15 Beast Mode Photos Of WWE Superstars You HAVE To See

To be a professional wrestler, you have to have the fitness level. Even guys on the hefty side like The Big Show, Mark Henry and others have the physical strength to be great in the ring. Why have so

To be a professional wrestler, you have to have the fitness level. Even guys on the hefty side like The Big Show, Mark Henry and others have the physical strength to be great in the ring. Why have so many wrestlers taken steroids in the past? Their entire career revolves around being a fitness guru who can display their ability in the ring. In front of millions across the world.

And as we can often forget, being a WWE superstar is not about fake wrestling. These superstars have to put their bodies in the gym non-stop. Even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon do it all the time. And those two don't wrestle very much.

So how do WWE superstars look when they're in the gym, training to put on a show for you? They look more determined than you'll ever see from a human. Here are 15 photos of WWE superstars in beast mode at the gym.

15 Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch was one of Stephanie McMahon's ideas of being part of the Diva's Revolution. Though it got off to a terrible and disappointing start, the rise of Lynch, Charlotte and Bayley have started to, well, revolutionize the Diva's Division. We may not quite have the superstardom that Trish Stratus and Lita brought, over, but no one can deny how exciting Lynch is in the ring.

In this photo, we see Lynch looking like Brock Lesnar...or The Big show. Lynch is only 5-feet-6 and weighs 135 pounds, but she sure looks like she's lifting 400 pounds of muscle. It won't be long until she gets to deliver an Attitude Adjustment to John Cena.

Hey, one of us can dream, right? In all seriousness, Lynch is a one Irish giant of a diva.

14 Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is one of the most beloved beloved divas of her generation, and we sincerely hope she pulls through the neck surgery and can get back in the ring soon enough. She never quite got the main event (diva's division wise,) push she deserved. But hey, there's always photos like this to remind everyone how tough as nails she was.

If this is an indication of how she's recovering, she'll be back in no time. Bella is embarrassing men like myself by showing how much power she has (don't you dare be sour and feeeeeeeeeeeel the powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Seriously, it's pretty amazing to see her lift that much over her head as she recuperates from her neck surgery. You go girl. Now, deliver that Attitude Adjustment to your boyfriend, Cena.

13 Cesaro

The name is Bond, Cesaro Bond. And I would like that weighlifting to be shaken, not stirred.

As we all know, Cesaro has the strength like few others in the WWE. How else do you explain his ability to spin wrestlers around in circles for seconds? He even did it to The Great Khali. (Side note, I've had my friends do it to me, but it only lasted a few seconds.)

Cesaro is 6-feet-5 and weighs 232 pounds so to see him lift this much weight without a problem is no surprise. Our biggest challenge to him is to spin around The Big Show in the full circle for at least 15 seconds. Otherwise, we aren't impressed by any of his lifting. Jokes of course.

12 Lana

Rusev's on-screen and real-life wife isn't just his manager. She's a trained, dedicated and motivated woman who is determined enough to make sure she makes him look better. Because let's be honest, Lana is a trophy wife. Rusev is just a guy who screams "RUSEV," and tries to be as intimidating as Big Foot. We're amazed he won her over in some ways. Then again, I'm probably just jealous.

Any who, Lana is seen here showing off her incredible flexibility. Most NHL goaltenders can do the full splits like that, and we're sure a vast majority of WWE superstars can. But yet again, here's Lana showing how she's more than Rusev's wife and manager. She appears ready for a match any time her name is called.

11 Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior went from a nobody in WWE (well, a security guard who D-Generation X attacked and Triple H hit with a pedigree,) to WWE Champion after defeating John Cena at the 2009 edition of TLC.

Sheamus' character has been all about a warrior. The Celtic Warrior, to be exact. He's a man full of size, power and strength. Remember when he first appeared on Raw? He ended Jamie Noble's career.

You can see in his face just how much he wants it. Sheamus is donning the army shirt (fitting for showing his strength,) as we get a look at both the beef of his arms (that have made him world champion.) Side note: That's probably the face he made when informed that Roman Reigns would win the title back from him again.

10 Charlotte

When you're the daughter of the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun, then you have extremely high expectations to live up to. It's going to take nothing more than dedication and determination to be able to make a name for yourself. But Charlotte has done just right, so far.

Here, we see here caption which should be an inspiration to all. Charlotte has shown to be arguably the top diva the WWE will have in the PG Era, working as the champion and a major heel. She looks more fit in that photo than Ric Flair was at ANY point of his career.

Well, perhaps Charlotte will start lifting her opponents over her head and use a new finisher before we know it.

9 Sasha Banks

Get it done. @tapout @optimussportswear

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The Boss is a boss in real-life, a boss in the gym and a boss in the WWE. Hence her entire gimmick of being the boss. I'm not sure how Vince McMahon let her use that name, however. Being the boss and all.

Any who, here is Sasha Banks, who seems to be getting over as this generation's Trish Stratus: The best and most beloved diva by the WWE Universe. Her victory over Charlotte for the championship was as epic as it came, and it felt so much like a WrestleMania moment. So here's Banks, who once again is reminding a lot of people (myself especially,) to start pumping weights instead of hating myself for not being in that shape. Banks looks like she'll be in shape to wrestle for the next 20 years.

8 Dana Brooke

Hey Hulk Hogan, I've got a message for you, brother! It appears as though your 24-inch pythons are about to become forgotten history, if Dana Brooke can sustain the pace of how jacked she's gotten in just a short few years with the WWE. Look at this gal sweating, flexing and working to be one of the best in the business.

I know being a male is different than being a female, but it kind of is depressing that she looks way better in this photo than when I gel my hair, put on cologne and wear a well-tailored suit. No, it's not depressing actually. She's an absolute machine and it's admirable to see us in a new era of the diva's division.

7 Mojo Rawley

Rawley looks great in this photo, but anything less would be unacceptable. He had a brief NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers, but then turned to wrestling. As we've seen from Goldberg and Roman Reigns, going from pro football to pro wrestling can be a better decision for many.

Here's this monster who hasn't had the chance to quite make a name for himself on the main event roster. This 6-feet-4, 269-pound machine looks like he has a combination of Lesnar and Goldberg in him. And if we can say it, he has mojo. He also reminds me a bit of Matt Morgan, just in this photo alone. Braun Strowman said he wants real competition, and maybe Rawley could be THE guy down the road.

6 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has absolutely nothing to prove when it comes to toughness. He quickly came back from a legitimate torn ACL injury and briefly enjoyed his reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That was before Dean Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank to steal it from him, though.

Rollins is one of toughest superstars in the WWE. How else do you explain the ability to face John Cena and Sting in two different title matches in one night? (Night of Champions, 2015.) Sure, it's choreographed, but to fight in two epic bouts like that? Rollins is easily made of nails.

In this photo, we've seen that body that he redesigned, rebuilt and reclaimed. He's arguably the top star in the company and it'll stick as long as he keeps this workload going.

5 Eva Marie

Eva Marie may be the biggest secret weapon the WWE has when it comes to divas. No, we aren't saying that because of her gorgeous and awesome red hair. She hasn't gotten over like we were all assuming just yet, but she's bound to be one of the WWE's top diva's before long. So enjoy the ride while it lasts, Charlotte.

In this photo, Eva Marie is flaunting all of the strength and power she has. As you know, these divas work year-round to sustain their in-ring ability. Now, we see how Marie does it when she's not wrestling. I'm pretty sure any time I've attempted planking, I've gotten my body about three inches off the ground, max. Here she is making me realize I need to hit the gym.

4 The Rock

If there's one person in Hollywood that has the body, fitness and toughness that everyone in the world wants, it has to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This is a man who eats full pizzas by himself when he's hungry. We all love pizza, and wouldn't it be awesome if you could train your body so much that you're always hungry and you can eat as much pizza as you want?

Not all, but many Hollywood stars have to stay in great shape, but The Rock does in his movie roles. Oh, and the fact he's in WWE from time-to-time ensures he's on a heavy workout schedule. The Rock is a beast of human nature, and among the most admirable characters we have ever witnessed.

3 Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon may be the most untouchable woman on the planet. She's a billionaire heiress, married to arguably the greatest WWE superstar of his generation and is running Monday Night Raw, the biggest show in sports entertainment.

McMahon has talked about her insecurities on WWE Network. When Triple H reformed DX with Shawn Michaels, she was worried he'd find himself more attracted to other women while she was pregnant. Oh, silly Stephanie. You're the dream girl of millions across the world. The Game has always been a smart man, and he would never abandon you.

Plus, look at how fit she is! This girl is seen posting on Instagram all the time about her late night workouts. This woman cares about taking care of herself. No wonder she's untouchable.

2 Randy Orton

Getting ready for #WWE live event in Oklahoma City

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The Legend Killer is simply a freak of nature. We're talking about a guy who's beaten Batista, John Cena, Kane, Triple H, Daniel Bryan and other superstars. And hey! He even survived a brutal breakdown from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. But in reality, Randy Orton is one tough cookie.

This man has suffered many real-life injuries in his career. Prior to his match against Lesnar, Orton had come back from a real life shoulder injury. He looks stronger and better than ever before. Orton, as you see in this photo, has always been about being totally prepared for every match. Wrestling is in his blood. He does whatever it takes to make a name for himself.

And now, we patiently await the next big opponent for the legend killer. Perhaps a rematch with Lesnar is in the making?

1 Triple H

You want to win all of these WWE championships? You want to co-run the business with your father-in-law? You want to marry the billionaire princess? Well, you sure as heck better make sure you have the drive and work ethic to pull it off. Nobody in the WWE works as hard as Triple H.

This is a man who has basically built the NXT brand on his own power and terms. Just look at how Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and all the divas have turned out so far. Look at how much work he's done on-screen as The Authority figure while working backstage with Vince on everything.

Oh, and when he's free, Triple H has time to spend with his wife and three kids. But oh, it's not an excuse for The Game. Triple H does nothing but work, work work. And that means working excessively in the gym to make sure he's in shape to wrestle, even if it's once a year.

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15 Beast Mode Photos Of WWE Superstars You HAVE To See