15 Backstage Secrets The WWE Doesn't Want You To Know

In this day and age of wrestling, the suspense and thrills seemed to have disappeared in the recent years because of the rise of the internet "dirtsheets" which often reveal all the spoilers before th

In this day and age of wrestling, the suspense and thrills seemed to have disappeared in the recent years because of the rise of the internet "dirtsheets" which often reveal all the spoilers before they can take place at a wrestling event. Now because of all this unbound knowledge available on the internet, it's getting more and more difficult for the WWE to keep their secrets on how they run shows to themselves, mostly because of how almost everyone knows that it's all a work in the company and many reveal their surprises months before they can even happen.

While all eyes are on the product which takes place inside the squared circle in the WWE, there is a ton of work put in the backstage area to make sure that the product shown on TV goes through smoothly. There are quite a bit of backstage facts which the WWE officials wouldn't want its fan base to know about, even though much of the internet fans already know a lot about it.

These backstage secrets reveal a lot about how things work in the company and how everything is planned out before it takes place in the WWE, something they'd definitely not want their fans to know about!

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15 Almost Every Feud Is Written By The Creative Team Months In Advance


The feuds and rivalries in the WWE is what bring the thrill and anticipation into the shows, as watching the good guys defeat the bad guys is what WWE does to win over the fans as the heated rivalries are often the ones which bring in the viewers. Even though a feud kicks off almost suddenly on WWE TV, most of them are actually written and planned months ahead by the writing team who put in a lot of work to make for the most enticing of feuds. Though it's pretty much common knowledge at this point, the WWE definitely wouldn't want their fans to know that someone else is writing their engaging feuds as this backstage secret is something which can tarnish the "realism" of their feuds.

14 Most Of The Weapons Used Aren't Real


The violence which the WWE provides is often the thing which gets so many eyes to its product, as much of the fan base wants to see stipulation matches which involve weapons being used to cause much pain to the superstars. Although the sound and thumping effect of these weapons might sound devastating from the end of the television, much of the weapons which are used aren't actually real and are often made out of very safe elements. Plus, the weapons barely even touch one's body at times, as the sound effect provided by the backstage crew is what depicts the devastation. WWE wouldn't want their fans to know about the fakeness of the weapons because the violence provided by these items is what keeps the fans hooked to the product and they definitely wouldn't wants fans to know about this.

13 Many "Rivals" Are Actually Buddies Backstage

The rivalries in the WWE are often the thing which keeps the thrill of the shows alive, as watching the wrestlers try to destroy one another and prevail in their feud is what keeps us enticed to the product. But while some of these wrestlers might be rivals on WWE TV, they are actually quite the buddies backstage who hang out together in their personal time and many of the times the bestest of friends in real life are turned into the worst of enemies in WWE TV for that added effect. But the WWE wouldn't want fans to know about the rivals being best friends in real life, as it will take away all the relevance of the feuds and make the fans disinterested.

12 Referees Can Choose To Stop A Match If They Have To


Even though the referees in the match can be really annoying at times when they go through with their officiating duties, they actually wield a lot of power and aren't just there to make the pins and counts. The referees actually have the power to stop a match if they feel like the wrestler has been legitimately injured in the match. We often see the "X" sign being thrown by the referee which can indicate that the wrestler is actually injured. This backstage secret is something the WWE wouldn't want the fans to know about because maybe it can change one's perception of the referees, as they'd want them to remain almost invisible officials who let the wrestlers take all the light.

11 The Matches Finishes Are Always Scripted


The fact that WWE matches are scripted is something almost everyone watching knows about these days, but it's not only the matches' result but the finish to the match that is always scripted. Though the wrestlers might go a bit "off the book" during the match, they have to end it just as the officials want them to and even though many of the finishes look to be shocking and abrupt, they are actually scripted. The WWE wouldn't want the fans to know about this secret though, as the thrill of the finish to the matches could be hampered by this fact which might not be known by everyone.

10 There's Quite A Lot Of Politics In Play


While you have to work your way up to the top in the WWE, there is a lot of political influence in play as well in the back as some of the veteran superstars have a lot of say in how they are booked and can determine how they should be pushed ahead of a younger talent. One definitely wouldn't want to be on the bad side of someone who has massive influence in the backstage area, as those people have the power to make or break anyone's career in the WWE. The company on the other hand would definitely not want people to know about the political play in the backstage as they pride themselves in being the land of opportunities for new wrestlers and would want fans to know it as such, as a political motive could really hamper the prestige of the company.

9 The Wrestlers Know When The Show Goes To Commercial


The WWE shows might consider themselves to be some hours long, but the commercial breaks take up much of those slots as the annoying advertisements break in between the match can really annoy anyone watching on TV as one wouldn't want to miss the hotly contested matches. But what many don't know is that the wrestlers are aware when the show goes into commercial, as they are often told by the stage manager (who is rather invisible throughout the show) and take that time to taunt to the audience or put in some boring submission maneuver to keep things going for the live crowd. The WWE wouldn't want this secret to be revealed as they'd want us to be under the impression that the action is going on even when it's on commercial as this secret is something not many know, and the company would want it to stay that way.

8 The Inexperienced Wrestlers Have To Go Through Their Matches Beforehand... While The Veterans Don't


Be it a new-comer to the company or someone who has been in the company for over a decade, the WWE prides itself to be treating everyone equally, or at least that's what is shown by them. The newer wrestlers in the company have to go through their matches and have to practice hard before actually wrestling on live TV as the veteran wrestlers just do their thing in the ring and don't really practice for regular matches. Though this is quite understandable, the WWE wouldn't want their fans to know about this as it can hamper their reputation of all their wrestlers being treated like the same and might create some bad opinions about them, as this backstage fact is something which can violate WWE's "big brand" values as they'd definitely wouldn't want fans to discover about it.

7 Almost Every Promo Is Scripted


Although everyone loves to watch more of the wrestling bit of the World Wrestling Entertainment, the "entertainment" bit is something which we can't resist but love as the promos and entertaining segments are what separates the WWE from any other wrestling promotion in the world and keeps it a world apart from the others. The promos from wrestlers often help to determine their popularity, as an entertaining promo can easily win over a crowd, but what many don't know is that the promos are actually written out for the wrestlers by the writing team as well. Almost every promo is scripted and written out by the team, and it's dependent on how the wrestler can execute it to win over a crowd. This is something which could hamper WWE's "originality" to their wrestlers as the company definitely would want to keep this as a strict backstage secret as it can hamper the stature of their wrestlers.

6 Most Wrestlers Aren't Actually Rich


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While the WWE loves to boast itself as a multi-billion dollar company and how it treats its employee in a rather lavish manner, the reality is that most of the wrestlers in it aren't actually that well paid and aren't exactly rich to begin with. According to reports, an average WWE wrestler only makes around $500,000 a year which isn't that much at all considering all the 24/7 travelling they have to do and how much they work for the company. Even though some of their travelling and other things are paid for by the company, the general pay is actually not that much as one would imagine and this reality is something the WWE would definitely want to keep a secret as it can hamper their "multi-billion dollar" image and this shocking revelation of a WWE wrestler's average pay could also tarnish their brand name.

5 WWE Often Puts Noise Into Taped Shows


Though the WWE loves to encourage its fans to voice their opinions and make noises during its shows, some negative noise to some of their wrestlers isn't really likened by the WWE as they often take matters into their own hands to help the wrestler get the reaction which they want them to get in their taped shows. They often add some noise which they'd want the wrestler to get in the taped shows themselves and often mute the boos/cheers for a wrestler which they wouldn't want to happen as it can hamper the wrestler's character as a heel/face in the company. The fact that they add noise into the shows will definitely not go well with the fans who attend the shows, as the WWE definitely wouldn't want this secret to leak out to the general public as it can create quite a lot of backlash and humiliation for them as well.

4 Most Of The Matches Are Improvised


We have discussed earlier about how the finishes to the match are always scripted, but the matches itself aren't really that scripted as the wrestlers have to improvise during most of the matches to entertain the crowd. The wrestlers are constantly talking to each other during the match, telling each other spots to do and many of the WWE wrestlers actually improvise during their matches and wrestle according to what the audience likes. The WWE loves to tag its wrestlers as "trained wrestlers" and wouldn't want the fact that they improvise during the match and talk to each other to be known by many as it can hamper its "kayfabe" reputation and this fact of the match being a "work" is something the WWE definitely wouldn't want much of its fan-base to know about as that can tarnish the company's prestige.

3 The Referees Are Constantly Receiving Information From Officials During The Matches


The Referees might be seen as somewhat pointless by the fans at times, as all they do is go for the pin-count and other counts, but they're importance in the smooth running of a match is quite massive. Notice those things the referees wear around their ears during the match? That's actually a headphone as they receive a lot of information from the officials backstage during the match and often relay that information to the wrestlers on how they should move on with the match and the officials also tell them exactly when to go for the ending to the match. This is something the WWE wouldn't want their fans to know at all, as the fact of the referees being provided information from the officials backstage could hamper its stature on how it leads with its matches as they'd want this to remain a secret.

2 The Commentators Are Instructed On How To Call The Matches


The commentators are the mouthpiece of the WWE, as they are responsible on feeding us with the necessary information during the matches and shows as they are WWE's way of telling fans on whom to like and whom to hate. The commentators speak through the shows amazingly and help to entertain us with their own charisma, but the fact is that the commentators are also instructed on how to call the matches and have some rules on how to and how not to call a match. They are always communicating with Vince as well, as they are told on what to call throughout the match and relay that in their own manner. Now the WWE wouldn't want the fans to know about this, as it can hamper the commentators influence as well as their own as the fact of backstage people feeding information on commentators on how to talk through a match is something very silly and can tarnish the company's reputation.

1 Vince McMahon Has The Final Say On Everything


Even though the WWE has separated its authority figures with its brand extension as the daughter and son of Vince McMahon in Stephanie and Shane "run the shows" now, but it's Vince himself who is actually running things the whole time. Though WWE like to show the GM's of the different shows making all the decisions and matches, its old man Vince himself who is in charge of everything which takes place in the main WWE events and he has the final say on absolutely everything, which includes who goes over whom, who wins a championship and every other decision. Though Triple H is in charge of running NXT, Vince is still the king of the main roster and is responsible on okaying all the decisions as he might still be at the top of WWE, but he'd definitely wouldn't want the fans to know about that. This secret could absolutely invalid Shane and Stephanie's powers shown in WWE TV and can really tarnish their whole stature at the moment, as Vince might be a very powerful person in WWE right now but wouldn't want anyone to know about it at all.

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