15 Backstage Photos The WWE Wants Us To Unsee

We can all agree, the world of sports and entertainment is one like no other. With a new PG label within the company, the WWE has done their best to keep the on-screen product as clean cut as possible. They’ve been successful in doing so, however, the backstage atmosphere remains as chaotic as ever with the news coming on the daily based off controversial moments taking place. From backstage walkouts to heated arguments, we’ve seen several examples of things the WWE would rather we didn’t know about from the behind the scenes.

In this article, we stick to that theme showing 15 photos the company would want us to unsee. The pics featured in the article are diverse, from photos that hurt the legitimacy of the company to pics exposing what goes on behind the curtain. We also include photos of blacklisted Superstars backstage that the company would want us to unsee. Without a doubt, these are pics Vince isn’t necessarily flaunting around.

From ‘Taker in DX colors to Stephanie working the Gorilla Position with her father, these are backstage photos the company wants us to unsee. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. We begin the article with a picture taken at this year’s WrestleMania featuring the two combatants from the main event. Yup, this is a pic the WWE wants us to unsee, like the 14 others!

15 ‘Taker & Reigns Spotted Before WM Match

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When it comes to keeping kayfabe alive, no wrestler has done it better than The Undertaker over the last couple of decades. For that reason, this picture is that much more noteworthy and without a doubt, a photo snapped that the WWE wants us to unsee. In the picture, not only is ‘Taker out of character, but he’s also in discussion with his opponent on the night at the WrestleMania event, Roman Reigns.

For obvious reasons and for the integrity of the match, the WWE truly wishes such a photo didn’t exist, however, it was leaked and made the rounds online. The matchup ended up closing out the show with a brilliant ending that saw ‘Taker leave his hat and coat in the middle of the ring as he left the stage. A chilling moment WWE fans won’t soon forget. As for this picture, the WWE wishes the opposite.

14 Father & Daughter On The Headsets

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Seeing Stephanie’s transition in the WWE is certainly something. She started off in a minimal role at the HQ working in the accounting section but later, she would turn into an on-screen talent. She continues to move up the ranks within the company going from a Head of Creative, to her current role as Chief Branding Ambassador. There’s no stopping Stephanie and when Vince’s time is up, she appears to be the next in line alongside her husband in taking over the day to day operations.

In this photo, we get a snippet of the great relationship these two share , the backstage pic shows us Stephanie rocking the headset alongside her father at the gorilla position. Like usual, Stephanie is all smiles behind the scenes, something she’s known for the opposite on-screen.

13 Rare ‘Taker & Bray Shot Post WrestleMania 31 Match

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On paper, ‘Taker’s WrestleMania 31 bout wasn’t the most illustrious of his career. Coming off a loss at last year’s ‘Mania, ‘Taker was looking to avenge his defeat taking on Bray Wyatt. The match was right before the main event and it turned out to be a great night of redemption for the Deadman who this time, left the ring and the event under his own will, something that didn’t take place at the WrestleMania prior.

This rare shot is a picture the WWE truly wants us to unsee as it features the two opponents on the night together in a real-life moment as ‘Taker shares a moment with his wife and child. Also in the background of the photo is Triple H and Stephanie, who also hold a smile from ear to ear.

12 Roman & Braun Together In Rome

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Roman Reigns is quite the polarizing figure on-screen, however, behind the curtain, the dude is one of the most likeable guys. The real Roman is one funny dude and a guy you’d love to grab a beer with. The same goes for Braun Strowman who’s another down to earth fellow with a comedic side and pretty soft heart, something you wouldn’t even imagine given his barbaric gimmick on WWE television every week.

The two have worked wonders together and it’s hard to find a feud that came close to the intensity of these two. Which is why it was so shocking to see this rare behind the scenes photo go public, as Titus made the post via his social media account. He deleted the photo with the two in the group pic shortly after. Fans in Rome also caught glimpses of the WWE rivals together.

11 Brock Backstage After Ending The Streak

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Although Brock and Paul Heyman looked ecstatic following Lesnar’s biggest career win over ‘Taker ending the streak, once they went backstage, the smiles turned into heartbreak. Lesnar himself admitted he wasn’t on board initially to break the streak and even needed some convincing. Brock was devastated backstage at the gorilla position as he watched while ‘Taker gave the crowd one final salute.

Although it was devastating, Lesnar breaking the streak worked wonders for his career, so at the very least, it wasn’t a complete waste. Brock would go on to decimate his opponents following the WM victory and receive a hell of a monster push. At the very least, breaking the streak helped in creating another must-see character, though that allure is slowly starting to fade as his character has grown a little stale.

10 Hunter At Gorilla Trying On His WM 31 Attire

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Death, taxes and Triple H stealing the show with an epic entrance at WrestleMania, these are the three guarantees of life. Some, are critical of The Game for using such extravagant entrances as a heel, who can remember last year when he came down do the ring with an epic motorcycle themed entrance while Rollins came out with a torch.... Yup, that’s not exactly the type of feel you want to set up when it comes to a babyface trying to get over and a heel, well, trying to gain heat. All Hunter did during that entrance was remind us how darn cool he was!

The same can be said for his WM31 entrance in where The Game used a Terminator inspired costume. This is a rare shot of Triple H before the show trying on the attire at the Gorilla Position.

9 The Real Stephanie

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What makes the wrestling industry so unique is the fact that the Superstars we see are simply portraying gimmicks on-screen. At times, we get so invested into the characters that we actually think they’re that way in real-life. Stephanie has done a tremendous job in doing so, you can argue that since 2000, there hasn’t been a better and more natural heel than Steph. What’s truly mind blowing is the fact that she’s the total opposite away from the camera and one of the biggest sweet hearts.

The picture above featuring Stephanie and Mickey Rourke really shows us who Steph really is, a girl with a shy smile, as Mick Foley stated in a Raw promo. Countless WWE Superstars both current and former have also praised Stephanie for her commitment in helping them out when nobody was willing to listen. Her gimmick has us all fooled, but the WWE would rather keep it that way.

8 Anything CM Punk Backstage

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The WWE has made it quite clear, anything CM Punk related is discouraged. Heck, even his MITB victory was completely scrapped when the company put together a montage of past winners. The relationship ended on horrible terms and the company is doing their part in making us forget about the Straight Edge Superstar.

They likely want us to unsee this particular photo which features the face of the company John Cena alongside Punk. Although the two played against each other on-screen, they actually had a good relationship that consisted of mutual respect for another. Of course, the WWE will want to keep such a factor in the past, unless of course, one day, the two sides come to a type of agreement. At this moment however, that looks pretty unlikely.

7 Throwback – Chyna & Vince Share A Laugh Backstage

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Initially, Vince wasn’t on board with the idea to bring in Chyna. He didn’t believe the audience would invest into a female serving the role as a bodyguard. Ultimately, it was Shane that influenced the signing telling his father that WCW also had interest in the mammoth female. Turns out, the decision was a pretty good one as Chyna would trailblaze her path in the company as one of the most dominant female performers of all-time. She also had an excellent relationship with Vince, and this picture is a little snippet of that.

Sadly, the company likely wants us to unsee the photo given her troubled legacy away from the company. It remains to be seen if the WWE will in fact acknowledge her legacy at the upcoming Hall Of Fame, or, if they’ll continue along without paying homage to her brilliant career.

6 The “Not So PG” Days

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Thinking of this scenario taking place today is unimaginable. However, back in the late 90s, this was exactly what the WWE was all about, edgy and violent material. Although it was hard to watch, that type of “attitude” set the WWE apart from WCW.

Poor Mick Foley was on the other end of some of the most barbaric beat downs in WWE history. Who can forget the ’99 Royal Rumble that saw Foley take countless shots to the head with a chair while handcuffed. His family cried at ringside and the devastating footage continued backstage as Beyond The Mat documented Foley’s every move on the day. With all of WWE’s high profile investors and working under a PG banner, this is the type of photo from the past is exactly the type the company wants us to unsee.

5 The Backstage Map

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This photo is a dream for wrestling fans that love to know what goes on behind the scenes, okay, maybe not a dream but it’s still pretty cool to see the amount of stations that are available for the talents during a televised event. The board illustrates the various sections backstage, something the WWE doesn’t want us to see and something that is only meant for the talent and backstage workers. Sections include Pretapes, which are those backstage vignettes you see during shows, that are taken beforehand. There’s also the writers room, which must be filled with a bunch of Hollywood knuckleheads....

The picture is a really cool representation of the madness that takes place behind the curtain, something fans tend to under look. Another added bonus from the pic; ogling at the Bellas fine looking booties.

4 The Undertaker In DX Gear

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We really don’t know how or what Waltman and Gunn told ‘Taker to pose for such a picture but man are we ever glad that they did. This is one of those rare backstage photos you won’t see again as ‘Taker poses for the picture rocking a DX shirt, something that seems unthinkable. You can tell how much it means to both X-Pac and Billy Gunn as they appear to have smiles from ear to ear. Can you imagine ‘Taker with the DX colors on-screen? Nope, no, just no.

‘Taker is in fact set to return during the 25th anniversary of Raw, we doubt he’ll be wearing DX colors, but we can expect both sides nonetheless to be a part of such a groundbreaking event.

3 Throwback – Vince, Bret & Hogan Together

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Bret Hart never shied away when it came to expressing his real feeling about certain individuals. As you probably already know by now, he wasn’t and still isn’t the biggest fan of the Hulkster. Back in the day, the belief was that Hogan didn’t believe Bret had what it took to be the next in line. For that reason, Hogan refused to do the job against Bret and instead, would take a loss to Yokozuna claiming it was more believable. As you can imagine, the decision didn’t sit well with Hart and the bad blood would continue into WCW.

This is a rare shot of Bret and Hogan together, something that seems unthinkable when assess their history. Vince is being Vince in the pic trying to smoothen the mood by sharing a laugh with the two.

2 Stephanie Spotted

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Holding what appears to be a script, Stephanie is spotted in the photo as she talks to someone discretely backstage, that someone appears to be Johnny Ace, another backstage worker and the current Senior Producer for the company. Remember when he served as the GM? What the hell was the company thinking, the guy was like walking watching paint dry.

Of course, Stephanie is very hands on with the product and not just a villainous on-screen face. She works countless hours at the HQ and on the road serving as he brand ambassador. She also helped revolutionize the writing system backstage taking out the so called “wrestling marks” and replacing them with unbiased Hollywood type writers. The decision has been heavily scrutinized by the masses, however, there’s no denying Stephanie’s big time pull behind the scenes.

1 Vince Calls For Help

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WrestleMania XXX was not a good night for The Undertaker. Not only was his streak broken, but he also collapsed when going backstage. Vince was there to meet ‘Taker and when the big fellow fell to the ground, Vince angrily yelled for help at the Gorilla Position. ‘Taker was rushed to the hospital and if you can believe, Vince left the show to be by his side. Daniel Bryan won in the final match with Vince being gone from the show. It was a turbulent moment and one the company wants us to forget about. Somehow, ‘Taker would wrestle at three more ‘Manias following the incident.

As for next year’s marquee event, the rumor going around is that ‘Taker won’t be competing but instead, be inducted into the HOF. Looking at his body and performances in the last couple of years, we can all agree (well, most of us) that the decision is best for business.

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