the nickname "Big Poppa Pump." His massive arms and dyed blonde goatee make him fairly easy to spot in a crowd.

Apparently, Steiner was spotted by this group of wrestling fans at some sort of sporting event (possibly a wrestling show). Scott Steiner's emotionless expression is in stark contrast to look of sheer joy on the faces of the fans around him. Perhaps he wasn't in the best of moods on this occasion. In fact, even the guy that's barely visible behind Steiner's shoulder seems to be enjoying the encounter. That being said, the gentleman in the Santino Marella t-shirt is clearly the star of this photograph.

3 Brock Lesnar

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'The Beast Incarnate" known as Brock Lesnar has held World Championships in both the UFC and WWE. He is the current WWE Universal Champion and arguably the most recognizable figure in the entire WWE Universe. He is also rumored to be a bit of a private guy who isn't particularly fond of social interactions with fans.

In this particular photo, he appears to be doing some sort of promotion for Powerhouse Gym. The fan in the image looks thrilled to be meeting one of WWE's biggest stars. Lesnar, on the other hand, seems more interested in other things going on in the gym. At least the former MMA fighter bothered to do a fist pose, though it's likely the fan would have still preferred that he at least looked in the direction of the camera.

2 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is a former WWE Divas Champion and one of the best all-around female performers in recent memory. While she officially retired from professionally wrestling, she is still fondly remembered (and easily recognized) by most fans.

This image appears to have been taken at some sort of fan expo or meet-and-greet type event. We will probably never know what the two were discussing prior to this photo being taken, but she doesn't appear to have been impressed. Unlike many of the other photos where wrestlers were likely caught off-guard by approaching fans in the airport or hotel, Lee must have known she was going to be meeting fans that day. Hopefully, that guy didn't pay for this incredibly awkward looking picture.

1 Paige

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Paige is a WWE star who has had a bit of bad luck in recent months. First, she suffered a neck injury which has caused her to be sidelined for an extended period. Furthermore, she also had her private images leaked. The incident is covered in 15 Athletes You Forgot Had Their Private Photos Leaked.

This image was taken during a fan signing when Paige still held the WWE Divas Championship. It looks as though this fan may be trying to get a little too cozy with the Total Divas star. It appears that Paige is trying to put the brakes on the interaction but also seems to have a sense of humor about it. It's also possible that she's simply just goofing off. Whatever the case may be, it is one of the more interesting fan photo ops that you'll see.

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