15 Beautiful Wrestling Women Who Fell In Love With Ugly Guys

Love is blind. That's the way the saying goes, right? Which means that there have been a number of couples over the past few years who have shocked the WWE Universe when it was revealed that they were together despite them not being on par in the looks department.

Many WWE women are seen as quite superficial and they wouldn't be the kind of women who would be in a relationship with a man who was as perfect as they are in both looks and talents. It just seems to be the way the WWE Universe views them and then are shocked when they are able to be in a relationship at all.

These women are not that superficial though. Instead, there are a lot of female wrestlers both past and present who have fallen in love with men who were deemed to be too ugly for them, considering they were once billed as "The Sexiest Women on TV."

Despite their charms and the fact that they are all quite smart, the following list looks at 15 women who have been able to fall in love and sometimes marry men that the WWE Universe refuse to accept as on par with the women that WWE create.

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15 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is a former Raw Women's Champion and seemingly always manages to remain in the title picture on Raw. But because of her popularity, Sasha Banks has only recently revealed that she married back in August 2016.

Even Vince McMahon was said to have wanted to hide the fact that Sasha has a husband, but Sasha said it was because she didn't want her husband or her to suffer the same abuse that Renee Young and Dean Ambrose received a few years ago. Sasha and her husband Sarath Ton have known each other since she began wrestling. He now works backstage in WWE as a costume designer but he's another star that many of the watching fans claim isn't good enough for "The Internet Darling" Sasha Banks.

14 Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky has been voted as one of the sexiest women in wrestling a number of times. Being a former member of The Beautiful People in Impact Wrestling shows that Velvet knows that she's beautiful but she isn't a superficial woman who only dates men that she deems on her level.

Velvet was once dating Chris Sabin until it was revealed that she was having an affair with former WWE Tag Team Champion Bubba Ray Dudley. There is a huge age gap between the couple but they have managed to stay together despite the problems with Sabin. Velvet has recently been rumoured to be joining WWE, which could be something to do with her boyfriend, who will definitely still have good friends within the company.

13 Madison Rayne

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Madison Rayne is a former member of The Beautiful People alongside Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. She is a former five -time TNA Knockouts Champion, two-time Knockout's Tag Team Champion and was unsurprisingly named Queen of the Knockouts back in 2014. Rayne has been married twice with her first husband Jesse Cabot coming to an end shortly after their first child was born.

Madison later moved on to date and then marry former WWE commentator Josh Matthews who she met whilst they were working together in TNA. Josh and Madison have been married since August 2015 and Rayne recently made the switch over to being a colour commentator in TNA. It is thought that she learnt a lot of these skills from her husband, who is still part of the company as well.

12 Sunny

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Sunny has a reputation of her own when it comes to her personal life right now, but those problems date all the way back to her time in WWE. Sunny was in a lengthy relationship with Chris Candido during her time in the company before it was revealed that she cheated on him with Shawn Michaels and was rumored to have cheated with a number of other wrestlers in WWE at the time.

Sunny has regretted this ever since and even revealed that she was pregnant with Candido's child at one point but the couple decided not to keep the baby. Sunny's life has gone down hill ever since and she has reached rock bottom a number of times and is now attempting to climb her way back up once again.

11 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion in WWE and even though she hasn't been part of the company for a number of years, she is still used occasionally as an ambassador.

Kelly had a bad reputation while she was contracted to the company and even though she is happily married to Sheldon Souray right now, she was once known to have been in relationships with the likes of Batista, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and even Alex Riley. Kelly wasn't exactly picky when it comes to the WWE locker room during her time there, it's just a good thing that she's managed to get her life together and now has a family of her own, despite the number of men who are in her past relationship history.

10 Melina

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Melina was known to be in a relationship with Johnny Nitro throughout their time together in WWE. But there have been a few occasions where Melina strayed away from Nitro. Melina was thought to have been in a relationship with former ECW star Mike Knox for a while when the couple both part of WWE.

Melina was also reported to have had an affair with Batista following a storyline where the duo was said to have become physical in the locker rooms back in 2006. Melina and Nitro managed to patch up their differences and remained together in the years that followed. But they recently decided to call it quits after Melina went online and had a few harsh things to say about her ex.

9 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were thrown together as part of a storyline on WWE TV and this was where the couple first fell in love. Triple H has never been seen as a model for WWE when it comes to looks, but Stephanie obviously saw something much bigger in Triple H, or something big enough to cost him his relationship with Chyna anyway.

Stephanie perhaps saw how smart Triple H was when it came to the wrestling business and how smart he seemingly is as a person. Sometimes it's not always about looks and when it comes to Stephanie and Triple H, this could be the poster couple for love being blind, since many of the WWE Universe still think that Stephanie is way out of his league.

8 Charlotte

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Charlotte doesn't have a great history when it comes to men. The former Raw Women's Champion has already been married and divorced twice and has been known to have been in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio while he was still married to another woman.

Charlotte was married to former TNA star Bram for two years before their divorce was finalized in October 2015. Bram was then reported to have physically assaulted his girlfriend, who was later revealed to have not been Charlotte. She had a lucky escape when it comes to her ex-husband. Many of the WWE Universe couldn't understand how the couple ended up together, to begin with, but it seems that their whirlwind romance ended as quickly as it began.

7 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis came into WWE as part of the Diva Search more than a decade ago before leaving the company. She then became a huge star in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, before making her return as a married woman.

Maria is now married to former ROH and TNA star Mike Bennett and the couple have returned as a loved up couple who are seemingly playing their new character on WWE TV quite well. Many of the WWE Universe has already commented on how Maria seems to be dragging Mike along for her ride and how he is out of his depth with a woman like her. It seems that Maria doesn't care, she is just happy to be married and away from the backstage rumours that used to follow her around.

6 Paige

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Paige has had a horrible past two years. All of her problems started when she fell in love with former World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, a man that was still married at the time when the couple publicly declared that they were dating.

Ever since then Paige has had problems in her personal life. She's been suspended by WWE and she has been forced to postpone her wedding to Del Rio three times because the couple has a constant problem when it comes to arguing with each other. There have been recent physical problems with the couple now and their relationship could finally have reached a point of no return, maybe the age gap really was too much for the controversial couple.

5 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have been two of the biggest stars on Total Divas and Total Bellas over the past few years and have been dating ever since 2012. The couple recently welcomed their first child together, a daughter called Birdie Jo having married back in 2014.

Brie and Daniel are definitely considered to be a mismatched couple as well. Even though both of the stars agree on their way of life and not eating meat, when it comes to looks, the WWE Universe can't understand how someone like Bryan was able to not only date Brie but also marry her and become one of the couples that are looked upon as perfect in WWE right now. Despite how superficial Brie came across as a character on WWE TV, she isn't really that person in real life.

4 Sable

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Sable is still seen as one of the sexiest women who have ever stepped into a WWE ring. She was in a relationship with Marc Mero for most of her WWE career, but she later turned her attention to the current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and the couple have now been married for more than a decade.

The couple also have two children together but like most of the couples on this list, the WWE Universe was confused by the fact that two completely opposite characters would end up together in real life. Lesnar has never been a Superstar who has been billed as attractive or tried to use his looks in a storyline, he is a machine, he is a beast and he just seems the opposite to Sable in every way.

3 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool divorced her first husband back in 2006 when it was revealed that the former Divas Champion could have been having an affair with The Undertaker who was also in the process of divorcing his second wife Sara Frank.

The couple went on to announce publicly that they were dating in 2007 before marrying in 2010. They were thought to be one of the most mismatched couples in WWE, not to mention the age gap between them. But the couple have now been married for more than seven years and welcomed their first child together back in 2012. So they seem to have proved a lot of the doubters wrong and still remain as happy with each other and as supportive of each other's careers as they always were.

2 Lana

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Lana and Rusev began working together while they were in NXT and obviously the amount of time they spent together allowed them to fall in love. Later they became engaged as part of a WWE storyline and were punished for it, but the couple got through it and married as part of Total Divas in the last season.

Even Vince McMahon thought that Lana was too good for Rusev and attempted to split the couple up by placing Lana with Dolph instead and putting Summer Rae with Rusev for a short storyline angle, that obviously didn't work. Lana is beautiful and many of the WWE Universe don't understand how the couple actually works. But their time in NXT shaped them as a couple and made them a combined force against all the haters.

1 JoJo Offerman

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When JoJo Offerman burst onto the WWE scene back in 2013, she was just 19-years-old. But she was the perfect addition to the roster because she was stunning and she was a quick learner when it came to both the wrestling side of WWE and the broadcast side, which she later excelled in and became the main ring announcer for WWE.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that JoJo was part of a scandal with Bray Wyatt. His wife Samantha Rotunda was filing for divorce based on the fact that JoJo and her husband had been having an affair and she had the phone records to prove that the couple were still in constant contact. The WWE Universe was shocked that Bray managed to land someone like JoJo, but he is a man of many words, so perhaps JoJo is not superficial and is actually attracted to his brain.

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