15 Backstage WWE Punishments That Will Make You Say "WTF"

WWE has a lot of hidden stories. A lot of rumours that have been circulating around the business for a number of years about what actually happens backstage when there are problems between wrestlers.

There is some kind of hierarchy when it comes to the WWE locker room and over the years the likes of JBL and The Undertaker have been seen as the leaders at some point, which means that often punishments are run past them before they are able to be put into action.

There are also rules that state that when a wrestler is kicked out of the locker room the only person who allows them back in is the one who kicked them out, to begin with. Sometimes there is an apology needed and the duo then move on, while other times the problem is much more complex and takes much longer to solve.

Whether it's a form of hazing for Superstars who are new to the company or whether these Superstars were actually being punished for their actions, the following are some of the craziest stories of backstage punishments and even bullying that have ever come out of WWE.

15 Muhammad Hassan And The Bar Tab

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Muhammad Hassan was always going to be seen as a star on the lowest level of the spectrum in WWE. So the last thing he really needed to do was to cause any problems for himself backstage and give WWE any reason to get rid of him.

Perhaps stupidly, Hassan got into an argument with Eddie Guerrero when Latino Heat was accused of using Hassan's Camel Clutch finisher in a match that night. Guerrero explained that his father was a man who was an innovator of the move and the whole case was then taken to wrestlers court where Eddie was deemed to be the innocent party and as a punishment, Hassan was then forced to pay an incredible $4,000 bar tab that the wrestlers had then racked up that night.

14 JBL's Hazing of Mark Henry

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JBL will be making a number of appearances on this list, and his first appearance is because of the way he once hazed The World Strongest Man Mark Henry when he first arrived in WWE.

Henry does not look like a guy anyone would want to mess with, but JBL took a disliking to Henry and wanted to welcome him to the business in his own way. It is reported that JBL sometimes stole his attire, left it under running water in the shower. and even forced Henry to compete a number of times in drenched ring attire Henry took it all in good humour though and saw it as part of the business, enough to admit that he and JBL are now friends and he actually respects him.

13 Matt Striker And The SmackDown Locker Room

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Matt Striker is remembered by the WWE Universe as having an annoying teacher gimmick that wasn't going anywhere fast. Striker was never in good standing with WWE, so he was stupid to think he would get anywhere by talking to road agents about how much better he thought the Raw roster was, while he was on SmackDown.

This didn't go down well with many stars who were populating the SmackDown locker room at the time like The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. It was even reported that not only did the SmackDown stars find out about what Striker had been saying about  their roster and throw Striker out of the locker room, but Benoit physically threw Striker's bags out himself and forced him to change in the hallway.

12 The Miz And Chris Benoit

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The Miz has talked about the problems he faced earlier in his WWE career when he was considered to be an outsider coming into a wrestling world that he knew nothing about. The Miz wasn't well liked backstage and when Chris Benoit caught him eating chicken over referee Scott Armstrong's travel bag, he thought that this was enough to kick The Miz out of the locker room.

Since Benoit was a veteran, The Miz had to listen to him and was forced to change and shower away from the rest of the locker room for more than six months. Benoit was part of the tragedy back in 2007 just after this and because Benoit had kicked him out, no one knew who was allowed to let him back in, so The Miz just continued changing outside of the locker room after his death, until The Undertaker asked him about the problem and invited him back in.

11 The Plane Ride From Hell

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If this could be considered punishment, it is perhaps one of the most hilarious stories in professional wrestling. Especially when it comes down to the fact that X-Pac was able to cut off Michael Hayes ponytail and then tape it to the wall at Raw the following day.

Terri and Goldust got into a huge argument. Mr. Perfect and Brock Lesnar got into a brawl and Hayes himself almost urinated on Linda McMahon. It was a literally the "plane ride from hell" for many stars who were on board, but all the men who were part of the problems faced punishment for the parts they played in the events. It eventually cost Hennig his job with WWE, which is slightly harsh considering Brock was just as much to blame as he was.

10 Justin Roberts' Passport

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Justin Roberts and JBL were known to dislike each other. But JBL couldn't handle only disliking someone, he had to make a statement. On a European Tour at the beginning of Roberts' tenure with WWE, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury were asked by JBL to take his passport.

Roberts never got the passport back and was forced to travel from Manchester to London to pick up a new passport from the US Embassy and managed to then get back in time for his next TV appearance. JBL later denied it until Nitro backed up Roberts story. Pranks are something that happens in WWE all the time, but taking someone's passport and leaving them stranded in a foreign country is above and beyond playing a prank or ribbing someone.

9 John Cena Bullies Alex Riley

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Did you ever wonder why Alex Riley wasn't given a fair shot in WWE? Well, it was mainly because John Cena took an instant dislike to the former NXT star. Riley has commented on a number of incidents between him and Cena over the years as Cena did everything he could to bury Riley while he was in WWE, including blaming him for problems that happened in matches that weren't even there.

Many stars who saw the way Cena bullied Riley actually wanted to question Cena on it but it wasn't their place. Cena had so much power that he was allowed to dislike someone and bully them backstage without anyone saying a word. Riley stated that he thinks that his problems with Cena were the reason he was never given the chance to be something in WWE.

8 Hardcore Holly Makes An Example Of A Tough Enough Competitor

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Hardcore Holly was known as something as a bully backstage, and this was never made any more apparent than when he was brought in to Tough Enough to work with the younger wrestlers and help them to get into the business.

Holly obviously didn't like the fact that there were new younger guys who were going to take his place in the business some day.  Holly stepped up to one competitor called Matt Capotelli and really took the fight to him in what was seen as a shoot wrestling match. Capotelli was scarred by the events of that match and was later seen crying about it. His wrestling career was over before it had even begun and Holly still refuses to admit that he did anything wrong.

7 Melina is Taken to "Wrestler's Court"

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Melina was a talented wrestler while she was working for WWE and has continued to prove that on the Independent Scene over the past few years. The issue was that Melina had a huge ego and she made everyone aware of it. There are many stories about Melina and the way she was annoying people backstage and how she went too far at one point.

WWE's roster decided to call a "Wrestlers Court" where Melina was then forced to explain her actions while the rest of the roster mocked her and threw insults at her. The saga ended with Melina breaking down in tears in front of everyone, which is quite a harsh punishment. Luckily WWE later stepped in and ensured that something like this would never happen again.

6 JBL Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

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If you've been reading through all of JBL's involvement in WWE punishments throughout this list and wondered if the former World Champion was ever going to get what he deserved, then look no further than the Tribute to the Troops back in 2008.

JBL decided to pick on Joey Styles throughout the tour, verbally abusing him and belittling him in front of other employees and at some point even accidentally spilling his drink on him. Joey had had enough after a few days of this and dropped JBL with a huge left hand. JBL was out cold and left with a bruise for the rest of the tour. Joey was never bothered by Bradshaw again as he actually did the world a service and wasn't punished by WWE at all for his actions.

5 Roman Reigns' Apology

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Roman Reigns is one of the biggest stars in the company. But back in the summer of 2016, while he was in the WWE World Championship picture, Reigns failed WWE's Wellness Policy test and was then suspended for 30 days.

Reigns was then pinned clean at the Money in the Bank event as punishment on TV, but he was then forced to apologize to the WWE locker room for the violation as well. It was something that WWE punished Reigns for a number of months for and left him in the mid-card on WWE programming. Having to apologize to the entire locker room was just the humiliation WWE was looking for in the hope that Roman would then think twice about doing anything like that again. It's a punishment that is only reserved for certain stars.

4 Rene Dupree Gets Kicked And Hazed Over Speeding Ticket

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There's a reason Rene Dupree left WWE when he was just 23-years-old. But until Tyler Bate won the UK Championship this year, Dupree was the only teenager to win a championship in WWE. Dupree got a lot of strong from JBL when he was transferred over to the Raw roster, but  Hardcore Holly was his real problem.

Rene accidentally got a speeding ticket on Hardcore Holly's rental car and even though he offered to pay for the ticket twice over, Holly was not in a negotiating mood. Holly threatened to kill Dupree before then kicking him in the head 15-20 times to ensure that he got the message. Poor Rene was then the victim of hazing from JBL. So, made the right choice when he decided to walk away.

3 Bill DeMott's Hazing

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Bill DeMott was the head trainer down in NXT for a number of years. But there were always rumors about the way he treated his trainees with many of them stating that they were victims of racism, homophobia and both physical and sexual harassment from a man who was trusted to look after the stars of the next generation.

There were enough accusations to actually put DeMott in prison, but WWE never investigated enough until 2015 when the reports spread around Social Media. DeMott was then forced to resign from his position as he hoped to save embarrassment for the company. Former WWE star A-Train, known as Matt Bloom was given the vacant position and it seems that the Performance Centre has become a much friendlier place ever since.

2 Daniel Puder Is Beat Down

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Back in 2004, Kurt Angle decided to challenge the cast of Tough Enough. Angle didn't know what he was stepping into when after managing to push aside all other challengers Daniel Puder stepped up last. Puder shocked Angle and locked in a Kimora Lock that almost embarrassed the WWE star until the referee made a quick count and forced him to break the hold.

Puder didn't realize that he was disrespecting one of the biggest stars in the business by doing this. So he was then made the new target for all of the backstage bullies, who decided to teach him a lesson a few months later at the Royal Rumble when Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Hardcore Holly legitimately beat up Puder with shoot strikes to embarrass him like he did Angle.

1 Mr. Kennedy Was Not Allowed To Change With The Boys

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Mr. Kennedy had his own fair share of problems while he was in WWE. It ended up being a problem with a Superstar that got him fired from the company, but when Kennedy first arrived, he was being pushed to the top of WWE and that rubbed a few people the wrong way.

Back in November 2005, Kennedy won a Battle Royal and was perhaps unaware that he should thank everyone in the match for putting him over. He soon found out from Hardcore Holly when he was called in front of everyone and told. The following night Holly threw Kennedy's bag out of the locker room and told him he wasn't allowed to change with the boys anymore until a few days later when Chris Benoit stepped up and told Holly that Kennedy's father had recently died and so they should sort their differences out and let him back in, which they did.

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