15 Awkward Pictures Of Wrestlers In Their Youth That Will Make You LOL

They are only human, which means that at one point in their lives they were all young and awkward.

WWE Superstars may be some of the best-known athletes in the world but they are only human, which means that at one point in their lives they were all young and awkward. it also means that there are photos to document just how young and awkward they once were.

Obviously, the much older generation of wrestlers were able to escape this kind of humiliation because they didn't grow up with the Internet, which has a habit of documenting everything that happens in many people's lives, without them actually knowing. It also leaves a trace of images of younger Superstars that they would be hoping the rest of the world had forgotten about.

That's the thing about the internet, once it's uploaded it can never be deleted and when it comes to some of the pictures of some of these superstars when they were much younger, they would want to be able to delete them.

The following is a list of 15 of the most awkward younger pictures of your favourite WWE Superstars that will make you realize that they were all once human too, before the makeup and the lights, this is what they really looked like all those years ago.

15 Randy Orton


Many of the WWE Universe are used to seeing images of The Viper Randy Orton looking serious and like he's ready to pounce on any opponent at any time. Being a Superstar who was brought into WWE as a third generation wrestler, he knows how to act when he's in the spotlight and he knows that he should never let his guard down.

It's nice to see that despite getting into wrestling at a young age and pursuing it all of his life, Orton was able to have something of a childhood and there are images of a carefree younger Orton who really doesn't care who knows just how happy he is. Orton can only be a few years old here, young, carefree and not quite ready to discuss his career options yet.

14 Charlotte


The Queen hasn't always sat upon her throne. Instead, it seems that there is evidence that Charlotte was once slumming it with the peasants within her kingdom. The daughter of Ric Flair has grown up around the spotlight and from a young age she knew how to act in public, but it seems that despite her best efforts, there are currently many images of her online that she would rather the WWE Universe were not able to see.

This one is tame compared to many others, but it shows that Charlotte really is just one of us at heart and that she really did like milkshakes and fries like every other child, it seems there actually isn't a completely different diet to follow when you're being raised to be royalty.

13 Sheamus


Any pictures of Sheamus that have been taken recently make most of the WWE Universe LOL because of his god awful haircut. But it seems that when he was a teenager, there are many more photos of him at home in Scotland that he should be a lot more embarrassed about.

Sheamus has never hidden the fact that he was a Liverpool fan, but he probably shouldn't be walking around Scotland in a full football kit. He also doesn't look anything like a wrestler here. This must have been before he made the decision to become a wrestler and decided to begin gym sessions because his arms and legs are still tiny and his head looks like it's a little too small for his body, so luckily he's managed to grow into that.

12 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose has quite the reputation has a lunatic and it seems that this could be actually based on his personality outside of the ring as well. Ambrose didn't first appear in WWE in 2012 when he made his debut with The Shield, he had made appearances before, he was just unrecognizable.

Under the name Jon Moxley, Ambrose made appearances in 2006 and 2007 and this is the way he decided to show up to a WWE match. Pink hair was obviously high on the list for Ambrose at that point. No wonder it took WWE another five years to be able to look at him and take him seriously. Ambrose has recently stuck to much more ordinary colours, although a few years back he did decide to add purple to his hair, which could be another look at Ambrose's more creative side.

11 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is The Boss; or so she claims. She is the cousin of Snoop Dogg, which has undoubtedly helped her throughout her career, but this picture of the duo together doesn't do a lot for her at all.

Sasha looks like she's a fan who's just been given the chance to meet Snoop Dogg, not like a girl who has grown up as his family member. For some reason it just doesn't seem as though Sasha belongs in this picture. It also shows Sasha's natural hair colour, something that she has managed to keep hidden from the WWE Universe for a while as she's busy dying it red or purple or whichever colour a Boss decides to be. It seems Sasha didn't become a Boss until a long time after this one was taken.

10 Sable


Sable is still a sex symbol more than a decade after she walked away from WWE and has since married Brock Lesnar and the couple now have two children. Would Sable have had the same effect on the male demographic of the WWE Universe if she turned up looking like this?

It seems that when Sable was in high school she looked much more like the girl next door than she did when she made her WWE debut. Bleach blonde hair and a self-righteous attitude obviously change a girl. It's hard to believe that this is the way Sable looks when she was younger compared to the way she looks right now or even the way that she looked whilst she was in WWE. Thankfully for the history of WWE and for Sable herself, she changed and no one remembers this version of her.

9 Goldberg


Would Goldberg have really been able to go undefeated in WCW for as long as he did if he looked like an underachieving car salesman? Also, Goldberg had hair when he was younger, which means that he made the decision to get rid of the hair when he became a wrestler.

I think I speak for most of the WWE Universe when I say that Goldberg made the right decision and also the fact that she decided to stop wearing suits and stop buttoning his shirt so high. Factors that made him much better as a wrestler. He's almost unrecognizable when looking at this picture, which shows just how much he has changed over the past three and a half decades since high school.

8 AJ Lee


This image is awkward for all the wrong reasons. AJ Lee looks very similar to the character she became on WWE TV a few years later, because she refused to change. But here she is seen meeting Lita who at 11-years-old was her hero, her idol, and the woman she aspired to be, which is why she became a wrestler.

Around 15 years after this picture was taken, AJ was dating CM Punk behind Lita's back before the couple later decided to get together and marry. It's crazy that AJ grew up adoring Lita and everything she stood for and then when she was old enough she stole her boyfriend. Probably the height of awkward, although that obviously was never AJ's plan from the beginning, she just really wanted to meet Lita.

7 Shawn Michaels


"I'm just a sexy boy!" Well, this images taken a few years into your WWE career say otherwise, Shawn. Obviously, the style was a lot different back then, but seriously what is wrong with his hair? It looks like an untamed animal.

Thank God that later in life Shawn realized the benefits of hair straighteners because these are really embarrassing. The worst part is also that these are mugshots which means that regardless of what Shawn now does, for the rest of his life, these images will always remain as part of his criminal record. It's hard not to feel sorry for a man with hair that big, but at least he can sleep well knowing that despite his obvious problems with humidity, he became one of the best wrestlers in the world.

6 CM Punk


CM Punk has been one of the most talked about wrestlers of the past few years. But the Straight Edge Superstar has never really been one to care about the way he looked. There aren't many photos of Punk around from when he was younger, and it could be because he made some bad decisions with his hair at that point.

Punk was into a lot of alternative music and was hanging around with the wrong kind of crowd at that age so there are a lot of decisions that he would have made that he wouldn't be proud of. This haircut should definitely be on his list and the fact that he's straight edge means that he can't even claim that he was drunk when he did it, which is sad.

5 Edge


The Rated R Superstar would not have been able to land someone like Lita is he was still sporting this haircut when he debuted in WWE. The former World Champion probably wishes he never sat for this "five-second pose" but has obviously managed to age very well since school where he was actually voted most likely to become a WWE Champion, which doesn't come as that much of a shock.

It's easy to see that this is Edge, but it actually looks like instead of being him it could be a brother or sister, just because his face look much more circular than the WWE Universe have become used to. Thankfully, like many others on this list, Edge managed to grow into his looks and can now look back and laugh at his outrageous haircut.

4 Chris Jericho


Graduation pictures are always great to look back on and to prove that you actually managed to get out of education alive. But to some people, graduation photos are a reminder of how awkward you looked during that time in your life.

Jericho was definitely not the Superstar he is today a few decades ago. It is unclear if he even knew he wanted to be a wrestler at this point, but what is known is that he has some incredible hair going on. Young Jericho doesn't look much different than the way he look when he did debut in WWE, because he had a crazy '90s haircut back then as well. This is probably why he managed to work so well with Christian because their hair actually made them look like brothers.

3 The Miz


The Miz came into WWE as a reality star and was considered to be one of the best talkers in the company for a long time, which is why he was teamed with Daniel Bryan. It is a good job The Miz decided to change his hairstyle before he began appearing on reality TV shows because it doesn't suit him at all.

At this point, it seems as though The Miz' smile is also too big for his face. Recently, The Miz has prided himself on having style and being better than anyone else, but it seems that around a decade and a half ago, The Miz had no style of his own. This would be one of the yearbook photos that Miz definitely burnt to stop anyone seeing it in the future and judging him based on it.

2 Jeff Hardy


One-half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions was obviously afflicted with the same thing that happened to The Miz when he was younger because they seemingly both managed to have the same haircut on photo day.

Jeff Hardy has dyed his hair so many colours over the past few decades and had it so many different styles but this has to be one of the most embarrassing haircuts he ever had. The worse part is that back in 1995, this was probably as fashionable as dip dyed hair is now. Luckily, Jeff learnt the error of his ways and he hasn't gone back to this hairstyle since. Although, when he first debuted in WWE, his hair did look a lot like this, which means he has another awful reminder as well.

1 Seth Rollins


The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has become the star of many fan-fictions over the past few years as the female demographic of the WWE Universe attempt to find an outlet for their creativity involving The Architect. But this wouldn't have happened if he still looked like the above image.

Seth Rollins was an awkward teenager who obviously still needed to be introduced to hair gel. As with many teenagers who are focused on their future, Rollins was wrestling in backyards and small promotions at this point as a way to begin living his dream. So he wasn't exactly focused on what he looked like, but thankfully he did begin caring about the way he looked when he became a star on WWE TV. Also, someone finally introduced him to hair gel.

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15 Awkward Pictures Of Wrestlers In Their Youth That Will Make You LOL