15 Bayley Photos The WWE (And Her Boyfriend) Want You To Unsee

Pamela Martinez is a 28 year old who has been wrestling for almost a decade. In 2008, she began wrestling for the Northern California-based Big Time Wrestling under the ring name Davina Rose. She kept that name for four years, before becoming the character we all know and love in NXT - Bayley. Her rise in NXT was slow, but gradual, as she lost to emerging stars like Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks. However, her rivalry with Banks became one of the most memorable ones in NXT history as the two shared a pair of championship matches at NXT TakeOver events that stole the show on both occasions. Bayley, the perpetual underdog, finally won the NXT Women's Championship in 2015 and held the title for 223 day before losing it to Asuka. She was called up to the main roster the following year and has since won the Raw Women's Championship, while being a fixture in the title picture.

Unlike some of the other women wrestlers who still dress in relatively steamy attire, Bayley's character isn't concerned with her looks, which might lead you at first glance to think she isn't one of the more beautiful women in the division, but that is far from the case. As you'll see from the photos below, there's plenty to love about Bayley.

15 Suns Out, Guns Out

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We're used to seeing Bayley in her fluorescent-colored gear with her headband and ponytail, so it's almost strange to see her in other outfits, even in photo shoots. However, the photo above, other than highlighting the beauty that is Charlotte, proves just how attractive Bayley is outside of the ring. The long, curly hair is something we don't often see from her, but it certainly gets our stamp of approval, while the short crop-top places emphasis on her defined stomach, just as is the case with the Bayley character.

Beyond that, she wrestles in long pants, so it's refreshing - and exciting - to see her in booty shorts. Naturally, the WWE probably prefers to keep her from revealing too much, so wearing Charlotte's bathing suit couldn't be expected, but we'll take what we can get.

14 Bootyful In Europe 

Week 2 of #wweuktour has begun. Off to Germany 👵🏻👵🏽

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The contrasting faces is one of the most endearing aspects of this photo posted to Bayley's Instagram account recently during the WWE's UK Tour. Sasha looks a mix of intimidating and goofy, but somehow sexier than ever, while Bayley looks as if she's under the influence or simply having the time of her life. The two best friends know how to have a good time together out of the ring and, as such, have tremendous chemistry in the the ring. It's always great to see them both having fun in the ring in an off-script moment, even if briefly captured without context.

Yet, what's most intriguing about the photo is a theme that will become quite prevalent throughout this list and one that you're well aware of if you're a fan of Bayley - her tremendous, shall we say, "asset." It's quite evident in this photo and it's one of the reasons Bayley is among the hottest female wrestler in the WWE.

13 NXT Derriere

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Despite her success in WWE, NXT is where Bayley really took off as a wrestler both in regard to her in-ring abilities and her draw within the industry. She gained a ton of fans for her talents and hugging gimmick, mostly because it was fresh and different than what most women - and wrestlers in general - had been doing. She doesn't often look smoking hot in her Bayley gear simply due to the nature of the character, but that isn't the case in this instance, where she is pictured in the ring, in a pinning predicament which accentuates her backside.

Putting the booty aside, Bayley's beauty is a combination of a lot of factors - the smile and the look in her eyes - but what's most noticeable about the picture is just how physically fit Bayley is. If you're a fan of tight stomachs, booty and six-pack abs, you have to love the former NXT Women's Champion.

12 Holding Her Own

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There's no denying the hotness of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte, but wrestling fans - or simply admirers of WWE Divas - won't often include them in the same category as Bayley for reasons we previously discussed; Bayley is a kid-friendly character who is all about the wrestling and not at all concerned with looks. However, Pamela Martinez happens to be more than worthy of being included alongside her Four Horsewomen teammates in regard to physical appearance, as evidenced above.

For starters, she has a body that most women aspire toward and millions of men wouldn't mind seeing more of, not to mention the fact that she has the warmest smile and look of the three other women pictured. We can only assume her fiance, fellow wrestler Aaron Solow, would prefer to keep any pictures in which Bayley is showing skin for himself.

11 SHHH Tease 

When she gets OOC #WWExIGN

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We're going to assume the caption OOC stands for out of control and, if that's the case, we hope Sasha gets OOC in the near future on an episode of Raw. Beyond the fact that Bayley is looking incredibly hot enough as it is outside of her regular look in the ring, she looks to be enjoying herself more than anything, which is a sexy trait in itself. However, like with the previous photo, this one also highlights a particular asset of hers.

It's no secret that Bayley has one of the best booties in the company, although the tights she wears in the ring don't really accentuate that fact. A pair of tight-fitting jeans and the fact that she's partially bending her spine to stick out her bountiful backside, however, does just that.

10 Looking Formal 

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Surely, we couldn't go on for 15 photos about Bayley's assets or how great she looks in informal settings outside of the ring. So here's a photo gathered from a recent photo shoot in which Bayley is dressed rather formal, but also showing a fair amount of skin. It's no secret her fiance might want to see her like this in the near future as the couple are set to wed, but it's unlikely he's thrilled that everyone else can see just how stunning she is in the dress.

In the ring, Bayley wears colorful attire, so it's again refreshing to see her in a drastically different get-up, specifically a black and white dress. It's also proof that she can effortlessly pull off just about any look.

9 Gift Basket, Anyone? 

This might not be the hottest picture of Bayley that is either on her Instagram account or taken as part of a WWE photo shoot, but it's one in which her fiance might wish to have never seen (OK, she still looks stunning in the photo, but play along for a second). Derek Jeter, who is pictured next to her, is not only an all-time legend with the New York Yankees, but he's widely admired among dudes for his off-field pursuits, which include multiple beautiful women and a string of wild rumors.

One of those rumors is that Jeter, when he would break off a relationship or a one-night fling with a woman, would present her with a gift basket that included some of his memorabilia. It's probably not true, but it has gained myth-like status and we truly want to believe that is the case. Given Jeter's impressive dating resume and sharp looks, we can say with certainty few men would want their partner cozying up to him.

8 Candid Camera  

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Oh the candid pictures, fans salivate at getting the opportunity of seeing their favorite WWE Superstar out and about in a public setting. For this fan, he likely got more than he bargained for, not only did he snap a picture of Bayley, but he also got a pretty good shot of her top "Not So PG" asset. No disrespect to her man, but that booty is not a PG backside. Without a doubt, both the WWE and Bayley's boyfriend want this picture to be forgotten about.

The cherry on top of the photo is the fact that Bayley's wearing a slender pair of leggings that appear to be rather tight fitting. Again, we're not complaining, but we can imagine that some others might be...

7 The Architect

In somewhat similar fashion to the Jeter photo, this one would certainly strike a nerve with Solow, Bayley's fiance, as she is standing next to not only someone with an impressive dating history, but someone who also happens to be her co-worker who she is good friends with. Oh, and he's also shirtless, because apparently there is no air conditioning in Japan CrossFit gyms?

Can men and women simply be friends? Absolutely. But even the most normal of male-female friendships will draw some scrutiny from their significant other, even if they say they're totally fine with it. So we can say with certainty that not only would Solow prefer you not seeing this photo, he'd rather not see it himself. Also, can we just appreciate Bayley's leggings for one second?

6 Hugging Carmella 

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You might disagree, but Miss Money in the Bank is one of the hottest women in the WWE today, but in this photo she is completely trumped by Bayley, who obviously isn't even trying to appear sexy, but is nonetheless. In contrast to Carmella, who is either attempting a promo, showing Bayley some love, or pretending to show Bayley some love, the former Raw Women's Champion looks just as we're accustomed to seeing her on TV - happy to be hugging.

Sometimes less is more and that's certainly the case with the above photo. For all the photos in which Bayley is dressed up or showing off her wonderful assets, there are several in which she simply looks stunning just being herself, which is essentially an extension of her character.

5 Two Words For Ya 

BREAK IT DOWN!! Happy 20th anniversary DX! Time flies. @wwe

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Ignoring the obvious sexual innuendo in regard to the D-X motto (OK, we do have to note Bayley's fiance - and the WWE - would certainly prefer fans not to associate her with a semi-controversial Attitude-era slogan that is in stark contrast to her character), both Bayley and Sasha Banks look better than ever in this photo. Sasha rocking the cut-off top with some form of duck lips actually works, while Bayley overshadows her with her enthusiasm.

There's something special about a girl wearing your old T-shirt and this photo provides a sense of that. If you're a hardcore wrestling fan who owns multiple wrestling-inspired T-shirts, can you even picture anything hotter than your girlfriend or any girl in general rocking one of your old D-X shirts? We rest our case.

4 Swimsuit Babe

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We mentioned it's hard to find photos of Bayley rocking anything less than a crop top or even a full dress. She isn't one to often show off in pictures of bikinis on Instagram, perhaps in part because that's who she is, but there's definitely an element of sticking to her WWE character involved. Whereas WWE might want to promote the sex appeal of roster members like Lana, Alicia Fox, and to a lesser extent the other three Horsewomen, Bayley is seemingly protected to keep the innocent hugging gimmick in tact and believable.

However, we have been fortunate to receive at least one picture of Bayley in a bikini. Even better, she's accompanied in this photo by her best friend Sasha Banks and Carmella. Beyond just the bikini, we have to agree the backwards snapback look on Bayley definitely works.

3 More In-Ring Bayley Bottom

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And here we go. If you clicked on the link to this article, you likely did so expecting at least a few gratuitous shots of Bayley's backside and we're happy to deliver. It seems like it's not too often the WWE cameras on Raw or on Pay-Per-Views capture her from behind, but we sometimes get a good glimpse of her most valuable asset through photography, such as in the photo above.

It's the perfect move situation for which to see just how fantastic Bayley's bottom is. Her back is being pushed against and stretched out, leaving her "asset" level. Sure, pants that tight can accentuate the "asset" of any wrestler, but Bayley's is on a whole different level. We can only hope to see her in this position during her match at Survivor Series.

2 Part II: In Jeans 

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If in-ring proof wasn't enough to make you believe Bayley has one of the best booties in the WWE, then surely photo evidence of her in tight jeans signing autographs will do the trick. In fact, given most of the pictures readily accessible of Bayley are either taken in the ring, part of a promotional shoot with the WWE, or posted to her Instagram (in which she is often working out or in her wrestling gear), it's not often we see Bayley in jeans.

Selfies are great at fan events, but we're willing to bet that the person who took this photo did so knowing full well what the real subject of the photo was. Yet, what's most surprising about the picture is the fact that Bayley's phone actually managed to fit into her back pocket, although it does look so tight you could be fooled into thinking it was part of the jeans design.

1 On The Apron 

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Was there ever any doubt that her "asset" would again be the subject of the top entry on this list? If you thought otherwise, you must not be aware of its status among fans and even non-wrestling fans; in fact, as of writing this article, there are at least two Twitter accounts dedicated to Bayley's backside. And while that might be a tad overboard, we have no problem confessing it's one of the reasons she's among the hottest female wrestlers in the WWE today.

In the photo above, Bayley is standing on the apron during an NXT live event and man what a view this is. One can even make the argument that Bayley's booty looks photo-shopped in the pic, given her tight lower back compared to her bigger sized booty. There ain't no photoshop in this pic folks!

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