15 Banned Wrestlers You'll NEVER See In A WWE Video Game

WWE has decided they will no longer be entering into any business relationships with these wrestlers.

Getting recognized in a WWE video game - like WWE 2K18 is a great way for a wrestler to earn some additional revenue without having to take additional bumps. It's also a great way for older legends to earn some money and stay relevant with younger fans. Unfortunately, WWE politics influences who gets to be in these games and who does not. This can lead to some of our favorite former WWE Superstars and legends not being included in the games.

Granted, players can create ultra-realistic looking versions of their favorite omitted Superstars, but it still isn't quite the same as having the wrestler's official likeness in the game. It also means no royalty payments delivered to the wrestler.

Everyone listed in this article is in someway black-listed from appearing in a WWE video game again. For various reasons, WWE has decided they will no longer be entering into any business relationships with these wrestlers. It is worth bringing up that WWE will do business with wrestlers who they have had a troubled past with if they feel the person can make them money. Evidently, everyone included in this article is someone Vince McMahon feels he is unable to make money from, or at least not enough of it to make working with them again worth it. Here are 15 banned wrestlers you will never see in a WWE video game ever again, enjoy.

15 Scott Steiner


Don't expect to see "Big Poppa Pump" in a WWE video game anytime soon. Scott Steiner was banned from all WrestleMania XXX events in California a few years back - the result of a nasty incident at an airport. Apparently, Steiner had flown into the area to participate in some non-WWE related wrestling events that weekend. He spotted Hulk Hogan's wife and proceeded to tell her he was going to kill Hulk as soon as he saw him. Steiner blames Hogan for the downfall of WCW and he might have a point.

Steiner was charged (though the charges appear to have been quietly dropped) with making threats towards Hogan's wife. Pictures of Steiner were distributed among security that weekend. Throw in the fact that Triple H hates him and it's easy to see Steiner will not be in any upcoming WWE video games.

14 Raven


You'll never see Raven in another WWE video game. The former multi-time Hardcore Champion was recently involved with a lawsuit against the company.

Raven just settled out of court with WWE in regards to a lawsuit he launched for royalties from the WWE Network. While the two sides did settle in the case, neither side received a financial settlement. This was because Raven agreed to drop his lawsuit in return for WWE not suing him for slander. Raven had made some comments in regards to WWE's actions during the lawsuit that they did not take too kindly towards.

13 AJ Lee


Don't expect to see AJ Lee (aka AJ Mendez-Brooks) in a WWE video game or WWE ring in the near future. AJ, like her husband, made plenty of enemies within WWE. Not the least of which is Stephanie McMahon.

AJ was openly critical of WWE's treatment of women in early 2015 when Stephanie McMahon tweeted a note of support for Patricia Arquette's speech about equality. AJ pointed out the hypocrisy of Stephanie's comments given that women in WWE received less pay than the men (in addition to other concerns). In Stephanie's defense, the company has invested more in women wrestlers in recent years.

12 Demolition


Unfortunately for fans of Axe and Smash of Demolition, you won't be seeing them in a WWE video game anytime soon. In fact, WWE has taken steps to try and scrub their tag team altogether. Axe and Smash of the legendary team are part of a class action lawsuit against WWE alleging the company withheld information regarding the long-term impacts of concussions. For that reason, neither Axe nor Smash is someone the company is going to promote in any way.

11 CM Punk


There are some great CM Punk creations out there but his official game model will never again grace a WWE video game. Not unless something drastic changes regarding his relationship with the company, anyway.

10 Gail Kim


Don't expect to see Gail Kim in a WWE video game ever again. This being the results of her rather tumultuous exit from the company in 2011. Kim, who is originally from Toronto, was having high-quality women's matches before there was even talk of a Women's Revolution.

9 Nailz


Considering he once physically assaulted Vince McMahon and then testified against him at his steroid trial, it can be considered incredibly unlikely that Nailz is ever featured in a WWE video game. Bret Hart revealed much of what happened backstage during the infamous Nailz and Vince McMahon brawl in his autobiography. According to Bret, Nailz was upset with his SummerSlam payoff and confronted Vince about it. Bret heard a loud bang, which he would later learn was Nailz knocking Vince over in his chair.

8 Alberto Del Rio


Don't expect to see Alberto Del Rio in a WWE video game ever again. While Alberto has had his own run-ins with WWE in the past, it is his most recent relationship with Paige that has the popular Mexican star black-lsited from future video games.

While Alberto was never officially charged due to an incident at an Orlando airport, he was heard speaking to Paige in a rather nasty tone and commenting on illicit drugs which they may or may not have been carrying at the time. In general, WWE does not like the influence he had on Paige and went to great lengths to separate the two while they were both signed to the company.

7 Buff Bagwell


Buff Bagwell's run in WWE was so short he was never featured in a WWE video game. If you remember, he was supposed to be a featured member of the WCW invasion in 2001 but a horrendous match on Monday Night Raw with Booker T led to him being released before the angle really got going.

6 Jeff Jarrett


Jeff Jarrett is forever on WWE's blacklist. In fact, there are a few other wrestlers in the industry who are more blackballed from WWE than "Double J" is. The root of the rift between Jarrett and WWE stems from his last run in the company in 1999. Jarrett's contract with WWE was up and he was on his way to join WCW. The problem was he still held WWE's Intercontinental Championship even after his contract expired. Although there are disputes over what exactly occurred, it is believed Jarrett held the company up for a significant payday for him to drop the belt to Chyna before he left for WCW.

5 Chavo Guerrero


While we'll still get Chavo's uncle Eddie in WWE video games, it's entirely unlikely we'll ever see Chavo Guerrero in a WWE video game again. Chavo is one of several former WWE employees currently in the process of suing the company. As part of large class action suit, Chavo and others are claiming WWE withheld the long-term impacts of repeated concussions. The lawsuit resembles a similar case involving former NFL players suing their old league for the same reasons.

4 Jesse "The Body" Ventura


Considering Jesse Ventura once successfully sued WWE and Vince McMahon for $800,000, don't expect to see him in a WWE video game anytime soon. It should be noted, however, that he has worked with Vince since his successful lawsuit.

In 1987, Ventura sued McMahon over royalties from the company's home-video department. The case went all the way to Federal Court but in the end, Ventura was given a hefty financial reward for his efforts.

3 Chyna


Chyna will never again be in a WWE video game, her history with the company is one WWE wants to erase possibly more than anyone else. The biggest reason why Chyna is scrubbed from WWE record books as much as possible is due to being in a previous relationship with Triple H. Her relationship with the founding member of DX ended in controversial fashion when it had become common knowledge that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had begun dating secretly.

2 Owen Hart


Owen Hart's game model will never officially be in a WWE video game again. The reason for this is the same that prevents him from entering WWE's Hall of Fame. Owen's widow, Martha, owns the rights to his name and isn't exactly happy with what WWE did to her family, so she's not exactly quick to sign away the rights to them using Owen's image. Technically, if WWE wanted to they could probably fight Martha in court on this but it would be a horrible PR move for the company.

1 Chris Benoit


There should be no surprises here. Chris Benoit will never appear in a WWE video game again, he'll never go into the WWE Hall of Fame, and will never have his career celebrated by the company again.

Of course, Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son in what was the most horrific act committed by a famous professional wrestler. There is no way to erase that from history. It's not exactly something WWE wants to remind people of. Still, many fans who watched Benoit perform know just how good he really was. Lots of fans cling to the idea that Benoit was so beaten down by head injuries that he didn't really know what he was doing when he did what he did. Even still, we'll never see him in anything WWE related again.

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15 Banned Wrestlers You'll NEVER See In A WWE Video Game